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Just Shoot Me: Maya's Great Day (FF,drugs)
by trmin8r

Maya Gallow was having a great day. She had already written a great article
for Blush magazine, gotten one of her essays in an anthology, and had been
offerred another freelance assignment for a weekly news magazine. She smiled
inwardly to herself, she liked working at Blush, she even learned to like
everyone she worked with, even Finch, but writing a serious article for a
serious magazine beat. "How to know if he's marrige material in 5 minutes."
She settled into her office to start on next week's article.

"Nina, you double-booked the underwear ad and you didn't tell the printers,
now it looks like Tyra Banks has Calvin Klein tatooed onto her forehead."
Jack Gallow often wondered why he had hired Nina in the first place, she
often came in hung over or worse, and when she was lucid, her performance
wasn't much better.

"Well, I'm sorry Jack, I've been...distracted lately." Distracted was an
understatement Nina was horny, the club scene wasn't too gracious to models
that were over...31. She needed release, but the men at the office were
grossly unqualified, Jack was too old, Elliot was such an ass and Finch,
"let's not get started with Finch" Nina thought. Nina glanced across the
office into Maya's office. "Hmm...Maya, she's an interesting prospect. Maya
had a cute, almost pixieish face, and though a little on the short side she
had a knockout body: a nice rounded ass and her breasts were by far the
pinnacle of her figure, they walked into the room before she did! Nina had
a few experiences in her life time with women, not unpleasant, but not enough
for her to switch teams on a permanent basis; Maya was enough for any woman
to consider becoming a hard core lesbian - "if only she wasn't such a prude,"
Nina thought. Maya always hid her assets beneath conservative attire, though
once in a while...once in a while she wore something that hinted at something
underneath; well...Nina had something to loosen Maya up. Nina took a little
white packet from her purse, her friend Binny had given it to her, it was
some kind of tranquilizer or something...half a pack should be enough.

"Hey Maya, how are you?" Nina said, as she walked in holding two cups of
coffee. Well, she was running ahead of her work she had time to chat with
Nina, as vapid as she was.

"Hey Nina, what brings you around?"

Nina set down a cup of coffee on her coaster. "Oh nothing, you know just the
usual worries Jack's having some sort of problem or another." She rolled her
head and shrugged it off, "I'm sort of hiding out, you know and I thought I
would bring you some coffee since you're so busy."

Maya took the gift with good cheer, "Thanks, Nina I could use a cup right

Nina sat down with her cup in her lap, if Maya didn't know any better she
could see that Nina was a bit...anxious as if she were expecting something,
oh well...

Nina was surprised that it worked so well, she got up to check on Maya,
everything was fine, she was breathing softly and Nina could feel her heart
beating. She drew the blinds on the doors and windows of Maya's office and
locked the door. Now the real fun would begin. Nina slid out of her white
sport jacket and then reached back to the zipper to her white satin sheath
dress, she got it down about halfway before she had to wriggle her way out
of it. She reached back to undo the rather plain white demi-cup she wore
today, her breasts were small, with a bit of sag belying her true age, but
still a sight to behold, small pink nipples and quarter-size areolas, she
never heard any complaints.

Clad only in her white satin bikini briefs, Nina went over to Maya and
undid her blouse. Nina couldn't help herself to take a few swipes at Maya's
cleavage "if I had her breasts, I might have been in the modeling industry
for a few more years." Maya was such a prude she had on what Nina would call
a "schoolmarm" bra, where did this girl get her fashion sense? She quickly
undid Maya's underwear to reveal her true assets they just spilled out in
the open without any restraint, Maya had the cutest little nipples but her
areolas were huge! She had to taste them, Nina stradled the chair bent down
and took Maya's left tit into her mouth, a hint of lavender: delicious!
Maya's tits drove Nina insane with lust, licking Maya's nipples, trying to
take as much of them in her mouth, sucking on them, "My God! I'm acting
like some freshman getting his first taste," but she was enjoying her
ministrations and from the sounds of Maya's moans she was enjoying the
sensation as much as Nina liked giving it.

Nina finally moved over to Maya's right tit as she slowly glided her right
hand down the front of her panties, slowly teasing her clit to life as she
continued suckling on Maya's treasures. Maya let out a small gasp just as
Nina put two fingers into her hole as she diddlded her clit with her thumb.
Maya unconsciously shifted into her seat offering more of her breast to
Nina who took it gratefully. Maya softly sighed out "Elliot" and shifted
once again offering more of her fleshy globe to Nina. Nina came hard,
between her fingers, Maya's breasts and the dirt the unconscious Maya gave
her it was too much, her abs tightened as her pussy squeezed her fingers,
futilely milking it for cum, her thighs shivered and she fell backwards off
the chair, she curled up into fetal position as she continued playing with
herself. The spots disappeared from her eyes as she came back down to earth;
Nina wanted one more thing, she got onto her knees as she openned Maya's

Maya, who had always had sensitive breasts slowly came down from her own
orgasm-albeit not as dramatically as Nina's, she regained consciousness to
find Nina curled up with nothing but her panties on frantically pumping
away at her own sex. "That bitch drugged me!" but the recent memory of the
pleasure Nina gave her as well as the cool tingle on her tits made her
forget this indiscretion. She'd play along for as long as possible, just
to see what happens. She shivered inside as Nina tried to undo her slacks...

