Jerry Springer: PTP Auction - Pet Sale! (Ff,ff,BDSM)
by Hamster ([email protected])


Jerry had to admit it, he loved it when they chanted his name.

"Hello everyone." He said. "We have been talking with the staff and clients
of PtP Land, but they have a few competitors. Lets meet Allison Carlisle. Ms.
Carlisle you own a very special Pet Store don't you?"

Allison Carlisle, a forty-year old blonde sat on a chair on stage.

"Yes Jerry I do. Our store specializes in human pets. Young girls sold as sex
slaves." Allison said matter of factly.

"We also have with us today one of Ms. Carlisle's satisfied customers, Jenna
Malloy." Jerry said.

In the chair next to Allison was another woman.

"That's right Jerry a very satisfied customer." She said.

"Do you mind telling us about your experiences with Allison's pet store?"
Jerry asked.

"I'd be happy to." Jenna said.

- - -

The aside from its remarkable size the Pet Store was fairly unremarkable on
the outside. In fact upon entering one could find the usual assortment of
food, bowls cages, leashes. However when after hours, the store catered to a
select and elite clientele. Jenna Malloy was a first time customer. As
instructed she arrived at the store at 7pm, about 2 hours after the pet store
supposedly closed. Jenna knocked and a teenaged blonde in khaki shorts and
white polo opened the door.

"I'm sorry we're closed." Said the blonde.

"I'm Jenna Mallow, I have an appointment." Jenna said.

The girl checked a list on her clipboard and then smiled brilliantly.

"Ah yes Ms. Malloy please take a seat." Jenna said.

Jenna noticed that there was a small wooden stage in front of the counter and
several comfortable seats all filled with men and a couple of women. All were
dressed in Tuxedo's or expensive dresses. Jenna quickly took an available
empty seat. Several young men and women dressed in red and white uniforms
offered refreshments. Jenna had a little knowledge about the 'candy' being
auctioned off. They were all 14- year-old girls and all virgins. Everybody
won. Jenna had showed up fully intent on purchasing a harem. Jenna had more
than enough money to ensure that she got exactly the sort of harem she

Very soon a man stepped on to the stage and spoke in a loud, clear voice.

"Gentlemen and ladies, welcome to the Candy Store. We have some very nice
treats up for auction today. Please open up your wallets and your hearts
since 5% of the proceeds of today's auction go to the Society for the
prevention of cruelty to animals. You are all here to buy very special
sex-slaves for a contracted period of 1 year, during which they are all
yours. Now those of you who are not familiar with our little pet store
should know a few of the terms we use. Imported means the girl is from
another country and likely doesn't speak English. Domestic means she was
born in the United States. Domestic means that they were bred by sex-slaves
to become sex-slaves. Once their year of service was up you would have the
option to extend their contract or they would be returned to a brothel.
Wild-Caught means that the girl in question was contracted to the Pet Shop
by Parents in need of money and those parents would get them back when the
year was up. Let's not delay, lets get started. Our first item up for
auction is Maya." The auctioneer stepped off the stage.

One of the uniformed employees left the backroom leading a short Latina girl
on a leash. The girl was wearing a tiny green, two-piece bikini. This bikini
had the pet-store's logo on the top, above the breast and on the bottom on
the butt. The girl had the most beautiful long black hair. She also had some
very lovely full lips. She seemed very comfortable as she was displayed for
public view upon the stage.

"Maya is domestic and farm-raised and like all of our girls she is 100%
virgin-guaranteed." The man announced. Jenna Malloy knew right away that she
had to have this girl for herself.

