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(Author's Note:This story was inspired by the Justice League Unlimited
Episode: This Little Piggy)

Codes: mf, f-mast, voy, mc?

Justice League Unlimited: Shimmer Part 1
by SassyGal84

The picture of me didn't look too bad, I guess. Considering that my hunting
form looked like a glowing silver mannequin. I mean, you can only see my
general features in the feature, like arms, hands, and such. You couldn't
make out my eyes, ears, or any small details.

I wasn't that fond of the name the media had given me: Shimmer. Perhaps Fury
would have been better, even though I don't know if I was actually a Fury, or
merely an agent of one. Or something else entirely.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name is Samuel Reed. Everyone calls me Sam, except my grandmothers, and my
Mom when she's pissed off at me. I'm a pretty average seventeen year old
student-athlete -- at least I was before I was given "The Gift of the

It happened on my best friend Jim's seventeenth birthday. We were having it
at Jack's Safari, which may sound lame, but is actually a fairly cool place.
It's a sports bar/entertainment complex located in downtown River City which
caters to young adults above the age of twenty-one. Usually, there's a
restriction on underage attendees, such as teenagers having to be accompanied
by an adult and no one under the age of twenty-one allowed period after ten
p.m. at night. Jim's Mom was the manager, though, and arranged for Jack's
Safari's semi-annual downtime for maintenance to be at the same time as Jim's
birthday. As you can imagine, everyone who was invited showed up, even though
Jim's Mom made it perfectly clear that the party was definitely going to be

Jim and I weren't the most popular kids in high school, but we did OK. We
were both starting players on the school's varsity baseball team, which meant
we weren't in the top echelon of athletes at our high school, but we were in
sight of the apex. So with a party at Jack's Safari, we did have the top
clique of the school represented.

I was there with Sara Belle (yes, that's her real name, even though it sounds
like the name of a line of frozen desserts), who had been my one of my two
best friends since grade school. Me, Sarah and Jim had been best friends
forever, and we all wanted to keep things that way. Unfortunately, both Jim
and I had developed 'feelings' for Sarah over the last year, and it was
pretty confusing for all of us.

Sarah was a real cutie, and in good shape too (she was on our high school's
cross country team). At the time of the party, she wasn't dating anybody, and
the three of us were still circling the possibility of her dating me or Jim

The party was going great, and the were a good cross section of people from
the school. Everyone was enjoying themselves, until the arrival of the Alloy

River City isn't like Gotham or Metropolis. Gotham had Batman, Metropolis had
Superman, both both cities also had their share of supervillains. River City
is a fairly big city, but we're lucky that we haven't drawn the attention of
the major league villains. What problems we do have are handled by Reaction
Force, a team of elite individuals drawn from the state police and national
guards of our state and the state across the river from us. Reaction Force
members are given special training and high tech weapons to handle the
terrorists and criminals River City does attract. If anything happens that is
over their head, they can always call on the Justice League, which has
recently expanded its membership from the original seven.

Reaction Force was pretty much all River City ever needed, until the Alloy
Men arrived on the scene. From what I understand, the Alloy Men were
suspected to be ex-military with special forces training who used high tech
battle suits to commit lightning strike robberies. So far, the tactics
they've used had helped them elude being apprehended by Reaction Force.

On the night of my best friend's birthday party, the Alloy Men hit River
City's Diamond Exchange, home of one of the largest coalition of diamond and
gem dealers in the country. Before they hit the Diamond Exchange, the Alloy
Men set off several explosions across both states, luring away members of
Reaction Force. Then they hit the Diamond Exchange.

Unfortunately for my friends and I, the running battle that happened between
them and the local police force took them through downtown River City and
right through Jack's Safari.

I know it was later said that the Alloy Men had expected Jack's Safari to be
closed that night, but that doesn't matter to me. It took the Alloy Men
fifteen seconds to literally rip Jack's Safari in half. Nobody was killed,
but the attack would leave my two best friends in comas.

While everyone else was reeling from the impact, my eyes locked on the broken
bodies of my two best friends in the world. At this point, my vision went red
and everything was kind of hazy, but I think I've been able to figure out
what happened from things I learned later on.

Across town, at the River City Memorial Hospital, a man chose this moment to
die. Actually, he had been dying for the last week, and his attending doctors
were amazed that their patient had lasted this long.

