Hello everyone. I just got introduced to the new show this season Joan of
Arcadia, which stars the very beautiful and hot Amber Tamblyn as the shows
star Joan Girardi. I thought up a good mother and daughter incest story
with Joan and her mom Helen Girardi, who is played by Mary Steenburgen. Even
though this stories theme is Joan's encounter with the divine I decided to
not include this aspect for the sake of avoiding sac-religiousness and
offending people. I hope that you enjoy reading it, and I encourage feedback.
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Joan Of Arcadia: Part 1 - Mother's Day Present
by Adam Smith

The Girardi family is an a-typical family. Will and Helen Girardi have three
teenagers, two boys and one girl. They are Kevin, who is the oldest, then
there is Luke, who is the youngest, and finally there is the middle daughter
Joan, who is a very cute and sexy 16- year old. About a year ago tragedy
struck the Girardi family when the oldest son got into a car crash and caused
Kevin to become paralyzed from the waist down. Even though tragedy struck
them the Girardi family remained strong. Kevin returned to the working world,
while Will is the local towns police. Helen works at the high school in the
main office, while Luke and Joan are students at the high school. All seemed
normal enough as the Girardi family tried to continue to lead a normal
American family life, but very soon that was about to all change, at least
for the female members in the Girardi family. As the family dynamics of the
mother and daughter relationship were about to change into one of the most
extreme forms of social taboos of lesbian incest. This is the story of how
it begins.

Mothers day was soon approaching, and both Kevin and Luke already got their
mother a Mothers day gift. Joan was still searching for a gift to get her
mother, and she was at the end of herself wandering what she was going to get
her. After school let out every day she would go to the mall and search for a
gift to buy for her mother for Mothers day. Well one day while she was out
shopping she saw a shop in the mall for female dress shoes. Joan thought that
since she had so few dress shoes, and the fact that they were all being worn
out or old, that she buy a new par of dress shoes. For after all she would
need a new pair of dress shoes for high school events such as the semi-formal
and the prom.

After looking though all the different type of dress shoes in the shop, she
decided that she wanted a pair of high heels. Well she saw what she thought
was the sexiest pair of glossy and shiny black patent leather high heels with
a 3-inch heel. After she asked the worker there to get her a pair in her size
she tried them on and loved how they felt, and how they looked on her. She
did not recognize how beautiful she was, but she did think that the shoes,
along with a sexy dress, would make her look like a knock out. Well she
bought them and brought them home, and of course because women share an
interest in cloths and shoes, she showed them to her mother first.

Well when Helen saw her daughter's new patent leather high heels she stated
to get wet, but concealed this from Joan. Helen is so glad that her daughter
Joan is still a virgin at 16, but when Helen was Joan's age she had a one
time lesbian experience with a girlfriend of hers, and through this because
her girlfriend would always wear shiny patent leather shoes, she developed a
sexual fetish for female dress shoes, especially for shiny and glossy patent
leather high heels. She kept this a secret even from her husband, but now
since Joan bought her first pair of black patent leather high heels she could
not contain herself any longer and needed to fulfill her fetish. Since she
wanted to keep her fetish a secret, she wanted to find a way to sneak Joan's
shoes and masturbate to them. Well she got her opportunity. For the next week
up to Mothers day Joan continued to go to the mall after school to look for
a present for her mother. This gave Helen time to get home at least 2 hours
before Joan, and Helen used that opportunity to sneak into Joan's room, go
into her shoe closet, and pull out her shiny patent leather high heels and
masturbate to them. She would masturbate to them, and when she had an orgasm
and shot her girl cum all over Joan's glossy shoes she would clean them and
polish them to make them look as new so this way Joan would never know or
suspect that her new shiny high heels were being molested with.

This all changed towards the end of the week when Joan decided to give up
the ghost after a half and hour at the mall, and figured that she ask one of
her brothers or her dad what she should get her mother. So Joan came home a
little earlier than her mother Helen expected. As Joan approached her room
she heard strange noises coming from her room which startled her. She decided
to sneak up to her room to take a look before just charging in her room.
She looked through the opening of her door and what she saw gave the most
incredible shock of Joan's short teenage life. What she saw was her mother
in her room sitting on her bed with her new shiny patent leather high heels
in her hand. Her mother Helen was licking the black glossy shoes all over,
covering them with her saliva. When Helen was finished licking her shiny
shoes she began to suck on the 3-inch stiletto heel of her patent leather
shoes and give them a blow job. At his point Helen started to masturbate
herself by rubbing her fingers against her clit though her panties as she
continued to suck on the heels of Joan`s shiny shoes. Joan was shocked and
stunned and did not know how to react, but she just stood at the door unknown
and unseen to her mother, and decided to just watch her mother out of a
strange curiosity.