The bidding started at 7-thousand then rose to 10 and 15, Jenna finally
won Maya's ownership with a 17-thousand dollar bid. Maya looked a little
startled, having believed that she would be sold to a man not a woman. She
thought, maybe, that this woman who'd just purchased her was simply an
assistant whoever her real owner would be. The girl was escorted off stage
and into the back. Once she arrived in the back room a pet shop worker
peeled a large red sticker off of a sheet and then stuck it to Maya's body.
The adhesive was made to stick to human skin and was certain to stay on.
The pet shop worker took a black sharpie and wrote the name of Maya's new
owner on it, as well as the truck number of the transport that would deliver
her to her new home. After being tagged she was put in animal carrier and
locked in.

Meanwhile, Jenna passed on the next two girls. Both were also domestic and
farm-raised and pretty but Jenna wanted to save her money for something more
exotic. The fourth girl REALLY caught Jenna's attention. This time it was a
pale red haired girl. She looked a bit frightened and was, unlike the
previous girls, she was cuffed and had a ball-gag on.

"Our next pet up for bid is Rachel a lovely domestic wild-caught little thing
who is still coming to terms with her fate." The auctioneer announced.

Bidding started high at 9 thousand but to the irritation of everyone who also
wanted to own the reluctant slave-girl, Jenna won with a bid of 35 thousand.
A few other wild caught girls were put on display but Jenna didn't put in a
bid until Ayanna, an imported wild-caught girl from India, was offered. At
16 and a half thousand she turned out to be a bargain.

Jenna did not bid again until the night's 'Special' at the very end of the

"Ladies and gentlemen we have a very, very special treat for you. Wild-Caught
Domestic TWINS!!! These pets will only be sold only as a set. Please bring
Autumn and Summer out so that everyone can meet them."

Two identical blondes were escorted on to the stage. The pair were scared but
resigned to their fate as they stepped onto the stage. The bidding for these
two girls was especially intense but it all ended with Jenna paying 66
thousand for the pair. Jenna fully intended to get her money's worth from

Three days later...

Jenna had flown back to her home and made preparations for receiving her new
pets. Her house was a large mansion on a huge plot of land in the California
desert. Her maid was busy up stairs preparing the girls' new living quarters.
She had complete privacy and quite a bit of space that she could dedicate to
playing with her new pets. When they finally arrived Jenna could hardly
contain her excitement. Her long blonde hair was tightly braided behind her
back. Jenna was wearing black leather, full body suit, high-heeled boots and
black leather gloves. Jenna made her way to the door rapidly when she heard
the doorbell ring. Jenna opened the door and saw a delivery man with the Pet
Store's logo on his polo shirt.

"Hello Ms. Malloy, I have four pets here for you." The man said as he read
off of a clipboard.

"Four?" Jenna asked with a questioning tone and an arched eyebrow.

"Oops sorry one of the crates has two pets in it. Just sign here please...
I'll be back in 365 days to pick them up, thank you for shopping with the Pet
Store." The man waved his hands and another man wheeled the pet crates into
Jenna's living room, one at a time.

"You mind arranging them in a circle with the fronts all facing center?"
Jenna asked.

"No problem ma'am." The man said with a great smile as she handed him a 50-
dollar tip.

Once the men left, Jenna entered the center of the circle. She quickly
elected the pet-carrier containing Maya. She unlocked it then stepped back.
Maya was wearing the bikini from the auction, like the other girls she also
wore a collar that had a simple tag identifying her name on one side and
'Property of Jenna Malloy' on the other. She stepped out of her cage and
stood in front of her new owner, looking down submissively. Maya gasped
lightly as Jenna grabbed her tits and squeezed them.

"Something wrong Maya?" Jenna asked.

"No mistress, I just thought, well I thought my owner would be a man." Maya

"You'll get used to it. You don't actually have a choice. I want an example
set for your fellow pets. I want them to know what to expect. First of all
you are to greet your mistress exactly the way a loyal pet is supposed to.
Get on your knees and lick my hand." Jenna ordered.

Maya obeyed rather quickly. She dropped to her knees and began licking
Jenna's fingers. She was a virgin, or her pussy was anyways. She'd taken some
anal and had sucked some cocks, so she wasn't a hundred percent innocent. For
this reason she was perfect for Jenna's purposes.

