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Justice League Unlimited: Alternate Realities Part 1 - The Batman
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The newly formed Justice League of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, J'onn J'onzz and Hawk Girl had much to celebrate after the victory over the alien invaders and the Imperium. Not only had they saved the planet from certain doom, they had created an organization committed to the protection of the Earth and the safety of its citizens. The seven super heroes agreed to work together in saving lives and although their relationship was somewhat rocky at the beginning, each member had something to contribute to the team. Batman's commitment to the Justice League wasn't as serious as the other six members, but as a sign of good faith and support, he agreed to work with the other League members whenever the need arose. He even went as far as letting the League move into one of his company's brand new space stations and call it their new headquarters. Even with the League in full swing, each member had their own duties to attend to, in order to keep their home cities, friends and families safe from evil doers and criminals alike. Superman had Metropolis, Batman had Gotham, Green Lantern was part of the Lantern Corps, and Flash had to deal with the criminals of Central City. Point in case; only days after the successful repulsion of the alien invaders, Batman was back home in Gotham, dealing with the same old villains who had plagued the city for years. In this particular instance; the Joker was up to his old tricks, holding the city at ransom with his latest gaseous concoction.

Batman turned on the small television screen located on the dash of the Batmobile and low and behold the Joker's grinning face was smiling back up at him.

"Ahh Ahhh Ahhhh... Don't touch that remote Bats... If you do, your precious Gotham City will never be the same!" the Joker laughed, as he tested Batman's nerves.

"What do you want Joker!" Batman demanded of the giggling Joker.

"Entertainment of course, Batsy! Nothing pleases me more than to see a hero try and fail to save the day!" the Joker replied as Batman continued to speed through the streets of Gotham.

"What is it this time Joker... bombs, poisons... laughing gas!" Batman demanded, growing steadily impatient with the Joker's lackadaisical attitude.

"No No No Bats... Something much more sinister" the Joker replied, knowing he now had the upper hand on his mortal enemy. "All I'll tell you Batsy is that there are four containers planted around the city. Each one of these is set to detonate in one hour and will have some rather adverse effects on the city's inhabitants when they do!"

"One hour... How am I supposed to find four small containers in a city as large as Gotham in a single hour?" Batman responded slyly, knowing full well that the Joker wouldn't be able to help himself and would inevitably give him some kind of clue.

"Oh... How silly of me Bats... Just to make it fair, I'll give you the location of each one of the containers" he replied.

"How do I know you're not lying?" Batman replied, knowing that if the Joker gave him false locations, he'd never have enough time to find and disarm four possibly lethal explosive devices scattered throughout the city.

"Ohhh... Finding them is the easy part... Good luck Batsy!" the Joker said, laughing raucously as Batman's television screen went black and an incoming data stream was sent to his onboard computer. The locations of the four hidden containers were overlaid on a map of Gotham, with a ticking clock counting down in the corner. The locations were spread out and it would be far too difficult to go to each one and disarm them one by one in a single hour.

"Robin... Batgirl... Can you hear me?" Batman said into his communication device. Both Robin and Batgirl had been stalwart allies for the few years they had aided him in protecting the city and now anytime he was in need, he could count on the dynamic duo to provide much needed assistance. Robin was now fourteen and Batgirl sixteen years of age; both were young and headstrong, but each could hold their own in a tight spot.

"We can hear you Batman" Robin said through his own communication system.

"I'm sending a data stream of four bomb locations set up by the Joker... Robin, you go to the southern site, Batgirl, the western, and I'll take the eastern. Once you've disarmed them, make for the northern bomb and I'll meet you there!" Batman ordered the teenage duo, as he put his Batmobile into high gear and sped off towards the eastern container. By the time he finally arrived, the timer was down to forty-five minutes, meaning he'd have to hurry if he hoped to disarm this and another container before the counter hit zero. He found the bomb in an open dumpster, just off the main drag. The container was a long thick cylinder, with no timer or any visible disarming mechanism. He slowly lifted the cylinder and rotated it until he found a small panel. He unscrewed the four tiny screws holding the panel in place and lifted the panel off. He was half expecting the bomb to go off as soon as the panel was lifted, but knowing the Joker, he had something much more sinister planned. It took Batman only a couple of minutes to disarm the bomb, but before he left, he took apart the inner mechanisms of the bomb and examined the chemicals and accelerants that it was composed of. He quickly found a small vial of a poisonous liquid at the centre. He took a sample of it and ran back to the Batmobile, where he analyzed the compounds and started towards the final bomb. His computer read out a list of chemicals as his engine revved and he sped down the nearly vacant Gotham streets.

"Aphrodisiacal Hormone Accelerator?" he said to himself, after figuring out what the compounds created. It looked like the Joker was planning to subject the city to a mass frenzy of uncontrollable sexual attraction. Batman had never seen such a potent aphrodisiac and knowing that the Joker wouldn't make disarming the last bomb a walk in the park, he sent the data back to his lab at the Bat Cave, where it would create a viable antidote, just in case.

