Note: Based off the Jaws movies but also borrows from the indie shark-film
'Blue Demon'.

Jaws: The Halloween Dare (FF,F-solo,inter,viol)
by Hamster

The United States Navy was experimenting with using sharks a s genetic
weapons special security net kept a gigantic 30-foot great white enclosed in
a bay where it was being trained to attack certain targets and ignore others.
It was not an easy task. Two scientists and a maintenance worker had already
been eaten. And while the shark responded well to the elctro-stimuli commands
that encouraged it to attack, the monster nicknamed Jaws did not respond all
that well to the commands the encouraged it to ignore a target. So far it had
eaten three of the trained seals that it was supposed to ignore. Another big
problem facing the research project was the series of crippling budget
cutbacks that had resulted in the Navy having to replace the electrified
fence that surrounded the base with a standard fence. There were signs all
around the fence that warned of "Military Property: Keep Out", "Danger: Water
Toxic" or the refreshingly honest "Danger: Sharks". But these were not enough
to discourage the girls of Beta Alpha Troy.

Three of the members of the BAT sorority were taking a forth to the base in
order to complete a special Halloween dare that was part of the University
of California-Malibu's inter-sorority competition. The BATs were a special
sorority, they were comprised of nothing but hot lesbians. The girls Goldie,
Ginger and Ebony were all getting into their bathing suites as was pledge
Raven. Goldie was a large breasted blonde wearing a yellow bikini, Ginger
was a petite red-head and wore a red bikini, Ebony was a hot black girl with
a fantastic butt and she was wearing a black bathing suite. Raven had black
hair with purple streaks, she had many piercings and a Raven tattooed on the
small of her back. She wore a purple and black bikini that showed off her
boobs that were second only to Goldie"s. Ginger had the Camera and it was her
job to film as Raven swam out to a buoy just off shore. It was dark and the
only light was provided by the moon so the girls set up some lights. The
other two would be in a raft to help Raven get out of the water if anything
happened. Ginger made sure to shoot the warning signs as Ebony cut the chain
links of the fence. The girls climbed in and dragged along their raft. Raven
did some stretching to get ready.

"No stalling dyke! Get your ass in the water." Goldie yelled.

"I'm just warming up you bitch." Raven shot back.

"Whatever. I think you're just scared of the sharks." Goldie said.

The two girls hated each other.

"Lay off her Goldie, I don't see your ass getting in the water." Ebony said.

Goldie just shot her tongue out at her. Once Raven finished stretching she
walked over to the water and started to wade in. Ebony and Goldie dragged the
raft into the water and then Goldie paused.

"What?" Ebony demanded.

"What if there really are sharks in there?" Goldie said.

"Don"t be retarded. The military only puts those signs up to scare people,
now help me with this stupid raft." Ebony said.

The BATS girls dragged the raft out into the water and began to paddle after
Raven as she swam. Raven began to get into a good rhythm as she swam in the
direction of the buoy. She was swimming at a fairly good speed when she
suddenly felt something very large brush up against her toe.

"Oh shit!" Raven cried out!

"What?" Demanded Ebony.

"There's something in here! It just brushed up against my foot." Said Raven.

"No way. You"re making it up." Said Goldie.

Goldie and Ebony laughed as Raven swam faster and more desperately. She
arrived at the buoy and climbed on top of it as her BAT sorority sisters
laughed their asses off. Goldie turned to Ebony.

"You know what I always wanted to try?" Goldie asked.

"What?" Asked Ebony.

"To get a piece of black ass while on a raft." Goldie said.

Ebony shrugged. "Sure, why the hell not?"

"Here that Raven, you get to watch us fuck." Goldie said.

"We don't have time! Get me in the boat so we can get out of here." Raven

"Forget it, you can watch the show or swim back.

Goldie took off her top and her enormous boobs popped free. Ebony immediately
sucked on a hard rubbery nipple. Ginger redirected her camera and zoomed in.
Ebony was now squeezing the other nipple while Goldie reached around slapped
Ebony's ass then grabbed it hard. Goldie pushed Ebony onto her back and then
grabbed Ebony"s bikini bottoms. Goldie slipped the other woman's bathing suit
off. Goldie pushed two finger"s into Ebony"s pussy and began to push them in
and out. While Ginger filmed the entire thing she slid a hand into her own
bikini bottom and began to stroke her pussy. Now Goldie had her mouth on
Ebony's pussy and was tongue fucking her with an obscene zeal.

"Oh yeah girl, oh yeah do it." Moaned Ebony.

Even Raven relaxed a little as she watched the hot scene. After she came
Ebony rolled over. Goldie spread her cheeks and tongued Ebony"s anus. Then
the traded places and Ebony roughly squeezed Goldie's enormous tits while
licking her pussy. By now Raven was also masturbating. She finger fucked
herself with her right hand while hanging on with her left, but she lost
her balance and splashed into the water. She did not surface. The three
other women stopped their activities as soon as they heard the splash but
so no sign of their friend.

Suddenly a massive gray form surged up from beneath the raft and Ebony and
Goldie were thrown into the water they both screamed but the shark had the
raft in his mouth not one of them. Both girls started to swim desperately
for shore as the Shark sank beneath the surface. Suddenly it resurfaced and
then bit Ebony clean in half, it opened it's jaws and then snapped the rest
of her up. Goldie didn't look back.

"Hurry, hurry!!!" Screamed Ginger.

Goldie was nearly to shore, she was only a couple feet away when the huge
shark reappeared bit one of Goldie's legs off. It only took Ginger a second
to decide a course of action. She ran forward and grabbed Goldie's hand then
dragged her out of the water. Ginger dialed 911 on her cell phone and prayed
that the ambulance would arrive in time.
_ _ _

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