Crossfire - Crossworlds: James Bond 007 - Bonded (f/f,mc,celeb)
by Arcane ([email protected])

Of all the questions running through the mind of Denise Richards, the only
one which she could answer was Who?

She knew who she was, but that was a small mercy, given that when, where, why
or how were unknown to her.

She recalled going to bed. When she had woken up, she was here, wherever here

It was a cell, a fluorescent light shining on it's plain walls.

Denise sat in the middle of the room on an antique chair. Her singlet and
boxers were little comfort for her.

Her wrists and ankles were bound in ornate gold clamps and likewise, her neck
was ringed by a gold band that held her upright.

She thought that things couldn't possibly get more confusing.

At least until the door opened.

"Sophie?" Denise exclaimed to the woman who entered the room, a tall woman
with dark hair and eyes.

"I believe you are confused Doctor Jones." said the woman in a thick french
accent, as she laid a large briefcase on a side table.

She closed the door behind her. "Perhaps an after effect of whatever it was
that caused your incapacitation. Whatever it was, I am not one to pass up
such an opportunity."

"Sophie, what the hell are you talking about?"

The woman grabbed Denise's jaw, pulling her face close. "Deluded or not, you
will call me by my name. Electra King."

Despite her situation, Denise laughed. "Is this some sort of role play

"Your rants are all in vain. you will not be freed no matter what you say. I
trust you can appreciate this particular antique. I will not bore you with
the details of it's past, but as you can see, it is most effective."

Denise recognised the chair well enough from The World Is Not Enough. But
however much it looked like the prop, it worked perfectly well now. And
Denise was beginning to suspect that Sophie Marceux wasn't herself either.

"What do you want?"

"What I want, is beyond your understanding. But I am interested in exactly
what you know and how much MI6 knows."

"M16? Sophie I don't know anything about that. What are you playing at?"

"You think I am playing Doctor? Never mind, I assumed you would refuse me."

The woman, Denise mentally labelled her Electra because she was totally
unlike the Sophie she knew, crossed to the bag and drew out a small case.
From it she removed a thin hypodermic needle.

"No! I don't know anything!" Denise struggled but the chair was much too well
made for her to free herself.

Electra tapped her arm, readied the needle then injected its contents.

Denise felt the sting of the needle, followed by a red hot flow surging
through her. Within seconds she was washed away by the heated wave, her skin
crawling as the drug took affect. She clenched her fists tight, waiting,
hoping that the burning would end.

After five seconds it did.

Denise let out a gasp, realizing she'd been holding her breath. As fresh air
filled her lungs, she felt a relaxed feeling flow through her. The initial
pain of the drug had passed, leaving only the dizzying after effects. She was
conscious of the drug working at her system, but had no idea what to expect

"There." Electra drew up a chair and smiled. "Doesn't that feel more

Denise refused to answer, shaking her head in the vain hope that she could
shake the feeling.

"Now, why don't you tell me all about MI6?"

"I don't know anything.." Denise replied, hearing the slur of her own words.
Her tongue felt much to heavy.

"My my, you are a tough one. No matter, I have plenty of time."

Electra rummaged in her bag, drawing a visor which she slipped over Denise's

Through the darkness she heard a switch being flicked.

She winced in shock as lights began to strobe before her eyes. She twisted
her head, trying to get away but there was no way of dislodging the device.
She let out a moan of discomfort, the flashing lights too bright for her

"Plenty of time." whispered a voice close to her ear. Denise heard steps then
a door opening and closing.

She let out another moan, the warm, dizzying effects of the drug mixing with
the stinging pain of the lights. she was unable to think of the exact purpose
of the lights, though through the drug it was hard to think of anything at

There was nothing to see in each flash, just white light, flashing at quick
random intervals.

She shook her head violently, trying to remove the visor. It remained tight.

Time wore on. Frustration grew.

She was unable to concentrate, unable to think of anything. the drug alone
might have induced sleep but the strobe made relaxing impossible. Closing her
eyes only served to dim the white pulses to her mind.

Time passed, unknown to Denise.

She heard a door open. Movement.

"So." whispered the soft calm voice of her captor once again. "Are you ready
to talk?"

Denise swallowed, gritting her teeth.

"I. don't.. know.. anything." she snarled.

"That is what I thought you'd say."

Denise felt a sting as a needle pierced her arm. Red hot fire surged through

She let out a harsh, unrestrained moan.

Gradually the heat subsided, leaving her more relaxed than ever. The lights
still flashed.

"Poor thing." Said the same silky voice. "It must be so hard to think. So
hard to reason."

Denise felt a finger stroking her cheek.

"Why do you fight it? Wouldn't it feel so good? Not having to think, just
relaxing, enjoying that feeling?"

The finger ran down, moving over Denises open lips.

"Enjoy it. Take pleasure in what you feel. It's so much better not to think
about it."

Electra traced her way over her captives chin, down her neck. For the first
time Denise realised that she was soaked in sweat, her bodies reaction to the
drug. It slid down, over her chest, rubbing the top of her breast before
hitting the white fabric which clung to her skin.

"I know you can feel me. I know it feels good. You want to hate it but you
can't. To hate you have to think and you don't want to think, you want to

Denise let out a weak moan as she felt Electras soft hands press against her

"You can feel pleasure without thinking. You don't need your mind, just your

Fingertips peeled the wet fabric up, exposing Denises chest to the air.

"Just your body."

Denise felt a single, soft kiss on her left nipple. Then a second later on
her right.

Then she heard a flick.

The light intensity doubled.

Denise moaned. She howled and thrashed her head from side to side.

She felt a kiss on her left nipple, then her right.

She tugged at her bonds, trying to free herself.

Left nipple then right.

It was impossible to think, to do anything other than exist in the moment.

Left. Right.

Electra maintained her calm, steady pattern, watching as her victim calmed

By the time she was done, she was kissing to fully erect nipples and Denise
wasn't struggling at all.

"Good girl." Electra sucked the left nipple for a second, listening to Denise

"Very good girl." she repeated the action on the right then sat back.

"Doesn't that feel good?"

"yess.." Denise slurred a reply.

"You like feeling good don't you?"


"You don't have to think do you?"


"Good girl. Do you want to tell me about MI6 now?"


Electra pressed her fingertips against Denises boxers.


"nooo.." Denise shook her head again.

"Alright then." Electra said softly as she began to massage Denises crotch.
"I just want you to feel good. Do you feel good?"

"yesssss." Denise sighed.

"Good girl." Electra whispered, kissing Denises right nipple then left.

Electra wrapped herself around her helpless captive. She shifted her lags,
kneeling before Denise. One hand she slipped beneath the waistband of
Denise's boxers, the other she stroked against her neck. In unison with the
massage and masturbation, Electra continued to kiss Denise's nipples,
maintaining her steady rhythm.

Denise panted, feeling an orgasm building within her. She felt supple fingers
stroke her neck, rubbing her muscles so gently.

Soft fingers massaged her clitoris, every motion building more tension within
her. Smooth, wet lips continued to kiss her breasts, keeping her nipples

"Tell me about MI6" Electra whispered.

Denise exhales a long, soft moan as she came.

Part of the moan was one of disappointment.

Because she so wished that she had something to say, some information that
would please Electra.

But there was nothing.

Nothing to stop the kisses and rubbing and lights and kisses and drugs and
orgasms and kisses and kisses and kisses....


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