Story Codes: MF, inc, oral, anal, drugs, mc

Just Shoot Me: Beware Of Maya
by De-Manged ([email protected])

Maya Gallo checked herself out in the ladies room mirror and liked what she
saw. Fantastic dark eyes, raven hair with a sexy widow's peak and a cute
little snub nose. And of course she could see, just by looking down, her
pride and joy: the 'twins'. Maya had the biggest breasts of anyone working
at Blush magazine, the biggest breasts she herself had ever seen! They were
so huge and round that Maya often felt self-conscious about them and would
usually wear baggy sweaters to cover them up.

Then there were other days, like today, where she felt like flaunting her
natural and most obvious assets. So, as she left the bathroom, her gigantic
jugs could be easily seen by all, barely contained in a much-too-small,
short-sleeved pink sweater. Maya DID have a bra on, but it was very flimsily
made and her nipples were very evident. It didn't help that the
publisher/owner of Blush, Jack Gallo (Maya's dad) kept the offices so cold!
Her nips had been painfully erect most of the day.

Returning to her desk, Maya was stopped by Blush's fashion editor, Nina Van

"Maya, Hi," The statuesque brunette said, grabbing Maya by the arm as she
went by. "Jack wanted me to talk to everybody about this new account we're
trying to get. It's for this new sport drink," she explained, holding up a
shiny blue can. "It's called 'Brain Freeze', can you believe it?" Nina popped
the top with a hissing noise. "Jack wants us all to try some so we can have a
meeting on it later and give our opinions. here's one for you," she said,
handing Maya the opened can.

"Oh look, there's Jack now," Nina said, pointing behind Maya. When Maya
turned around to see, Nina slyly and quickly poured a small vial of clear
fluid into the soda can and swirled it around. "Oops, wrong again," Nina
said brightly when Maya turned back around (after not seeing Jack). "My
eyesight must be going. Well, must dash, no time to spend standing around
chatting. I've got a magazine to edit! Now drink up," Nina said, talking
as fast as a Midwestern auctioneer.

Watching Maya carefully to make sure she was drinking the 'Brain Freeze',
Nina sidled away towards the elevator. 'There, I've done it,' she thought,
'Now maybe that weasel Finch will let me off the hook.' Jack Gallo's PA,
Dennis Finch, had caught Nina being shagged senseless, bent over the copy
machine by that pointy-headed geek of a delivery guy. Nina had been too
deeply in the throes of orgasm to stop, and Dennis had snapped several
pics of her in the act, using his cel-phone's digi-cam. He had pledged to
put copies of the pics on everyone's desk on Monday unless Nina 'did
something' for him.

Nina had assumed it was sex; isn't that what every man wants? In a way, she
was right, but Dennis didn't want sex from her; he had a 'bigger' target in
mind! All he'd wanted was for Nina to spike Maya's drink. He provided the
'sport drink' ruse and equipped Nina with a small vial of clear fluid. She
didn't ask what it was or what Dennis' plans were. She was just happy to keep
Dennis from handing out those pictures. Nina also made sure Dennis had erased
them from his digi-cam. She was free! And as for Maya, whatever happened to
her was her own fault, as far as Nina was concerned. She was always acting
like such a spoiled brat, the boss' daughter. Nina could care less...

Maya finished the can of 'Brain Freeze' and set down the empty. 'Not bad,'
she thought, 'but it tastes just like a lot of other grapefruit drinks. Weird
sort of aftertaste, though. I don't think it'll sell very...' Her thoughts
trailed off. Maya couldn't remember what she had been thinking about. She was
starting to feel very strange. All thought seemed to be draining away from
her. If you asked her her name at this point, she would have had trouble
answering. Maya was fascinated by a bowl of paper clips on her desk. They
were so shiny! So pretty! They were so pretty they were making her feel kind
of horny...

Maya wasn't even aware that Finch had been watching her closely from his
post in front of Jack Gallo's office. Seeing her glazed expression, Dennis
casually strolled over to her. He could easily see that the drug, a very
powerful mind-control agent developed by the U.S. Military, had done it's
work, and quickly, too! Since Dennis had also added a strong black-market
aphrodisiac to the mix, the results were sure to be spectacular!

