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Justice League Unlimited: Alternate Realities Part 2 - Superman
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Justice League had seven powerful members to protect Earth from any and all dangers; but only one member was virtually indestructible, had god-like strength and super speed. Superman was the leader of the Justice League for more than just one reason; his speed, strength and intelligence gave him a perceptible edge on the battlefield and therefore made him an excellent choice to represent the Justice League as their leader. Like Batman however, Superman had his own responsibilities in his home city to deal with before committing to any missions for the Justice League. As Batman was falling into the Joker's trap in Gotham City, Superman was hard at work in Metropolis getting a scoop on Lex Luthor's most recent nefarious business deals as Clark Kent. Unlike any other superhero, Superman's true secret identity was his human one; Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet. Superman knew there was something odd going on at Lexcorp, but Lex Luther almost never made a mistake and even with his x-ray vision, Superman couldn't see a single thing out of place. He even went as far as asking Lois for help before he finally gave up and decided to go home for the night. In truth however, he was late for a family dinner with his mother, father and cousin Kara back at the Kent family farm. He was only making a quick stop though; he had already made plans with Lois later that night as Superman.

"Hey Ma... Hey Pa!" Superman said to his parents after opening the door to his childhood home. Only on the old farm could Superman be himself and not worry about the problems of Metropolis.

After they exchanged pleasantries and small talk, they moved into dining room for a dinner that had already been prepared ahead of time.

"Where's Kara?" Superman asked, wondering where his sixteen year old cousin was hiding.

"Oh, she's just taking a quick shower... She's staying the weekend in Metropolis with a couple of friends" Martha replied.

"I guess that means she's not joining us then" Superman responded, sounding a little dejected. He was hoping to have the whole family together. His gaze drifted toward the bathroom on the other side of the house and without even trying, his x-ray vision kicked in and he got a clear and perfect view of his blond cousin completely naked in the shower, lathering soap all over her gorgeous body. Kara's body was flawless and for a sixteen year old girl, her body was perfectly developed. She had perfect perky teen tits with small pink and for some reason hard nipples. As she lathered some soap onto her outstanding breasts, she turned just enough to give Superman a perfect view of her supple but tight teen ass. That was just too much for Superman to handle; he tried closing his eyes, knowing it was wrong to both spy on his cousin and lust for her, but after only a few seconds, he had to get a second look. When he opened his eyes for a second time, he was treated to a full frontal view of Kara's amazing body. His eyes drifted downwards and Superman nearly fainted when his eyes locked onto a finely trimmed strip of pubic hair located just above her tight teenage pussy. "God Dammit! She's HOT!" Superman thought as a strange sensation shot through his body and his cock sprang up to full hardness, hitting the bottom of the dinner table and nearly knocking all the family dinner onto the floor.

"What was that?" Martha said as she resettled the roast that had nearly fallen off the table.

"Uh nothing... I should be going... I don't want to be late for Lois" mumbled Superman as he tried to steady his nerves and get away from his parents before they learned of the perverted thoughts that were going through both his head and his stiffening cock.

"But you haven't even had a bite, Clark!" Jonathan replied to his son's abrupt decision to leave early. Clark tried to cover his shame as he got up from the table and used his super speed to get to the door as fast as he could without his parents seeing the tent in his pants. Before he could make it to the door, his cousin Kara had gotten out of the shower, dried off, gotten dressed and had used her own super speed to make it to the door before Superman.

"Kara!" Clark groaned, trying to cover up his bulge from his cousin.

"You were going to leave without saying hello to me" Kara responded, sounding a little hurt. Before he could answer however, Kara swooped in and gave him a tight friendly family hug. Clark groaned again as he was unable to shield himself from the tight embrace. His hard shaft rubbed up against her inner thigh as she squeezed him tight. If Kara had felt the rock hard shaft or not, she didn't say anything and before she had even fully let go, Superman was out the door and flying back towards Metropolis changing into his costume on flight to his home city.

Superman couldn't get the image of his cousin lathering soap all over her naked body out of his mind. Her hot and wet naked body was all he could think about as he zipped towards Metropolis and his date with Lois Lane. Superman could never woo Lois as Clark Kent, but after he donned the red and blue, she was all over him. It was a good thing too, Superman, having seen his hot cousin completely naked, was horny as hell. Because he had left his former farm home early, Superman had a couple of hours to kill before his date. He decided he should spend the next two hours to scour the city for crime and protect the fair city of Metropolis.

Superman was able to stop a few robbers and thugs in those two hours, but he had a difficult time forgetting about what he had seen, and although it had been nearly two hours since he had seen Kara naked, he was still pitching a tent. Whether it was visible or not, Superman had a date with Lois on the top of the Daily Planet building. He quickly flew towards the easily identifiable building and immediately saw Lois standing on the roof. Superman flew right up to Lois and landed only inches away from the black haired beauty. Lois, taken off guard by his sudden arrival, jumped back in shock.

