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Jake 2.0: Seduced (MF)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Diane watched as Jake Foley walked out of her lab with a spring in his step.
They had just concluded a very uncomfortable meeting for the nervous and
insecure Diane, Jake had come in to ask about the effect his nanoprobes
could have on a girl if she were exposed to them through his semen. He was
obviously thinking about that little blonde bitch who seemed to have blinded
Jake to all other advances from girls.

Diane, having her own crush on Jake, and not possessing the skills or self
consciousness to make a move, had trouble talking about sexual related topics
with Jake. She fumbled her way through the conversation as best as she could
and had reassured him that there was no reason to worry. In fact now that her
incredibly efficient mind had started to process the question of sex with
nanoprobes she realized that Jake was sitting on the ultimate secret of
sexual prowess.

The nanoprobes that had accidentally entered his bloodstream would enhance
the muscles in his genitals while having sex, just like they enhance his
leg muscles while he ran. Diane quickly began pulling up schematics on her
computer intrigued at the thought of a man who was virtually inexhaustible,
this led to more of her usual fantasies involving Jake. She decided it was
time for her to make a move, besides the nanoprobes needed a proper
field-test for every new ability displayed, and she really should be the
one to administrate it...

Jake Foley opened the squeaky door of his apartment and immediately heard a
rustling noise coming from the bedroom. His training kicking in he grabbed
for the nearest weapon, his high school baseball bat and moved towards the
source of the sound, his bedroom. Keeping his breathing silent he listened
for the telltale sound of a gun being prepped for use or the drawing of a
knife, instead he heard the hurried breathing and pounding heart of a
nervous person, probably terrified as to what would happen when he was

Jake gripped the doorknob and turned it as silently and stealthy as he could
before throwing the door open and hefting his bat into an attack position.

Jake stopped in his tracks, shock resonating through his body as he looked
at the sight before him, his jaw hanging on the floor.

Diane was laying on his bed completely nude except for a smile, her glasses
and an ankle bracelet. She was facing Jake who stood in the door, her head
propped up on one delicate hand while the other rested on her slim waist.
Her long silky smooth legs spread out beneath her and Jake had a great view
of her breasts and pussy.

Jake took a close look at Diane's face, he had not let himself be distracted
by her subtle beauty in the past, but now that she was lying nude in front of
him, he couldn't deny the fact that he was attracted to her. Diane still wore
her thick framed dark black glasses, but being the only thing on her body
made them attractive not dopey like they usually looked to him. She had long
dark red hair that flowed around her shoulders like a waterfall of fiery lava
cascading around jagged rocks. She usually wore her hair up so Jake was
surprised to discover that it was almost 2 feet in length, spiraling down her
small back and puddling on the silky sheets of his bed.

Diane's twin round globes hung on her chest like ripe melons on the vine as
he continued his long inspection of her glorious body from head to toe. They
were not to large but not to small either, the perfect size for a woman of
her build, and they were the most perfectly shaped breasts he had ever seen.
The nipples were a wine colored point growing out of a milky white
hemisphere, begging to have his mouth suckle on it.

Diane's long smooth hairless legs lay perfectly straight out from her body,
and allowed Jake to get a long lingering look at them as his gaze traveled to
her feet. He was shocked by just how long and sexy her legs were, usually he
saw Diane in her long white doctor's jacket, and her legs were hidden from
his view, But now with the vision lying in front of him, Jake realized just
how sexy her legs were. From his vantage point, Jake could also see that
Diane had taken the time to shave her cunt for this occasion.

Diane smiled as she saw his cock tenting his sweatpants, and giggled to
herself in anticipation of what she hoped would be an unforgettable night.

"What are you......I mean.....Um...What....I mean....Who......I...." Jake
fumbled for the words he needed to ask the question he desperately needed to

"I thought about your question earlier" Diane began, trying to retain her
composure, even though she wanted to go hide in the closet. "and I decided
we need to run some tests. So let me check out the functions of the
nanoprobes" She finished with a nervous smile hopeing he would understand.

