Content of the Story: F/F, toy, vibe, reluc, Fdom, electronic

Subject: Superman TAS/Batman TAS/Justice League

Characters involved: Maxima/Catwoman

Author: Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])


Selina Kyle sat in her office. It was another busy day of hum drum work for her stupid boss, Mr. Osbod. She stared at her computer screen, bored by the endless spreadsheets she had been asked to oversee.

"Fuck it", she said, and took her computer online. "Let's see what the morons on the chatrooms are saying. She logged into a chatroom forum which discussed the various superheroes and heroines. Selina loved to troll there, making up stories about her alter-ego. She had amused herself greatly by telling the various geeks that she was Catwoman, to which they replied "Catwoman would not come on some sucky chatroom and reveal her identity". How wrong they were. She enjoyed pulling their legs, much in the way a cat might playfully pull a rat's. The site was apparently run by someone called "Maxi02706", a geek no doubt.

She glanced through the various room topics, "Supergirl Missing!" was one which caught her eye. She'd encountered that blonde, short-skirted bitch before, and outwitted her too, but she had to give credit where it was due, and Supergirl had a hot body, one which Catwoman would love to get her hands on. "Maybe she's in some place getting fucked silly, I'd sure like to test that bitch's limits"

"Black Canary Smashes Big Crime Boss" was another. That little bird had triumphed again, apparently she overwhelmed a whole gang of thugs and took down the muscled meat-head leader, a real boon for the hard-pressed cops of Gotham City.

"You're getting too big for your boots, little bird, it's time you were caged", Selina licked her lips at the thought, indeed she even had a large bird cage in her cellar especially for the Canary. Black Canary's sexy body, and sweet curves, especially in that tight-fitting costume, and those fishnet stockings, made her a most "appetising" opponent. She once locked legs with Black Canary, and rather enjoyed her. This cat wanted to catch a certain little bird and play with her.

Yes, she thought, the little bird must be dealt with in the sexiest way possible. Selina purred.

Mary Amber, Selina's colleague, walked by and interrupted Selina's thoughts, "hey, got some of that coffee you asked for", she said with a big warm smile, which irritated Selina somewhat.

"Thanks", Selina replied curtly, she wanted Mary to leave her alone, but Mary was a chatterbox.

"Hey, Selina, I got so much to tell you believe in magic?"

"Nope", Selina replied, her politeness already wearing a bit thin.

"Well, went to see Zatanna's show the other night, it was awesome!"

"Its all tricks", Selina sighed, with a know-it-all tone.

"Its so not, yeah, I know most of them are just tricksters, but Zatanna, she's the real deal, its real magic, there's just no other explanation for how she does what she does. My boyfriend likes her, he's a big fan too, says he admires her talent, she's just so amazing, you just got to meet her, Selina!"

"I don't think I'll be meeting her, Mary, her tour finished a few days back, apparently that was one of her last shows for a while, so she won't be coming to Gotham for a long while. Selina sighed and leaned back in her chair, "and your boyfriend likes her because she dresses like a slut."

"She is classy, unlike that Catwoman whore! I tell you, she's really sweet, I was really jealous of the woman I saw going to her dressing room, I so wanted to meet her and chat. Well, I'm sure you'll get an opportunity to meet her, I can sort of feel it. You know what they say, opportunities arise when you least expect them."

"Yeah, I guess they do...shouldn't you be getting back to work?"

"Oh I get the hint, Sel, no need to ram it home. See you later, hun."

"Have a nice time, sweetheart", Selina said, waving her hand, smiling. Mary sometimes annoyed her but she made work more pleasant, so felt complaining was silly.

She switched her computer back to the chatrooms. She eyed a post from "AceCandy", a real bitchy post, "woo, she's got the claws out!" Selina exclaimed to herself.

"These superheroines, look how they dress. Manpleasers, wearing such tight costumes to please men's cocks...Supergirl might as well kneel before the men of America and suck them all off, maybe she already has. What about us girls, Superslut? I would say she's ass backwards but her ass is always at the fore."

"Well", thought Selina, "I do kinda agree there". She giggled at the insults, until she read the next post by AceCandy:

"Catwoman, oh what a stupid whore, dressing like a cat, yet crawling about like a bitch in heat, you know what? That pussy needs to be whipped! She'd probably enjoy it too, the retarded slut!"

"How dare you!" Selina shouted, screaming at the computer. "Fucking bitch!"

"Hey, AceCandy, go fuck yourself! Someday, I hope someone fucks your ass off, you silly bitch, big fucking mouth! You'll pay for insulting like that! I ought to come round and sort you out!"

