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Jeepers Creepers (MF,ncon,creature)
by Thugster85

"Jeepers Creepers where'd you get those peepers..." That damn song kept
playing itself over and over in Trish's mind. She was losing it mentally.
All she could think about was her brother Darry and what he must be going
through right now if he is alive. The last time she saw him was when the
demon carried him off. The devil that had been chasing them over the last
day. They never did find out how it could possibly exist, and most of the
time she just wished it was a dream. That when she woke up, Darry would be
right next to her and they would be involved in their normal sibling
arguing. The only problem was it never happened, all that had happened to
them was real. Trish tried to think of something else but her mind kept
coming back to the creature and her brother. Where that thing came from was
only one of her many questions. All she really knew about it was what the
psychic lady told them. That it came out every 23 years for 23 days and fed.
It ate the body parts of humans to grow and stay strong. The part that
scared her was it chose only certain parts from people. She remembered how
it hadn't died when they tried to kill it, all because it had eaten too many
hearts. "How old is it, what is it, where'd it take Darry?" were all
questions racing through her head. She rested her head against the window as
she closed her eyes. A tear ran from her eye and rolled down her cheek,
leaving a moist trail across her skin. Then she wondered about the life it
must leave. It had to be thousands of years old, and led a tortured and hard
life of secrecy and independence. Maybe that's why it was so violent. In
fact it wasn't a total evil in it. He's jsut a creature that follows his
basic instincts about what he needs. "What the fuck!" Trish said opening her
eyes and sitting up. She felt disgusted that she was justifying that thing
in her mind.

Trish looked around at the cars and people walking around the police station.
Finally she reached for her keys and started the engine. It roared to life
and she put it into gear. Pulling out of her parking space, she got onto the
road. She only had an hour or two of driving to get to her mom's house. She
had met her mom a few minutes earlier in the parking lot, but told her she
would be fine and convinced her to let her drive herself home. Agreeing, her
mom had left ten minutes ago and headed home, leaving Trish in her car to
relax and fell better for alittle bit. Giving her time to think. Trish waited
for a car to pass and then she turned out of the police station parking lot
and onto the small highway. Heading down it in her beaten up car, Trish just
kept thinking about all that had happened. In a day, her whole life had
changed. She lost her brother, and would be having nightmares for the rest of
her life. She knew she would be seeking therapy once she got home. The ride
seemed to go by fast as she drove along. She looked at the scenery as she
continued on her way. Then something caught her eye and she almost swerved
off the road. Her heart had stopped for a brief moment, and now she sat
there, her fingers clawing into the stearing wheel, as she breathed heavily.
She glanced back towards the treeline where she thought she had seen it, seen
him. It was a figure, watching the road from the protection of the trees. It
was wearing a hat and trenchcoat like the demon had worn. Trish turned her
head back to the roadquickly and looked back. There was nothing there. She
wondered if she was going insane. But no, she knew she had seen it. He had
been there, watching her, following her. Trish loosened her grip on the
steering wheel and focused back on the road.

She kept her eyes dead ahead, her whole body shaking with fear. She decided
to see if anyone was around. Looking back in her rear view mirror and saw a
truck coming up behind her. Other than that there were no cars on the road
for miles. She kept her eyes on her rear view mirror, watching as it came
closer and closer. Then it got close enough for Trish to see what it was.
"Oh my god!" she screamed as she saw it was the demon's truck. It was
speeding up faster and faster towards her. "No, shit, shit, shit!" she was
yelling as she steeped on the gas. Her car sped up and she looked in her
mirror again. The truck was pulling up beside her and then finally pulled
infront and kept going. Then Trish realized it was just a 16 wheeler. "Oh my
god!" she let out quickly as she breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn't
take it anymore, her mind was playing tricks on her. From seeing the figure
on the side of the road, to thinking the 16 wheeler was the demon's truck,
she was really loosing it badly. Trish noticed how fast she was going, her
foot was pressing the accelerator to the floor. Removing her foot slowly,
she let the car slow down to a reasonable speed. She looked to her right and
saw an old building. It looked like a service building for pipes and such.
An old sewage plant or something. Moss and chipped paint covered the sides
of the building, while the long smoke chimneys extending out of the ground
billowed small amounts of smoke. What caught Trish's eye was the large
ammount of crows all around. The black birds covered the building and ground.
Trish slowed down even more as she watched the birds with hatred. The dirty,
flying creatures reminded her of the demon. Then suddenly she was jerked back
to reality with a familiar tune playing from somewhere. "Jeepers Creepers
where'd you get those peepers..." She looked around quickly wondering where
it was coming from. Then she remembered what the psychic had said. "Whenever
you hear that song, you know it's coming for you next, and it's not gonna
give up till it gets what it wants."

