Content of the Story: Superman TAS/Justice League

Subject: F/F, oral, hand, F-dom, fight, rough

Characters involved: Maxima/Supergirl

Author: Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])


Supergirl soared through the sky, approaching an aircraft whose right engine had broken down. A terrible situation and one Supergirl was determined to aid with. She was the only person who could help, except maybe Superman. It always annoyed her the way Superman got more attention than her, he was always given the big hero fanfare, whereas she was always treated as secondary. All because Superman had a cock, his cock of steel, she mused, giggling to herself even as she approached the stricken plane.

Waving to the pilots as she flew alongside the plane, Supergirl could tell the two male pilots were looking at her and thinking "yes please!" she returned the favour with a flirty smile.

Supergirl flew under the wing, next to the engine, stabilising the plane, while she reached into the engine and, using her x-ray vision, identified the problem. She fixed the engine simply by welding together two broken cables.

Even so, she decided to stay under the plane's wing to reassure the passengers, and to give some of them an eyeful. She knew that several men, boys, and to her amusement, even a couple of girls, were leering at the view up her skirt which the back area of the plane provided.

Supergirl relished this, for she was something of an exhibitionist, one of the reasons she opted for a short skirt on her costume. She also got an ego-boost from knowing that whilst many were obsessed with Superman's cock of steel, her steel pussy held people in thrall too.

Supergirl was kinky too, on more than one occasion; she had allowed herself to be captured by antagonists just to enjoy the frisson of being helpless, a feeling rare for someone as awesomely powerful as her. She longed to be challenged, to be got the better of, because so often it was all so easy. She tired of the z-list criminals who shot her with their pea-shooting guns, the bullets bouncing off her tits and ricocheting around. Beating musclemen to a pulp with effortless grace, it was all so easy. She longed for a truly worthy opponent, a rival worthy of combat with a kryptonian.

Supergirl eventually departed the plane, giving the all-clear signal, and floating down to a city street, where a gang was mugging an old woman.

"Back off!" She shouted to the gang, her hands on her hips.

The gang looked and saw Supergirl, her long legs and short shirt enticing them as much as her voice threatened them.

One brave gangster charged at her, swinging a punch at her which she easily evaded, before slapping him with her palm, sending him flying. Another kicked her hard in the stomach, then fell to the ground in agony, his foot proving to be a very stoppable force against the immovable object that was Supergirl.

She turned and parried a third gangster with a calm kick in the nuts, making him squeal in agony. Then a bullet struck her bum, stinging a little, then another, and then a third bounced off her left butt cheek, dropping to the floor, its shape bent out of shape, whilst Supergirl's pert derriere remained intact.

She turned and used her x-ray eyes to blast the glock handgun out of the hoodlum's hands. His eyes wide with fear, he turned and fled. His shooting his load into Supergirl's ass gave his buddies time to escape.

The old woman, who had kept out of the range of the fight, thanked Supergirl, which made her feel heart warmed at having done a good deed protecting the vulnerable.

"Go home and have a lovely evening", Supergirl said with a warm smile.

A few moments later, she stood alone, amongst the dustbins and boxes.

"So easy", she sighed to herself, "I kind of wish it was more difficult".

Suddenly, Supergirl felt a massive, sharp impact of a boot kicking her bottom, sending her flying through the air, and flying through the window of a derelict building, sliding along the floor.

"Oooh my ass hurts", Supergirl groaned, lying flat on her back, sprawled and stunned.

A shadowy figure walked over to her, as Supergirl looked up she saw the woman standing over her prone body.

"Who?" Supergirl asked.

The woman leaned closer, "Too easy? Let me show you what tough is, little girl! My name is Maxima!" She exuded power and was something Supergirl thought she would never equal.

"Get up and fight!" Maxima shouted.

"I'll show you who's strongest, bitch!" Supergirl retorted, determined to put Maxima in her place, "No one messes with Supergirl!"

Supergirl flew at Maxima, attempting a flying kick at her, but Maxima was ready and grabbed her kicking leg, blocking it and then grabbing it and swinging Supergirl round, spinning the superheroine round and flinging her through a concrete wall. Maxima was already enjoying this fight, and she enjoyed even more the view up Supergirl's skirt she got while swinging her around.

Supergirl got up and stood at the whole in the wall which she had just been smashed through.

"Nice red panties, Superslut!" Maxima shouted, taunting her opponent.

"How dare you, you bitch!" Supergirl shouted back, feeling both rage at being disrespected, and excitement at being challenged and talked to in this way.

She sucked in with her mouth, and then blew a wind in Maxima's direction, sending the Almerian woman flying through another glass window, making her tumble down some steps. Supergirl pressed her advantage, firing a laser blast from her eyes straight at Maxima, which were deflected by Maxima's braces.

"Bitch!" Supergirl screamed as she flew into the air and tore a section of floor off and flung it at Maxima, who promptly punched it to smithereens, only to be kicked hard in the face by Supergirl and sent flying through the roof high into the sky.

Supergirl was getting a real buzz from this fight, the excitement taking over her, as she flew up through the roof in pursuit of her enemy.

