Jerry Springer: Bonding Sisters (ff,inc,BDSM,nc-cons)
by Hamster([email protected])


The crowd chanted as their favorite sleazy daytime talk-show host took to the

"Hello everyone." Said Jerry. "I'd like you all to welcome to the show
Jenny Johnson. Now Jenny, you are a mother of two teenaged daughters is that

"Yes Jerry." Said the blonde woman, in her late 30s, sitting on the stage.

"And you had a massive problem with your girls fighting non-stop correct?"
Asked Jerry.

"Yes that's right." Said Jenny.

"But you found a way to resolve the problem is that right?"

"Yes Jerry, I don't recommend it for everyone but in my case it worked like
a charm." Jenny said.

"Would you mind telling us about it?" Asked Jerry.

"I'd be happy to." Said Jenny.

* * *

Jenny Johnson had enough. She was absolutely fed up with the war in her own
home. Her two daughters, Caitlin-15 and Briana-13, had been fighting non-stop
for the better part of their lives and it had finally pushed her over the
edge. She was determined to do something about it, even if it meant extreme
measures. The straw that had broken the camel's back was when the girls had
humiliated her by getting into a very public catfight in the store where she
worked. To make things worse, Jenny was in a very dire financial situation.
She had no idea how she was going to pay her bills in addition to buying all
of the things that her daughters wanted. It was then that a plan struck her
that would solve both of her problems at once.

Such constant and petty bickering was almost always the result of deep
underlying personal issues most usually unrequited lust, Jenny had read in
a book. This made sense. Since they were sisters if they had any hidden urges
for each other they likely believed that they could never act on them. That
is exactly the sort of thing that would lead to frustration and resentment.
As far as her other problem went, if she got the two girls to engage in hot
lesbian action then she could catch it all on video and make a fortune on
on-line sales. It was win-win for everyone.

She immediately went out to be supplies from the drug store, an electronics
shop and a local S&M store.

Friday of that week she set her trap. The two girls came home from
cheerleading practice arguing as usual.

"Shut up, Briana. You don't know everything." Said Caitlin.

Caitlin was the older of the two girls. She had a nice set of tits and a very
nice ass.

"Don't tell me to shut up just because you are always wrong." Briana although
younger was as tall as her sister and very slender. She still lacked much in
the T&A department but was still very pretty.

"Both of you shut up." Said Jenny. She held out a plate to them. "I made you
two cookies."

"No thanks mom, I'm not hungry." Said Briana.

They both flinched at the harshness of their response. The both quickly
grabbed a cookie apiece and ate them.

"Wow, I feel weird." Said Caitlin who promptly feinted.

"What...." Briana managed to get out before she crumpled to the floor.

"Phase 1, complete." Said Jenny.

Jenny dragged them to her bedroom and put them on the bed after removing
their cheerleading outfits. Briana's was her middle school's blue and white.
Caitlin wore her high school’s black and red. Once they were naked and on
the bed, Jenny put Caitlin facedown on top of Briana so that they were facing
each other. She used handcuffs to bind Caitlin's left wrist to Briana's right
wrist and vice versa. Next she did the same for the ankles. Now, he two girls
were bound facing each other and had to move their limbs in tandem or not at
all. Next she connected one set of ankles to the left bedpost and then the
other set to the right. Now the girls' legs were forced apart. Jenny had
various cameras set up all over the room to catch every possible angle of the
show. Jenny donned a skin-tight black leather dominatrix outfit. The girls
blinked and began to awaken from their drug-induced slumber. They quickly
realized the predicament that they were in.

"MOM!!! What are you doing?" Briana exclaimed.

"I'm teaching you two how to get along better." Said Jenny. "Like any
responsible parent."

"You're CRAZY." Screamed Caitlin.

"That's because you two drove me crazy. Now hold on, I have a surprise for
you undeserving little bitches." Said Jenny.

Jenny walked over to the cabinet and opened one of the middle drawers to
retrieve a double-headed dildo. The double-headed dildo's was pink in color
and was quite flexible despite a vibrating core locked within. With pink
double dildo in hand Jenny slowly moved towards her two daughters and
displayed it in front of their stunned faces before slowly inserting it into
each of their pussies.


"OH SHIT!" Screamed Briana.

They struggling but Jenny inserted the flexible thing in their cunts with
minimal difficulty. Jenny flipped the switch on the twin-headed dildo. They
both gasped involuntarily as it started to vibrate inside of them.

"Now kiss." Jenny ordered sternly

"N-no pl-please not that." Caitlin stammered.

"I-I don't want to k-kiss C-Caitlin." Briana cried in disgust.

The powerful vibrating double-double-headed dildo made their speech less

Jenny lost her patience completely, so she forced their faces together and
mashed their blonde heads together like the lesbian lovers she needed them
to become.

"MMmmmmmffffff" They tried to protest with their mouths slapped to each

Their pussies were moist and glistening from wetness as the double dildo
worked on their tight pussies.

"You two girls better start kissing like you fucking mean it, OR ELSE!" Jenny
said before lashing their thighs with a nearby crop.

Briana took the initiative and kissed her sister on the lips, lightly at
first, then the passion picked up. Obviously, the throbbing dildo connecting
their cunts had something to do with it.

"So do you two little sluts like lesbian sex?" Demanded Jenny. "Answer
together, now."

"We, we love lesbian sex." Caitlin and Briana said together.


"WE LOVE LESBIAN SEX!" They cried as the stimulation from each the dildo
drove them insane with passion.

"Good... Now Caitlin admit that you've always wanted to fuck Briana's brains
out." Jenny ordered.

Caitlin cried.

Jenny appreciated the fact she was improvising and coming up with her own
material. It meant that was an honest reply. They both said those words
between gasps and pants since all the pleasure in their hot cunts.

"Oh shit, Caitlin, this feels so good." Moaned Briana. Briana could feel her
sister's big tits mashed against her chest. Briana had always been jealous of
Caitlin's hot bod before but now she just liked the way that it felt against
her own. "God sis, I love your ass. If I had a cock. I'd fuck your ass."

"If you had one, I'd let you." Said Caitlin.

They laced their fingers and held hands as they enjoyed the pleasure of the
dildo and each other's warm bodies. They were kissing very passionately when
they finally came to orgasms.

"Hmm." Said Jenny. "Looks like you are both starting to take to this. Let
me tell you guys how it's going to be. Briana, you are going to move in to
Caitlin's room with her. I'm turning your room into a studio for any and
all of our future movies. In compensation you sister Caitlin is going to be
your sex-slave any time you want."

"Wait a..." Caitlin began to protest.

"Sorry somebody has to be the dom and somebody has to be the sub. Guess what
you have the bigger tits, in my world that makes you a perfect sub. Diggit."
Said Jenny. Caitlin nodded sullenly. "Good."

Jenny unlocked them but the girls simply fondled each other and kissed with
more freedom. After watching them for a while and getting it all on tape,
Jenny got undressed and joined her daughters on the bed.

"Girls, I think that you should thank your mom for helping you realize and
live out your sexual desires." Said Jenny.

"Yes mom." The girls both said at once.

Caitlin positioned herself to eat out her mother's pussy while her sister
fingered her.

* * *


The crowd chanted as Jenny finished her story.

"So how are things now?" Asked Jerry.

"Terrific." Said Jenny. "The girl's grades have improved, they don't fight
anymore and I have a ton of extra cash." Jenny announced.

The crowd clapped and cheered.


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