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Justice League Unlimited: Alternate Realities Part 3 - The Gotham Gentleman's Club Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

It had been a very interesting few days in the cities of Metropolis and Gotham; the Joker had been captured, but only after humiliating a horny Batgirl and supplying an equally lustful Robin with several minutes of pornographic material involving the Dark Knight and his sexy sidekick. Superman had been through a similar ordeal; unable to stem the growing ache in his loins after seeing his sexy teenage cousin Kara showering at the Kent Farm, the Man of Steel satisfied his lust with the love of his life, Lois Lane. Lois had enjoyed herself immensely, but the severe pounding she had received had led to a broken hip and a few internal injuries. After Batman foiled the Joker's devious plans and Superman had finished satisfying his urges with Lois, the Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz, called both of them telepathically to meet him in Gotham immediately. Superman and Batman arrived at nearly the same time to find J'onn nearly comatose in a darkened alleyway.

"Too much power... magic... must stop... alternate... reality!" J'onn stuttered before losing consciousness and leaving both Superman and Batman looking at each other in both shock and confusion.

"What do you think he meant, Bruce?" Superman asked Batman as he stooped down to pick up his unconscious friend.

"I have no idea, Kent" Batman replied, before taking a sample of a strange fluorescent green liquid on the ground near where they had found J'onn. "I'll take this back to the Batcave and analyze this... You take care of J'onn and contact me if he wakes."

As Batman and Superman parted ways to help J'onn and discover the cause of his present misfortunes, Supergirl was on her way to Gotham City for the weekend on the behalf of her good friend, Batgirl. Batgirl had sent her a letter only a week earlier, asking her to spend a weekend in Gotham. She had written that she had just found an amazing job recently; one which saw her making thousands of dollars a week. Supergirl had no idea what kind of job paid that kind of money in one weekend, but if she could make enough money to buy a new car, she'd pretty much do anything. Batgirl asked her to do one thing however; she explicitly asked the caped heroine to come fully dressed in her superhero outfit. Supergirl had intended to go dressed in her superhero garb anyway and thought nothing of it until she met up with her good friend in a dark dank ally in the slums of Gotham.

"Why'd we meet here, Batgirl, and why do we need our costumes for a job?" Supergirl asked her friend.

"Oh, you'll see girlfriend... This is just a secret entrance for the place... It's actually really classy... It was built for only the very wealthy" Batgirl replied with a smile on her face.

"All right, I guess... What do I have to do?" Supergirl asked innocently as she followed Batgirl to a large dirty looking brick wall.

"Just follow my lead" Batgirl responded before tapping four or five random bricks. The entire brick wall suddenly moved to the side to reveal a very expensive looking high-tech security door and camera equipment. Batgirl pressed her thumb up against the security lock and said, "Batgirl" into a small microphone.

"What is this place?" Supergirl asked Batgirl as the metal door began to slowly open.

"It's the Gotham Gentleman's Club" she replied with a smirk before walking into the lavishly decorated establishment.

"What?" Supergirl replied, not quite certain why they'd be entering a club established specifically for men and not women.

"You'll see..."

It became readily apparent to Supergirl moments later as they walked down an empty hallway. As she walked down the hall, she could just see through a crack in a door and was astonished to see a large darkly lit room with a small stage and stripper pole in the middle of it.

"This is a strip club!" shouted an outraged Supergirl; finally realizing how Batgirl had made so much money so quickly.

"Not just any strip club; this one panders to only the most wealthy men of Gotham! Only the super rich can afford the membership. I even heard that Bruce Wayne was a member, but I haven't seen him in the month I've been here" Batgirl replied, while counting the amount of money she would be making that night in her mind. The rich men of Gotham had an abundance of money to burn through and nothing caught their fancy more than super powered beauties dancing in almost nothing but their skin in front of them. Batgirl, or Barbara Gordon, was already saving up for her future collegial ambitions. Until a few weeks previously, she had made nearly nothing compared to the average tuition expenses and even with scholarships and money set aside by her father, she was still at a loss at how she would pay for her post-secondary education. But less than a month earlier, a well dressed man approached her on her watch as Batgirl. He had followed her to a crime scene she was helping to process with Batman and gave her a card with a phone number and the initials GGC engraved on the front. He told her he had a business opportunity for her that would be extremely profitable. Later that night Batgirl gave the number a call and was given a few details about what she would be asked to do and where she would do it. The Gotham Gentlemen's Club was a secret organization that would pay the caped beauty a considerable amount of money to perform for them once every Saturday night. Barbara had been resilient to the business opportunity at first, but after realizing what it would take to pay for college, the amount of money the club was offering her to perform once a week at her own discretion seemed like a very fair deal.

