Note, this story occurs shortly after Kevin's accident, about a year and a
half before the series started.

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Joan Of Arcadia: A Mother's Love
by Tricksterson

It had been two months since Kevin had com back from the hospital and Helen
Gerardi knew something was deeply wrong with her son. It wasn't just that he
was depressed and moody, the therapists had told them to expect that. And
anyway it would have been unnatural if he hadn't been depressed. After all
he had just been permanently crippled. No this was different. She wondered
if it had anything to do with his "reactions" when she had been cleaning him
two weeks ago. At first, when he had returned from therapy he had needed some
help cleaning his lower half and when she had been washing his genitals he
had gotten an embarrassingly large erection. Neither had mentioned it then or
since but it had stuck in her mind and perhaps, she thought, in his as well.
At the time he hadn't acted very strangely but lately she had caught him
staring at her with an odd intensity that alternated with a brusqueness that
was just plain rude. But how to find out? It wasn't exactly the type of
subject one brought up at the dinner table.

She finally decided she had to do something when she had been going down
the corridor to her and Will's bedroom the previous day and had seen his
wheelchair turning the corner towards his room. That hadn't been unusual but
then when she entered the bedroom she found her panty drawer ajar and it
looked like it had been rifled. More careful examination showed that one of
her sexiest pair, a lacy burgundy number she only wore for Will on special
occasions was missing. She decided that one way or another she had to
confront him about this. Since neither of them were currently working she
waited until Will was at work and the kids were at school. She walked up to
his room and heard what sounded like a combination of grunts and sobbing
coming from within. Could it be that he was jerking off into her panties at
that very moment? She hadn't expected to be turned on by the idea but oddly
enough she was. Should she knock? Just walk in?

She decided on the direct approach then rethought it. Instead of opening the
door suddenly she eased it open. What she saw filled her with confusion,
disgust, pity and (although she wasn't quite willing to acknowledge it yet)
arousal. Kevin was on his bed, propped halfway up on his pillows with her
panties wrapped around his penis, stroking away. The problem was that nothing
was happening. His dick, while quite large, was limp.

"Who's there?"

She must have made some noise when she cracked the door open. What should she
do, walk away and pretend nothing happened or confront him? She could tell
something was wrong with her boy and ignoring it wasn't going to help. She
slowly pushed open the door all the way and walked in.

"Mom?" Kevin sounded horrified.

Trying to keep her voice calm she asked, "What's wrong Kevin?" At this he
just seemed to come apart.

"I...I just can't. I thought...maybe..."

"Can't what?" She sat on the bed next to him, aware of his nakedness but
trying to ignore it.

His face screwed up into a mask of pain and frustration. "Can't get it up,
all right? After that one time...I thought maybe if I had something of yours
I might...might..."

She had obssessively consulted with the doctors and therapists on all aspects
of her son's condition so she knew that there was nothing physically wrong
with him in that area. It ocurred to her that what Kevin needed was what her
psychology teachers had called "a breakthrough moment" and that it was up to
her to provide it. She pulled off her rose hued sweater.

"Mom? What are you...?" He was struck to silence as her bra came off,
revealing small but still firm breasts, nipples hardening in the cool air of
his room.

Or was it just the air? This was something she preferred not to think about.
She got between his legs and dipped her head down to suck at his testicles,
having an immediate effect as his penis sprung to full attention.


"Shhh, let mommy make it all better." With that her mouth licked it's way up
his now rigid shaft.

Kevin watched in both horrified and lustful fascination. How could she be
doing this? How could he be letting her? But then , her mouth felt *so*
wonderful on him. His hands dug into her hair as her mouth closed on his

As she felt the first drops of precum forming at her son's tip, Helen
wondered if she should stop here. Surely this was far enough to help Kevin?
But in her heart she knew that she didn't *want* to stop, that her "therapy"
had gone too far for her to stop until he was coming inside her. She pulled
off his cock and rubbed it against her chest, reveling in the feel of it.
Then she slipped off her skirt and panties, taking the latter and rubbing
them against his face.

"How do you like *this* pair?" she asked throatily. In answer Kevin's tongue
licked out, catshing the drops of moistness she'd left on them. As a college
jock Kevin had never been much more than a thinly veiled Id in human form and
now this Id came raging hungrily to the surface. He grasped her thin wrist
and pulled her down against the length of his body, even though only his top
half could feel her against him. It was enough. He pulled her head down to
his and their tongues mingled ferociusly as her own hunger began to overcome
what was left of her conscience. His hands slid down her still fit body and
dug into her buttocks as her crotch ground against his. She pulled up from
their kiss to offer her breasts to him and his mouth and hands answered the
call, roaming happily over them. She straddled his cock, hips swaying
teasingly just inches away from his rod.

