Just One Of The Guys - An Alternate Version (f/f)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

"How did I get myself into this?" Terry Griffith asked herself for the
hundred time that evening. "I must've been out of my mind."

* * *

Not long ago, Terry Griffith had been the belle of Edwina Pearl High School,
nearing the end of her senior year. She had it all, looks, charm and a
really great guy in the person of her boyfriend, Kevin - a college freshman.
To most of her girlfriends, this would've been more than enough. But the 18
year old had a dream -- the dream of becoming a reporter.

With that in mind, the long haired brunette had entered a writing contest
sponsored by the Sun Tribune. The prize -- a summer internship at the paper.
She'd poured everything she had into her story, so it was shattering when she
looked at the two winning entries posted in the display case for the Pearl
Diver. Neither of them was hers.

"I'm not there." she said unbelievingly to her best friend, Denise.

"Why aren't you there?" the attractive blonde asked.

"Neil Perlow and Joseph Dreyer?" Terry said as she read the names of the two
boys who had won.

Leaving Denise behind, Terry then had gone to the office of Mr. Raymaker,
the school paper's faculty adviser, to ask what was wrong with her story.
She thought she had her answer in a comment she overheard another teacher
making as he walked in with Mr. Raymaker.

"Then I had Terry Griffith for fourth period civics." the teacher had said.
"Did you see what she's wearing ... the legs do not stop. I say we flunk
her, keep her here another year. "

Mr. Raymaker had laughed at the suggestion.

That little comment carried a lot more weight than Raymaker's statement that
her article was good, but just not outstanding. That and his suggestion that
she should have something to fallback on if she couldn't make it as a

"You're a pretty girl, you could be a model." he had suggested.

Her mood hadn't improved later that day when she was swimming with Kevin.
She was looking for sympathy and understanding. Kevin, however, was more
interesting in getting the strings of her well filled bikini top open. He
agreed with Raymaker's suggestion that she was pretty enough to be a model.

"Besides, models make some pretty nice bucks." Kevin had added.

"You don't think I could do it either?" Terry had asked.

"Well no, that's not exactly what I said ... exactly." he replied.

"Yeah, well it was close enough." Terry said, just before she asked the tall
good looking hunk to leave.

Kevin was a little reluctant to go, seeing as Terry's parents were away on a
trip and she and her younger brother, Buddy, had the house to themselves. Of
course the only part of the house Kevin was interested in was Terry's
bedroom. But she was adamant so he finally left.

The final straw was when she walking into Buddy's bedroom and found every
free space on the wall had been covered with nude centerfolds. Her brother
was a 15 year old virgin and as horny as that combination could be.

"Your room is why my life is totally screwed up." Terry announced as she
looked around at the collection of exposed breasts and other female assets.
"You guys think beautiful women are nothing but decorations -- total

Buddy's feeble explanations that he also loved these women for their minds
fell on deaf ears.

"I write an excellent article and just because I'm cute, no one takes me
seriously." Terry said.

"And somehow you find the courage to go on living." Buddy said sarcastically
as he leafed though another centerfold magazine. "You've got guts!"

"Sometimes, I just wish I was a guy!" Terry mused. "I bet if a guy had
turned in that same article it would be on the way to the Sun Tribune right

At that moment, an idea was born.

The idea was both daring and insane, made possible only by the absence of
their parents. With her brother's helpful hints and a few layers of loose
fitting clothing, Terry became one of the guys. Of course her long beautiful
locks had to go, but the short boyish haircut was a small price to pay for
her dream. Forging her parent's signatures, she transferred across town to
Sturgis-Wilder High School.

Of course there were also a few minor problems - like which rest-room to use
and avoiding gym class where her nude presence in the locker room couldn't be
explained. Yet with a few awkward moments at the beginning, 'his' masquerade
was succeeding. Then she became involved with Rick and Sandy.