"I don't know Batgirl; dancing naked on stage seems a little to risqu‚ for me. What if the press gets wind and my parents find out?" Supergirl replied looking worried. Kara knew her parents and especially Clark would not approve of such a scandalous job. Besides she was only sixteen and it would be technically illegal for her to take on such a job. "Besides, we're both underage, what if the cops find out?"

"Don't worry... These guys pay millions of dollars to be part of this club and have to swear to secrecy. No one will ever find out about this place" Batgirl replied, knowing full well that the men that were part of the club didn't want any bad publicity. "Besides, five thousand dollars plus all the big tips you get is worth any risk, don't you think?"

"Five thousand... plus tips... I guess I can at least try!" Supergirl responded, coming around to the idea, now that she knew the kind of money she would be making on a weekly basis. Batgirl had already made over ninety thousand dollars in only four weeks of work. So popular Batgirl was among the various millionaires and billionaires of the club, Batgirl was asked to invite Supergirl to join her as soon as possible to their weekend meetings.

After Supergirl's enthusiastic new outlook on the Gotham Gentleman's Club, Batgirl gave her a quick tour of the stage, the pole, and the back room, where anything could go. Batgirl told Supergirl that she didn't need to do anything she didn't want to, but if the money was good, it was at her discretion. She, herself had never done anything to crazy; only dancing, removing her clothes and grinding up and down on her customer's lap for a few minutes until they came.

"Why aren't their any other girls?" Supergirl asked Batgirl as they entered the changing room to prepare themselves for the night ahead.

"There are no other girls on Saturday night anymore... Saturday nights are going to be just for you, me and any other caped crusaders the club can recruit" Batgirl replied, as she pulled down her latex pants and removed her latex top to reveal to Supergirl a beautifully naked and perfectly proportioned teenage body. Batgirl kept her mask on as she threw on a tight white thong with the bat emblem on it, as well as a very tight fitting bra that just covered her small perky nipples and luscious breasts.

"Fuck me" Supergirl mumbled quietly to herself as she watched her friend disrobe and then redress herself in the same costume.

"The members like a good show and the more clothes you have to take off, the longer the strip is and the more money you make!" Batgirl said as she looked over at Supergirl with a curious expression. "It's not going to take you very long to take those off... You might want to pick a slow song to prolong your routine. Here, pick a song from this list and practice a few moves on that pole over there before you go out, and don't worry, they don't really care if you can't dance, they just want to see you naked. Here you can use my other thong... I don't think they'll find those granny underwear very hot" Batgirl finished, lifting up Supergirl's skirt to her dismay and laughing at her loose fitting cotton panties before squeezing her ass and tearing off the ugly underwear.

"Okay... I guess I should get to work... Good luck!" Supergirl said non-reassuringly, not knowing how in the hell she would get through her first night. She quickly threw on the thong Batgirl had given her and started to browse the music selection. Batgirl gave her a quick wink before she exited the room and got ready to perform for the waiting members in the main room.

Her nerves were not as frazzled as they had been on her first night at the GGC, but every time Batgirl made the slow walk to the open stage area, the nerves always kicked in. As she approached the entrance to the stage, she nodded to a man in the corner of the room and he started the song she had selected for her routine. Batgirl had picked a fast-paced but fairly long song which would surely prove to arouse the fifty members eagerly waiting in their soft luxurious chairs. The song started and Batgirl sprang onto the stage, grabbing the pole and spinning around quickly before beginning her sexy dance routine.

