Disclaimer: No one over 18 should be viewing these stories, they are of the
erotic nature and not for young eyes. Laura San Giacomo is hot and she has
nice boobs. Now that that is out of the way....

This is from the episode of Just Shoot Me when Maya decided to make a movie,
and Finch helped. The starting actually happened, but when the dinner starts
its fake.

Just Shoot Me: Movie Magic (MF)
by Punker_2K

Maya was sitting in her office racking her brain trying to think of a story
for her screenplay.

"Hmm...He'll be a cop, that plays by his own rules. Only works at night, and
is a bad ass! That works!" Maya started writing down the basic story line on
little pieces of paper that she would stick on the blank SCREENPLAY board.

One hour passed and Maya had a few basic ideas down and she was happy with
her work.

Elliot and Finch walked into her office.

"Hey Maya, are you ready to go to lunch? We're going to that acrobat
restaurant. During happy hour they swing down and bring the drinks to you!"
Elliot said as Finch nodded.

"Ohhh, Sorry guys I totally forgot. I was just working on my screenplay."

"What's it about?" Finch asked.

"Well, well. It's aaa about a...about a badass cop that plays by his own

"Like Dirty Harry, 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon?"

"No... this one work's at night!"

"Why?" Elliot asked.

"I dunno, because his commander told him too."

"I thought he played by his own rules?" Finch asked.

"ARGH! Both of you, OUT!"

As Finch and Elliot walked out Maya's office Finch said "He's a vampire."


"The cop, the reason he only works at night is because he's a vampire."

"Finch...that's genius!" Maya ran over to her board and wrote it down.

"You're not just doing this to take advantage of my stress, are you?" Maya

"Maya, I'd only take advantage of you if you were drunk and in a tube top."

"Finch, you have to stay and help me write this!"

"Meh...I dunno about that. Writing isn't my thing."

"Finch, if you do this I'll cook you dinner in a tube top and short shorts."

"Deal!" Finch said as he walked over to Maya's idea board.

"Fine...I'll eat by myself!"

Elliot walked out of Maya's office and went to the elevator.


"Wow Finch, we got a lot done today!" Maya said as she lightly punched Finch
in the arm.

Finch and Maya walk to their cars that are side by side.

"Hey Maya, you don't really have to cook me dinner in a tube top and short
shorts, I was happy to help out." Finch said as he looked at his feet.

"No, no Finch. A deal's a deal and it'll be fun! Come over to my apartment at
like 630, ok?"

6:25 PM: Maya's apartment.

Finch knocks on Maya's door.

Maya answer's in a bathrobe that cover up her massive boobs.

"Hey Finch, are you ready for to eat?"

"You know I am!" Finch said as he ran to the table trying to cover his boner
with his hand.

Maya set down a pot on the table and stood in front of Finch. Maya walked
back to the kitchen and worked on the rest of the dinner. Finch quietly
pulled out his boner and began jerking his soft cock with two fingers. Finch
moaned quietly.

"Finch, are you allergic to any thing?"

"N-no, no I'm not" Finch stuttered as he continued to jerk off his cock. Maya
came into the dining room and put down a large turkey that was covered in

"Be right back" Maya walked back to the kitchen shaking her ass in her
bathrobe. Finch came all over the bottom of the table and all over his hands.

"SHIT!" Finch said aloud as he tried to find some where to rub the cum all
over his hands. He didn't want to use his napkin because he knew he would
have to use if for his face later. He heard Maya come back in and he rubbed
it on a piece of the turkey.

"Ready to eat?" Maya said as she stood over the table in her pink bathrobe.
Maya sat down and picked up the piece of turkey with the cum on it. With out
hesitating she took a bit right out of the part of with cum. Maya chewed it
for a second and put the turkey meat down.

"Listen Finch, the real reason I asked you here was because...I haven't
gotten laid in a long time, and I think you're the man to do it."

Finch just stared at Maya. Maya sighed and disrobed. Maya was not wearing the
tube top and hot pants like she promised, but a very skimpy bikini and thong.
"Finch... Fuck my brains out!"

"Holy shit!" Finch got up and pulled down his pants and walked over to Maya
in his light blue boxers.

Maya got down on her knees and pulled out Finch's semi-erect cock. "Fuck,
it's been so long since I've had a nice big cock" Maya said as she took in
Finch's dick into her wet mouth. "Finch, your dick tastes so good."

Maya took Finch's cock into her mouth even farther. Going about half way
down, she tickled the balls while she kissed the tip of his erect 8-inch
penis. "Time for your balls" Maya ducked down to Finch's nut and lightly
kissed them. She took his hard dick and jerked it while she sucked on his
shaved balls.

"Stand up, I want to see those massive tits" Maya rose up from her knees
and undid her bikini top. The top fell to the floor and her gigantic boobs
bounced down. "HOLY SHIT!" Finch jumped for the right breast and started
sucking on her medium sized nipple.

"ohhhh Finch...that feels good!"

Finch squeezed her tits very roughly and this hot Maya very wet. Maya backed
up and took off her thong. "Oh my god!" Finch yelped.

Maya's pussy was covered in a thick layer of bush. "Well I am a feminist you

Finch shrugged and walked over to Maya who was leaning against the table.
Finch pushed all the food and plates away and laid Maya down. He jerked his
cock a few times put it inside her sweet wet pussy.

Finch pumped Maya furiously. It had been a time since Finch had gotten laid
also. Maya clinched her pussy then loosened it. This drove Finch crazy, it
felt so good. Maya put her hands on Finch's back and moaned "I'm cumming

"Me too!"

Maya came and Finch pulled out. Maya laid down on the ground and asked Finch
too sit on her stomach and put his dick between her massive titties. He put
his dick between them and she rapped them around it. Even though his dick was
fairly big it disappeared in the cleavage. Finch pumped her tits and Maya put
her mouth around the head. Finch moaned and 5 spurts of cum went across her
boobs and face.

"Finch, that was really good. We'll have to do it again sometime." Maya said
as she got up from the floor.

"Yeah, that was fun. Maybe shave your bush for next time!"

Maya and Finch laughed and ate their dinner.


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