Terry had met Rick Moorehouse 'his' very first day. Tall, dark haired and
extremely good looking, he was the type of guy Terry could immediately fall
for. Of course that was the Terry who wore a dress and panties, not loose
slacks and fruit of the loom briefs.

Still they became friends, a somewhat unique experience for Terry. It was
strange to talk to a guy who wasn't trying to get into her pants. She wished
it could be more, but Rick only had eyes for Debra Strobich. Even worse,
Rick had caught Terry sneaking looks at his cock. First in the bathroom at
school and then again one afternoon as he changed clothes in front of 'him'.
He was convinced that Terry was gay.

Sandy, on the other hand, was proof that she had succeeded in her masquerade.
Also from day one, the cute brunette had been hot for the guy she described
as a fox who dressed like Elvis Costello and looked like the Karate Kid. She
told her best friend that she was going to get him.

* * *

All of this brought Terry to 'his' current predicament. Sandy had cornered
Terry into going on a double date with Rick and her cousin. It wasn't until
they'd met the two girls up at "The Cave", an actual cave cut into the side
of a hill which doubled as a popular make-out spot, that Rick found out that
Sandy's cousin Jill was only 13 years old.

They'd been sitting around a campfire for almost an hour, talking and
drinking a few beers. Jill of course had to settle for cokes. Getting a
prearranged signal from Sandy, Jill suggested that Rick take her for a walk,
saying that she thought Sandy and Terry needed their privacy.

"Hey wait, were are you going?" Terry called out as Rick stood up and began
to head for the mouth of the cave. "Hey man, don't leave me now!"

Rick looked to Sandy who gave them a playful wave good-bye. The smile on her
face told him that his friend was about to get lucky.

"You kids have fun, huh." Rick grinned as he picked up one of the lanterns
they'd brought along and Jill followed him out into the darkness.

"They left me." Terry said with an alcohol heightened sense of
disappointment as 'he' rolled over onto 'his' back.

"It's okay, I'm still here." Sandy said reassuringly as she leaned over
'him'. "Nice fire." she added as she snuggled up against her date.

"Sandy, this really ..." Terry implored as Sandy shushed 'him' and told him
not to talk and started to plant kisses on 'his' cheeks.

"Sandy, this is a big mistake." Terry repeated as 'he' pushed away the arm
she had wrapped around 'him'.

"Maybe, maybe not." she replied pulling herself right back. "Only one way
to find out." she laughed as she tickled Terry across his stomach, catching
'him' off guard.

"Sandy, Sandy really..." Terry called out as 'he' tried to stop laughing.

Terry's laughter turned to panic as 'he' felt Sandy's hand slide down 'his'
pants. "Sandy, get out of there." 'he' cried out.

When her hand withdrew, she was holding a pair of sweat socks that had been
stuffed into 'his' underwear. Before Sandy could comment on her discovery,
Terry forced a laugh and said.

"There's really a very a good explanation for that." 'he' laughed.

"I'm flattered." Sandy beamed, cutting off Terry in mid-laugh.

"You are?" Terry replied, somewhat confused.

"But you don't have to do this to impress me." Sandy added.

"I don't?" Terry asked.

"No, I like you a lot." Sandy continued.

"I think I'll take one of those beers now." Terry said, trying to change what
had long since gone beyond just an awkward situation.

"It's okay." Sandy smiled as she handed 'him' another beer. "I mean, how
small can it be?"

Terry chuckled as 'he' popped open the beer and said. "Don't ask."

"Then I'll just have to find out for myself." Sandy quipped as Terry brought
the can of beer to 'his' lips and took a long drink.

Before Terry could react to what Sandy had said, the long haired brunette had
again slipped her hand down into 'his' pants, causing Terry to jerk back and
drop the beer.

"Oh shit!" Sandy cried out in a mixture of shock and confusion as her hand
slid past a small mound of pubic hair and closed on what she expected to be a
cock and balls. After a brief moment of confusion, she realized what she had

"Sandy, I can explain!" Terry called out as 'he' backed away.