Soon after Helen was finished sucking on Joan's shiny stiletto heels of her
patent leather shoes, she removed her panties and lifted up her skirt and
began to rub the shiny patent leather heels against her pussy and over her
clit. As Joan continued to watch her mother in this masturbation seen this
caused her to get horny and she began to rub her fingers down at her crotch,
trying to rub her clit through her jeans. Helen then took one of the shiny
shoes and placed the end of the glossy stiletto heel at the entrance of her
cunt hole, and with one quick thrust she shoved the stiletto heel into her
cunt hole. With the other shiny shoe Helen continued to rub against her clit
as she shove the other stiletto heel in and out of her cunt hole. By this
time Joan was getting hornier at this show and she was rubbing her clit
harder and faster through the fabric of her jeans and panties. Soon after a
few minutes of Helen fucking herself with the glossy stiletto heel going in
and out of her cunt hole, and the other patent leather shoe rubbing against
her clit, Helen reached an explosive orgasm and shot her girl cum all over
her daughter Joan's patent leather high heels. Joan, while watching this
from outside her room while masturbating herself through her panties and
jeans, was able to bring herself to an orgasm at the same time as her mother
and she felt her girl cum soak her panties and jeans. Helen put her panties
back on and pulled down her skirt, while cleaning up and polishing the shoes.
At the same time Joan snuck away so her mother would not catch her, and when
her mother was finished she placed the shoes back in her shoe closet and
left her room. At this time Joan snuck into her room and changed out of her
panties and jeans and put a fresh pair on so no one would notice the girl cum
stains on the crotch area of her jeans. While Joan was changing she got an
epiphany on what to give her mother for a Mothers day present. Joan decided
to give her mother a nasty and perverse present, and that is her virginity.
She would seduce her mother on Mothers day and allow her mother to lick her
shoes while on her feet, and allow her mother to deflower her.

Joan set this whole seduction up for Mothers day. Joan told her mother that
she was taking her out to dinner, to a mother and daughter Mothers day dinner
as a gift. On Mothers day the boys gave their mother their gifts, and went
out for the night with their father Will, so the three guys can give Helen
and Joan some quality mother and daughter time alone. Joan told her mother
Helen to get dressed up, for the restaurant that she was taking her to
required semi-formal dress. The time came when Helen and Joan had to leave
to make it in time for their reservation of the mother and daughter dinner.
Helen came down the stairs dressed in a sexy red satin dress, with nude color
stockings and a pair of her plain red 4-inch high heels. Joan came down the
stairs dressed in a sexy black satin dress, with a pair of sheer black silk
stockings, and her pair of shiny and glossy black patent leather 3-inch high
heels. When Helen saw her daughter all dressed up, especially wearing the
same patent leather heels that she had a fetish for, it caused her to get
very wet in her panties as she got horny. Helen tried to conceal this from
her daughter, fearing that she would be grossed out of she found out about
any of her mothers desires or fetishes.

Helen and Joan arrived at the restaurant, and when they went in they were
seated at table. After the waiter took their order they both looked around
the restaurant. They saw the place filled with other mothers with their
daughters all dressed up for this formal event of the Mothers day, mother
and daughter dinner. As they waited for their food to come Helen and Joan
talked about everything from school to boys. After their meal came they ate
up as they talked about more private things in their lives as they bonded
as mother and daughter. The whole time Helen tried to take every opportunity
to stare at the shiny black patent leather high heels that were on Joan's
feet. She tried to conceal this from Joan, but Joan knew exactly what she
was trying to look at and even helped her with more opportunities. After the
meal was over they drove home, and as they drove home Joan told her mother
that she has one more gift for her. And when Helen was anxious to find out
Joan told her to wait until they got home to find out. When they got home
Joan decided it was time to put the moves on her mother.

