JAG/X-Files: Agent Scully Humiliated Again! (cat fight, humil)
by Tobias ([email protected])

After the X-Files had been taken over by Agent Reyes and Agent Dogett, Scully
had been sent back to Quantico to teach recruits what she knew best, the

Special Agent Dana Scully was not only one of the best looking FBI agents in
the last 2 decades, she was also highly respected in the bureau and in the
academy. She was known for her amazing brain and even more amazing body.
Though she had been at the recieving end of a few fights, she had mostly come
out on top at the end and every student knew that. In fact, she had featured
in the wet dreams of many a future agent.

As she was teaching a class one day, Lt. Sara Mackenzie from the JAG walked
in. She stopped the class midway and almost ordered Agent Scully around.
"Agent Scully, I will be needing your expertise with these papers" she said.

Agent Scully looked at her with her cool blue eyes and said in her calm nasal
voice "Whoever you are, I will see you after class."

Lt. Mack took offense. She looked at Scully in disbelief. She was in a
tearing hurry and she couldn't stand what she thought were the FBI agents
tantrums. As she walked down the classroom toward Scully, the students
couldn't help but notice what great shape the army training had kept her
in. She walked up to Scully and dropped the file she wanted her to look at.

"Thank you!" said Scully and then gave her a look that told her to leave.

Lt. Mack had never been treated that shabbily before. She wanted to humiliate
Scully like she had done to front of the impressionable minds. Mack
decided she would do this in style, but only after getting her work done.

* * *

She broke into Scully's office and snooped around her desk. She found a box
of cigars that she helped herself to. Scully opened the door and noticed Mack
sitting on her chair with her legs up on the desk smoking one of her cigars.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked Scully.

"Do my work bitch!" barked Mack back aggresively.

Scully gave her a cold hard look and then opened the file up. Mack got up and
lodged her cigar between her index and middle finger on her right hand. She
walked toward Scully who was standing by another table analyzing the file.
"Well you have my approval," said Scully after reading the contents of the
file. She signed it.

As soon as she finished dotting the bottom of the "Scully" Mack raised her
right hand and smashed it down Scully's neck. The super field agent grunted
as she saw the floor coming to her at a remarkable speed. The impact had
scattered cigar ash all over Scully. She crashed to the floor in her
familiarly inert position. Mack bent over and stubbed the cigar out on
Scully's butt. She blew out smoke and then said, ":Thanks honey...till next

Scully came to a few hours later. She was rubbing her neck wondering what
went wrong. She walked up to the surveillance camera and pulled the tape.
She watched Mack attack her from behind. Scully was never going to stand
for this.

* * *

Lt. Mack was sent to Quantico again by her superiors. She needed one more
consent from the FBI agent. She happily went and yet again interrupted
Scully's class. Scully was prepared. She called her down this time toward
the center of the class. "Students, I do not believe I have demonstrated
the art of unarmed combat," she said as Mack dropped the file.

She jumped with her entire body on Lt. Mack. This brought Mack to the floor
with Scully on top of her. Scully quickly punched Mack in the jaw repeatedly.
Mack grunted back in pain. This was one of the great punishments that she had
taken. Then Scully got up off Mack and pulled her by the hair. She slammed
her head into the wall under the blackboard several times. Mack was drifting
in and out of consciousness. Scully let go of Mack's hair. As Mack dropped to
the floor, Scully walked away from her, then ran back at her at full speed
and kicked her in the ribs. Mack howled in pain. Scully then attacked Mack's
huge melons. She kicked them and stamped on them over and over. Mack grunted
and screamed in pain but to no avail.

The students remained confused.

"This bitch knocked me out in my office the last time she was here. I'm just
going to call this payback."

One of the students ran to call Agent Reyes while the others decided the
best thing to do was to evacuate the classroom till the authorities came.

Mack lay breathing heavily tits down on the floor. Scully picked her up off
her stomach and turned her around. She punched her in the face cutting her
lip open and making her bleed. Scully laughed aloud.

"Why the fuck did you do that to me military bitch?" she asked.

Mack didn't respond.

"What was it you wanted signed?" asked Scully as she opened the file.

Fight or no fight, Scully was very serious about the work she had to do. She
looked at the file carefully. This was when Mack decided to make her move.
She picked up the board eraser and got up lightly. Scully didn't notice her
until she had come too close. When Scully turned around, Mack had swung the
duster wildly at her striking her in the jaw. Scully grunted and moved
backwards violently. Scully held her jaw in great pain.

Mack pulled Scully up by the hair and smashed the eraser into her nose.
Scully's nose erupted in blood and great pain. She screamed and both her
hands went to nurse her delicate nose. This left her midsection open and
vulnerable. Mack punched the injured redhead in the stomach causing her to
buckle over. She then pushed Scully to the closest wall and wrapped Scully
in a sleeper hold. Scully tried to fight it but she slowly began to succumb
to the power of the hold.

"Stop the madness" said one of the remaining students to Mack.

Mack laughed and let Scully go. Scully walked grogilly toward her desk. Mack
walked behind her, put her hand on her shoulder causing Scully to face Mack.
She then picked up the eraser and let one last punch on Scully's jaw.

"grrnggh" muttered Scully as she fell face down at the feet of the Army
officer in a cloud of chalk dust.

Mack was not done. She pulled off Scully's business suit jacket and took her
top off. She then suspended the unconscious instructor by the blackboard. She
picked up a piece of chalk and wrote, "I will never mess with the army - D.

She took the piece of chalk and wedged it in Scully's humble cleavage. "I'll
smother you next time you stupid bitch," she said to the inert Scully.

Mack then walked out of the room and went to wash up. Agent Reyes ran in and
saw the destroyed Scully suspended from the ceiling. She couldnt help but
laugh. The students were confused.

"Well students, this is your chance, feel the bitch up!" said Reyes to all
the students.

Before anyone was allowed to touch Scully though, Reyes had taken a picture
of the destroyed super agent unconscious.

"..for the office" she laughed.

Mack returned and shook hands with Reyes. "She's a smug slut isnt she?" Reyes
asked Mack. She nodded and they both laughed at Scully. "
this!" said Reyes.

She walked up to Scully and pulled down her bra. She then touched her breast
and her nipple stood right up. "How horny is this slut?" she laughed.

The class erupted into laughter too.

Scully began to groan into consciousness.

"Oh no you don't," said Mack and punched her in her famous glass jaw.
Scully's head moved in the direction of the punch and she went out like a
light yet again.

* * *

Scully came to in her office a few hours later. She grabbed her things and
rushed to her car and toward home where she got a notice of her termination
as an FBI agent.


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