"Explain?" Sandy repeated, a look on her face that was a mixture of both
confusion and anger.

"Just give me a moment." Terry pleaded. "I promise you, I can explain

Sandy listened in fascination as Terry told her tale, noting that 'his' voice
was now higher. She had to suppress a giggle as Terry told her about having
to adjust to using the boys bathroom. Also about Rick's conclusion that
Terry was gay because he caught 'him' again staring at his cock that
afternoon when he changed clothes.

"That's were I would've lost it." Sandy commented. "I wouldn't have cared
if Rick thought I was gay or not. I would have been on that cock in a minute
if it's as big as you say."

Terry smiled. That idea had crossed her mind that afternoon as well.

"So you understand?" Terry finally concluded.

"I guess so." Sandy said as she looked at Terry in a new light. She now saw
'him' as 'her'.

"I guess we'd better find Rick and Jill and head home. Terry said as she
looked around for her stuff.

"Oh, they already went home." Sandy said. "I told Jill to have Rick take
her home early so we could be alone. That's why I made sure we came with two

Terry smiled, that was exactly the type of stunt she would've pulled.

"We should get going too then." Terry said.

Sandy seemed to have a far off look in her eyes for a moment, then a wide,
mischievous smile on her face.

"But aren't you forgetting something?" she asked Terry.

"What?" Terry questioned in return.

"You wanted to find out what it was like to be a guy, right?" Sandy asked.

"Yes, but...?"

"Then why don't you find out?" Sandy grinned.

Before Terry could react, Sandy was again on top of her, this time her lips
pressing against Terry's own. The cherry taste of Sandy's lipstick brought
a strange sensation, coupled as it was by the unaccustomed softness behind

Terry opened her mouth to say something, only to find her words cut off by
the entry of Sandy's tongue into her mouth. A sense of excitement filled her
as their tongues made contact.

The memory of a night back when she and Denise were 14 filled her thoughts.
They had experimented with kissing in anticipation of their first real dates.
Back then, Terry remembered, she had been filled with much the same sense of
inappropriate arousal.

"Nice, huh?" Sandy giggled as she finally broke the kiss.

"Yes." Terry replied. "It was nice."

"Do you want to be a guy for a little longer?" Sandy asked.

"I think so." came Terry's reply.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Sandy cheerfully remarked.

Shadow lovers generated by the campfire danced on the cave walls as Terry and
Sandy began to making out like the teenagers there were. Every time Terry
felt Sandy's tongue slip through her lips, her heart skipped a beat. She'd
never been this excited with Kevin or any other boy she'd dated.

"Well if I'm going to be a guy, I guess I should act like one." Terry

Continuing to share kisses with the longer haired brunette, Terry slid her
hand up under the sweater Sandy was wearing and squeezed her breast. A soft
moan of enjoyment from Sandy gave her encouragement to go further.

Sandy's breasts were bigger than her own and felt much softer when she
squeezed them. Carefully, Terry moved her hand beneath the shirt Sandy wore
to again cup her breast, this time feeling skin against skin.

"Oh, that's even nicer." Sandy moaned.

A smiling Terry couldn't help but agree. She remembered the first time a boy
had slid his hand under her blouse and how pleasing it had felt. Right now
she understood some of what he had experienced.

"Why don't I make myself a little more comfortable." Sandy said as she
backed up from Terry.

Terry watched in erotic fascination as Sandy undid the clasp of her black
cardigan and let it slide down her arms. Next came the simple white T-shirt.
Even before Sandy pulled it up and over her head, it was obvious that she
hadn't worn a bra.

In the course of her young life, Terry must've seen a hundred naked girls.
What with gym classes, locker rooms, showers and the changing rooms of three
malls she frequented. Normally she never gave their nudity a second thought.
But at this moment, she felt the same kind of voyeuristic expectancy that her
little brother always exhibited when he managed to get a copy of Playboy or

"Ta Da!" Sandy called out triumphantly as she pulled her shirt over her head
and her large breasts bounced free.