The moderator stepped in at that point:

MAXI02706: No threatening here or you will be banned, SelinAK.

SelinAK: Fck, all you can do is ban me, not like you know where I live is it?

MAXI02706: You would be surprised how much I know.

SelinAK: You kno nothing, I had enough of bitches bye.

AceCandy: Way she reacted you'd think the bitch was Catwoman or something

MAXI02706: U would b surprised

Selina signed out, visibly agitated. "Maxi? Who does this Maxi think he or she is? Acting like they knew stuff about me...I mean, what's this Maxi been doing, watching me and finding out who I am, fucks sake its just a prissy moderator, jeez some people."

Selina gave little more thought to the moderator who had riled her. But "Maxi" did indeed know many things about Selina, and had pieced together the evidence over just a few days. Selina would soon meet her "moderator".

It was evening in Gotham City, and Selina made her way across the sunset illuminated streets, the glow of clouds reflected in the puddles which strewn the pavements. Entering her apartment, Miss Kyle opened the fridge and drunk a bottle of milk in one gulp.

She loved milk.

"I'm feeling...catty tonight...time for some kitty fun!"

Unaware that her daily pattern of behaviour had been carefully observed, Selina undressed, exposing her sensuous, sassy body. Nude, she looked herself in the mirror and smiled, "mmm hot stuff, babe".

She then zipped herself into her Catwoman costume; it was skin-tight and black, with a small belt around the waist which held her whip, and a tail protruding from her rear.. She put on her goggles, highly reflective to conceal her eyes, and climbed out the window.

"Time for some fun."

Catwoman lassoed her whip around a lamp post opposite her apartment, using it as a grapple and swinging across to the ladders which it illuminated. Climbing the ladders, she reached the top of the building, and dashed across the roof tops, her sleek, sexy figure in silhouette against the moonlight.

Running and jumping, she reached her destination, the Gotham Central Bank. "They think this place is impenetrable, think there money is safe..." thought Catwoman.

"They are wrong."

Slinkily, she crawled in through an air-vent, and, kicking out a grate, landed in the middle of the bank, just metres from the vault. "Too easy", she thought to herself, as she strolled, ever alert, the scenery around her reflecting in her goggles.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A security guard caught her off guard, striking her with his baton. "Got a tip-off from a nice lady, said you'd be coming...I'll claim a handsome reward for bringing you down, little bitch, gonna kick that sweet, sweet little ass of yours and haul you in. Maybe you will be getting some lady love in the women's prison? Heheh!" The guard was smug, thought he had her in his kittybag, but Catwoman was no pussy.

He took out his gun, and pointed it at her, "off to jail you go, pussycat!"

Catwoman smiled, daring him. "Go on, big boy, try and catch this pussy if you can!"

Catwoman somersaulted, throwing off the guard's aim, then used her whip to lasso an overhead balustrade and, swinging through the air, eluded the guard's gunshots, "poor depth perception", Catwoman said, smiling to herself.

She swung round, and delivered an almighty flying kick to the guard's head, knocking him cold.

"I bet that happens whenever he tries it on with a girl."

Catwoman reached the vault, and, entering the codes she had gathered through diligence and smarts, entered the vaults, and there, before her, was the sweet, glorious money, stacks of it.

"Sweet, sweet green!" Catwoman clapped her hands and swung her tail.

She gathered the money into her holdall, methodically packing it. But something was not quite right. Catwoman could swear there was something hidden within this pile of money, she felt something moving.


Then, suddenly, a hand shot out from the money and grabbed her ass.

"Well, well, pretty cat, it seems unlike the others you have come to me, and saved me the trouble."

"Who the fuck are you?!" Catwoman exclaimed.

The woman was dressed in black with white outlines, with gold body armour and red hair. She dusted off the money and looked into the stunned Catwoman's goggled eyes, her own face reflecting in them.

"My beauty appears to have you dumbstruck, pretty cat, but let me assure you, you are not dreaming."

Catwoman finally spoke.

"Okay, nice meeting you, but I've got some money to steal, and you are making me late. Now, if you don't mind."

"Ah, but you have not allowed me the opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Maxima, and I am from Almerac."

"You tipped off the guard, didn't you? You could have got me killed or thrown into jail!" Catwoman was becoming agitated.

"I am very confident in your abilities, Selina. If you had failed to overcome that stupid guard, you would not be worthy of Maxima."

Catwoman was stunned, how did this Maxima know her true identity?