When they pulled up into the driveway Joan told her mother that her new
present was a surprise, and then she blindfolded her mother and took her into
the house. Helen was anxious to find out what Joan had for her, but Joan told
her to hold on while she got it ready. Joan took her mother into the living
room and had her kneel down on her knees on the floor before the couch. Joan
then sat down on the couch and lifted her right foot up to her mother's face.
Then Joan took the blind fold off of her mother, and when her mother saw that
her daughter's right foot was elevated up to face she was immediate shocked
and wandered what Joan had in mind.

Helen: So Joan what is this present that you talk about? And why is your foot
in front of my face?

Joan: Your present mom is that you get to lick my shiny patent leather high
heeled shoes while on my feet.

Helen: Oh Joan I cannot do that. That is strange and weird! What made you
think of this?

Joan: I have something to confess to you mom. I caught you last week
masturbating to my shiny high heeled shoes. I came home early and when I
heard noises in my room. I was startled and I went in to take a look and saw
you screwing yourself with my brand new black patent leather high heels. I
figured that you have a sexual fetish for women's dress shoes, or at least
my patent leather shoes. And that is why you were masturbating with my new
shiny high heels.

Helen: I am sorry Joan. I cannot help myself or my fetish. Plus it is not
nice to spy on someone, especially when that someone is in a private sexual
act of masturbating.

Joan: It is not so private Mom when you do it in my room, and use my brand
new shiny shoes as your sex tools. Plus I have to admit Mom that it turned
me on as well and I had an orgasm as I masturbated myself while watching

Helen: Wow Joan I had no idea that you could be this nasty. But still it is
not nice that you spied on me while I did that.

Joan: Well it is not that nice that you sneak my new shoes and shoved the
stiletto heel into her cunt hole.

Helen: Yes you are right Joan I am sorry. Can you forgive me?

Joan: Yes I can Mom. But I want you to lick my shiny shoes while on my feet.
I think it will be sexy. Plus my full present is that I want to give you my

Helen: Absolutely not Joan! You are my daughter and that would be incest. It
is a social taboo and we would never recover from the shame of it!

Joan: But Mom I am a virgin, and I never had sex with either a guy or a girl.
I want you to be my first Mom. I want another woman, or more specifically my
mother, to make love to me, to deflower me, and to have my first sexual
experience with.

Helen: The answer is still no Joan! You are my daughter, and it is sick and
perverse what you suggest!

Joan: If you do not Mom then I will spread all over, starting with our
family, then all over school that you were masturbating with my shiny patent
leather shoes and shoved the stiletto heel into you cunt hole. What do you
think of that?

Helen: Oh you are such a bitch Joan! You drive a hard bargain! I will do it
just please do not tell anyone ever! OK?

Joan: Ok Mom it is a deal. Just shut up now and start to lick my shiny shoes.

After that Helen grabbed Joan's right foot that was at the front of her
face, and then stuck out her tongue and began to lick Joan's right shiny
patent leather high heel. She ran her tongue all over that smooth glossy
back leather, beginning with the toe part and then all over the shoe until
Joan's right patent leather high heeled shoe was completely covered in her
mother's saliva. Then Joan instructed her mother Helen to suck on the shiny
stiletto heel of the shoe. Helen obeyed and then began to suck on the shiny
stillest heel and give it a blow job. While Helen was doing this to her
daughter's right shiny heel, Joan started to get horny herself and felt her
panties getting wet. She put her hands under her black satin dress and began
to rub her clit through her black satin panties. Helen continues to give
Joan's shiny patent leather stiletto heel of her right shoe a blow job until
she completely covered it in her saliva and almost sucked the shiny leather
off the stiletto heel. When she was finished sucking the shiny stiletto heel
of her daughter's right patent leather shoe, Joan lifted up her left foot
and placed it at her mother's face. Helen did the same exact treatment to
Joan's left shiny patent leather high heel shoe that she did to her right.
At about this time Helen put her one hand under her red satin dress and
began to rub her own clit through her red satin panties, as she continued
to lick Joan's left patent leather high heeled shoe, and gave the shiny
stiletto heel a blowjob.

