Author's note: This fic has different versions. Each version has a different
show and bonus sex scene.

Jackie Chan Adventures: Easter Bunny (g-best,mc)
by Hamster

As far as the Easter Bunny was concerned Santa Claus was an assclown of epic
proportions he got all of the attention and all of the best pussy. Meanwhile
the Bunny was getting jack. People thought of him as the poor man's Santa and
getting laid was hard when you are giant rabbit. But this year was going to
be different. This year he was going to get his, he was going to fuck the
holy hell out of some sweet little fuck toys and he was going to take a page
out of Santa's Book to do it.

The Bunny had stolen a few of the magic eggs that Santa uses to make his lust
inducing eggnog. (RE: Hope & Faith: A very naughty Christmas and A very
Lizzie Christmas story.)

San Francisco, California...

Jade was in her Uncle's antique store where the storage room was. She was
contemplating were her uncles might have hidden the easter eggs. Suddenly she
turned around and noticed the giant white rabbit standing behind her.


"Everyone says that. Look why don't you take this egg." The Bunny said as he
handed her a colored pastel egg.

Jade looked at it suspiciously for a couple seconds then accepted it.

"Uhhhhhh thanks." Jade said.

Jade bit into the magical egg and began to feel funny. Her pussy began to
tingle and burn. She was also feeling very giddy and giggled uncontrollably
for a minute. She felt incredibly horny and dazed. It was sort of hard to
concentrate. The Bunny knew that she'd now obey any request that he made,
especially if it was sexual in nature.

"I need you to do me a favor." The bunny said.

"What do you need? I'll do anything." The little Chinese girl said as she
pawed at her little pussy through her pants.

"I need you to take your cloths off." He ordered.

The girl obeyed in her daze, she was now completely unable and unwilling to
disobey him. The bunny ogled her sweet little body as his giant bunny-cock
hardened at the site of the yummy looking little pussy.

She laid down on the hard wood floor. The bunny climbed atop her, she could
feel his warm fur pressed against her young virgin body. He placed his
disproportionately large penis to the hole of her wet little pussy. She cried
out in pain as the Bunny thrusted forward and destroyed her virginity with
one mighty stab. Her tiny cunt hole was stretched tight over his enormous
bunny cock. The pain was soon replaced by pleasure as the bunny worked up a
good fast pace. The girl's head bobbed up and down and she squeaked and
squealed wildly. Her body was filled with rippling waves of pleasure with
every thrust of the bunny's big cock.


She was really starting to enjoy the new experience which was enhanced by the
magic egg that heightened her pleasure and increased her level of horniness.

She felt the power of her pleasure welling up inside her and she screamed her
first orgasm into the sky. But the Bunny continued to pound her pussy over
and over until she came again and again. She was getting exhausted and soon
the Bunny was just fucking a limp ragged body. But he kept going. He fucked
her over and over until he filled her young womb with thick bunny cum. It
filled her completely and so much gushed into her that it began spilling out
her cunt.

"Well Jade I think now you should get in doggy-style errr bunny style
position." The rabbit said.

Jade complied and got on her hands and knees. The Bunny climbed up atop her.
He spread her cheeks and his cock found its way to he tight little asshole.
It pushed it's way into the supertight little hole and Jade gave a yelp of
pain. The walls of her anal passage constricted around the cock causing the
Bunny great pleasure. He began pumping in and out smacking her ass every
once in a while as hard as he could. Smack! Smack! Smack! Jade screamed but
continued to take the cock like a pro. Once his pleasure had finally mounted
as high as it would go he erupted in her ass. Sperm flowed in and spilled
out onto the floor.

He looked down at he sweet young girl and decided right away he was going to
begin a Harem and she was to be part of it.

"Say goodbye to San Francisco young lady, cuz you're coming with me." He

He picked her up and threw the unresistant girl over his shoulder. That damn
Santa wasn't the only one who was going to have fun this year.
_ _ _

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