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Description: Josie and the Pussycats' Valerie Brown, improbably possessed of
a penis, hires a white male escort for a no strings attached fuck.

Content Codes: DG/M, inter, humil, anal, oral, PWP, OC, reluc, racist lang

Josie And The Pussycayts: Just A Cat
by JD ([email protected])

Valerie gazed from her hotel window down to the street level far below. She
wondered idly which of the men approaching might be her `escort' or male-ho.
She'd specified the whitest boy they had on the books, but elected not to
spend time looking through their ever-expanding catalogues in advance. All
she had was his name, from the booking. She understood that some agencies
hired out escorts who would be taken for meals by lonely women, or other
dates. Then, like the agency the Pussycats been introduced to by the band's
manager Alexander a while back, some just hired out escorts to wealthy people
for guaranteed-discreet fucking.

She narrowed her eyes as she saw the particularly milky skin of a forearm far
below, and hoped it was her man. As far as Valerie was concerned, when it
came to no strings attached tension relieving fucking, white boys were the
best. Valerie liked the deep contrast of her dark creamy skin against a white
guy's, but she also loved dominating them, making them service her. She
patted her dark bushy hair, and adjusted her cat ears headband. Mostly
satisfied, she then adjusted the sash on her silky robe. Beneath, she wore
nothing at all on her freshly bathed skin.

A polite knock sounded on her room's door. Valerie grinned and went to open
it. She padded barefoot across the luxuriously soft carpet and opened it
without checking through the Peep Hole. There was very little chance a crazy
fan or other loser would get past the security at a luxurious hotel like the
one she was staying in. That was, besides the discreetness, the other major
advantage of the escort agency. All of the escorts were regularly health
checked and guaranteed disease free - something that certainly couldn't be
said for using groupies or roadies.

Jay - not his real name - stood outside the hotel room door. He was very new
to escort work and still pretty nervous meeting clients. He didn't know any
other escorts with the agency, which was how the company liked it, and so
hadn't been able to call on more experienced guys for advice. He did assume
that they were mostly like him; good-looking guys from reasonably well off
families who just needed a little extra money for college, and whose future
career choices should help ensure they were quiet about spending a spell
fucking for cash.

His only two previous clients had supposedly been celebrities, but he'd only
vaguely heard of one of them as something from a game show. He'd hidden it,
though, for both made sure to drop in their shows and "be recognised". In
some ways, it'd made the job easier than he was expecting - like picking a
random girl up at college, except with everything geared towards what the
women wanted, and nothing for his own needs.

Physically, Jay was exceptionally pale skinned, with tousled orangey-red hair
that wasn't quite true ginger, and even freckles on his face and down his
arms. His skin always seemed to burn rather than tan, and so had to avoid the
booths at the gym and slap on sun block in the summer. His build was athletic
without being over-ripped, and his height average.

The way the job usually worked was that the clients would book into a hotel
under an assumed name, and it was agency policy not to tell the escorts who
they were really servicing in advance. So it was that when Valerie opened the
door and Jay instantly recognized her as one of his favourite performers he
nearly swore with shock. Anybody who said Josie and the Pussycats was only a
band for teen girls sure hadn't heard or seen them play. Especially seen. Jay
reigned in his surprise and smiled warmly at the singer. He even managed to
try to maintain eye contact, though his head wanted to pull down the visible
valley between her breasts. He would have succeeded if Valerie hadn't been
checking out his body with obvious approval.

"Hello Jay. I guess you know who I am, huh?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Well, come on in white boy. I want a better look at that butt!"

Jay entered the room as Valerie stood back. She swung the door shut behind
him and shimmied around to grab his ass.

"Oh yeah, that's a nice butt. I bet you work out some, huh? Mmm-Mmm! Aren't
you just delicious."

Valerie noticed Jay seemed a little nervous, but it wasn't going to slow her
down none. Theoretically, she had the whole night paid for with him, but she
never seemed to last all that long. One or two orgasms were normally enough
for the sexy black performer; she wasn't like Josie, who needed it all night
long. Valerie would often drift off to sleep utterly relaxed afterwards, with
not a care in the world.

"You ready to get started, you need the toilet or anything first?"

"No, uh, I'm good to go."

"Strip off then, boy! Show me your body."

Valerie moved away from Jay and sat on the end of her bed. In Jay's
nervousness, he didn't notice that she sat in a slightly odd position, more
like a guy might sit if he wanted to hide something. He wasn't any kind of
striptease expert, but he gave Valerie a bit of a show as he stripped out of
his clothing and piled it neatly to one side. If she noticed his
inexperience, she didn't show it. She smiled and whistled to see his flat
stomach and defined thighs. Jay's cock hung flaccidly down, a decent size
even then.