After Helen finished licking her daughters shiny patent leather high heeled
shoes, completely covering both her right and left shoes in her saliva, and
giving both right and left glossy stiletto heels a blowjob, Joan instructed
her mother to take off her shiny high heeled shoes. Helen obeyed her
daughter, and then Joan lifted both her feet up to her mother's face, still
covered in the sheer black silk stockings. Joan instructed her mother to
smell her feet, to which Helen obeyed her daughter, and grabbed her ankles
and placed her feet at her nose. She began to sniff, smell, and inhale the
stinky odors of her daughter's feet. Instead of this grossing her out or
turning her off, for some strange reason Helen discovered that she was
sexually aroused by the smell of her daughter's stinky feet. Helen continued
to hold Joan's feet at her face smelling her stinky feet, while Joan
continued to look at her mother getting off at the sight and still
masturbating herself by rubbing her clit through her black satin panties.
Soon the sexual excitement caused by the smell of Joan's stinky feet, plus
Helen still rubbing her clit through her red satin panties caused her to
have a powerful orgasm. Joan had an explosive orgasm at the same time as
her mother while she watched her mother smell her stinky feet as she
continued to rub her clit through her black satin panties. After they both
came they were spent, and both their panties were socked with girl cum.
Helen let her daughters feet drop to the floor, as they both took a break
to recover from their orgasm.

Joan feared that her mother would get cold feet at this point and not want
to take this mother and daughter incest thing any further. So Joan made her
next move before Helen could change her mind. Joan stood up and then grabbed
her mothers hands and stood her up. After they both looked into each others
eyes in a romantic way, Joan reached her face into her mothers face and
kissed her mother on the lips. The kiss lingered until Helen was comfortable
kissing her daughter. As strange as it was Joan was more relaxed kissing her
mother than her mother was at kissing her daughter. For after all this was
the first time that Joan was kissing someone passionately, a kiss that would
be like with her first boyfriend, but it was not a boy but her mother. Helen
kissed several guys in her life, and even one girl which was her girlfriend
which she had her one time lesbian experience with. But Helen was more
uncomfortable that Joan was. But soon Helen relaxed and kissed Joan back,
and soon the two of them were in a very deep passionate kiss that lasted for
a long time. Soon their passionate kiss turned into a long french kiss as
they put their tongues in each others mouth and swirled their tongues around
each others.

As they continued to passionately kiss and french kiss each other, with their
tongues swirling around in each others mouth, both Joan and Helen helped each
other strip, and took off each others dress, then their stockings, and then
they helped each other unclip their bras. When they finally got their bras
off and let them drop to the floor, both Joan and Helen broke off their
mother and daughter incestuous kiss and sat down on the couch. All they were
dressed in at this point was their satin panties, which was still soaked with
their girl cum, and nothing more. Joan immediate cupped her mothers breast
with her hands and bent down and began to take one nipple in her mouth and
suck in it and nibble on it, which sent shudders of sexual excitement through
Helen. When Helen's one breast and nipple were completely covered in Joan's
saliva, Joan cupped her other breast and did them same to her mother's other
breast. A this point Helen was able to come to another explosive orgasms with
her daughters oral treatment towards her breast. She screamed out and
explosive orgasm and her girl cum squirted in her red panties. Joan was happy
she was able to make her mother cum for a second time.

Then Joan sat up she and her mother began to kiss one another again
passionately and french kiss. When the kiss and french kiss ended her
mother did the same to her. Helen immediate cupped her daughter's breast,
and she lowered her face to her daughters perky tits and began to put one
of her nipples in her mouth and nipple on it. This sent shudders of sexual
excitement throughout Joan's body. When Helen was finished with Joan's one
breast, completely covering it in her saliva, Helen cupped her other breast
and did the same thing to her other breast. Soon Joan was able to have
another orgasm from her mother's sucking on her breast and nibbling on her
nipples, and Joan screamed out another orgasm and squirted her girl cum in
her black satin panties. Helen was also glad that she was able to bring her
daughter to another orgasm.