"Hi, Maya," Dennis said cheerfully. "Want to see me do the robot?" He started
doing a funky little dance. Maya paid absolutely no attention to him. She
just stared blankly into space, her eyes sparkling. Her full-lipped sensual
mouth had dropped open and she was starting to drool a little. All the signs
were there; now Dennis could put his plan into action! "Maya." he said with a
commanding tone. She looked up at him instantly. "This is Master speaking,"
he continued. "You will listen very carefully to all my instructions, and you
will follow them exactly." Maya nodded dreamily. "First, you will tell Jack
you're not feeling well and then you will go home. When you get there..."

* * *

Maya wandered around her apartment in a daze. She didn't remember asking to
go home or how she got there. Her thoughts were adrift in a haze of pretty
colors. All she could recall was...Master! The sound of his voice, so
commanding! Every time she did something he had ordered, she got a little
thrill, like a mini-orgasm. As she dressed the way Master had ordered her
to, she felt like she was cumming with every article of clothing she put on.
Maya was just so thrilled to be doing something that pleased Him!

She didn't know how much time had passed before the door buzzer sounded.
After getting dressed, she had sat docilely on the edge of her bed with her
hands folded in her lap. She might have been sitting for hours; she just
couldn't remember! Not that she minded. Maya couldn't remember ever having
felt this good, this alive, this horny! Her snatch literally juicing with
excitement, Maya opened the door.

Dennis' jaw dropped when he saw the sight before him. Sure, he'd 'commanded'
Maya to dress like a naughty Catholic schoolgirl, but he hadn't been this
specific! Black patent-leather shoes, white thigh-high stockings, obviously
attached to a garter-belt. He couldn't see the belt, but the little white
straps were there, holding up the stockings. Her plaid schoolgirl skirt was
so short that it was even shorter than most mini-skirts. It revealed a
shameless amount of Maya's smooth, white-skinned and beautifully rounded

Maya's hair was pulled to the sides of her head in two bunches, making her
look even more like a young schoolgirl. Her white Catholic School blouse was
obviously many sizes too small; Maya had only been able to do the bottom
three buttons! The rest of the blouse was pushed completely out of shape by
the protruding cannons of Maya's mountainous cleavage, now enhanced by a
bright pink wonderbra. The pink color showed through the white shirt easily,
and her boobs were now sticking out so far that they almost hit Finch in the
face as he danced his way through the doorway, doing the 'L.A. Strut.'

"Well, who's the little schoolgirl slut?," Finch asked as he closed the door
behind him.

"I am, Master," Maya said in a monotone, staring at Finch. Her heart was
racing and her pulse pounding, not to mention the girl-juice running down her
thigh. Master was here! Maya's programming had her mind in a whirl. She had
never felt so happy! If only he'd give her some instructions; she really
wanted him to order her around!

"Yes, you are one randy slut, all right," Finch continued. "Get on your
knees, slutface." Maya couldn't kneel in front of him fast enough! 'At last,
a command!,' Maya thought as she sank prettily to her knees, 'Now if only
he'd order me to...'

"Take out my dick and suck it, Maya," Finch commanded. Maya eagerly began
pulling down his pants and boxer shorts. Dennis' hard cock leapt out of his
underwear and hit Maya in the face and she smiled broadly.

"Oooh, Wow!," Maya cried, "Master! It's so big! It's so hard! You gotta let
me suck it a loooong time! I wanna swallow all your stuff, too!" The former
feminist had already grabbed his throbbing staff and was rubbing it lovingly.

"Suck it just as long and as hard as you want, baby, it's all..." Dennis
suddenly lost his breath. Maya hadn't even waited for him to finish speaking
before swooping her lipsticked mouth down onto his cock. She immediately
inhaled half of the rigid shaft, then began twisting her head from side to
side, the hair-bunches flying, as she began moving up and down. Maya made
little squeals deep in her throat as she slowly gave head. With every
downstroke, she tried to take some more of the hard cock between her lips.
Eventually she had sucked Finch's cock completely into her mouth and throat,
burying her face in his pubic hair.