"All done here Batman!" Batgirl said through her radio to Batman.

"Me too" replied Robin seconds later, having disarmed his bomb shortly after Batman.

"Batgirl; meet me at the last bomb... Robin; go back to the Bat Cave, pick up the antidote the computer is working on and meet us there as soon as possible.

Batgirl and Robin acknowledged their leader and set off as quick as they could.

"Ooooh! Good work Bats... Only one left to disarm... Too bad you're running out of time!" Joker said, as Batman's screen lit up and a grinning Joker looked up at him. Before Batman could retort, the screen went black again.

It was Batman who reached the final bomb first, with only fifteen minutes left before its detonation. The canister was exactly the same as the one he had already disarmed and just as he was pulling off the small metal panel, Batgirl showed up and ran over to him. She deftly assisted Batman in disarming the final bomb in only a couple of minutes.

"Good work Batgirl... It looks like we won't need that antido---" Batman started, but was interrupted when a smaller secondary vial of the aphrodisiac was detonated inside the container. It quickly engulfed the entire area surrounding Batman and Batgirl.

"Sorry Bats... I just couldn't help myself! Now the real entertainment begins!" the Joker's voice rang through the alleyway Batman and Batgirl were standing in. The Joker had set up cameras and speaker systems at each bomb in order to watch the progress of the heroes. Instead of letting Batman win however, he had placed a smaller vial of the aphrodisiac inside the bomb and had detonated it remotely after Batman had thought he had saved the city. The true goal of his plan was not to immerse the city in a mist of sexual chaos, only to infect both Batman and his female lackey.

As the Joker's voice rang throughout the alleyway, a strange feeling came over both Batman and Batgirl. Batman looked over at his teenage counterpart and was shocked to discover what he had been missing. Batgirl was a perfect ten; her black leather and latex costume clung tightly to her supple teenage curves and accentuated every sexy nook and cranny over her gorgeous body.

The same strange feeling had come over Batgirl as well. Unlike the Batman however, Batgirl had often fantasized about her fearless leader, but she had never acted on her feelings. Now that the aphrodisiac was controlling her inhibitions, she no longer worried about expressing her true feelings. Batgirl looked over at Batman and noticed that his eyes were now slowly moving up and down her teenage body. Unbeknownst to Batman, she had been wearing tighter and tighter costumes ever since she had started to take an interest in him. Batgirl had hoped he would have noticed her nicely developing body, but other than the odd quick glance at her tight latex covered ass when she was bent over, he hadn't made a single move. This time however, she knew he was taking serious notice as she slowly turned around to show him her curvaceous teenage ass.

"Batgirl... This is wrong... We shouldn--" Batman started, trying to fight off the chemical impulses now surging through his body. He was trying as hard as he could, not to succumb to the aphrodisiacal hormone accelerator, but Batgirl's salacious antics were quickly ebbing away at his self-restraint.

"But I like wrong... I'm such a naughty little Batgirl!" she groaned, slapping her latex covered ass as Batman started to take a greater interest in her and her tight teen ass. He could feel a tiny twinge in his groin as Batgirl began wiggling her ass for his satisfaction. "Maybe I should be punished!" she said, slapping her ass again. Before her hand could make contact for a third time however, Batman grabbed her wrist and spun her around to face him. With one quick action, he pulled her close, gave into the chemical reactions taking place in his body and planted a long deep kiss on Batgirl's tantalizing teenage lips. His hand drifted down towards her backside and took hold of her juicy but firm teenage ass.

As Batman started to give into the toxin now coursing through his system, the Joker was sitting in a comfy chair in front a large television screen, with his pants around his ankles and his hard cock in his hand. This was the real entertainment the Joker had been hoping for and he was going to enjoy every single moment of it.

Back in the alleyway, Batman had already started undressing his teenage crime fighting partner. Already he had her tight latex pants and top off, leaving only her mask, cape, boots and panties on. Batman was even more impressed with Batgirl's physique after removing the bulk of her costume. For a sixteen year old, Batgirl had a banging body; fully developed and perfectly shaped. As Batman slowly slid off her costume, Batgirl was already rubbing her hand up against his crotch area, eliciting moans of pleasure from the caped hero.

"Nice panties!" Batman moaned, as he made Batgirl twirl around and show off her custom underwear. Her bra was skimpy black satin, but it was her tiny thong which had really turned him on. On the front of the black thong, there was a golden batman emblem placed ever so discretely over where her sweet teenage pussy was.