"Geez Superman! Do you have to do that?" Lois said, breathing hard with her hand on her chest. As Lois tried to recover from her surprise, Superman's eyes roamed up and down her tight body. She was wearing a tight-fitting purple tank top, a fairly short white skirt and a pair of black high heels. Superman again felt a twinge in his groin; this time however, it was for the love of his life, Lois Lane. His sudden stop right in front of her had caused her skirt to flutter upwards and reveal a pair of tight-fitting white cotton panties.

"So Lois... Where to?" Superman asked a now blushing Lois.

"Ahhhhhh... Mmmmmm... What... Uhhhhh... Do you want to do?" Lois sputtered, now looking at the growing bulge in the crotch area of his costume. Her eyes remained glued on his rock hard bulge as Superman considered her response.

"Well... there is one thing... but I don't really know if you're up to it!" Superman responded, looking a little ashamed for thinking what he was thinking. If Lois knew what he was considering at that moment, he was sure she'd think him both sick and crazy.

"If you're up to it... then I'm up to it!" Lois replied in a fraction of a second as she moved even closer to Superman and ran her delicate fingers up his thigh and onto his pulsing hot bulge. "Mmmm... It's so warm!" she groaned as her hand moved up and down the monstrous shaft with an increased vigor.

"But I could hurt you... even kill you" Superman whispered to Lois as he leaned in for a kiss. Lois didn't wait for Superman to swoop in for the kiss however; she beat him to the punch by sticking her tongue into his mouth and passionately kissing him first.

"I'm willing to take that chance!" Lois groaned, unable to contain her horniness any longer. She dropped to her knees with what seemed like super speed before Superman could even react. Lois took no time at all in pulling down Superman's red and blue tights and getting to his gigantic ten inch hard cock. "OH MY GOD! It's huge... No wonder they call you Superman!" she moaned as she leaned in and began licking the length of his shaft.

As hot as the situation was and as glad Superman was that Lois was finally on her knees sucking him off, he could barely feel her tongue licking up and down his shaft. Superman knew however, that all of his other senses were super powered, and if he really concentrated, he'd be able to somehow enjoy the sensation of her hot wet tongue around his cock even more than somebody without his nearly impenetrable skin. Superman had a hard time concentrating however; the sight of his one true love on her knees now licking his shaft like a lollipop was overwhelming.

Noticing that Superman was hardly enjoying himself at all, Lois decided to kick it up another notch by fondling his balls and engulfing the tip of his diamond hard shaft.

"You're so hard Superman... and you taste... SO GOOD!" Lois moaned, trying to elicit a little more of a response from the man of steel. Using both her hands, Lois squeezed his balls, worked his shaft and sucked as hard as she could on his cock for the next few minutes. Lois even tried her hand at deep-throating him, but it was to no real avail. Superman could feel her throat closing around his shaft, but he still could hardly feel her mouth at all.

"If that's not good enough... I'll just have to take it to the next level!" Lois sighed after pulling her mouth off Superman's saliva-covered rod.

"Sorry Loi---" Superman started, before Lois interrupted him by pulling off her skirt and panties.

"Don't you say sorry yet big boy... I'm not finished with you yet!" she said with a smile on her face as she backed her naked ass up against Superman's hard shaft and grinded up and down on it.

"God Lois... I've dreamed about this every night!" Superman moaned as Lois's soft supple and extremely gorgeous ass moved up and down his cock. Superman moved his hands up and down her body, rubbing against Lois's thin black pubic strip covering her pussy and then up to her immaculate breasts and hard nipples. Even through her purple tank top, he could feel how hard Lois's nipples had gotten since his hands had started probing her half-naked body. "Let's get you out of that shirt" he said, pulling off the thin material before turning her around to get a good look at her perfect body. Superman could hardly believe his luck as he beheld the beauty that was Lois Lane. Not only did she have a perfect, ass, body and face, her breasts were beyond words. After seeing her amazing body and realizing that he had failed to reciprocate for Lois's earlier blowjob, Superman decided it was best he showed her some of his own sexual talents. Without even asking for permission, Superman grabbed her by the waist, lifted her up above his head and guided her finely trimmed pussy towards his open mouth.

"Whoa... Slow dow---" Lois started as Superman's long tongue delved into her sweet snatch. She was quickly taken aback however when the sensation of Superman's tongue moved in and out of her pussy at near light-speed. "Oh my god... Oh my god... OH MY GODDDDD!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as an immediate orgasm took hold of her writhing body and sent her into orgasmic bliss. It had taken her only a few minutes to surpass the threshold and moan like a whore, thanks to Superman's obviously skilled tongue. Her juices slowly trickled throughout her body and down Superman's chin as he continued to tongue fuck the horny slut. Within a few short minutes Lois had cum over five times, nearly blacking out with each orgasm.