Dennis closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure as he placed both hands on the
back of Maya's head. He didn't really guide her; she was doing great on her
own! 'This mind-control juice really works!,' he thought. 'Who knows what I
can make her do? Woo-Hoo!' He dug his fingers into her skull as Maya
continued to work slowly back and forth.

Maya began to gradually speed up her sucking movements, now smoothly going
down on the whole length of Dennis' shaft. She looked up at him, making eye
contact. Then she started bobbing her head faster and faster, making a
desperate whining hum around his dick. Maya wanted that load very badly, and
she'd work as hard as she had to in order to get it! She grabbed his ass with
both hands and began jamming her head onto his erection with extreme force.
She slurped and gnawed, servicing his dick with a passion.

All of a sudden, Dennis groaned. He grabbed Maya's head by her pig-tails and
began fucking her face. This Maya loved; it almost made her come just by
being used that way! Ramming his cock as far down her throat as he could get
it, Dennis froze, then started to spray massive spurts of come directly down
Maya's willing gullet.

"MMMMM - MMMM!!!!!!" Maya exclaimed through her mouthful of dick. She nursed
frenziedly at his spewing cock, determined not to miss a drop. She decided
nothing had ever tasted this good! Maya gripped Finch tightly by the ass as
she drank his semen hungrily. She also kept a lip-lock on his dick, ensuring
none of her precious treat escaped her mouth. Eventually, she drew out the
last bit of goo, and she swallowed loudly. Finch roughly pushed her off of
his dick, and she fell backwards, her butt hitting her heels.

"Now, let's see what else you've got, fuckbait," Finch suggested. Maya took
the hint and stood up wobbily. Slowly she began to remove the schoolgirl
clothes, until she was only wearing the stockings, shoes, and the rubber
bands holding her hair into pigtails. Dennis gaped openly at Maya's
incredible figure. Obviously, there were those fantastic tits, sticking out
an impossible distance in front of her and hanging almost to her navel,
capped with oversized brown nipples. But Dennis could also appreciate her
wonderful Italian bubble-butt and her short but wonderfully proportioned
legs. Maya also had the tiniest, most delicate hands and feet Dennis had
ever seen. Topped off by such a sweet face, Maya could be any man's wet
dream come true! Especially naked and mind-controlled as she was now...

"You've got to fuck me right now, Master!" Maya said excitedly as she jumped
on the bed. Fast as lightning, she whipped a pillow under her head and
another one under her butt and spread her legs very wide, giving Finch a good
look at her trimmed black bush and pouting, obviously very wet cunt. "Fuck Me
Fuck Me Fuck Me!" she chanted, stroking her massive tits and grabbing the
nipples roughly. "Do ME NOW!"

Dennis smirked. 'Mild aphrodisiac, huh," he thought, 'Maya's becoming a
raging nympho! I wish she could see herself from her old feminist
perspective. She'd have a heart attack!' He climbed beside her on the bed.
Removing her hands from her immense jugs, he grabbed her left tit in both
hands (he needed both hands just to hold one of them!) and began furiously
kissing and sucking the rigid nipple. Dennis tongued and chewed on Maya's
erect nip until she moaned, closing her eyes in bliss. He took her other
breast in his hands and roughly groped and massaged it as he kept sucking
on the one in his mouth. Then he squeezed them together and began alternating
nipping at one sensitive peak, then the other.

Maya groaned and thrashed, rocking her head from side to side on the pillow
as Dennis attacked her boobs. Slobbering all over the surfaces of the her
huge milkers, Dennis then knee-walked u[p her body and placed his refreshed
erection in the deep valley of Maya's cleavage. Gripping her tits so tightly
that the tendons on his arms stood out, Finch began fucking Maya's tits as
hard as he could, plunging the entire length of his aching hardon through the
silky cavern of her breasts.

