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Justice League Unlimited: Alternate Realities Part 4 - The Gotham Gentleman's Club Part 2
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Things had gone from bad to worse when Batman and Superman had come to Gotham to meet the Martian Manhunter. J'onn's message for Batman and Superman had been both cryptic and unclear and while Superman used his super speed to rush his injured teammate to the nearby hospital, Batman was on his way to the Batcave to analyze the strange green goo he had found surrounding the Martian Manhunter. Batman was positive it wasn't the Martian's blood; all he did know was that it was an integral piece of evidence in catching whoever attacked the nearly invincible superhero. Superman found that the Gotham hospital was nowhere prepared enough to deal with the injured Martian, owing to the fact that he was an alien species and the last of his kind. He decided therefore, to take him to the medical facilities on board the Watchtower to do whatever was possible with the state-of-the-art medical facility on board the space station. Bruce's efforts to find the solution to the mystery of the green goo bore no immediate results either. The goo was somewhat sticky and when analyzed under a high-powered microscope, there were tiny dying organisms swimming in it. Without a firm understanding of Martian physiology Batman was as stumped as the Gotham doctors were to J'onn's medical situation.

While Batman tried to solve the mystery surrounding the Martian Manhunter's current health crisis and the cryptic message he had been given, Batgirl was showing the načve cousin of Superman, Supergirl, a thing or two about how to make some serious money. Batgirl had taken the nubile young teen to a secret Gentleman's club deep in the boons of Gotham City, where both she and Supergirl proceeded to perform for a group of the wealthiest men in all of Gotham and the world. Batgirl had been working every Saturday for the last month; making tons of money taking off her costume for the horny old men save for her mask. Because of her popularity among the well-paying attendees to the club, Batgirl was asked to bring her close friend, Supergirl into the mix, where she would make just as much money. Batgirl had taken the job to pay for her upcoming college tuition, while Supergirl was doing the same for a new car. Although extremely nervous for her first performance, Supergirl performed marvelously for the horny old men in the audience and like Batgirl who had performed before her, she had garnered thousands of dollars from the members during her erotic dance. But their on stage performance was only the first of two performances that night. While the two super heroines cooled down in their dressing room, the men of the Gotham Gentleman's Club were bidding on the two girls for a private dance. Only one man had the opportunity to receive a private dance from one of the girls but unlike the weeks prior to Supergirl's arrival, now two men had the chance.

"So they bid on us like in an auction?" Supergirl asked her masked friend, who was lying down on a plush couch, preparing for her next show.

"Yep... It's kind of weird... but we get half of the bid that wins, so the more they want us, the more we make off the get go. Then... we go into the anything-goes room and give the winners a special lap dance" Batgirl riddled off, as if she had just read it from a book.

"And you said you usually make twice what you make during the first show" Supergirl replied, just thinking about the money she'd be making in a few short minutes.

"That and more, depending on how far you're willing to go! It's all up to your discretion however; you don't have to do anything you don't want to" Batgirl replied, as she stood up to stretch out and prepare for her upcoming routine. Batgirl had gone pretty far in her first four private dances, removing all her clothes, letting the men she danced for; grope her petite nubile underage body. The last two weeks, she had let the two members rub her thin strip of red pubic hair above her pussy while she grinded their cocks with passionate resolve. Every man she had danced for thus far had ended the dance with a guttural grunt of release; cumming in their underwear after the intense grinding they had received from such a hot temptress. Batgirl always enjoyed the sensation of the men's cocks swelling and becoming extremely hard before they ejaculated their warm cum into their underwear.