Joan and Helen then went back to kissing passionately and french kissing, and
when their kissing had ended Joan and Helen wasted no time, as they both got
up off the couch and stood up. Joan helped her mother take off her red satin
panties and then they were discarded. Joan noticed how her mother had kept
her pussy well trimmed. Joan lead Helen by the hand to sit down on the couch
again, while Joan knelt down on her knees on the floor besides her mother and
the couch. Joan took her hands and parted her mothers legs until they were
spread far apart. Joan then licked at her mothers smooth legs, and up her
thighs, until she reached her well trimmed pussy. Joan the immediately stuck
out her tongue and began to lick her mother's well trimmed pussy. The next
thought was as if almost Helen and Joan had the same mind, as they both
thought at the same time how erotic, weird, kinky, and perverse it was that
Joan was eating the same exact pussy that she was born out of 16 years ago.
Joan continued to eat her mother out as she licked up and down in-between her
labia. Joan licked her clit and sucked on it which caused her mother to moan
loudly from sexual excitement. Joan found her mother's cunt hole with her
tongue and tried to stick as much of her tongue in as she could fit inside
her mothers cunt hole.

When she was finished tongue fucking her mother in her cunt hole, Joan lifted
Helens legs into the air and spread them out eagle wide. Then Joan spread the
ass cheeks of her mother far apart only to expose Helen's puckered anus. Joan
then stuck out her tongue and began to rim her asshole, trying to stick as
much of her tongue up her mother's rectum as she could. Helen began to moan
loader and loader with sexual excitement, with her daughter rimming her

When Joan was finished rimming her mother's asshole she went back to eating
her pussy, licking in-between her labia and licking and sucking on her clit.
Then Joan took one of her fingers and put it at the entrance of her mother's
cunt hole and shoved it in. Helen was moaning loader and squirming from
sexual excitement. Joan took her second finger and shoved it into her
mother's cunt hole, so she had two of her fingers in Helen's cunt hole. Joan
began to pump her fingers in and out of her mother's cunt hole while she went
back to sucking on her mother's clit. Joan started to pump her fingers faster
and faster in and out of her mother's cunt hole while she was sucking on her
clit harder and harder. This caused Helen to go over the edge as she arched
her head back and moaned to the top of her lungs, and was begging her
daughter not to stop, while grabbing the back of her daughter's head and
pushing it down harder on her pussy and clit. Soon Helen could not take it
any longer and she exploded into the most powerful orgasm of that night. She
squirted her girl cum into Joan's mouth, as Joan nearly choked on it but
eventually caught her breath and drank it down. By this time Helen was
completely spent, but wanted to return the favor to her daughter.

Joan let Helen's legs down, and Helen sat up. Joan knelt her head up to her
mother's, and the both of them started to kiss passionately and french kiss
again. Helen could taste the juices of her own pussy in her daughter's
mouth. When they finished their kissing and french kissing, Joan got up off
her knees and stood up next to her mother, who remained seated on the couch.
Helen helped Joan slip out of her black satin panties, and they were
discarded. Helen then noticed to her surprised that Joan had kept her teenage
pussy completely shaved, and it was as hairless as a little girls vagina was.
This tuned Helen all the more and she had Joan stand still with her legs
closed together. Helen stuck out her tongue and then began to lick up and
down her bald vulva. This was an extremely erotic moment for both Joan and
Helen, as Joan just looked at her mother with a pleasant erotic smile
watching her mother lick up and down the completely hairless vulva of her

When Helen was finished licking Joan's bald vulva, she got up off the couch
and stood up. Helen led her daughter by the hand and had her sit down on the
couch. Then Helen knelt down on her knees on the floor next to Joan and the
couch. Helen then spread her daughter's legs far apart and began to lick at
her smooth legs, up to her smooth teenage thighs, then to her very smooth
hairless teenage pussy. Helen then stuck out her tongue and began to lick
and taste Joan's bald pussy. This sent shudders of sexual excitement for
both Joan and Helen, for this was the first time anyone was touching Joan's
vagina sexually, and it was not her boyfriend, but her very own mother. Helen
felt honored that she was the first to be touching her daughter sexually down
there for the first time. And Joan was getting off on this new feeling, for
it felt even better with her mother's tongue on her hairless vagina instead
of her fingers on her own clit masturbating herself. Helen ate her daughter's
pussy as she licked up and down in-between her labia. When Helen licked and
sucked on her clit Joan started to moan from sexual excitement. Helen also
found her daughter's cunt hole, but her tongue was prevented from going in
because of her hymen still being intact. Helen had a special plan on how she
was going to deflower her daughter and bust her cherry. But that was going to
have to wait as she continued to eat Joan's pussy.