She placed her tiny hands over Finch's, helping him grip her boobs tightly,
keeping them in place as he fucked hard into the pillowy flesh. Maya's
breasts were beginning to turn red from all the rough handling. Having just
come a few minutes ago, Dennis lasted a long time as he pounded her tits.
Back and forth he slid his angry-looking rod through her mounds. He didn't
think he was going to come this way, though, so Dennis reluctantly let go of
the gigantic melons. Reddish-purple bruises indicated exactly where Finch's
fingers had dug into the sensitive skin.

Maya closed her eyes and panted. Her breasts were tingling from the abuse
they had just taken. Why hadn't Master finished? She got her answer soon
enough, however, when she opened her eyes to see Finch kneeling between her
legs, preparing to mount her drooling pussy. Maya made a happy little yelp
of surprised pleasure, throwing her luscious legs wide to help. Dennis was
rubbing his inflamed cockhead through Maya's cleft, making loud squishing
sounds as he began sliding into her. He grabbed her ankles and threw her
legs, still in stockings and shoes, over his shoulders.

Slowly he ploughed forward, nearly bending Maya double until her feet were
over her head and her face was framed by her round thighs. Pinning her in
this position, Finch began thrusting deeply into Maya's spasming pussy. He
ground in slowly, Maya was very tight! He wondered if she had really had
that much sex in her life. Well, she was going to get a lot more from now
on, that was for sure! He pushed her thighs wide apart as he drove deeply
into Maya's willing body. She was hot as a furnace, super-tight and was
looking up at him with complete adoration. Could it get any better?

"Wuh, huh, mmmh, Master!" Maya exclaimed, "Fuck me! Do me! I'm your slave,
err, your slave! Oof, take me, TAKE ME!" Dennis was slamming into her really
hard now. Maya was huffing and puffing and her bed springs were squeaking
loudly in rhythm with Finch's plowing thrusts into her soft body. Dennis
clenched his teeth as he tried to keep from coming, keeping up his steady
hard thrusting into Maya's grasping pussy. She was so tight it was very hard
to keep from cumming. he tried slowing down and speeding up, balancing brutal
thrusts with gentler ones, anything to break up the pace and avoid the

Taking huge handfuls of her tits and squeezing tightly, Dennis began to come,
spraying sperm violently into Maya's hot snatch. He shot again and again,
completely drenching the far reaches of her pussy. Maya came the instant she
felt the burning hot sting of Master's cum-shots blasting against her tender
inner walls. She closed her eyes and raised her firm bubble-butt off of the
pillow, vibrating throughout her whole body. She clamped her legs around
Finch, holding him in a death-grip with her thighs as she came hard. Maya was
over the moon; it was the strongest orgasm of her life! She knew she was
addicted to the feeling, and she would have to have it again and again...

* * *

Finch woke up very disoriented. He didn't know where he was, or even what day
it was. And some brunette with her hair in somewhat disheveled pigtails was
sucking on his wang! Dennis was only half-hard, and he felt very sore down
there. Gradually the previous night started to come back to him. He was at
Maya's, she was his mind-controlled fuck-puppet! He remembered her blowing
him, then he had fucked her tits...then he remembered the rest. Dennis had
fucked Maya again and again, all night long, in every possible position.
She'd even begged him to fuck her in the ass, but Finch didn't 'do' that. He
had commanded her to play out some of his favorite role-playing fantasies
with him instead.

His last memory was of playing one of these, Finch's favorite role-playing
game of all, 'Mother-Son'. Maya had treated Finch like a little boy, cooing
and mothering him. They had played a game where she had 'innocently'
breast-fed him, almost smothering him in her vast cleavage, pretending he
was a demanding baby in need of milk. Then he had 'seduced' his 'mother',
bending her over a stuffed armchair and fucking her wildly as she
mock-protested at her 'son' doing this to her. Finch had cum so hard at the
end of this particular fuck that he must have passed out, because that was
the last thing he could remember. He must've come eight times last night!
And here was Maya, trying to suck him back to life yet again. The drug must
not have worn off yet...

He carefully removed Maya's head from his dong, not without some difficulty
as she protested and fought him. When Dennis' cock at last emerged from
Maya's drooling maw, it was cherry-red and covered with little tooth-marks.
Maya must have been trying to 'wake him up' for some time! He winced as she
dove back down on him, engulfing his sore dick in her mouth once more.