As the girls pondered how far they would go for a little extra money, the men of the club were bidding thousands of dollars on the chance for a one-on-one private dance with one of the caped heroines. The first up on the auction block was the gorgeous redhead, Batgirl. In the first month she had been at the club, she had always fetched a good price, and now that she had become less and less guarded about removing her clothes and having a little fun in the private room, the members had begun to bet more and more for her services. In only a few short minutes the near fifty members were up to a whopping fifteen thousand dollars, with over ten men still vying for the opportunity to have the caped crusader give them a private dance. Eventually, the bidding topped off at just over twenty-five thousand dollars and before long, the second auction was underway and the bidding for the nubile and innocent Supergirl proceeded.

"Fifty THOUSAND DOLLARS!" a mysterious man in the back of the group spoke up after only a few bids had been entered. As if trying to remain anonymous, the man who had bid such a ridiculous amount of money for one short dance with an inexperienced sixteen year-old girl remained hidden in the shadows at the back of the room. Granted, many of the members were willing to pay thousands of dollars for the chance at a superhero like Supergirl but fifty thousand dollars was somewhat overboard and without any more bids, the mysterious man succeeded in winning the auction for Supergirl's sexy services.

The two men were escorted to two separate private rooms which were outfitted with both a metal pole and a large leather and expensive looking sofa chair. As the men waited for the girls they had paid so much money for, Batgirl and Supergirl were putting the final touches on their costumes before they too were escorted to their pre-selected private rooms. Both girls were extremely nervous; Batgirl had already gone through the harrowing experience four times, but every time she entered the private room, she wondered how far she would go if the money was right. Supergirl's heart nearly skipped a beat every step towards what would surely be the most erotic experience of her entire young life. The idea of yet again pulling off her clothes for a stranger and grinding her ass up and down over some random man's bulging cock was causing her stomach to flip over and over.

As soon as the door to her private room opened, the music Batgirl had selected for her private dance began softly playing through the speakers in the room. The room was fairly bare when it came to luxurious rooms; there were a few large mirrors, a soft sofa chair, a stripper pole and absolutely no cameras. The fact that there were no cameras suited the black caped heroine just fine; without it, she could let loose and earn as much money as humanly possible. The man sitting in the leather sofa chair was the typical rich member of the club; old, white and perverted enough to get a lap dance from an underage teen. The taboo act of actually being involved in a crime turned on Batgirl just enough to get over the fact that the man in the chair in front of her was probably older than her grandfather. Like all the other times she had danced in the private room, she started out on the stripper pole, slowly dancing to the rhythmic tunes of the song she had selected. The man in the chair didn't even try to hide his excitement at seeing the beautiful Batgirl strip out of her clothes. Several hundred dollar bills were tossed at her by the old man, signaling his desire for her to come closer and sit on his lap. Batgirl was down to a simple pair of bra and panties as she scampered over to the old man's lap. She could tell that her little performance had done wonders for the old member's libido; the bulge in his pants was quite noticeable.

As Batgirl began her dance for the old ugly man in the other private room, Supergirl was opening the door to her own private room where, what looked like a bald middle-aged man was sitting in a soft leather sofa chair in the back of the room. The lights in the room were fairly dim, so Supergirl just couldn't make out who was sitting in the chair, but it didn't really matter anyway; she was there to dance and make money. With that in mind, she closed the door behind her and the pre-selected music started playing. Supergirl got to it right away, twirling around the pole, slowly tugging her clothing up and down, removing her shirt, and skirt, followed by her boots and socks after only a few minutes. The man in the leather sofa chair showed no sign of life as Supergirl continued to erotically strip out of her superhero costume. Supergirl found this extremely weird, especially since she was now twirling around the stripper pole with only a teeny thong on and her itty bitty bra barely covering her nubile teen tits. Suddenly, a stack of hundred dollar bills was flung at her feet and the man in the shadows wagged his finger for her to come to him. Considering how much money he had just thrown at her feet, Supergirl felt it was only fair that she play along. She walked over to the bald member and proceeded to sit on his lap and although he had made no sign of appreciation for the caped heroine's performance so far, as soon as Supergirl took her seat on his lap, she knew he had enjoyed it quite a lot.