"Please," he begged.

"Please what?"

"You know..."

*Say it!" she commanded

"Please fuck me Mommy!"

With a moan she lowered herself down on him.

What neither of them knew was that through the imperfectly shut door they
were being watched. A confused and envious 13-year old Luke was watching his
brother and mother coupling and wondering, as he often did, 'Why, why Kevin?
Why does everything good come to him in this family?'

Oblivious of their observer Helen and Kevin were fucking furiously, his hands
stroking her breasts and nipples as she rode him.

"Oh yesss, that's right, fuck your mommy, fuck her," she growled as she rose
towards her climax. Her hands covered his on her breasts and she arched her
back, hissing like a steam engine as she came, her son's sperm pouring into
her. Fortunately she'd had her tubes tied after having Joan so a baby wasn't
a danger.

Before either noticed, Luke had gently closed the door and then went to his
room, visions of his brother and mother filling his mind as he jerked off.

* * *

There were no repeats of that day and neither mentioned what had happened
ever again but Helen noticed a change in Luke's manner, particularly towards
Kevin who he would barely talk to and would glare at for no apparent reason.
After about two days of this she began to suspect that he knew about what had
happened between her and his older brother and contemplated what she could do
to heal the situation.

She knew she had to proceed carefully. What if she was wrong? If she came on
to Luke and he *wasn't* interested her mind boggled at what could happen. So
she began a program of flirting to find out. She would wear short skirts and
tight pants, a change Will certainly appreciated. She started brushing her
hand "accidentally" against his ass and crotch. She would bend low in front
of him, to give him a flash of cleavage or cross her legs really slow to give
him a view of what was between him.

And he responded. She noticed his eyes following her like a hungry dog
focusing on a piece of meat. He started, tentatively at first, then more
boldly, to make his own accidental brushes against her tits and ass.

It came to a head one Saturday morning when they were alone in the house and
she announced she was going to take a shower then left the bathroom door
open. She stripped slowly then heard his footsteps come up the hall and stop
just as she got into the shower. As she washed she ran her hands up and down
her body, massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples. She let a moan
escape her lips. She heard the gap she'd left in the door widen. When she was
clean she stepped ou naked and looked at herself in the mirror. For her age
she was still highly attractive she thought. Breasts and ass still firm,
stomach showing only a small bulge after three children. She cupped her
breasts and pinched the nipples then ran her hands down her body while
looking out of the corner of her eyes towards the door. Sure enough Luke was
there and had his hand wrapped around his pole. She spread her pussy lips and
slipped two fingers in.

"Like what you see?" she said, studiously not looking at the doorway. No
answer came.

"I know you're there Luke and it's all right," she said gently. The door
opened slowly revealing her shamefaced and hastily zipped up son. She tuned
to him after taking her fingers out of her pussy. Facing him she slowly
licked her fingers clean.

"Well this is what you wanted wasn't it?" she said with a sterness she didn't
really feel. Just as with Kevin what had started out as accomodation to a
child's need was turning into pleasure.

In contrast Luke's resolve seemed to melt at his mother's boldness. "Umm,

"Call me Helen," she growled as she pressed her naked body against his and
then plunged her mouth down on his lips. Soon their tongues were intertwined
in passion and her hand was groping his cock, which at thirteen was every bit
as large as his older brother's and father's. She had soon unzipped and freed
it. She slid down to her knees and placed his rod in her mouth, sucking
vigorously. His hands moved to the back of her head, instinctively pushing it
up and down his shaft. Before he came she withdrew, took him by the hands and
pulled him to the bathroom's tiled floor on top of her. She took his cock in
her hand and guided it in.

"Mmmmmm, yesss!" she moaned as his instincts took over and he slammed into
her. "Yes! Fuck Mommy hard!" She wrapped her arm and legs around him and
pulled his mouth down onto hers. Contrary to his usual intelligence and
reserve there was no hesitation or restraint to him, just pure animal frenzy,
every thrust going down to the root, his balls slapping against her ass.
Finally he came into her. At the same time she also climaxed digging her
nails into his back.


As they collapsed together onto the tile floor it finally came to Luke what
he had done.

"Mom, I'm so, sorry," he whispered.

"I'm not," she replied. Indeed unlike what had happened with Kevin, which
admittedly been good but had been in the way of therapy this had, even though
she hadn't thought of it until afterward, something *she* needed. Sex with
Will was good but here was someone to teach and mold, someone to make hers
body and soul. She knew this would happen again and she couldn't wait.

And, as it turned out, neither could Luke.


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