For the first time in her life, Terry looked at another girl's breasts with
a feeling of envy. Sandy had to be twice her size and had the largest,
thickest nipples she had ever seen. They were already erect and stuck out at
least a quarter inch. A thought that a few months ago would've seemed
unthinkable flashed though Terry's mind.

"I wonder what it would feel like to suck on them."

She didn't have long to ponder that thought as Sandy pressed up against her
and guided Terry's hands to her bare breasts. Terry rubbed her thumbs
against each nipple, bringing another sigh of satisfaction from Sandy. She
squeezed and rubbed both breasts together and marveled at how nice it felt
just to hold them in her hands.

"Suck em." Sandy whispered into her ear. "You know you want to."

Without thinking about it another moment, Terry leaned down and kissed each
of Sandy's mammary delights a few inches above the aureole. Continuing to
plant her lips on the soft, warm flesh, she moved slowly downward,
alternating between each breast.

Reaching the inviting nipple, Terry ran her tongue across it, hoping that
Sandy enjoyed the sensation as much as she herself did. The soft moans that
filled her ears told her that she did.

Sliding one nipple into her mouth, Terry began to suck eagerly. The act sent
such a rush through her body. Around and around she twirled her tongue
against the hard nipple. She would pull the soft flesh of Sandy's breast as
far into her mouth as she could, then release it and start over.

Terry was in no hurry, she wanted to enjoy the experience and have Sandy
enjoy it as well. That had always been one of her chief complains with
Kevin's lovemaking. She was lucky if she got five minutes of foreplay before
he was trying to stick his cock into her mouth or pussy. Not that it wasn't
a nice cock, and she did enjoyed having it in both cavities, but it would be
nice to spend a little more time playing.

And play she did. Her motions became more aggressive with each passing
moment until she was squeezing and sucking Sandy's mounds like a lust
filled... boy.

"Oh God, yes!" Sandy panted as she ran her fingers through Terry's short
brown locks and pulled her mouth even harder against her tits. "Suck them,
suck them harder!"

Eager to comply, Terry redoubled her efforts, covering every inch of exposed
flesh with her lips. She remembered overhearing a few ofthe guys at school
commenting what nice tits Sandy had and how they'd like to get their hands
on them. Well they hadn't and she had, and she had to agree -- they really
were great tits.

Sandy finally, reluctantly withdrew her breasts from Terry's eager mouth and
stood up. Undoing her white skirt, she pulled it free to expose a pair of
white lace panties. She slid her index finger beneath the waistband and
rubbed it against her clit.

"I'm so fucking wet!" she said as she arched her head backward and enjoyed
her own touch. "My pussy is so hot!"

Surprisingly, Terry found Sandy's language only added to her own stimulation.
Perhaps because she knew that if she reached down into her own pants, her own
pussy would be just as hot and wet.

"I want you to kiss me." Sandy said as she withdrew her finger and placed it
in the center of her lace covered mound. "Kiss me right here." she

On all fours, Terry crawled over to Sandy and pressed her lips against the
spot she had indicated.

"Oh yes....Sandy said as she reached down and guided Terry's head. "Right

The wetness and scent of Sandy's cunt made Terry a little giddy. She's never
been this close to another woman's sex. It was a taboo more forbidden than
any of those she had broken in the last few hours. Even so, it only caused
her a momentary hesitation.

She reached out and pulled aside the thin material. Parting the wet lips
beneath with her fingers, Terry moved her tongue between them, driving it
deep inside. She closed her eyes as she savored the taste of another woman.
A taste she had never known until this moment.

"Oh yes, Terry." Sandy said as her body jumped at the touch. "Lick my pussy,
I want you so bad."

Terry's first attempts at cunnilingus were awkward, even a little rough.
Still they were better than her first lover had ever been for her.