Batgirl was having a similar reaction out of the old man she was now grinding her ass up and down on. She could feel his hard shaft rubbing up and down the crack of her ass and hear his moans of pleasure as she continued to remove the last of her clothing. Everything but her mask was on the ground within a few minutes and after the old man dropped a couple more thousand in her naked lap, Batgirl knew what was coming next.

"Another thousand and you can touch me all you like!" Batgirl purred, as her hips moved up and down on his lap.

Obediently, the man reached into his pocket and tossed another thousand onto her lap before moving his hands from his side to Batgirl's waist.

"Mmmm... That feels good" lied Batgirl as the old man's wrinkled fingers probed her tight body, small perky breasts, hard pink nipples and the small strip of red pubic hair just above her tight teenage pussy.

"Why don't you get on your knees like a good girl and suck my dick" the old man whispered into her ear as he continued to massage her body.

"Why don't you pay me another ten thousand!" she replied smartly, trying to ramp up the price of her sexual services.

"Fucking bitch... How about five thousand" he replied, a little pissed off at how steep her price was. He could easily afford another ten thousand dollars without a second thought, but the fact that the bitch grinding on his cock thought she was important enough to haggle with him, was outrageous. For her presumptuousness, the old man moved his fingers down to her pussy and slammed two fingers into her tight whole without a second thought.

"Fuck... Unnnhhh! Okay... Okay... eight thousand!" she moaned, as the old man pulled his fingers from her pussy and stuck them in his mouth.

"Mmmm... This is good! You didn't think you could haggle with me little girly... How do you think I've become so wealthy!" he replied with a smirk. He threw a cool eight thousand more dollars onto the floor in front of her and got ready for a blowjob he'd never forget.

While Batgirl got ready to suck on her customer's old wrinkled cock, Supergirl was sitting on her client's lap, grinding back and forth over his cock. At first she had found it a little weird, sitting on top of something so hard and grinding back and forth over top of it, but after getting into it a little and getting turned on by the situation, Supergirl really started to enjoy it. She could tell that the bald man, now really enjoying her efforts, was starting to respond to her erotic, if not somewhat amateur lap dance. Before long, she too had pulled off both her bra and panties and was in the process of turning around to face the bald man, when he stopped her in her tracks and dropped over thirty thousand dollars onto her lap. Supergirl nearly fainted at the sight of so much money. A few weeks of working at this club and Supergirl could be a millionaire easily.

"I'll give you another thirty thousand if we fuck right now baby!" the bald man said, without showing his face. Little did Supergirl know, the man now having his cock grinded on by Superman's younger cousin was in the fact the infamous Lex Luthor. Like her older cousin, Supergirl had no love loss with the habitual criminal mastermind and if she had actually cared to take a closer look at the slightly disguised features and voice of the criminal genius, she would have realized what kind of peril she was truly in. Lex Luthor had been a member of the Gotham Gentleman's Club for a few years and when he heard that both Batgirl and Supergirl were going to be performing erotic dances for the members, he jumped onto his private jet in Metropolis and came as quickly as possible to the city of Gotham. A stroke of brilliance had come to the evil genius after hearing of Supergirl's participation in the club's rather illegal performances; he'd find a way to get a private dance with the blond beauty, pay her whatever she wanted to fuck him, embarrass her on the tiny hidden camera he would bring with him and use that as ransom for Superman to participate in the other master plan he was in the process of bringing to fruition. The only problem that could arise was the fact that his plan hinged on the fact that he could actually fuck the Kryptonian powered teenager. As far as he knew, almost nothing could pierce the alien's diamond hard skin, and if he wanted to take her virginity, he'd have to find a way past her powers.

"I don't know... I've never done anything like that before" Supergirl replied to the mysterious man.

"Don't worry baby, we'll take it nice and slow" he replied, moving his fingers towards the tiny tuft of blond pubic hair above her juicy Kryptonian pussy.