The man in question had "The Gift of the Furies", and was waiting until "A
Spirit of Pure Vengeance" appeared that could receive the Gift.

In this case, that Spirit was me.

When it descended upon me, I completely lost it. I found myself running down
the path of destruction the Alloy Men had left behind them. I didn't know it
at the time, but I was invisible. And literally flying above the ground.
You're probably wondering how I couldn't be aware of either of these things.
It's simple. I was angry as hell at the what the Alloy Men had done to my
friends before the Gift had descended upon me. When the Gift hit me, my anger
exploded a hundred fold.

I vaguely remember catching up to the Alloy Men, and after that, it's a blur.
Fortunately for me, there was a news copter hovering nearby who caught the
whole battle.

The footage they shot showed a shimmering man suddenly appear in the middle
of five Alloy Men. By shimmering, I mean like the air above a hot sidewalk on
a particularly warm August day. Every blast the Alloy Men landed on the
silver man (me) dissipated; every blow was stopped cold in a shower of sparks
against the shimmering air around the silver man.

The silver man tossed the men around like empty aluminum trash cans. When
they tried to escape, the silver man pointed his hand at an Alloy Man. A wave
of silver shimmering air flew from that hand, knocking the Alloy Man out of
the air.

When the Reaction Force showed up detain all the combatants, the silver man
simply disappeared.

I don't remember the battle, or how I got back to the destroyed sports bar.
Somehow, my disappearance or reappearance was never noticed. I just remember
a paramedic helping me up, giving me a once-over, and then telling me how
lucky I was, then waving over a police detective. The detective asked me a
few questions, took a few notes, and then turned me over to my parents.

My Mom and Dad went nuts when I emerged from the police line surrounding
Jack's Safari. I was still dazed as I watched my classmates emerge from the
ruins of Jack's Safari, some under their own power, others on a stretcher.

The paramedic who had checked me out walked over to my Mom and Dad and told
them I was OK, but it would probably be best if I saw our family doctor in
the next day or so.

My Mom led me to the car and sat me in the back seat. On the drive home she
would turn around, talk to me and watch me intensely. Me, I just sat there,
trying to make sense out of the half-memories haunting me.

My parents continued trying to draw me out that night, but eventually just
let me go to my bedroom. My Mom checked on me once more, then left me to go
to sleep.

All things considered, I fell asleep fairly easy.

I had bizarre dreams that night, with flashes of the battle with the Alloy
Men. Sometimes it was from my view, sometimes from the view of the news
camera (which I hadn't yet seen), and sometimes from the view of one of the
Alloy Men.

And then she came.

She was beautiful and hideous, sometimes nude, sometimes covered with
feathers (and with wings), and sometimes wearing Grecian robes. She talked in
words and images, and it was both the most erotic and most horrendous
experience of my life.

I'm still not sure about a lot of things that she was telling me, but this
was the basic gist. The power that had descended upon me was mine because
seeing my friends like I had made me a sort of a magnet for the powers. I
could pretty much do with the powers what I wanted, except if I abused them
too badly, I wouldn't appreciate the consequences. I could even use the
powers to be a superhero, but those weren't why I had received them. On
occasion, I would be called to hunt down someone or something that had
escaped from a place. I wasn't sure what this place was, but I would be
required to drop everything I was doing to hunt down the beings who had
escaped from this place.

I would later learn who had been the source of my dream, and what this
'place' that people escaped from was, but that's further down the road.

The woman didn't go into detail exactly what my powers were, and even
suggested that they were partially determined by something in my
subconscious. But I would learn about them as time went on. Or so she assured

Then she kissed me.

I woke up screaming.

My Mom ran into the room, hugged me, assured me everything was all right, and
helped me get back to sleep.

I really didn't want to go back to sleep, afraid that she might be waiting
for me there. Fortunately, the rest of my night was dreamless.

The next day at school was surreal. Counselors were there for everyone who
knew someone at the party. So far, no one had died, though three of the party
attendees were in ICU, and both Jim, JIm's mother, and Sara were in comas.
Everyone at school knew how tight me and Jim and Sara were, and were
insisting on consoling me. Even Katherine Phillips.