Then Helen lifted Joan's legs into the air and spread them out eagle wide.
Helen spread Joan's ass cheeks out wide only to expose Joan's extremely tight
puckered anus. Helen stuck out her tongue and began to rim her daughter's
asshole. Helen licked her daughter's anus all around making it very wet and
completely covering it in her saliva, and she was trying to stick as much of
her tongue into Joan's rectum as she could get in. Joan was moaning loader
and loader from sexual excitement as her mother rimmed her tight puckered

When Helen was finished rimming Joan's asshole she went back to eating her
daughter's hairless pussy again, licking up and down in-between her labia
and licking and sucking on her clit, which caused Joan to moan even loader
and loader from sexual excitement. Helen decide that it was the moment of
truth and she was ready to deflower her daughter. While Helen was eating
Joan's pussy and sucking on her clit, Helen reached down to the floor to
Joan's discarded shiny patent leather high heels. She picked both of the
shoes up, put one down on the couch next to Joan, and the other she held in
her hand. Helen placed the end of the shiny stiletto heel at the entrance
of Joan's cunt hole, and after Joan saw and understood what her mother had
planned to do to bust her cherry she gave her mother a sign of
acknowledgement, which told Helen that she was ready to be fucked by her
mother with her glossy stiletto heels. Helen figured between Joan's juices
from her pussy, which was now running like a fountain down her pussy all
in-between her labia, and the glossy smooth leather of the patent leather
heel, it made for the best lubricant. Helen looked at her daughter one more
time for reassurance, and instructing her to resist the pain, for afterward
she would feel the most intense sexual pleasure ever. When Joan gave her a
nod that she was ready Helen then with one quick thrust shoved the shiny
stiletto heel far and deep into her cunt hole, which caused Joan's hymen to
bust and a little blood to squirt out of her cunt hole and all over Helen's
hands and the shiny patent leather high heeled shoe that was shoved up her
cunt. Joan screamed to the top of her lungs from extreme pain, but the pain
soon went away and Joan began to feel the intense sexual pleasure that her
mother was telling her about. Soon when Helen could tell that Joan was
feeling sexual pleasure instead of pain, she began to shove the shiny
stiletto heel in and out of her cunt hole faster and faster.

Helen wanted to give her daughter twice the pleasure, so while she was
shoving the one shiny stiletto heel in and out of her daughter's cunt hole
she picked up the other shiny patent leather high heeled shoe that was
sitting next to Joan. And while Joan's legs still remained up in the air
Helen placed the end of the stiletto heel at the entrance of her tight
puckered asshole. Joan was in a sexual frenzy and her head was arched back
while she was moaning from sexual excitement that she could not look at
what her mother was about to do to her, to acknowledge that she was ready
to be penetrated in her anus. So Helen thought that she give her daughter a
surprise and immediately shoved the shiny stiletto heel far and deep up
into her rectum. This caused an extreme surprise and shock as Joan felt her
bowels being penetrated, and she screamed from intense sexual excitement,
for before she was a complete virgin, and now both her holes were being
penetrated at the same time. When Helen saw that her daughter was getting
sexually off on being double penetrated in both her cunt hole and asshole
at the same time with her very own glossy patent leather stiletto high
heeled shoes, she started to pump the shiny stiletto heels in and out of
both her cunt hole and asshole faster and faster. Joan arched her head back
again and was moaning loader and loader as her mother continued to fuck her
double penetration style with her new glossy patent leather stiletto heels
in both her cunt hole and up her rectum faster and faster.

Then Helen gave another surprise as while she was double penetrating her
daughter faster and faster in her cunt hole and asshole, Helen then began to
reach her head down to Joan's teenage hairless pussy and began to suck on her
throbbing clit. Joan then immediately grabbed her mothers head and shoved it
has hard as she could down on her pussy and clit, begging her mother not to
stop in-between breaths of moaning loudly from sexual excitement. After a few
minutes of Helen double penetrating her daughter in her cunt hole and asshole
with Joan's shiny patent leather stiletto heels, and with Helen suckling on
her clit at the same time with Joan pushing her head down to her pussy and
clit as hard as she could, almost smothering her mother, Joan let loose on
the most explosive orgasm that she has ever had, and she screamed to the top
of her lungs as she shot her girl cum into her mother's mouth almost chocking
her. Soon Helen caught her breath and she was able to drink down all of her
daughter's girl cum. By this time Joan was spent from sexual exhaustion from
a very powerful orgasm.