'Maya, stop!" Dennis commanded. She immediately stopped, letting his cock out
of her mouth with a slurp. She sat back on her heels, awaiting instructions.
Finch looked at the wall clock. "Shit, Maya, we're both late for work!" Finch
began hastily getting dressed. "You call in sick or something, I've gotta
go!" Finch's job was much less secure than Maya's; he couldn't get away with
calling in sick all the time AND having the snottiest attitude on Earth! He
fled the apartment like he was on fire, slamming the door behind him with a

Maya sat forlornly on the rumpled, cum-stained bed. She was a sad sight with
one pigtail lower than the other, her stockings with major runs in them and
one shoe on, the other missing. Her enormous boobs had Finch's
finger-and-toothmarks all over them, even on the sensitive under-curves! Maya
was oblivious to all that, however. All she knew was that she needed Master's
cock, badly. Her asshole twitched with need, and she could have wept with
frustration when she remembered the way he had refused to do her anally. For
some reason, a voracious need to be pounded hard up the ass had overcome her.
It drove every other thought from her mind. And if Master wouldn't do it,
why, she'd just have to find somebody who would!

* * *

Jack Gallo reclined in his office chair with his feet on the desk, smoking a
black-market Havana cigar. As he puffed away, he watched an 'Eternal Wave'
gadget, his latest impulse buy from 'The Sharper Icon'. Life was good. Jack
had nothing scheduled for today except sitting in his office playing with his
toys. Let the others do the work of running a magazine. He was above all
that. He happily smoked his Cuban without a care in the world, thumbs tucked
in his suspenders.

A knock came at the door. "Who could that be?,' Jack fumed to himself, 'I
told that incompetent Finch that I wasn't to be disturbed.' Jack couldn't
have known that Dennis had fallen asleep in the bathroom, the previous night
had been just too much for him.

Jack swung open his office door to reveal a flushed, out-of-breath Maya. Jack
was speechless as he took in the sight of his adult daughter. He had never
seen her wearing such a snug outfit before, ever!

Maya had been so impatient to soothe the hunger in her butt for a good
reaming that she had rushed getting dressed. She had struggled mightily to
get into some faded blue jeans that were a size too small; now they looked
painted-on, showing every curve of her bottom and revealing very pronounced
and separated pussy-lips. Although she'd brushed her hair out and applied
heavy makeup, Maya had almost left her apartment topless! Feeling a
mysterious, nipple-stiffening breeze, she'd realized what she'd done and
rushed back into the apartment before anyone saw her.

By now, she was absolutely dying to be brutally butt-fucked. She had to get
to work and get someone she knew to cornhole her right now! Not thinking any
clearer than this, Maya grabbed an old T-shirt from a dresser drawer without
looking at it too carefully. She had already started squeezing into the
impossibly tight shirt when she realized it was a shirt from her summer camp
when she was 12! Maya had only kept it as a sentimental souvenir. Well, she
was in too big a hurry, and she was stuck half-in and half-out of the
tautly-stretched garment, like Pooh stuck in the rabbit hole. So she decided
to go for it and, using all of her strength, managed to pull the shirt over
her massive, straining boobs, and pull it over her head.

Maya's bosom was so immense that it stretched the white t-shirt nearly to
bursting. The bottom of the shirt hovered inches above her waist; her boobs
were keeping it from going all the way to her belt. She'd just have to leave
it untucked. Maya was glad she hadn't worn her usual heavy concealing bra.
There wasn't even room for HER inside the damn shirt, much less any
underwear! Tottering on too-high heels, she got a cab in record time
(surprise) and here she was, in Jack's doorway, looking like some horny
teen's wet dream of a sex goddess come to life!

Jack was too stunned to move. He knew his daughter was beautiful, but she
always dressed very demurely. This was something else! Thoughts of fucking
her jumped unbidden into his head. Images of Maya on her knees, slurping
happily away at his hard prick, thoughts of Maya screaming out her orgasm
as Jack plowed her on his office couch. He couldn't have imagined what she
REALLY wanted, though!