Normally, I wouldn't mind Katherine Phillips consoling me. She was one of the
most gorgeous women I had ever met, and if weren't for the fact that I had
feelings for Sara, and that Katherine was completely out of my league, I
would have gone after her big time. She was five foot three, tiny little
waist, long, straight dark hair, a dazzling smile, sparkling green eyes, and
large, firm breasts that looked to be much larger on her tiny frame. She was
also, despite her fantastic looks and status as cheerleader/school beauty,
one of the sweetest people I had ever met.

She didn't say anything when she saw me. With tears welling up in her eyes,
she made me lean down so she could throw her arms around my neck and hug me
tightly. Then she disappeared as quickly as she could.

Later on that afternoon, I learned about one of my new powers quite by

I was going down the hall when I saw Ms. Taylor heading toward me. Normally,
I like Ms. Taylor. She's a guidance counselor who actually tries to help her
students while being realistic about their chances of achieving their goals.
She reminds everyone of what their idea of a perfect elderly aunt should look
like, right down to the homemade oatmeal and raisin cookies she sometimes has
in her office.

Ms. Taylor saw me in the hall and made a beeline for me. As I said earlier, I
like Ms. Taylor, but I had been pretty much "consoled out" by this point. I
ducked down a side hall, then belatedly realized it was a dead end. I turned
around and wished I was invisible as I gritted my teeth, ready to endure more

Ms. Taylor appeared at the entrance to the side hall, a puzzlee look on her
face. She looked right at me, but didn't seem to see me. Shrugging her
shoulders, she headed back to her office.

I stood there for a second, wondering what had happened. Then I looked down
at myself.

I wasn't there.

I almost freaked, wondering what happened. Then the air around me shimmered
and I reappeared.

I stood there stunned, then looked around quickly. The side hall I was in led
to a few storage closets; there weren't even any of the omnipresent lockers
that lined most of the halls in the school. Luckily, any fellow students who
had walked by the entrance of the side hall hadn't noticed my
disappearing/reappearing act.

I went through the motions for the rest of the day, trying to figure out what
was happening. None of my teachers were calling on me, putting my distracted
air to my recent trauma.

When I got home, I went up to my room, locked myself in, and experimented
with this new power. It was true invisibility. I didn't cast a shadow, and I
didn't appear in misty form when I steamed up my bathroom. When my Mom got
home, I walked around her while she put up some groceries, but she never
noticed me. I was tempted to suddenly appear behind her, but considering how
rough a time she had had last night (with having to come pick me up from a
disaster zone), I didn't think that would be a decent thing to do.

I headed back upstairs, reappeared, and joined my Mom.

Supper was a quiet affair. My Mom and Dad tried to draw me out, but assumed
my silence was because of last night. I was trying to make sense of
everything, including the the battle with the Alloy Men. I had finally seen
the battle on the news during my Current Affairs class. It was eerie, seeing
a battle I had dreamed of the night before. Was that really me, the silver
being fighting the Alloy Men? And if it was, why couldn't I remember anything
about it, except for a few flashes?

I didn't have any further dreams that night, but I did come to a decision. I
was going to have to find out the extent of my powers, as well as something
about their origins.

I thought the first task would be easier than the second, but it wasn't. My
Mom and Dad simply wouldn't let me have any time to myself. I think they were
worried about my mental state and all.

So the next two weeks passed uneventfully. Everyone who had been hurt at the
party had been released from the hospital except for Jim, Sara and Jim's Mom.
All three of them remained in a coma. I visited Jim and Sara every chance
that I could, in the hope that my talking to them might...I don't know what I
was hoping, but nothing happened.

Jim's Dad was a wreck. He had all but lost his only child and his wife, and
he knew, like the rest of us, that the longer they remained in a coma, the
less likely it was that they would come out of it. Sara's parents were
holding up better, and had sort of taken Jim's Dad under their wing.

I felt completely helpless. What use was it to have super powers if I didn't
know how to use any of them except one?

Back at school, things were slowly returning to normal, although everyone who
had been to that party still displayed some underlying tension. Katherine
Phillips was making herself one of my new friends, which I didn't understand
but still appreciated.