"Take your time," Sandy whispered almost breathlessly. "Just lick it
softly, it'll come to you."

Sure enough, after a few minutes, Terry began to develop a rhythm of her own,
sending little sparks into the walls of Sandy's love canal. The effect was
so pleasing it made Sandy wonder if her virgin lover had some prior

Her hands planted firmly against the back of Terry's head, Sandy helped guide
the now sitting girl to her most sensitive spots. Having another girl lick
her had been one of her most secret passions, ever since her cousin had
introduced her to lesbian love one night when they were both 16. Her
opportunities since then had been both rare and far in-between, but each had
been a experience to cherish.

Not that she didn't love guys as well. Her virginity had been lost a month
before that first lesbian encounter. If Terry had indeed been a boy, she
wouldn't have had the slightest hesitation about both sucking his cock and
then spreading her legs for 'him'. She'd meant it when she'd said that she
really liked him. That Terry had been hiding a secret of 'his' own was an
added bonus.

The fragrant aroma of raw womanhood now flooded Terry's nostrils as she
pushed in further with her tongue and licked Sandy's candy walls. Like a
skilled artist, she began to explore every aspect of her prize.

Sandy leaned back, eyes closed and drifted among the waves of delight that
flooded her body. It was as wonderful a sensation as she had ever known.
Her pussy throbbed with excitement as Terry's tongue drew more and more sweet
nectar. The waves of pleasure Sandy felt cresting against the shoals of her
love tunnel suddenly doubled, causing her to moan once more. The harder
Terry moved her tongue, the faster the waves repeated. "Harder!" Sandy
shouted, gyrating against Terry's face. "Harder, ... I'm going to come!"

Faster and faster the waves washed over her, each bringing her closer to an
orgasmic detonation. Tears swelled in her eyes and ran down her cheeks as she
fought to delay that eruption - wanting to savor every second. Feeling
Sandy's body tense in a familiar harbinger of orgasmic fury, Terry buried her
face between her lover's thighs and pressed her open hands hard against her
ass cheeks. Brief seconds later, Sandy exploded both within and without. The
scream that Sandy let out as the rapture overtook her split the night and
could be heard in the woods beyond the mouth of the cave. It was one of the
reasons she loved coming up with a guy. Screwing in the back of a car down
by the lake was no place you could let loose. Her body shook for an
eternity as she took in every aspect of her bliss.

Sandy's body quaked with two final spasms until it could give no more. It
had been a most delightful experience and she immediately knew it would be a
new benchmark that she would measure all future encounters against.

Terry was still at her feet, her head resting against Sandy's now cum
saturated pussy. A significant amount of which was smeared against the
cheeks of the prostrated girl. She ran her tongue against that moist mound
one last time, a broad smile on her face.

Dropping down alongside Terry, Sandy gave her a long penetrating kiss. The
taste of her own climax filled her mouth, sending a renewed surge of
satisfaction within her. Experimenting with her tongue, she again explored
the wetness of Terry's mouth.

"Nice?" she simply asked Terry.

"Nice." Terry replied, still beaming.

The two girls just sat there by the fire, the reflections of the flames
illuminating Sandy's naked form.

"I think it's time you turned back into a girl." Sandy said, breaking the

For a moment, Terry looked confused. Then she felt Sandy undo the buttons of
the black and white plaid shirt she was wearing and slide her hand inside.
An act which brought the brightest of smiles to Terry's face.

In less time that it took to think about it, Sandy had helped Terry out of
both the old army fatigue jacket she was wearing and the flannel shirt
beneath it. All that was left was the T-shirt and the ace bandage she wore
beneath it to conceal her rounded mounds.

"Oh, this simply won't do." Sandy said as she began to unravel the bandage.

Sandy leaned over and kissed each of Terry's small breasts, giving both of
them a quick, playful lick. Enthusiastically, Sandy orally caressed each
breast in turn, running her tongue in spirals around each nipple. Again and
again she stopped to kiss the pinkness of each, sucking and gently nibbling
at it for endless moments.