"This is more like it!" Maxima thought, as she regained her composure and flew towards Supergirl, they were like two missile heading straight for each other. They zoomed at each other, looking straight into each others eyes.

Maxima broke right, and then shot right past Supergirl.

A loud ripping sound could be heard. Supergirl turned round in mid-air to see Maxima smiling back at her, a long strip of red hanging from her clenched left fist.

Supergirl blushed as she realised her skirt had been torn to shreds by Maxima, exposing her tight red panties. "You pervert!" Supergirl screamed, as Maxima looked at Supergirl's now-exposed region.

"Pervert? That's a case of pot calling kettle black!" Maxima had observed that Supergirl's panties were darker at the crotch and could not resist a giggle. She knew Supergirl's pride would make her a difficult conquest, but a most satisfying one at that. Maxima was just getting started on the little blonde bombshell.

"I'm a lady!" Supergirl protested, clearly embarrassed by her exposure.

"You think you are, but I know what you really're mine!" Maxima shouted back, goading the Kryptonian blonde.

"I'll teach you a lesson!" Supergirl grunted, as she swooped in towards Maxima, tricking her with a dummy punch then spinning around and kicking Maxima in the crotch. The warrior goddess was sent flying through a billboard, straight through the crotch part of a poster of a man in swimming trunks.

"Ouch! Right in the pussy!" Maxima exclaimed

Supergirl then pursued, pressing the advantage. She shoulder barged Maxima then tore off her right shoulder armour, making her cape drop away. She finished her flurry with a brutal punch to Maxima's stomach.

But she did not rise, pretending to be unconscious from Supergirl's powerful punch.

Supergirl landed in front of Maxima, standing over her. The superheroine declared herself the winner, smugly claiming "no one makes a fool of Supergirl, no one makes me their bitch!"

Maxima then raised her legs in a flash, turning them into a kind of blade by closing them together, and slamming them between Supergirl's thighs with a loud thud. The blonde was sent flying upwards. Maxima then slapped Supergirl in the face with her left palm, making the little blonde spin clockwise, then spanked her ass to make her spin counter-clockwise. She repeated this several times, laughing at the reddened cheeks at both ends, before slamming Supergirl against a wall, pinning her wrists above her, and reaching down into the heroine's red panties.

Supergirl was still disorientated from the slapping and spanking, but even as she tried to regain her senses, Maxima was now pressing her own advantage, as she felt the Amazonian woman gripping her pussy hard and tight, her powerful hands now in Supergirl's most tender spot. She lifted Supergirl up by the crotch in a gesture that was as much triumphant as sexual.

"F-Fuck..." Supergirl exclaimed.

"See, you do want're gagging for it, little bitch!" Maxima laughed, as she shoved her fingers inside Supergirl.

This was the most delicious aspect of sexual antics with a superhuman; Maxima could fuck her as hard and as mercilessly as she wished. She always had to be gentle with mortal females, and while that had its pleasures, Kara-El was turning out to be even more of a dream fuck than Superman could ever hope to be.

Maxima pumped the Kryptonian with her fingers, twisting and thrusting up and down, making Supergirl bounce up and down on her, her crotch now soaking wet, panting and groaning.

But Kara-El was proud, and delicious though the sensations were, she hated being defeated. She began to resist.

But pride goeth before a fuck.

Even as Supergirl broke free of Maxima's grip, she felt incredibly horny, in desperate need of release. She strung a right hook, sending Maxima rocking sideways. But instead of following that up with an ass-kicking, she grabbed Maxima and in a crazed berserk of lust tore off all her armour and ripped the Almerian warrior's clothing to shreds, then leapt on her, straddling her, rubbing her crotch against Maxima's.

"That's more like it, my little Superfuck!" Maxima laughed, in between sighing and groaning.

Kara-El stopped suddenly, "No...I'm not yours..."

Maxima turned the tables, now straddling Supergirl and pinning her down, her powerful thighs entrapping the torso of Superman's little cousin.

"I could not have Superman, but I will have you!" Maxima whispered, gripping Supergirl's panties and lifting her with them, then tearing them off with a loud rip. "Tits of steel", Maxima said, as she squeezed Supergirl's tits, whilst grinning from ear to ear as Supergirl, in a horny stupor, offered no resistance.

And with that, Maxima lowered her tits to Kara-El's face, offering her tits fro the superheroine to suck. And suck she did..."oh god yes, yes Miss Maxima...please".

Sucking each nipple with her soft little mouth, Kara-El began to show she could give it as well as take it, her tongue proving expert despite her lack of experience in the lesbian arts.

"Oooh...mmm...nice..." Maxima sighed.

Maxima inserted her fingers into Supergirl and continued the pumping she had started earlier. While Supergirl sucked on Maxima's juicy tits, Maxima pummelled the "pussy of steel" with her fingers.

Supergirl had beaten many opponents, often with ease, but now she had met her match. It was not so much that Maxima had handed her ass to her, rather Maxima had taken her ass, spanked it, and made Supergirl enjoy every moment of it.