Helen then pulled Joan's shiny stiletto heels out of both her cunt hole and
asshole. Helen then immediately began to lick all of Joan's girl cum that
was on the glossy stiletto heel that was in her cunt hole. Then when she was
finished sucking off all of Joan's girl cum off of that shiny stiletto heel,
she picked up the other shiny stiletto heel that was up in Joan's rectum.
Only it was not covered in glossy pussy juice, but it was dirty from the shit
in Joan's bowels. Helen decided to be nasty and she sucked the shit off of
the stiletto heel that was on it. This grossed Joan out but she was to tired
to react that much. When Helen was finished sucking the patent leather
stiletto heels that was in her daughters cunt hole and asshole, she let them
drop to the floor and sat down on the couch next to her daughter. The both of
them began to kiss one another passionately again and french kiss. Joan could
taste her own girl cum that was in her mother's mouth, and she could also
taste a little of the nasty shit that her mother sucked off of the stiletto
heel that was up her rectum. The taste of her own shit actually turned her on
for some reason.

Soon after they broke their passionate kiss and french kiss, Helen told Joan
that it probably would be a good idea if they took this upstairs just in case
her father and her brothers got home early, so that they would not catch them
in their mother and daughter incest act. So both Helen and Joan got up off
the couch and gathered their cloths, and they both went upstairs. And as
Helen and Joan walked up together they both held each others hands as if they
were lesbian girlfriends. When they got upstairs they both went into the
master bedroom, which was Helen and Will's room. Joan and Helen dropped their
cloths on the floor as they stood there completely in the nude and they
stared into each others eyes romantically, embraced one another, and kissed
one another passionately one more time, and also french kissed. When they
were finished their passionate kiss and french kiss both Helen and Joan went
over to the queen size bed and got in the covers, and they both cuddled up to
one another. They feel asleep in each others arms, and a few hours later they
woke up to the sound of a noise at the door. They new it must be Will and the
boys, so they were extremely frightened that their mother and daughter incest
relationship would be found out by them. So they quickly got out of bed and
ran to get their cloths and put them on. Luckily they both got their cloths
on just in time right before Will and the boys went upstairs, and Will
entered into the room.

Will: I see that you two must have spent some quality mother and daughter
time tonight on this Mothers day. What did you two do?

Joan: I took Mom out to dinner as her present.

Helen: We also spent a lot of quality mother and daughter time together.
Getting to know one another better and getting closer.

Will: That is great you two should do this again sometime.

Helen & Joan: Oh we definitely plan to!

As Will left the room Helen and Joan giggled at their close call, and their
euphemistic way of telling Will that they spent quality time together,
meaning that they made incestuous lesbian love together without Will knowing
what they were talking about. Helen and Joan reached out for a short kiss on
the lips.

Joan: I love you mom! I really do.

Helen: I love you to dear! But remember what I said to keep this night a
secret between only us. Is that an agreement?

Joan: Absolutely Mom. It will be out little secret just between you and I.
Do you think that we can do this again sometime Mom?

Helen: I do not see why we could not. Plus I do not think either you or I
will be able to keep our hands off one another forever. We will just have to
wait until we find the opportune time when we are alone, and your father and
brothers are out of the house, so we will not be caught by them. We must be
very cautions what we do together when they are around, or anyone else is in
the house. We do not want to get caught!

Joan: I know the dangers and the risk. We will be careful not to get caught.
In the mean time I cannot wait until we can make love again like we did

After that Joan and Helen reach in for one more passionate kiss on the lips,
and a french kiss with their tongues swirling around in each others mouth,
but they cut it short so they would not be caught by Will, Kevin, or Luke if
they should happen to walk in on them. Joan and Helen then walked out of the
room and went downstairs to join Will and the boys, and to talk about the
boys night out.

The End

I hope that you enjoyed reading this story. If you liked it, or share in the
same fantasies then please write me with your feedback at:
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