As I said before, both me and Jim were members of our varsity baseball team.
Not to brag, but I was good. I had made our all-state team, and local sports
writers thought I had a good chance of making all-national my senior year.
Coach Wilkins felt I had a good chance of getting a full athletic scholarship
to one of the ivy league schools if I kept my grades up (which excited my
parents to no end). And I've been told by my female friends that I'm not bad
looking either, with my 6'1" leanly muscular frame, short dark hair, blue
eyes and year-round light tan.

Still, my high school was a football high school, and no matter how well I
did in baseball, it still wasn't football. So I was relegated to the second-
tier of the 'elite' of my high school. And even though Katherine didn't date
all that much (and was rumored to be as pristine as she was beautiful), she
was definitely first tier.

I did appreciate her company and friendship, and when she came over to my
house for a study session, my Mom instantly deemed Katherine a good
influence, and started giving me my space again. After Katherine had left,
Mom subtly asked about Katherine and me becoming something more than friends.
I laughed and said I wouldn't mind something more, but that Katherine and I
were just friends.

Actually, I wasn't sure how I felt about Katherine. She was beautiful, funny,

And my two best friends were still in the hospital. My guilt wasn't letting
me explore the comforting feelings that Katherine was the source of.

* * *

It had been two months since the attack on Jack's Safari, and I had finally
been able to get a little alone time in the middle of nowhere. River City is
about an hour and a half north of the Tom Sawyer National Park. It was the
beginning of December, and most of the camp sites were empty. Jim and I had
gone camping in the park since we were in cub scouts together, so I was
fairly familiar with it. Telling my Mom and Dad that I was going on a camping
trip with friends, I headed out for a weekend of experimentation.

The Friday night that I got to my experimentation camp set up, my dream girl
returned. She was just as vague and as exciting and as terrifying as ever,
but the next morning, I woke up sure I knew how to tap into my powers.

I could turn into this shimmering silver color that gave me immunity against
physical and energy harm. I don't know how much, though, as I was
experimenting by putting my hand in the campfire and not feeling anything,
and then hitting a pine tree. Bark went flying, but I still didn't feel

I had 'seven league boots', or it's what I called it anyway. I couldn't fly,
but I could run just above the ground, and could leap huge distances. I was
doing this invisibly, so that anyone watching wouldn't be freaked out by
seeing a teenage boy jump across the trees as if he was recreating a scene
from Crouching Tiger. And I was definitely not going to do the silver man
thing. The Shimmering Silver Man had finally died out from the local news.
People were more interested in the ongoing expansion of the Justice League.

I was super strong, especially in the Silver Form, and with a little
concentration, I could make my eyesight telescopic. And I could send
shimmering silver force blasts from my hands, with vary degrees of strength
and precision.

I was sure there might be other powers, but I had a handle now on the basic
ones. But what was I going to do with them? And my dream lady had reiterated
the fact that somebody would call upon me at sometime in the future for the
use of my powers.

When I got home Sunday night after my training camp, I was happy to fall
asleep in my own bed. I was even happier that my dream lady didn't appear.

When I got to school on Monday, I wasn't surprised to see Katherine at my
locker. We had become close friends. What did surprise me was what she was
going to ask me.

"Are you going to the Mistletoe Dance with anyone, Sam?"

The Mistletoe Dance was the last dance the school threw before Christmas
break. Jim, Sara and I might go with our respective dates to other dances,
but we had always made it a tradition to go 'stag', just the three of us, for
the Christmas parties that we attended. Since Jim and Sara were still in the
hospital, I wasn't planning on attending.

"I was going to just stay home. You?"

"I've been asked out by a couple of guys."

That was probably an understatement, but I nodded.

"Zach Weaver has really been...persistent."

Zach Weaver was the football team's star running back. He also considered
himself Nature's gift to women everywhere. He had been after Katherine for
some time now, but Katherine wouldn't even casually date him.

"Well, good luck on whoever you go with," I answered with a smile.

Katherine looked up at me with those wide green eyes of her.

"We could go together, Sam. As friends, I mean."

For a moment, I was stunned silent. I was going to go to a dance with
Katherine Phillips. Then the words 'as friends' brought me out of my sudden

"Sure. I'd like that. As friends, I mean."

Katherine gave me one of her brilliant smiles and a quick hug, then headed to
her first class.

My day was a blur. On one hand, I was going to a school dance with Katherine
Phillips. Even if it was just as friends, it would still be something
special. On the other hand, I wasn't going with my two best friends. I didn't
know if it was right if I went without them.