Jake finally started to get the message that he should jump on this
opportunity before she backed out nervously, she was a very desirable woman
but her intelligence had always scared him away from her and now he couldn't
wait to get into her panties, or lack thereof. He tore off his cloths with
super speed thanks to the nanoprobes enhancements and Diane watched the show
with growing excitement. She watched as his boxers came into view and the
tent his cock formed was revealed. She licked her lips in anticipation as
Jake slid his silk boxers down his legs.

Diane sat up on the bed, running her thin hand down her long smooth thighs
in the process, Jake's eyes were drawn to her hand like it was a magnet. Her
hands were tiny yet firmly shaped, she had painted her fingernails a bright
fire engine red and with her long nails she traced a line down her sensuous

Diane slowly climbed to her feet, only to sink to her knees in front of
his body. Jake looked down at the vision before him, nude and submissive,
kneeling at the ready to give him sexual pleasure. He looked her body over
carefully, taking his time as he gazed at her perfect breasts, long dark
red hair, opposing her thin bright red lips, which she licked seductively
before moving towards his cock.

Diane prepared to give her first blow job ever, she was extremely nervous,
knowing she had no prior experience or knowledge of how to suck a man's cock
well, but she was determined to make this experience unforgettable for the
nanoprobe infused Jake. Takes one of her tiny hands and gently cupped his
ball sacks while the other hand grabs the shaft and her tongue and lips moved
towards the tip of his manhood.

Finally the tip of Diane's long wet pink tongue came into contact with his
flesh. Jake moaned as Diane started to slowly lick the different sides of his
cock, trying to lubricate his entire length before she deep throated him. She
moved her mouth over his helmet and began to lightly suck on the very tip of
his cock. Jake moaned as he felt a tingling in his cock, the nanoprobes
preparing their magic, then the tingle was gone, replaced by an overwhelming
feeling of pleasure.

Diane sucked on his cock as hard as she could, imagining it was a frozen
popsicle. She was enjoying every second of pleasure she was giving her lover,
she loved the taste of his precum as it slowly oozed into her open mouth, and
was glad he was enjoying himself through her inefficient efforts.

As the cocksucking continued she reached her hands up to her own breasts and
began playing with her rock hard nipples. She gently pinched the brownish
buds with her thin fingers causing small jolts of pleasure to run up her
spine. She liked the feeling of having his meaty cock down her throat and her
breasts lightly tortured by her own hands.

Diane pulled his entire length into her mouth and began to deep throat his
manhood. Jake reached out his hands and placed them into her fiery hair, he
than pushed her struggling mouth down onto his cock, impaling her head on
his pole. The cock hit the back of Diane's throat, causing her to gag
reflexively, she than had to force her throat muscles to relax as he shoved
his cock further down her throat.

Jake moaned in ecstasy as he grabbed her red hair in a tight fist. He
pushed her head down into his crotch as hard as he could, savoring the sweet
sensation of her wet mouth fucking his large cock. Diane could barely breath,
his meat completely blocking her throat passage, and yet she was still
enjoying herself immensely.

Jake felt his cum boiling just beneath the surface and fought to keep
himself from cumming, wanting to prolong his pleasure at being in Diane's
mouth. Diane's wet mouth and hot breath tantalized his cock, begging him
to cum, he couldn't handle it any more and let his cum shoot deep into her
throat while pulling out slightly. Diane tasted the salty cum as it shot
from his cock, she loved the taste and quickly swallowed it in ecstasy.

Diane pulled her face up off his cock with a pop, and watched as a trail of
her saliva fell down on his quickly hardening cock. His shaft glistened and
Diane looked on in surprise as his cock swiftly grew back to full size, she
touched it with her hand experimentally and found it as rock hard as it was
before her cocksucking.