"It's my business to know...a hawk knows its prey before hunting it." Maxima smiled.

"Well," said Catwoman, "this little kitty is no one's prey. I bid you adieu, Maxima, may we never meet again."

Catwoman picked up her holdall and walked towards the vault door.

She felt a hand gripping her tail.

Suddenly, she was being pulled back to Maxima, lead by the tail.

"Did I give you permission?" Maxima asked, sternly.

"I don't need your fucking perm-"

Maxima pinned Catwoman against a wall, and forcefully kissed her, her tongue forcefully exploring the cat's mouth.

Maxima could feel Catwoman's resistance fading as her tongue probed deep, and even began to feel the sexy criminal respond.

"Mmmm..." Catwoman sighed, her body squirming under Maxima's skilled touch. Catwoman purred and squirmed as Maxima unzipped her skin-tight costume, unpeeling the black PVC costume, and pushing the cat against a wall. Maxima pulled off the feline's goggles, to which Selina responded by wrapping her legs around Maxima's waist.

Maxima looked into Selina Kyle's eyes, "you are a very beautiful kitty", she declared, "such pretty eyes". "You are, too, Maxima", Selina purred, as she humped against Maxima.

"Seems kitty's hungry!" Maxima said with a laugh, before reaching down and sliding her hand down between the cat's thighs..."soaking, my, we are a hungry little kitty". Maxima rubbed Catwoman's crotch, then gripped it tightly.

"Oooh...oh god, please, Maxima..." Selina groaned, now humping against Maxima's hand and fingers.

"Please, what?" Maxima asked, in mock confusion.

"Pleeease...oooh pretty please..."

"Please what?" Maxima repeated, adding, "your manners are exemplary, but what is it you want, kitty-cat?"

Maxima knew full well what the groaning, squirming, humping cat wanted. She took out a small device from her belt, and slipped it into Selina's soaked panties.

"Maybe this will make you more forthcoming? Hmmm?"

Maxima switched on a button on her belt, and a loud buzzing sound emanated from Catwoman's crotch.

"Unnnh...aaahhh...oooh...oh my...oh god...please..."

Selina was overwhelmed, her pussy, already wet and swollen, was now on fire and her clit was throbbing crazily. Even so, despite her openly sensual persona of Catwoman making her very unreserved, she had been trying to hold back a little, perhaps feeling that, being fucked in such a well-lit room was a step too far even for her, after all, she had often enticed men into shadowy cat-fucks to amuse herself in the past, but this was different, not only in the sense that, for the first time in her life, she was being given a seeing to by a woman, but was also being done in a fully lit bank vault, hardly the most ideal of love nests.

Her self-control was assaulted by the vibrator Maxima had placed in her now utterly soiled panties (which were extremely thin fabric to fit under the catsuit). This vibrator was more powerful than any she had ever experienced, and Selina had experienced many vibes, being something of a sex shop connoisseur (which indeed Maxima knew; her research was very thorough). Selina was right, this vibe was different, it was an Almerian "Cuntroller", a powerful device which ran on Almerian crystals which could last thousands of years.

"Ooooh god, unnnnh...aaaaah..." Selina completely lost control.

Bucking wildly like a cat in heat, Catwoman's tail swung about, her tits bounced, and her pupils dilated. She had, as Catwoman, played the role of an animal, emulated the manner and grace of an animal, but now Selina Kyle was truly an animal, a wild, lusting, crazy animal, the very definition of a "bitch in heat".

"FUUUCK MEEE!!!" She screamed, as Maxima held her out-of-control body pinned against the wall. Selina screamed and squealed and moaned, speaking inchoherently"Oh god fuck fuck me fuck me fuck me fuckmefuckmefuckme!!!!!"

Maxima, looking into Selina's deep blue eyes, smiled wickedly, "so that's what you are proving to be even dirtier than I thought, and that is saying something!"

Maxima grinned and pushed a button on her belt.


Had the bank vault not been soundproofed, Selina's orgasmic cries would have been heard throughout Gotham, and maybe even beyond.

Selina came.

She came hard.

The kitty cat slumped to her hands and knees, grunting and sighing heavily. Maxima stood before her, triumphant at her latest conquest, perhaps a little too triumphant.

"Hunnh...hunnh..." The Catwoman breathed heavily, struggling to regain her composure, and maybe her dignity, too.

Selina, her clit still throbbing, nevertheless came down from her colossal orgasm and regained her senses, and her cunning.

"How was that for you?" Maxima asked, with more than a trace of smugness.