As Batgirl began her sexy romp around the stage, Supergirl was busy at work picking out a good song. She wasn't so worried about the dancing part of her routine. As a Kryptonian, Kara had powers humans could only dream of. Her increased athleticism and flexibility made her an excellent dancer. The idea of pulling off her costume for a bunch of horny old man was what really worried her. Besides changing her hairstyle a little after donning her superhero costume, Supergirl didn't have a mask like Batgirl and therefore felt even more naked then she would if she were to have her face covered.

As Supergirl began to practice a few of her dancing moves for her routine, Batgirl was already midway through her own. She was shaking her ass and twirling around the pole like a pro, slowly removing each piece of her latex costume with deliberate decisiveness. After about five minutes, there was almost five thousand dollars worth off tips on the stage and she still hadn't even removed her bra or thong. With deliberate slowness, she teased the men waiting for her to remove the last of her clothes to maximize the amount of money they threw onto the stage. Her bra was the first to go, revealing to the crowd of anxious horny men, her supple teenage breasts and small rosy nipples. More and more money was tossed on the stage as Batgirl's routine came to a close. Just as the song came to an end and she started to walk to the exit, she slowly slipped off her bat-thong and wiggled her ass towards the crowds, teasing every single member into wanting to chase after her sweet teenage ass.

"Wow! Done already?" Supergirl asked a sweaty, naked, but still masked Batgirl, who was breathing heavily and carrying several bundles of cash in her arms. "That's a lot of money!" she said with her eyes popping wide open in astonishment. Batgirl had made over twenty thousand dollars in tips alone already.

"You're up girlfriend, and then we hit the backroom!" Batgirl replied, taking a seat on a comfy couch to relax.

Supergirl took a deep breath and left the changing room. She nodded to the man in the corner to start her selected music and prepared herself for what surely would be a nerve-racking experience. Using her super speed to catch the attention of the waiting members, Supergirl sped onto the stage and up the stripper pole in less than a second. She then slowly slid down the pole, twirling around the pole slowly to attract the attention of the shocked men. They all got a good look at her round juicy teen ass as she skid down the pole. Her skirt was just long enough to cover most of her ass, but the fact that the members caught a glimpse of the sixteen year old's tight ass, sent them over the edge. They started lobbing hundred dollar bills onto the stage as Supergirl finally touched ground and began to start her routine. For it being her first time, Supergirl did extremely well to follow the beat of the song, shake her ass at just the right moment and slowly pull off her clothing just when the men in the audience wanted it. Before long, her tight white shirt with the House of El symbol on it was on the floor, along with the small thong Batgirl had given her. She had removed it so slyly; no one was able to get a glimpse of her tight teenage snatch. More hundred dollar bills were thrown onto the stage and as the song slowly came to an end, Supergirl threw caution to the wind and ripped off her tight bra to reveal her perky teenage tits and small rosy nipples, similar to Batgirl's. Several of the men in the crowd stood up to cheer and to throw even more money on the stage. So into the moment and feeling a little horny herself, Supergirl finished her routine by turning her back to the audience and bending over to pick up the thousands of dollars on the stage, letting everyone see her extremely tight teenage twat. Supergirl smirked to herself and scampered off the stage to join Batgirl in the changing room, extremely pleased with herself and with her performance.

"Wow... That's pretty impressive for your first time!" Batgirl said as Supergirl re-entered the changing room completely naked except for her blue skirt.

"I know... There must be over fifteen thousand dollars here alone" she said, looking both proud and conflicted to what she had done to make such a large sum of money.

"That was the hard part... Now we only have to perform one more time and for only one person" Batgirl told Supergirl as she toweled herself off and took a seat next to the now fully dressed Batgirl. Just as Supergirl was going to ask how she had gotten back her clothes, her white shirt, bra and panties were slid through a panel on the door. "The best part is that usually you make twice as much for the second performance as you do for the first" Batgirl said, just dreaming about what she would do with all the money she was now making. She had more than enough to pay for school but with all the money she was making, she knew she could do much more with it.

"When do we start?" Supergirl asked her friend, eager to make even more money for the expensive car she would now be able to buy.

"They have to bid on who gets the private dances. Whoever wins, pays fifty percent to the club and fifty percent of the bid to the dancer they pay for. You also get whatever tips they give you when you're in the backroom" Batgirl replied, sitting back on the couch and relaxing. "The farther you go, the more money you get!"


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