"I don't think it'll work... but I guess we could try" said the nervous Supergirl, as she stood up to let the mysterious man pull off his pants and underwear. She almost recognized Lex's voice, but the small electronic alteration he had performed to change it was enough to elude any serious suspicion.

As Supergirl got ready to lose her virginity for money, Batgirl was midway through a very special and expensive blowjob. Her client had showered her with thousands of dollars as she continued to suck away at the six inch wrinkly old cock. Batgirl couldn't really complain; although it looked disgusting, it tasted pretty good, almost as good as Batman's had not so long ago. As much as she was enjoying herself however, she did kind of want to get the whole thing over with and go back home and count all the money she had just made. To hurry up the sticky process, she cupped one of her hands under his saggy old balls and began massaging and squeezing them while she started deep throating his entire six inches. Within a couple minutes, she could tell his cock was beginning to harden further and even swell as her red hair became a blur moving back and forth over the old man's shaft.

"FUCK... I'M CUMMING!" he grunted, pulling out his cock in the process and unleashing an adult sized load of his hot sticky cum all over her mask and pretty face. Batgirl didn't shy away from the several streams that hit her face, trying her best to catch as much in her mouth as possible.

"Mmmmm... The swallowing is a bonus!" she laughed, wiping off her face, before getting up and putting on her clothes. The old man looked almost dead as he remained sitting on the sofa couch almost comatose from having such a memorable time. "See you next week... If you don't die of shock, you old bag" Batgirl added with a smile and a wiggle of her ass before leaving the room in search of Supergirl.

Supergirl at that moment was on her hands and knees in front of Lex Luthor while he probed her Kryptonian pussy with the tip of his seven inch hard cock. Supergirl looked back just far enough to see a bright green glint coming from the mysterious man's expensive looking watch. At that moment, she felt a queasy, almost weak sensation come over her, just as the man behind her, slammed half of his cock into her tight teenage pussy, breaking her hymen with one quick painful thrust. Lex had devised the perfect plan to get past Supergirl's Kryptonian gifts without garnering suspicion; he put a small shard of the rare Kryptonite rock he had in a led shielded watch. All he had to do to put Supergirl at his mercy was to hit a button on the watch and expose Supergirl to her one weakness on earth.

"AHHHHHH!" she screamed out in pain, as Lex began to move in and out of her, causing her more and more pain as his pace increased and more of his cock began to penetrate her virgin pussy. Blood from Supergirl's pussy dripped out of her pussy from her broken hymen while Lex continued to assault the teenage pussy with unguarded restraint. Supergirl had never found herself in such pain before; her Kryptonian gifts under the yellow sun had afforded her superhuman powers and durability until that particular moment. "FUCK ME!" she screamed out in pain as Lex continued to pound her from behind.

"I AM!" he shouted back, arching his back to get more leverage and slam his entire length into her without mercy. For ten minutes Lex continued his assault on Supergirl's pussy, until the pain became too much for the caped hero, and she blacked out, leaving her completely vulnerable to the whims of the megalomaniac Lex Luthor. All of a sudden, Supergirl's body went limp and she fell face first onto the floor with Lex stilling rutting into her from behind. Not skipping a beat, Lex flipped her over onto her back and started slamming his cock into her, face to face. Five minutes later, the evil genius hit the limit of his endurance and the pressure building in his balls became too much.

"Take this SUPERBITCH!" he shouted, letting out his rage before pulling out of the helpless teen and getting into position over her pretty and unconscious face. "UNGHHHHHH... FUCK YES!" he groaned, pasting her face and blond hair with several strings of hot sticky seed, until she was barely recognizable. After finally shooting off his last load onto her rosy cheeks, he leaned over, wiped his cock off in her now tangled hair and got ready to leave. He dressed; made sure his tiny video camera had been functioning and had caught the entire scene before opening the private room's door and exited with a grin on his face. His entire insidious scheme was going as planned!


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