"No!" wheres it coming from!" she yelled slamming her hand against the radio.
Then there was a loud thumping on the roof of her car which made Trish
scream. "What the..." she muttered as she noticed the dent in the panel above
her head. Then she realized something was moving up there. "No!" she yelled
as she heard a screeching noise and watched a hand tear into the ceiling
right next to her head. Then another hand, and before she knew it, the demon
was tearing the roof of her car off like it was a tin can. She jammed on the
break, but it just jerked the demon around slightly. It kept it's grip on the
car tightly.

"No stay away!" Trish yelled as she swung up at it, her arm covering her
head. The demon looked at her, it's eyes tracing her body over. Then in one
quick motion, it grabbed her by the arms and lept from the moving car.
Holding her from her limbs, it took off into the air, it's wings carrying
him and her towards the old building. Trish struggled in his grip, but found
it was no use, the thing was too strong. The creature moved fast in the air,
everything flew by Trish like it was going at light speed. She couldn't focus
on anything. Then it all stopped. Everything was cast into darkness as she
blacked out.

When Trish awoke she found she was in a spacious room. It was dimly lit, and
had a smell of death to it. The walls were filthy and she figured she was in
the building that was off from the road. Trish got to her feet and brushed
the dirt from her hands. A few pipes stuck out from the walls, and a couple
large faucet like handles were next to them. Trish saw there was one door to
the room and she grabbed the handle. Turning it, the door opened. She stepped
into another room, this one larger. This time she could hear the song
`Jeepers Creepers' playing from somewhere. Trish followed the sound, thinking
maybe she would find Darry. She made her way down a staircase and to another
level, even deeper below ground she went. She walked into the room at the
bottom of the stairs and saw a few tables around. There were strange bottles
of liquids and candles all over them, just like Darry had described when he
told what he had found in the church's basement. "No!" Trish gasped as she
saw the most horrifying sight yet. Ten feet away was Darry's body. It stood
there nude, everything looked intact, except for where his eyes should be
there was nothing but holes. "No, no, please no." Trish muttered now knowing
what it had wanted. It was after his eyes, and now it had them. It had
probably eaten them already, savoring it's fleshy meal. Trish felt like
throwing up. Then suddenly Trish screamed. The demon was behind her, and had
grabbed her shoulder. It jerked her back slightly, but Trish jerked. She
pulled away from him quickly, and her red t-shirt ripped off of her body.
The demon discarded the cloth and went after her. Trish had only made it a
few steps before it had her. It grabbed her and pulled her to him. Holding
her tight, it began to run it's nose close to her. It was breathing in her
scent as it moved along her figure. It took in the whole scent of her then
went over her again. This time it stopped at her crotch. It breathed in deep
breaths, and ran it's nose around her jean clad pussy. The demon made some
sort of noise and lifted it's head away from her. It then grabbed ahold of
her jeans with it's clawed hands. Before Trish could react or say anything,
she heard a tearing noise and her jeans were pulled off her, leaving her in
her black bra and black bikini panties.

"Leave me alone! I have nothin you want!" she yelled stepping back away from
him. He just watched her, his eyes continuing to study her. His new eyes,
Darry's eyes. The ones he had taken from him, and made his own. Trish didn't
know what it wanted, but the only thing she could think about was escaping.
Even though she knew it was useless, it wouldnt give up till it had what it
wanted. In a quick movement it had grabbed ahold of her bra and tore it off,
letting her breast fall out and jiggle lightly. Trish knew she had a nice
body, and liked when guys admired it, but having this thing forcefully strip
her and study her body made her sick to the stomach. Trish's nipples hardened
in the coldness of the room. Finally Trish stopped moving. "Take what it is
you want from me!" she yelled. "Just kill me and get it over with!" she

The creature just took this time to grab her panties and rip them off. Her
small bush of blondish brown pubic hair stood out on her milky skin, along
with her pink slit. The creature grabbed Trish by the neck and lifted her
high above it's head. It then brought it's nose to her pussy and began
sniffing again. It breathed in her womanly scent and admired it. Trish gasped
as it nuzzled it's cold nose into her warm cunt and continued smelling her.
She knew it was looking for what part it wanted, but she couldnt understand
why it would be sniffing her pussy. It then dropped her to the ground, and
Trish landed hard on her ass. Looking up as the creature towered over her,
she watched as it removed the hat and trench coat to reveal it's demonic
body. It's hard skin covering it's body, protecting it, and adding to it's
ugliness. The demon stretched out it's arms slightly, it's muscles flexing.
It was as if it was trying to intimidate her, and it was working. Trish was
scared to death, wondering if the same fate as her brother was to happen to

Backing up against the wall, Trish tried to cover her nude body with her
hands. Then suddenly somethiong caught her eye. A slit in the demon's skin
began opening on it's crotch area. It was as if the skin was opening up like
it was a sheath. Out from it's sheath came a long cock. It looked like a
humans, but it was the greenish color of the demon's skin. "Keep away from
me with that!" Trish said scared.

