Just Shoot Me: Britney Spears Models For Blush
by Chaos

Disclaimer: This should not be read by anyone under 18 (cos I don't wanna
get sued).

Note: Some of Britney's answers in the interview are her real answers in
other interviews, or so I have heard.

Mya worked at Blush magazine in New York. She was surrounded by models but
was never tempted. That was until one day. Mya watched as Britney Spears
entered the room. She walked over.

"You're Britney Spears!" She said.

"Yes and you are.....?"

"Mya Gallow. What are you doing here?"

"I'm modelling lingerie for the magazine." Mya couldn't help herself
imagining Britney in revealing lingerie. Her pussy became wet.

"Oh great! I can't wait to see the photos!" Mya knew she had to fuck
Britney. "Could you come in my office for a second?" They both walked into
Mya's office. Mya closed the door and turned the lock.

"OK I'm going to ask a set of questions for an interview. Could you
answer as frankly as possible?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Are you breasts real?"

"You aren't allowed to ask that question. I can sue you."

"Oh sorry, next question. What age did you lose your virginity?"

"I haven't. I want to wait until I am married." Mya's broke her pencil
in excitement as she pushed it down into the desk.

"Do you ever masturbate?"

"No. Are these questions appropriate."

"Yes, they are very appropriate. Have you ever had a lesbian experience

"OK that's it I'm leaving." Britney got up and walked towards the door.
Knowing she couldn't lose Britney, Mya dived at her and kissed her with her
full lips.

"Britney I want you." Mya said. They embraced and kissed again. Their
breasts pushed up against each other. They continued to embrace kissing each
other. Mya's hands ran to Britney's tight ass and she squeezed both cheeks.
They stopped kissing. Both their breasts were pushed against each other.

"Mya teach me. Teach me how to be a woman. Please Mya, I want you, I
want you here and now." Mya tore of Britney's crop top to reveal her
bra-less D-cups. She stared at them in disbelief at the size on such a young
girl. They showed no sign of sag either.

"Are they real?"

"Between you and me....... no."

"Are you really a virgin."

"Yes, what I told you was true." They embraced again. Mya placed her
hands on Britney's breasts and began to squeeze, Britney moaned. Mya slowly
kneaded Britney's huge tits. The nipples grew hard as Mya kneaded, they
beckoned to Mya, the huge nipples pointed towards her. Mya couldn't resist,
she moved her head down to Britney's nipple and began to suck, Britney
moaned as Mya softly bit down on her nipple. Mya moved to Britney's other
nipple, sucking it and biting down to it until it was like it's twin. She
moved of Britney's nipple and kissed her again. Britney took Mya's jumper of
to reveal a lacy black see-through bra. She undid the straps at the front
and watched as Mya's C-cup tits were released. Mya's tits were almost as big
as Britney's with the same lack of sag. They kissed again, their breasts
pushing together, Mya could feel Britney's nipples against her breasts. Then
she knew what she had to to. She pushed Britney to the floor and removed her
leggings and underwear. She lowered herself upon Britney's face including
her long luscious toungue.

"Lick me bitch!" Mya said. Britney's tits were right in front of her. As
Britney licked her cunt, Mya squeezed Britney's huge breasts as Britney's
toung flicked in and out of Mya's shaven pussy.Mya moaned. Britney's tounge
licked at Mya's swollen clit and before long Mya released her juices all
over Britney's face. She screamed in ecstasy. She tore of Britney's leggings
and underwear to reveal Britney's patch of blonde hair covering her tight
cunt. But that wasn't what Mya was interested in. She got Britney to get on
all four's and got behind her. She quickly stuck a thumb up Britney's ass.
Britney gasped in pain and excitement. Then a tongue entered her ass.
Britney bit her lip to stop herself from screaming in agony as Mya
tongue-fucked Britney's ass. Britney started to moan. She slowly began to
enjoy this violation of her most intimate area. Mya's tongue flicked in and
out faster. Two of her fingers ran up into Britney's cunt and Britney gasped
more and more. Britney came, wave after wave of orgasm moved through
Britney's body. Mya and Britney fell asleep in each others arms.



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