As Supergirl lay their, her legs sprawled wide, her body shaking and bumping as Maxima pounded her cunt with superhuman power, she entered a giddy state of sexual bliss. With every thrust of the warrior goddess' fingers, Supergirl fell ever deeper under Maxima's spell, craving her love and kinkiness.

Maxima took the Kryptonian to the very edge of orgasm, then cruelly denied it by removing her skilful fingers. She then moved forward, straddling Supergirl's face, pulling aside her own knickers, she instructed Supergirl on what she would have to do in order to cum.

"You are my bitch; you will lick my pussy like a good little bitch!" Maxima thundered.

"N-No!" Supergirl replied, trying to regain her composure and overcome her lust. Maxima sighed, "oh, do shut up and lick, little bitch!" Maxima pressed her crotch over Supergirl's face, silencing the blonde superheroine.

Maxima teased her fingers around the drenched entrance of her prey, and sure enough, Supergirl began to lick like a well-trained dog.

"Mmmm...yes, that's right, good girl...mmm...Superman would never have given into his desires like this, are a different matter...aaahh...not just vulnerable to krypton but susceptible to the whims of your own pussy...mmmm...a weakness I...unh... intend to...ooooh... fully exploit...unnnngh!"

Supergirl's lapping of Maxima's clit brought the Almerian to orgasm, and she duly drenched Supergirl's face with her cum.

Maxima breathed heavily and sighed. Supergirl saw her opportunity and pushed Maxima off her and shot into the air. Fighting against the fires in her pussy, Supergirl willed herself to fly away from Maxima, to fly away from pleasure.

"I...I'm long, bi-"

Suddenly, Supergirl felt a hand grabbing her right ankle, before she could even look to see what was happening, Supergirl was being spun around and then thrown into the ground, smashing concrete and lying sprawled on the rubble.

Maxima landed, spread Supergirl's legs, then shoved her fingers into the heroine's wet snatch, then held her up in the air, lifting Supergirl with her fingers, making Supergirl's cunt take all the weight as she was held high, impaled by her "opponent".

At that moment, Supergirl came uncontrollably, squealing and whimpering, spasming in Maxima's grip.

Supergirl, who had seemed so invincible, was now slumped upon Maxima's fingers, a whimpering, sticky mess.

Twisting her fingers inside the girl's cunt, Maxima asked the question.

"Will you join my Harem in Almerac?"

"Y-Yes...ooooh...yes...yes...I...concede...I surrender to you...oooh"

And with that, Maxima slung Supergirl over her shoulder, pussy juice still dripping from her ravaged cunt, and carried her through the portal which opened.

Maxima had seduced Zatanna, and had now dominated Superman's beautiful cousin. What would Superman think, Maxima thought, of his cousin being defeated not by Kryptonite, but by her own dirty, perverted body and mind.

She would be changed by Maxima's Harem, from "Supergirl" to "Superslut", and she would be put firmly in her place under Maxima's firm control. Discipline and lots of sex, a heavy dose of spanking and fucking, awaited Supergirl.

Emerging through the portal, Maxima carried her latest "recruit". Three of the maids arrived to greet Maxima, who threw the limp Supergirl onto the large bed prepared for her; the four posters of the bed were lined with Krypton, making escape impossible for Supergirl. The maids climbed onto the bed and opened a large case they carried with them. An array of Almerian sex toys were revealed in the case.

"Make our new guest...welcome...give her a good seeing to, ladies!" Maxima said, laughing.

Supergirl, exhausted and delirious from her shattering orgasm, was stunned as her legs were opened and a massive phallic object was rudely stuffed into her. A glow came from the object and Supergirl screamed, bucking and squirming on the bed, but weakened by the Krypton to the extent the maids were able to hold her down.

Zatanna walked in, naked except her top hat, and greeted Maxima with a kiss. "Hello, lover", Zatanna said. Their lips locked deeply, and Maxima groped the magician's ass, then Zatanna turned to Supergirl, stuffed and squirming under the power of the Almerian Dildo.

"Oooh, what a fine catch...she's very proud and haughty, must have been a tough one!"

"Certainly fun, she's feisty, which made it all the more fun to break her."

Zatanna laughed, "One time, I thought of maybe hypnotising her into being a slut and doing whatever I told her, of course it was just a fantasy of putting her in her I realise these fantasies can come true!"

"See, opening your mind and legs leads to pleasure, Zatanna." Maxima said, delighted Zatanna was now seeing things her way.

Supergirl bucked and humped on the bed, while the maids licked her tits.

Zatanna licked her lips.

"Can I play with your new toy?" The Magician asked.

"What's mine is yours, Zatanna, once the maids have finished "inducting" Supergirl, you can have her. However, do not take her out of the bed for 7 days. We don't want our little blonde wonder escaping, do we?"

Zatanna giggled and laughed, "Of course, Maxima, of course. I'd gladly spank her, she has been such a haughty bitch some times."

"Oh, she will have everything done to her, that's the rule of the harem, as you well know, Zatanna." Maxima smiled.

Zatanna gave back a look which made it clear she had been well seen to by the maids in Maxima's absence.
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