"Daddy," Maya purred, sliding around the door and closing it softly. "Daddy,
I really need your help. I've got a really BIG problem!" And as she said
'big' she gently grabbed Jack's rapidly stiffening cock through his pants.
Jack inhaled sharply; all his most secret fantasies seemed like they were
about to come true! "What I need from you most right now," Maya continued.
Jack was breathless in anticipation. " a hard, deep, thorough, assfuck!"

Jack had never done that before, but Maya's ass in those painted-on jeans was
a lovely, exciting target! He had to get control of himself, control of the
situation, before they did something they might both regret...

"Maya! What's gotten into you?." Jack spluttered, "I know we haven't been
close over the years but..."

"Nothing's gotten into me, yet!," Maya interrupted. "But if you'd be a REALLY
supportive Dad, you'd help me get these jeans off, then YOU could get into my
ass!" She was already sitting on the little couch by the office door, taking
her clunky high heels off. Jack decided: if she was going to be such a
cock-tease, she'd get it in spades! He helped her up, and between the two of
them began pulling at Maya's extremely tight jeans. It took a lot of tugging,
but eventually they came off of her ass with a pop, causing Maya to fall back
on the couch with her feet in the air. Jack wasted no time pulling off his
horny daughter's panties, then he hauled her to her feet. She was still
wearing the t-shirt, and her snugly encased boobs wobbled deliciously as Jack
led Maya over to the desk.

"You're gonna need these," Jack said, handing Maya her heels. She wasn't
sure what he was up to, but the remnants of the drug in her system made her
thrilled to be ordered around. She just wanted Jack to bend her to his will
(not to mention bend her in any other position he wanted) and buttfuck her
needy behind. Just the thought made her pussy clench. Maya put the heels back
on, so that she was naked from the waist down except for the shoes.

Taking her by the shoulders, Jack spun Maya around until she was facing away
from him. Then he bent her roughly over the desk until her face was buried in
a pile of correspondence he had there. Maya squeaked in delight at the rough
treatment and immediately spread her legs as far as she could. The high heels
brought her perfect peach of a butt to just the right level for Jack to mount
her. Dropping his pants, Jack reached for a tube of K.Y. he just happened to
keep in his desk drawer (you never know when Nina might need servicing), and
applied a large portion to his fingers.

Jack began probing Maya's awesomely tight rear with his greased fingers.
Maya oohed and aahed with delight as she felt her rectum being widened and
prepared for her first-ever buttfuck. She couldn't wait, and wiggled her ass
with impatience. Jack spanked her ass hard, telling her to keep still as he
worked more and more of the lube into Maya's waiting butthole. Finally, he
decided she was as open as she was going to get, and wiped his hand off on
Maya's back.

"O.K., baby," he said softly, whispering in her ear, "get ready for daddy!"
Without hesitation, he plunged his rock-hard cock into his daughter's willing
rear, shoving all the way into the hilt on the first stroke. Maya's eyes
bulged and she gripped the far end of the table tightly. Her Daddy was being
so forceful, so demanding, so dominant! Maya hadn't expected him to use her
so roughly, but she loved it!

"Oooh! Daddy! Aah! You're in my ass! SO Good!" Maya shouted, encouraging Jack
to drive into her even harder. Reaching in front of her tightly stretched
shirt, Jack brutally grabbed Maya's boobs, squeezing them as hard as possible
through the thin material. Maya sighed rapturously as Jack began to pound her
in earnest. Keeping a tight hold of his willing slut of a daughter, Jack
squeezed her boobs rhythmically as he piledrived his cock in and out of her
gripping ass.

Maya was in heaven as she experienced anal sex for the first time. The fact
it was with her daddy just made it all the more special! She pushed her full
rear end back at Jack, meeting each of his thrusts with enthusiasm. She
panted and huffed as Jack mercilessly fucked her. Her rectum gripped his cock
tightly and Jack had to keep up a frustratingly slow pace. He stroked deeply
in and out of Maya's rear, occasionally spanking her on the upper curve of
her ass. Maya squealed in delight every time he did that!