After school, I hit the school's gym for my regualr off-season training
session. Once I was finished, I decided to see if Katherine had stayed after
school over at the girls' gyms. As I approach the gym, I saw Katherine
talking to one of her friends through the window, then waved at her as the
friend took off and Katherine headed toward the locker room.

Most of the doors in our school respond to the photo I.D.'s we're required to
carry as students. You can't even get into the school without one, not
without being escorted by a faculty member. Likewise, you can't get into
certain sections of the school (like the boys' or girls' gyms, for instance),
unless you're enrolled in a specific class.

I mention this because normally I, or any other guy, couldn't get into the
girls' gym. Since it appeared Katherine was the last girl in the gym, I would
normally have to wait outside until she emerged.

Something in me, though, prompted me to turn invisible. When Katherine's
friend (I think her name was Becky something, a volleyball player, if I
remember correctly} came out the door, I slid in. Becky thought something was
wrong with the door when it wouldn't immediately close. However, once it was
closed and securely locked, Becky was on her way.

I don't think I had any conscious idea of what I was doing. I was just doing
it. When I got into the gym, I immediately made my way to the locker room.
What I saw there almost made my heart stop.

Katherine Phillips was facing away from me, wearing only her bra and panties,
with her hand reaching behind her to undo the catch of her bra.

I knew it was wrong for me to spy on my friend like this, but I couldn't have
moved from where I was standing even if I wanted to.

Katherine undid her bra, letting it slide down her arms and then tossed it on
top of her clothes, revealing the sides of her beautiful breasts from behind.
She hooked her thumbs underneath the waistband of her panties and, bending at
the knees, slid them off and stood up, revealing to me the most gorgeous ass
I had ever seen.

Katherine picked up a towel and, without looking back, went into the shower
room. Without hesitation, I followed.

The girls' showers weren't the communal affair the boys' showers were, but
had individual showers with curtains that could be pulled closed.

Katherine hung her towel on a hook and stepped into the shower.

Please don't close the curtain, I began repeating to myself.

My prayer was answer. Katherine kept the curtain open as she turned on the
shower. She then turned her back to the shower, revealing herself in all her
natural glory to me.

She was beautiful. She had the most magnificent breasts, firm and high on her
chest, large and full with nipples already hard by being exposed to the air,
and pointing straight forward. Her waist narrowed from those magnificent twin
mounds, so tiny I wanted to see if I could wrap my hands around it and touch
my fingers on the small of her back. From there her waist swelled to slim but
womanly hips. Nestled between those hips was a trimmed strip of dark pubic
hair, from which I could just catch a glimpse of Katherine's nether lips.

I just stared in awe as Katherine showered herself, lathering up her body.
When she started washing her breasts, I wished that she would turn around and
let me watch.

Katherine turned around and began washing her breasts. She also began taking
her time about, gently massaging them, letting her hand slide to her nipples
and gently tweaking them.

I was hoping she wouldn't stop there. She didn't. While her right hand
continued fondling her magnificent breasts, the left one slid across her
stomach and down the folds between her legs. She was tentative at first, but
became more aggressive as she became more turned on.

The only thing that would make this better, I decided, if she were to think
of me while she was doing this.

I almost lost it when she started murmuring, "Oh, Sam, touch me there. Please
Sam! Please Sam!"

Her fingers had moved to the top of her slit, rubbing herself frantically.
Her other hand was massaging her left breast, pulling at her nipple from time
to time.

"Yes Sam! Yes! Please like that! Yes! Oh Sam!"

With a visible shudder running through her body, Katherine's body tensed,
then slumped against the corner of her shower. Katherine leaned against the
shower wall as she caught her breath, her eyes closed, her fingers still
lightly caressing herself.

I stood there transfixed, still unbelieving of what I had just witnessed.
Katherine Phillips, the sexiest girl at my school, had just masturbated, and
called my name out when she climaxed.

Katherine suddenly stood up and looked around, her face crimson, as she made
sure no one had overheard her performance. Satisfied that she was alone, she
belatedly closed the shower curtain and hastily finished her shower.

While she did so, I quickly left the locker and the room, the erection
between my legs hard as steel, and my mind racing a mile a minute.


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