`Exactly what I wanted,' thought Valerie, pleased with how Jay's buttocks
seemed an even milkier, paler, white than the rest of him. She was able to
hide her own excitement only through months of practice with tight clothing.
She'd had to learn after The Countess, whose scheme was far more devious than
anti-aging on that occasion, had captured the Pussycats again. Valerie
beckoned Jay over to her once he was completely free of clothing, and got him
to kneel on the carpet before the bed.

"I've paid for you to do whatever I want, right?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Call me Valerie. I don't wanna feel like I'm fucking the guy in McDonalds.
Did all that I wanted to do in school. Now, in a moment I want you to suck on
my nipples, play with my breasts, make me feel real good, okay?"

Jay nodded, "Sure Valerie."

"Good boy. Before that though, I just want to check. Seeing as I paid your
agency and all and you agreed to come here you ought to be fine with it, but
just tell me this: Are you okay with anal sex? I mean, I got lube, ain't
talking `bout forcing it in dry"

Jay blinked, "Uh, sure."

`Hey cool,' he thought `I've always wanted to try anal. Nobody ever wants too
outside porn.'

Valerie pulled Jay's head towards her chest, and he gently tugged open her
robe. Jay's cock began to stiffen as he laid eyes on Valerie's dusky breasts.
As fine a pair as he had ever laid eyes on, with the firmness of youth and
the rounded maturity of a young woman. He licked his tongue around a soft
black nipple and then kissed around it. Valerie moaned softly, and urged Jay
to suck harder. He eagerly complied, lathering Valerie's sensitive nipples
with saliva as they hardened and stood out stiffly from her breasts.

Valerie pressed forward, and pulled Jay's pale face into her cleavage. He
nuzzled the valley of her breasts for a moment before she released her grip,
and went back to her nipples. He brought his hands up, using them to
stimulate Valerie further. Her moans grew louder and she thought his initial
foreplay excellent. As Jay kissed up her collarbone while massaging her
breasts, her robe was pressed open below the belt.

Un-noticed by Jay, Valerie's uncut penis grew proudly erect from her crotch.
As the singer's arousal grew her cock hardened to an impressive length and
thickness. Veins throbbed along the length as her foreskin rolled back around
the slightly twitching dark purple crown. A stream of pre-cum leaked from the
slit on the top. She felt her balls shift as she changed position on the bed
slightly, hanging between her dark skinned thighs.

"Yes, yes, white boy! You got my breasts feeling real good," Valerie groaned
to Jay, "Now go down."

Jay's own cock had grown hard, and while not as impressive as Valerie's was
certainly nothing to cause a shy bladder either. He kept his ginger bush
neatly trimmed, and had been circumcised just after birth. He caught
Valerie's eye as she finished speaking to him and smiled, before looking down
and feeling an incredible burst of shock.

"Holy shit! You have You don`t have a pussy," he managed.

"Far as anyone outside this room is concerned, I do. I paid good money for
you to do whatever I want, so suck it, cracker."

"But. how?"

"Ever hear of a mad scientist type calling herself The Countess? Got her own


"Then don't you worry none about `how.' Get sucking!"

Valerie made her voice sound friendly but firm. She wasn't surprised by Jay's
reaction. The other guys from the agency had reacted in similar fashions, but
they'd come round. Jay looked really uncomfortable with the idea of sucking
Valerie's big black cock, but she could see his own shaft hadn't wilted in
the slightest. He was in the moment, and the scent of their combined aroused
musk was in the air. Valerie tugged the belt on her robe loose, and opened it
all the way.

Jay was faced with all her nude glory, a perfectly sexy feminine body but
with a huge cock and balls where he'd expected snatch. Hell, Valerie was with
Josie and the Pussycats for God's sake! He remembered suddenly back at high
school, a few experiments that he'd not thought of in years, pushed away in
the back of his mind. Mutual masturbation with the guys, two of whom were now
married to nice girls last he'd heard. Even so, his reluctance was etched on
his face.

"I ain't never done anything like this before, you know?"

"C'mon! I ain't saying you gotta choke it down, honky! Just make me pop!"