But this Cat had a sting in her tail.

"I got plenty more where that cam-" Maxima would not have the chance to complete her sentence.

Suddenly...Catwoman shot up into a handstand, and spin-kicked Maxima, who as caught completely unawares. Maxima had not realised her belt had just been stolen by the skilled thief while she was reacting to the kick. Selina seized the moment and pulled the Almerian Cuntroller out of her own panties, and shoved it down Maxima's tight black pants. Such was Catwoman's skill at the art of sleight of hand, that the Almerian was not aware of Catwoman now holding all the cards.

"Give me that back, you bitch!" Maxima shouted, about to leap at Catwoman.

"Let's see what this button does!" Catwoman said, as she relished turning the tables on the Almerian warrior.

Maxima charged at Catwoman.

"Give it baaunnnngh! You...yo...ooooooooh!"

But the warrior collapsed, knocked to the ground by her own device before she could even get close to Catwoman, who now wore the belt triumphantly; it was her turn to be triumphant.

"Ooooh fuck...ooooh fuuuuck!"

Maxima, once so in control, so much the master of all she surveyed, was now a prisoner of her pussy, and at the mercy of Catwoman, who now mercilessly turned up the heat on Maxima.

"Let's set this to Maximum, eh? After all, you are Maxima, so its fitting!"


Maxima screamed and humped and bucked on the floor, whilst Catwoman strolled around her.

"Cum for me, Maxima", Catwoman declared, as she adjusted the controls of the belt. The buzzing was now very loud, Maxima's screaming was even louder.



Maxima shuddered on the floor, a sprawled, sticky mess, as the devastating orgasm hit her. Maxima had never been put in a situation like this before, never been so skilfully outwitted by a mortal. She had been looking for a challenge, and this, she told herself, was the inevitable result.

Selina pondered the once mighty warrior, now a quivering, whimpering slut. "You may be a big deal back where you come from, but here, and right now, your pussy is mine, and no woman can deny her pussy, not even you, Maxima."

"Damn you!" Maxima shouted, for much as she secretly relished that someone had got the better of her, she was also a proud warrior.

"Cum again?" Catwoman replied with a wicked grin, and made Maxima do just that.



"OOOH!!! OOOH!!! OOH!!!"

"And again", Catwoman declared.




"And again."

"And again."

"And again."

Maxima had lost count of the number of times she had come, as she lay spread and defeated on the floor of the bank vault, her crotch now aching from Catwoman's merciless assault. The kind of mercilessness Maxima admired and respected. She had to respect the mortal Catwoman, who had proven to her that cunning more than made up for lack of strength.

Maxima removed the Cuntroller from her crotch.

Catwoman squatted next to Maxima and looked down at her, playing with her whip.

"What was it you wanted, Maxima?" Catwoman asked.

"I wanted join my harem...but as you've won that won't may go..." Maxima said, sheepishly.

"Harem? That sounds...interesting." Catwoman liked the sound of this, her mind now ticking furiously.

"Is there space for a pretty bird in this Harem, a Canary?" Catwoman said with a wink.

"A bird?" Maxima was initially puzzled, then realised that Catwoman wanted a Canary of the distinctly human variety.

"Yes, oh very much yes, she is on my list, just as you were", Maxima confessed, surprised at the outcome of events.

"Hmmm..." Catwoman pondered, purring in thought, while Maxima got up and put her belt back on.

"This could be the opportunity I have been looking for", Catwoman muttered to herself.

Maxima stood, silently awaiting Catwoman's decision.

"I will join your Harem, Maxima, on one condition...I will join for five days, if you fulfil my condition, I will stay."

"And what is that condition?" Maxima asked, wandering what Catwoman was asking for.

Catwoman looked deeply into Maxima's eyes, a look of determination glowing behind them.

"Bring me Black Canary! I will only be yours if she is mine!"

Maxima smiled broadly, giving back a wicked grin, as she placed the Cuntroller back in its belt clip. "It will be my pleasure!"

Selina Kyle opened her holdall and dropped the money back where she found it, before turning to Maxima, "the police and Batman will be here any minute, how do we..."

"All taken care of", Maxima said with a relaxed grin. At that very moment a portal to Almerac opened, and the two women stepped through it, hand in hand. In a flash, they were gone.

4 Minutes later, Batman arrived at the vault. He was baffled by the sight of money strewn randomly, none of it taken, and no trace of a crime, except certain sexual bodily fluids. Even his brilliant mind could not figure out what had happened!
_ _ _

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