Out from the sheath then came it's testicles, and the complete package was
now hanging inbetween it's legs. Trish was surprised at it's size. It was
about ten inches long and not fully hard yet. It stuck out form it's crotch
like a spear, it's two balls hangin at it's base. Suddenly the demon began
approaching Trish. Trish backed up against the wall as close as she could but
realized she couldn't run from him. It had her trapped and would have it's
way with her. She only wished it would kill her and spare her any shame. The
demon grabbed Trish's leg and pulled her from the wall. It then pushed her
onto her back and stood over her.

"Nooo!" she screamed, but it was no use. The demon just grabbed ahold of
Trish's hips and lifted her up to him. Trish felt the cockhead rubbing up and
down her slit as the creature readied himself. "Please don't" was all she
could manage before the demon pushed it's thick cock deep into Trish's tight
pussy. "Ohhhh!!!!" she screamed out as it filled her to fullness.

It burned as he continued to push his meat into her, stuffing her tight.
Trish began crying out as it moved her back and forth on it's dick, slamming
her fully onto it. The demon's balls slapped her ass with each thrust. Trish
could now see why it stayed after her, what it wanted from her. It wanted
her delicate pussy for pleasure, and then after that it would probably kill
her. Trish was in slight pain as the demon continued to fuck her with long
and hard strokes. Her breasts were bouncing up and down her chest quickly as
her head was jerked around and her hair thrown all over the place. "Uhh uhhh
uhh uhh!" she muttured as saliva ran out of her mouth.

The creature was jerking her around violently as it kept fucking her.
Trish could feel it start to feel better as her pussy produced it's own
lubrication. Her juices coating it's dick and making it pump harder. Trish
felt like it was going to pound a hole into her as she bounced around in the
air. The only thing supporting her up was the demon's dick and it's arms.
She was basically a rag doll hanging from it. It kept thrusting her up and
down on it's shaft for awhile, then began with long strokes, pulling his
cock almost completely out, then back in. On one of his pulling outs, the
demon's cock slipped from Trish's soaked cunt. "Ahh!" Trish yelled out as it
pulled her back towards him.

The demon hadn't noticed it's cock slipping into her ass. It was to quick
of a movement for Trish to stop, and before she knew it, the cockhead had
slipped past her sphicinter and he was plunging his cock deep into her
bowels. "Ohhhh!" Trish moaned in pain.

The demon looked at her and a smile broke onto it's face as it watched her
crying out in pain. It then began a full pounding into her ass, tearing her
anal virginity away with no regard. Trish couldn't believe the pressure it
was putting on her insides to have the dick up her butt. She only wished she
would die or black out, but that wasn't going to happen.

"Ahhh!" the demon moaned as it continued to pound her tight, hot ass. Trish
was feeling weak after ten minutes of this going on. Her ass was sore and
raw as it continued to fuck her tight hole. It seemed to enjoy every time
she let out a cry of pain. Then when it began to take slow strokes, Trish
felt a wet, warm liquid filling her crammed bowels. She knew it was cumming,
spilling it's sick, demon seed into her. Trish was hating all of this, she
was receiving absolutely no pleasure from any of this. Cum leaked out of her
battered ass as she completely in his control. She then felt a great release
of pressure as the demon removed his dirty, cum-covered cock from her ass.
Trish looke dup through blurry eyes and saw it's cock was still semi hard.
It then just grabbed her tight and jammed it's cock deep into her cunt. It
pistoned in and out for a few minutes and then released another load of cum
into her, this time filling her womb with the sticky jizz. The demon loved
the sight as cum leaked from Trish's ass and pussy. Trish moaned in pain and
pleaseure as it raped her slowly until it had jammed all its load into her
womb, then it removed it's cock. She noticed his cock was still hard. How
many testicles did this monster eat to have so many loads, Trish wondered.
She felt weak, and then suddenly blanked out as the demon was moving her
into another position.

When Trish woke up she was in the same room. She couldn't move though. Her
whole body was sore, every muscle felt used and worn. Trish's pussy, ass and
mouth were the soarest, and she wondered how long she had been unconscious.
She wondered what day it was, what time it was, and where the creature was.
She felt sticky too, she noticed as her eyes were having trouble staying
open. Her whole body was plastered in cum, that damn beast's semen that had
ruined her life and taken her brother's own life. The song echoed through
her head as it played on the old phonograph. "Jeepers Creepers where'd you
get those peepers..." it kept going and going, the only sound in the whole
place. As she lay there unable to move she finally saw what it had wanted
from her. It wasn't merely a body part, it was her whole self. It wanted a
mate. She was chosen and it had gotten what it wanted, she realized as she
felt it's semen leaking past her bruised cunt lips and running down her
thighs. She was it's mate!

The End


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