Jay looked up and saw the lustful need burning in Valerie's face; at the same
time he recognized again the feminine beauty in her face. He reflected that
he was being paid to do whatever the client wanted, and was also guaranteed
that nobody would ever find out he'd sucked off a horny black shemale in her
hotel room. The agency was very discreet. He felt Valerie pulling on his
head, and impulsively took her crown into his mouth.

"Yessssss, cracker!" hissed Valerie as she felt the hot tongue against the
most sensitive skin on her body.

The sight of her dark shaft pressing into Jay's pale face was extremely
arousing to Valerie, and she couldn't stop from humping her hips upwards. She
thrust into Jay's mouth, stretching his lips around her thick cock. He was
trying to use his tongue more, but Valerie's black meat pressed it down into
his mouth as she humped into the college student's cock-virginal mouth. He
coughed a few times as she pressed too deep, knocking into the back of his
throat, but maintained a pretty good suction and enough tongue flicks to
drive Valerie's excitement to feverish levels.

Jay felt Valerie's grip on his head getting stronger, and then to his shock
she thrust far deeper into his mouth. He gagged hard as the hot crown pressed
into his throat. Jay could feel his eyes watering as his gullet stretched
painfully around the invading black meat until Valerie's hot balls slapped
into his chin. His pale cheeks took on a reddish hue as Valerie ground her
black cock into his face. He could just about hear her calling him a bitch,
and then she came with an ear-splitting scream of pleasure.

Goddamn, the white boy's throat was tight! Valerie came close to passing out
from the sheer hot, wet pleasure squeezing her thick rod. She came in a near-
continuous stream down Jay's throat, sending her thick sperm right into his
stomach. His choking gags were a wonderful accompaniment to the natural
tightness of Jay's throat, and Valerie felt like he was sucking her heavy
balls dry. She loosened her grip, and watched Jay pull his face from her
crotch with an audible pop. Her thick shaft wilted back against her belly as
Jay coughed and gasped while on his hands and knees.

Jay felt humiliated and even a little violated. He'd agreed to do it, sure,
but reluctantly. Yet, it wasn't deepthroating Valerie's cock that humiliated
him, nor swallowing her load, nor even the way she'd held his head and fucked
his face like a cunt. No, it was the face that Jay's own cock was still hard
as a rock, straining to come. He truly was a whore, he realised, and in
proving it to him Valerie had violated his self-image to the point of no

"Damn! You suck a mean cock, Jay. You'll go far in the escort business, hell,
you could go far in show business! Now you just wait a minute there, and I'll
be ready to give you the fucking of a lifetime. You ever had a cock in your
ass? You did say you were happy for anal!"

"Yeah, but I meant." Jay burped, and tasted sperm at the back of his mouth.

"You saying my cock ain't good enough to take your cherry? Huh? Maybe I
should do it without lube!"

"No! No! I. I'm so hard. I. Oh god, Valerie, I've never been so aroused. I'm
such a bitch," he said.

Valerie smiled. He sure knew how to make a gal feel good about her fine self,
even if, as far as she knew, it was just the kind of thing a well-paid escort
ought to say.

"Well, you just wait until I get my cock in your ass, bitch! You'll be
spraying like a fire hose! I'll let you in on something: The only reason
white boys break the law is to get the menu of black meat inside!"

Valerie stood from the bed, naked but for her cat ears headband. She stepped
over to her bag and took out a subtlety-labelled bottle. It was already
almost empty, but there was certainly enough lubricant left for the fucking
she had planned. As Jay caught her eye, she tossed the bottle to him. It
slipped through his fingers, and he fumbled it back up from the floor. `No
harm done,' thought Valerie, as she stood before him with her legs slightly

"Lube me up, cracker. Make sure and coat my whole cock because I'm sticking
it all in you!"

Jay squeezed the slippery liquid into his hand, and smeared it along
Valerie's soft shaft. He watched the sexy shemale singer stroke her nipples
and fondle her breasts. There was a sheen of sweat on her dark skin and the
heavy smell of sex in the air added to the arousal of both. Jay used his
milk-white fingers to stroke Valerie Brown's dark meat back to full hardness.
He added more lube until Valerie's throbbing cock was exceptionally slippery
and evenly coated. He felt a flutter of apprehension at having something so
large pushed into him, far bigger than the occasional probing finger of the

"How's that?" he asked, jacking Valerie's shaft slowly with one hand, fingers
starkly white against the dark skin.

"Real good. Stand up, and brace yourself against the wall there. Show me that
white butt! Push it back like a whore."