"I see I was right about the nanites helping your longevity" Diane said with
a smile, "Let's see how they measure up in providing thrust"

Diane stood up and faced Jake almost face to face as he looked down at her
with a pleasured look on his face. He was still shocked by her behavior, but
the fact that this was really happening to him and was not some fantasy blew
away any doubts he had about the situation. Jake leered at her ass as she
turned and crawled up onto his bed, her rump shaking slightly as she
stretched on all fours in front of him and slowly slid onto her stomach.
Diane turned slowly allowing Jake another great view of her breasts as she
gripped the cast iron bars above Jake's reinforced bed and spread her legs

Diane's spread legs opened up her pink pussy and exposed her virginal charms,
ready for ravishing. Jake moved to the bed and moved his body into position
over her, his arms easily holding his weight off of her as he moved his cock
towards the open pussy before him. Diane was ecstatic, Jake was to be her
first man, sure she had lost her virginity while playing with herself but it
just wasn't the same, finally she would no longer be a real virgin. His cock
was ready and so was she, ready to become a full woman.

With little warning Jake quickly thrusted his hips forward, driving his
throbbing manhood into her deep cavernous pussy. Her velvety vaginal walls
closed tightly around his cock as he moaned in pleasure, enjoying the
feeling of the doctor's pussy.

"YES!" cried out Diane as she felt her virginity finally leaving her body.
Her pussy began sending waves of pleasure throughout her body as he continued
to pump his cock in and out of her tight passage. The friction being caused
by the fucking she was receiving from her best friend caused Diane to moan
and twist her pelvis, trying to get more and more of his hard dick into her
body with each stroke. "OH YES!" She screamed as his cock buried itself to
it's hilt inside of her sweet snatch.

Jake was enjoying this a lot, feeling his cock slide in and out of Diane's
silky and velvety virginal pussy. Jake felt more pleasure than he had felt
in months, finally able to release all of his sexual frustration from the
nanoprobe affairs out in one glorious lovemaking session. After that
incredible blow job, Jake was nowhere near cumming and knew that his
nanoprobe enhanced sex drive was rocking Diane's world.

Reaching down to her chest, Jake began playing with her breasts. He ran
his large hands over her right breast, caressing the skin and enjoying the
shrudders that ran through her body as he simultaneously played with her
breasts and fucked her hard. His hands moved in circles around her breasts,
as he approached her waiting nipples. Finally he gripped one of the rock
hard nubs between his thumb and index finger and roughly pinched it.

Diane writhed and moaned beneath him, loving the feeling of the slight pain
emanating from her chest. "Don't Stop!" she hissed between clenched teeth,
her glowing body covered in sweat and her hands clenching tightly around the
iron bedposts.

Jake smiled and quickly moved his other hand to her left breast were he found
her nipple and began pinching the other nub as well. Diane moaned in pleasure
and Jake felt her have her first orgasm of the night, her pussy muscles
contracting around his hardened cock, and he loved every minute of it.

As the fucking process began to climb towards the hour mark, Diane began to
get exhausted, her body had produced four earth shaking orgasms and Jake had
yet to cum even once in that time. His nanoprobes keeping him rock hard and
in almost a constant state of pleasure as he waited for his cum. Finally at
exactly one hour into the fucking, Jake felt the cum boil in his cock and
with a loud cry of pleasure he let his semen shoot deep into Diane's belly.

With the fucking over, the two young and newly discovered lovers lay back
on Jake's bed, there nude forms covered in sweat and cum as they slowly
recovered from the intense physical action finally came to a close.

Diane rolled over and took a glance at Jake's fuck tool, still glistening
from the sex they had just shared. It was rock hard. Diane couldn't believe
it, there was no way she was ready for another tumble right away and quickly
tried to think of a non tiring way of bringing him off once again.

"I think this experiment was a success" Diane said as she moved her delicate
hand to the base of his cock and began a hand job...

The End......For Now


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