"Just FUCK ME already!" Lois moaned, exhausted and very ready to take on Superman's mammoth cock. Superman hardly needed any further encouragement and before Lois could even recover from her last orgasm, Superman had lowered her to his waist; letting her wrap her legs around his back and prepare herself for what was sure to be a wild fuck. He slowly ran the tip of his bulbous cock up against her sensitive wet clit a few times, just to make sure he wouldn't kill her with the first thrust. "SLAM IT IN ME!" Lois moaned, not able to contain her horniness any longer. The anticipation had reached a critical point for Lois; the need for Superman's massive shaft in her wet pussy was all she wanted.

"Okay Lois, but you asked for it" Superman replied, as he slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her quivering twat. Superman concentrated as hard as he could on what he was doing and slowly inched his cock deeper and deeper into Lois. He failed to pay any attention to her moans of both pain and pleasure as more and more of his cock penetrated her. With all his concentration centered on making sure he didn't simply break Lois in half or impale her to death, Superman paid little attention to her moans of pain. Before long however, Lois was screaming her lungs out in another earth shattering orgasm. Superman was quite sure that both the people in the Daily Planet and those on the street beneath them could hear Lois's screaming ecstasy, but as his cock finally bottomed out inside her, all he could think about was picking up the pace and eventually reaching his own orgasm. The thought of an ordinary human female's pussy being tight and tough enough to withstand his pummeling cock for a sufficient amount of time to allow him to cum was almost an impossibility.

"Gahhhhh! Superman... FUCK ME HARDER!" screamed Lois in the afterglow of another massive orgasm. Superman was more than willing and as he began to slide his shaft into her faster and faster, gripping her waist tightly as Lois kept her arms and legs wrapped around the Man of Steel and rested her head against his shoulder. "OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD... OH MY GODDDD---!!!" Lois screamed for the last time, as she went through her final conscious orgasm before finally blacking out from the intensity of her multiple orgasms.

"Lois... Lois? Are you okay?" Superman said with concern to Lois while he continued his pummeling of her tight pussy. "FUCK IT... I NEED THIS!" Superman moaned as he began to use his super speed to increase the friction and pleasure from fucking Lois's sweet snatch. As hard and as fast as he moved however, his orgasm seemed to be too far out of reach. Although Lois's pussy was tighter than most human females, Superman's Kryptonian physiology, coupled with his unmatched tolerance against any kind of pain, made it almost impossible for him to reach his own orgasm while fucking any human. Nevertheless, Superman used the last ounce of concentration to improve his sense of feeling and after a few more minutes of supersonic pussy slamming, a wave of endorphins began to wash over him and he knew his end was near. Superman was fairly sure that the intensity of his thrusting was doing some kind of damage to Lois, but because his end was rapidly approaching, the concern for health was not his primary concern.

"UNGHHHH....UNGHHHHHHHHH... UNGHHHHH! Take it all Lois!" Superman groaned as he slammed his ten inches into her unconscious pussy one last deep time before he unloaded stream after stream of his hot sticky Kryptonian cum directly into her human womb. As if Lois knew what was happening subconsciously, her pussy began to clench down on Superman's pulsing shaft, making him cum even harder. So powerful was his orgasm that it took even him by surprise when his powerful blasts of semen blew a naked and cum-filled Lois right out of his grasp, across the rooftop of the Daily Planet and down towards the streets below.

"HOLY SHIT... LOIS!" Superman shouted, before pulling up his spandex costume and using his super speed to race over to the edge of the building and dive off the other side. He flew as fast as he could and caught her only a few feet above the sidewalk below. A good few citizens minding their own business were lucky enough to get a good glimpse of the naked Lois Lane before Superman was able to speed back up to the top of the Daily Planet. He re-dressed her in short order, as his cum continued to slowly leak out of her pussy. Not wanting to seem like a total asshole, he flew her to the closest Metropolis hospital and admitted her in short order. He had used his x-ray vision to scan her body for damage and had discovered that he had broken her hip with his enthusiastic finish. He didn't know what had caused his abrupt change of character and lustful attitude; whether it had been Kara's gorgeous teenage body, or his desire for Lois, Superman was quite surprised at what he had done.

"Superman... Can you hear me...?" J'onn J'onzz's voice in Superman's mind called out to him. "I am speaking with you telepathically. We need to speak... How long will it take you to get to Gotham?"

"Just a few minutes J'onn... I just finished wrapping something up" Superman said slyly, as he began flying towards Gotham City with his supersonic speed.


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