"Thanks! I made them for you!" she purred as she slowly slid off her bra to reveal a pair of perfect and firm teenage tits. They weren't too big or too small, they were just right; capped off with two tiny pink nipples that looked simply delectable. Before he could slide off her tight little thong however, Batgirl slid down his body and got onto her knees as she continued to massage his hardening cock. Like Batman had done with her, she slowly slid off his pants and underwear to reveal a hard seven inch cock. "Mmmm! I always knew you had a big one!" she moaned as her gloved hand ran back and forth over his hard shaft, while she fondled his tightening balls with the other.

Batman closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her tiny gloved fingers massaging his balls and rubbing his rod. Just as he began to think that things couldn't get any better, he suddenly felt a hot wet sensation engulf the tip of his penis. He looked down to see the sweet masked teenager beginning to suckle on his pulsing hot rod. He thought about pulling off her mask to get a good look at her beautiful face while she stuffed his cock down her throat, but in truth he already knew who she was. He knew her secret identity was Barbara Gordon and he knew she was the daughter of the Police Commissioner of Gotham, but that mattered little as more and more of his stiff shaft was drawn into her hot wet mouth.

As Batgirl continued to suck on Batman's hard dick, the Joker's own seven inches were being stroked as hard and as fast as possible by his hand. The Joker had never seen a television program or porno as exciting or as hot as he was now watching. He had long fantasized about watching the young Batgirl turned into an insatiable slut and now that he could see her engulf Batman's full seven inches, he could no longer contain his horniness.

Batman was now bucking his hips back and forth into Batgirl's mouth as her hands continued to play with his balls. So enthralled by her sucking, Batman moved his hands down to her breasts and began fondling her beautiful soft mounds as Batgirl's pace quickened. The Joker was extremely surprised by Batman's apparent endurance; if it had been him receiving a blowjob by such a magnificent vixen like Batgirl, he would have blown his load twice over. The intense blowjob went on for another five minutes before Batman began to pant in exhilaration and his hands moved up to the back of Batgirl's head, where he slammed her head forward into his cock, making her engulf his entire seven inches. With his cock fully buried in her hot wet mouth, Batman could no longer hold out any longer and with one long loud grunt, he began to cum.

"UNGHHHHHHH... UGNHHHHHHHHHH!" he shouted, as his cock began to spasm and spurt out long thick strands of his tasty seed down Batgirl's throat. Batgirl hungrily attempted to gulp down his entire load, but after a few huge loads she had to pull away gagging. The last few hot sticky shots of Batman's cum plastered her face and mask until with one last grunt, Batman fired off his final load. It wasn't over there though; Batgirl didn't miss a beat as she took Batman's cum-covered cock back in her mouth and began sucking it back to full hardness. She continued doing this with her face covered in Batman's cum for a further fifteen minutes before the Joker couldn't help it any longer and began to go through his own massive orgasm from watching the scene on his big screen television.

"UNGHHHHHH!" the Joker grunted seconds later, as his cock jerked and spurted a hot sticky load of strangely green tinged cum all over the television in front of him. The hotness of the scene unfolding on the screen in front of him was more than he could take. He would have normally been pissed that his screen was now covered with his sticky seed, but luckily enough for him; he had taken the initiative to record Batman and Batgirl's erotic scene. As he put his softening cock back in his pants however; the door to his secret hideout busted wide open and before he could act he was quickly incapacitated.

"But... How?" he managed to groan before Batman slammed him against the wall and tied his wrists behind his back.

"I used your own sick fantasy against you" Batman replied as he finished tying up the Joker. "Although your aphrodisiac controlled almost all of my actions, I was still able to communicate with Robin while all this was going on" he said as he pointed to the scene still playing on the cum-splattered television screen. "I knew you were watching us after I saw a camera at the first bomb location and before Robin gave both myself and Batgirl the antidote to your gas, he was able to hack into your live feed and loop it. The last ten minutes you've been watching was simply a scene being looped over and over again" Batman finished, looking down at a shocked looking Joker. "Destroy the recording, Robin!" Batman said to his partner, who had been standing in the doorway.

"Already done!" Robin lied. Instead of destroying the small USB device which contained the video recording of Batman and Batgirl's little scene, he had put it in one of his pockets. Robin had picked up the antidote from the Bat Cave and had made it to the fourth bomb to see Batgirl's cum-covered face sucking on Batman's seven inch shaft. Just like the Joker, Robin had long fantasized about Batgirl, and now that he had a video recording of Batgirl giving a blowjob, he'd have something concrete to base his fantasies off of.

While Batman and Robin arrested the psychologically disturbed Joker, Batgirl was already on her way to her newest job; one that was even more risqu‚ then her latest tight-fitting costume. An after school job just wouldn't cut it for Batgirl; before long she'd be needing to pay for College tuition, and with the job she had just landed, she'd have money to spare.

As the police arrived and got ready to take away the Joker, Batman could hear the voice of the Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz in his head.

"Batman... I need to meet with you as soon as possible! It is a matter of grave importance!"


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