"Fuck my ass, daddy," Maya chanted. "Squeeze my tits harder. Oh yeah! That's
it! Harder, daddy, harder!," she pleaded, hovering on the brink of an orgasm.
Jack continued steadily sodomizing his slut of a daughter, jamming his cock
repeatedly to the hilt within her steamy depths. "Pound me, daddy, harder!,"
Maya whined, her voice rising in pitch and volume, "Make me cum! Ooh! Make me
cum! I can take it, ram me!" Jack started really brutally fucking her ass
now, slapping into her upraised buns with punishing jabs. "Yes, Daddy, YES!,"
Maya screamed with joy as she came hard, her ass clenching over and over on
Jack's prick.

This rhythmic clenching of his stacked daughter's ass on his cock started
Jack cumming, too. He grabbed her boobs hard through her t-shirt, pinching
the nipples viciously as he began coming in torrents up his daughter's
confining backside. Jack was seeing spots in front of his eyes as he shot
again and again in Maya's butt. It was truly the best fuck he'd ever had!

"Maya," he panted, "Your ass feels so..." Jack wasn't allowed to finish his
sentence because the office door suddenly burst open. It was Elliott, the
balding fashion photographer, carrying a stack of 8 x 10 glossy photos.

"Jack, I need your approval on these shots...huh?" Elliott dropped his stack
of pictures to the floor as he stared unbelieving at the sight in front of
him. Maya Gallo, his on-again off-again girlfriend, was being bent over a
desk and sodomized by....her dad? Jack? What the hell was going on? And why
was Maya Gallo, arch-feminist, wearing nothing but a pair of fuck-me heels
and a shirt that was about five sizes too small? Elliott had never seen her
looking this sexy in his life! Maya's face and neck were flushed; she looked
as if she'd just snapped off a good one! Elliott closed the door behind him
in shock.

"Elliott," Jack spoke up, "it's not what it looks like..."

"It's not?" Elliott said sarcastically. "It looks like you're sodomizing Maya
to within an inch of her life, if you ask me." Jack would have replied, but
Maya spoke up first.

"Don't be mad, Elliott," Maya said in a beguiling voice. "It's just that I
needed butt-reaming SO bad! And Daddy was kind enough to help me out! Now,"
she said, beckoning a speechless Elliott over to the front of the desk, "if
YOU'D be kind enough to help my mouth out, we can all have some fun!" Elliott
still said nothing, but he began to unbuckle his belt. Maya smiled a smile of
victory. As Elliott dropped his pants and headed for her face, his rapidly
swelling cock inches from her smiling mouth, Maya thought, 'Maybe ALL these
great guys will be my Masters! They're all so helpful! I'm gonna cum and cum
and cum...

* * *

Fortunately for all of the male staff at Blush Magazine, the drugs never
really wore off. Maya stayed perpetually dazed and horny, a willing fuck toy
for any who wanted her. Since she couldn't do her job anymore, she basically
became a kind of office whore, being paid solely for the servicing she gave
the cocks of the males on the staff.

Now, on any given weekday, her cries can be heard echoing off broom closet
walls or empty offices as she is mercilessly fucked or buggered. Maya's feet
can also be seen sticking out from under various desks around the office as
she goes down on any guy who asks her. Most often, this just happens to be
Dennis Finch. His little podium that he uses as a post in front of Jack's
office makes excellent cover for Maya any time he wants her to kneel and give
him head.

As for Maya, she couldn't be happier. The drug is still coursing happily
through her, and she lives only to cum, and cum hard. The only thing she
likes better than cumming is having some guy cum in her! And she doesn't
care where, as long as she gets as many loads a day as they can give her!

Her appearance has changed, too. Gone now are the baggy clothes of before,
now Maya only wears the tightest crop tops or ultra-snug sweaters, always in
pale colors so that her usually braless tits and huge erect nipples can be
seen clearly by all. Tight skirts or hot pants and super-high heels are also
now her clothing of choice. Maya also now wore twice the amount of makeup she
used to wear, looking more whorish every day. Whenever potential advertisers
came into the Blush offices now, they always wanted to hang around, ogling
Maya's voluptuous curves in her scanty outfits. The magazine's revenues rose
through the roof...



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