Valerie took the lube bottle from Jay as he assumed the position. He felt
Valerie's sure and experienced fingers working lube around and into his anus.
He stared down his body at his own hard cock, able to see Valerie's ankles
and feet between his own legs. He groaned as she slipped two fingers into his
puckered hole, and finger fucked him until he loosened up a little. A minute
or so later, Jay felt Valerie stretch his sphincter wide, and heard her add
spit to it.

"Sweet Jesus, boy, you have a tight ass. I am going to ride you so hard, it
ain't never gonna be so tight again."

The black shemale was satisfied with her work on Jay's virginal anus. She
took a firm grip on her eager cock and pressed the crown between his
trembling buttocks. They never looked whiter than they did with a thick black
sausage between the buns. Jay and Valerie groaned simultaneously as she
pressed into his semi-relaxed sphincter and entered his ass slowly. The
lubricant served its purpose and allowed Valerie eased entry to the hot
tightness of Jay.

"This is just what I need," Valerie sighed dreamily as she bent over Jay.

The hot breath of the shemale tickled Jay's neck as her breasts pressed into
his back. He felt her hands slid across his chest as she reached around, but
most of his mind was focussed on his ass. There was only a mild discomfort,
and the eroticism of the act almost had him spurting against the wallpaper
already. As Valerie Brown slowly began to fuck in and out, Jay knew an
entirely fresh pleasure. He cried out throatily as Valerie stretched and
penetrated his ass while her heavy breasts rubbed into his back.

`Jay is the best escort yet', thought Valerie, as she ploughed his white ass
with her thick black cock. She held his hard body tightly to her as she
luxuriated in the pleasures of his butt. As soon as he loosened a little more
she began fucking harder and faster, pounding his ass until he cried out
beneath her with raw pleasure. She moaned herself, dropping kisses on his
neck as sweat dribbled down her face. As he took her whole cock, the entire
length of her meat was squeezed wonderfully in his ass.

The pleasure generated in Jay's prostate was soon too much, and without even
laying a finger on his own cock, he climaxed explosively. He collapsed
forward against the hotel room wall as his sperm splashed messily onto the
wallpaper. Never in his life had he come as much as when Valerie fucked his
ass. Each stimulation of his prostate seemed to milk more sperm from his cock
until a thick mess dribbled towards the carpet, and smeared against his body
as Valerie pressed him against the wall.

Valerie was just getting warmed up. The climax spasms of Jay's anal muscles
drove her to a new level of pleasure, but she forced herself not to come so
she could continue to enjoy Jay's ass for longer. She fucked him hard,
twisting him onto the bed as soon as he recovered his senses, so that he lay
on his back. She lifted his muscular legs high and smiled as he clawed at the
bed covers. There were no coherent words by then, just Valerie's mindless
lust as she fucked Jay hard into the bed. As she grew to a climax she
couldn't stop, his cock stiffened again from the rough fucking.

Jay grabbed his meat and jerked it hard, meeting Valerie's gaze with his own.
Her beautiful face was contorted with lust, but still stunning. He could tell
she was close to orgasm as she started to fuck even him faster. The bed
seemed to be creaking on the verge of collapse while his butt was stuffed
fuller than he'd ever have thought possible. Each long stroke into his ass
was pure pleasure. Valerie's groans grew until she was screaming with all the
breath in her lungs, and then Jay was sure he felt the hot explosion even in
the heat of his bowel.

"Shit, Motherfucker!" Valerie cried, as she came.

She pumped the white boy's ass full with a torrent of her potent spunk. The
earlier blow job hadn't drained nearly enough. Valerie felt light headed and
close to passing out as she fired her shemale goo deep into the escort's
bowels. She churned his white ass up but good before collapsing and panting.
She continued thrusting her hips for a few moments more, to milk the last
drops. Jay had also come again, splashing her belly with spunk, and she
hadn't even noticed.

The pair lay together in a joint sheen of sweat as they regained their
breath, and in short order drifted off to hugely satisfied sleep with
Valerie's cock still lodged inside Jay. Her sperm was plugged deep inside,
and wouldn't dribble out for a good while. There was no doubt he would have a
funny walk for a time also, but Jay had been opened to a whole new world.

Josie would later joke that after Valerie got done visiting a town, strap-on
sales skyrocketed as the escorts she'd worked through got their girlfriends
to re-create the pleasure of a good hard ass fuck. Melody claimed that
Valerie was doing more for the Gay Pride movement than the entire population
of San Francisco. As for Valerie, she soon had the opportunity from another
mad scientist to lose her cock, and regain her pussy. What do you think she

"Hell, No, Cracker!"


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