Nina was trying to figure a way to get Maya's pants off her but, it didn't
seem possible with her sitting in the chair. She was just about to give up
when she felt hands grinding her head into Maya's crotch!! Oh God, she'd been
caught and yet Maya hadn't shouted or pushed her away, quite the opposite in
fact; she risked a look up to see Maya looking down at her with a devilish
glint in her eye. Nina slowly smiled as she made eye contact with Maya, she
stood up as Maya backed out of her chair and let her slacks drop to the
ground, without saying a word Maya dropped her black panties off her shapely
hips and sat back down in her chair. Nina crawled over to Maya's lap and
gently, almost tentatively licked at the outer lips of Maya's hairy pussy.
Maya let out a soft grunt as Nina moved her tongue in between her inner and
outer lips, she let out a loud moan when Nina lightly pinched her clit
between thumb and forefinger-Finch and a few others outside the office looked
up and then shrugged, if only they knew what was going on...

Nina pulled her head out of Maya's lap, "Now Maya, you're going to have to
be quiet if you want me to keep going." Maya replied by slamming Nina's face
back to work. Nina smiled as she put her mouth to Maya's clit, "Maybe Maya's
not such a prude after all." Nina put two fingers into Maya's hole as she
played with her clit, circling it with her tongue. Maya saw stars before her
eyes, she wanted to scream, moan, shout something to let out this pressure
she was feeling, she could feel herself getting closer.

Nina knew Maya was reaching her summit, she crossed the two fingers inside
Maya's hole as she took her mouth off her clit and blew gently. "Oh God!"
Maya couldn't help it anymore, she had to say something, she threw her head
back as her consciousness came plummetting back down to earth. "GOD!! uuggh,
uggh, UG" - Nina covered Maya's scream with her mouth driving her tongue down
her throat to keep the noise down. Maya overcome with lust grabbed Nina's
head with both hands as she pushed Nina's pink invader out of her mouth and
made a counter strike into Nina's mouth, Nina pulled her fingers out of
Maya's hole and made a 'V' she stuck one finger in her mouth as she offered
the other to Maya.

Maya was apprehensive about tasting her own juices but slowly acquiesced not
wanting to offend her new, her new, her new what? Fuck? Lover? Partner? The
thought flashed to the forefront of her mind, but kneeling there cheek to
cheek with Nina, sucking her own juices from the finger of another woman made
her forget that concern just as quickly as it came.

Maya's juices tasted a bit sweet and also had a hint of lavender, "Just like
her tits," Nina thought, but she still ached for something besides her own
hand, she slowly turned to face Maya, looked into the other woman's eyes and
stood up, slowly pulling down her briefs as she leaned against Maya's desk
and spread her legs slightly.

Maya stared at Nina's bald pussy, it looked so smooth she reached out to
touch it lightly with her right hand, it felt so warm, so soft. She went in
to explore further, she parted Nina's lips and slowly put her tongue into
Nina's warm box relishing the tang of her juices. Maya had all her tongue
in when she decided to surprise Nina with a little trick.

Nina was comfortably settling to Maya's tongue when she felt as though her
stomach did a summersault, was that Maya? Doing that?

Maya never thought this would have any practical use but she felt Nina jump
when she flicked her tongue over and over once more, she grabbed Nina's firm
ass toward her trying to every inch of her tongue into Nina's warm, wet and
spasming box.

Nina couldn't believe how quickly Maya had made her come. She tried to pull
away to clear her head, but Maya wouldn't let go; Nina could only let out a
throaty moan as she rode out what was happenning to her.

Maya's tongue was being squeezed by Nina's pussy it felt strange but not
unpleasant, almost like a massage really she gasped as Nina flooded her
mouth with juices, she swallowed most of it, but the initial shock of Nina's
gushing left her with Nina's juices running down her chin and onto her tits
as she laid back on her rug in exhaustion.

Nina layed down next to her and rolled over, licking her juices from Maya's
breasts and chin before sharing them with Maya. They slowly pulled away from
each other and lay back in the glow of their shared passion. It was Nina who
finally broke the silence, "How about you come to my place tonight?" she
asked seductively as she ran her hand up and down Maya's side. Maya smiled,
damn this turned out to be a really great day.


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