"Oh yes." Terry gasped as she enjoyed the feel of Sandy's mouth on her
breasts. "You do that so well." she added.

She truly meant it. As much as Kevin wanted to play with her firm round
globes, he was always in a rush. Unfortunately, Kevin, as with many young
men, equaled aggression with passion.

There was a certain aggression in Sandy's approach to lovemaking as well, but
it was tempered by a gentle softness as well. Even as she kissed Terry's
breasts, her nimble fingers undid the belt buckle of her black jeans. A
gentle tug opened the pants and down Terry's legs they went.

The crisp white pair of fruit of the loops followed and Terry's carefully
trimmed bush was exposed to the night air. Sandy ran her fingers across the
short hairs for a moment and liked the feel of it. She'd have to consider
cutting her own thick fur.

"Lay back." she said as she eased Terry down on the blanket they had laid
out earlier to sit on. The pile of discarded clothing served as a nice

Sandy really didn't have that much experience in lesbian lovemaking, having
had a total of three encounters prior to this, but she had a good idea what
another girl liked. She ran her hand up and down Terry's now nude body,
taking pleasure is the warm softness of it.

Terry had, she noted, a beautiful body. Slender and athletic, the girl was
at the same time feminine and rounded in all the right places. Her breasts
were much smaller than Sandy's but round and full. They didn't need to be
large to be incredibly beautiful. As it was, Sandy was amazed that anyone
could've taken her as a boy. Then she reminded herself that she was one of
those who had.

One hand brushed against her bright pink nipples, now hard to the touch,
while the other traced a line along the opening of her pussy, finding the
same hardness in her clit.

Carefully she spread out Terry's legs to give her full access to her prize.
Gracefully she stroked the soft thighs, feeling the excited heat of the
flesh. Her thumb slid between the folds of Terry's pussy, sending a sharp
erotic spark through her body.

"Does that feel good?" she asked in a low, voice.

"Y...y...yes," Terry purred.

Sandy continued to run up and down, replacing her thumb with three of her
fingers, sliding them deep inside of her. Faster and faster, in and out her
fingers moved, causing the prone girl to slowly writhe in delight.

"Oh yes, faster ... faster." Terry moaned. "Fuck me with your fingers."

"I have something better in mind." Sandy laughed as she withdrew her fingers.

She paused for a moment and ran her loving tongue along the length of her
fingers, savoring the ambrosia that covered them. It was just an appetizer
for what was to come.

If Sandy's fingers had been the spark, the tongue that replaced them was like
a blowtorch. Harder and faster it worked it's way into every inch of Terry's
cunt. Her grip on Terry's legs tightened as her head wagged from side to
side, drawing herself deeper into her new love.

Earlier Sandy has noted how much she loved having another woman lick her
pussy. That delight paled to nothing against the one she felt when it was
her tongue buried in another woman. It was like the feeling of erotic
control she got when she sucked a cock - only magnified a dozenfold.

Finally the pressure against her clit was too much to bear as Terry's body
launched into an orgasmic seizure. Every extremity shook of it's own accord
as her heart raced and breaths came in short measured gasps. Coherent speech
was now impossible as all she could manage were grunts of satisfaction.

Through it all, Sandy kept her face pressed tight against Terry's exploding
pussy, her very enthusiastic mouth and even more eager tongue filling with
the nectar of the goddess.

By the time it was all over and Sandy rolled out from between Terry's legs,
her cheeks were covered with the sticky residue of her efforts. She pulled
herself up alongside Terry and kissed her deeply, their darting tongues again
intertwining. Each could taste the climax of the other on her lips, a
sensation that would stay with them for a long, long time.

"So now you know what it's like to be one of the guys." Sandy laughed as
she broke the kiss.

"Yeah, that's me." Terry grinned. "Just one of the guys!" she added as she
hugged Sandy again.

The comforting fire beside then would be long cold before they broke that



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