"Get up and touch your toes." Jenna ordered.

Maya had been well-prepared for her life as a pet and had spent a great deal
of time doing stretching exercises, and she was now a very flexible girl.
Jenna walked out behind her and slid her finger up her tight taught legs to
her butt. The girl had a very, very nice butt. Her tits were pretty good too,
Jenna thought. Jenna slid the girl's bikini bottom off of her hips and down
her thighs.

"Spread 'em baby." Jenna commanded.

Maya spread her legs as best she could with her panties around her knees and
her fingers touching her toes. Jenna meanwhile, fetched a strap on dildo and
strapped herself in. The rest of the girls all watched the scene unfolding
with trepidation. Once her dildo was strapped on it felt like an extension
of her own body. It was a bit on the large side, perfect for deflowering

"Are you ready pet?" Jenna asked her slave.

Maya had been waiting for this very moment her entire life.

"Yes, mistress." Maya said.

Jenna grabbed the girl's hips and guided the head of the big beast to her

"MMMMRRRMM!" Maya moaned.

"That's it baby, take it all." Jenna said.

The girl bit her lip and winced as the big rubber cock pushed its way into
her tight little pussy. Jenna could feel Maya's body tighten up beneath her
grasp. Jenna fucked her with steady, powerful strokes. The girl moaned and
squeaked delightfully until Jenna was finally able to fuck the girl to her
very first orgasm. Jenna slid her moist dildo out of the girl's pussy. As
soon as the beast no longer filled her inside, Maya collapsed to her knees.
Jenna came around in front of Maya.

"Clean it good Maya." Jenna ordered.

Maya licked her own sticky-sweet juices from the dildo, diligently cleaning
it for her mistress. Jenna decided then and there that 'the Beast' was a very
appropriate name for the thing.

"Good girl, now don't move."

Jenna walked over to the cage containing Ayanna. The Indian girl stood and
looked down shyly. Jenna lifted her chin with a single gloved finger and
kissed the girl's soft lips. Jenna savored the taste of Ayanna's sweet tongue
and slipped a hand into her bikini bottoms. Jenna kissed Ayanna with more
passion as she as she stroked the girl's pussy. Ayanna did understand some
English but she didn't dare to speak a word of English. She was fully aware
of what was expected of her and that her cooperation would yield her family
great monetary reward. So she was going to be a very obedient and willing sex
slave. Jenna was very careful not to pop her pet's cherry, she did rub the
inside of the girl's pussy the best that she could without going to that
extreme. Pleasure tingled throughout Ayanna's entire body as Jenna fingered
her. Ayanna's mistress however removed her hand before she could cum.

"Maya take Ayanna here and eat her out please." Jenna ordered.

"Yes Mistress." Maya said quickly.

Maya quickly removed her bikini and then stepped over to Ayanna and helped
her out of her top. Ayanna figured out on her own what was coming next. The
Indian girl slipped off her bikini bottom then the two girls faced each other
and kissed While the two girls got hot and heavy, Jenna opened the pet
carrier containing the twins. The two blondes stepped out slowly.

"Hello Summer, hello Autumn would you both please strip." Jenna ordered.

Both girls bit their lower lips. Like the others, she had not been expecting
to get involved in lesbian acts. The twins took their tops off at the same
time and in the same way, as though they were synchronized swimmers. Once
the girls were naked, Jenna walked over then bent down and kissed Summer,
forcing her tongue into the reluctant girls mouth. She repeated the process
for the girl's twin.

"I think you two know how a pet is supposed to greet her mistress." Said
Jenna as she held her hands out. The twins both went to their knees and
licked Jenna's hands like a pair of loyal dogs. "Goood girls. Now kiss each

They stared at each other then stared at Jenna.

"B-but we're sisters." Autumn said in surprise.

"And if you don't do what I tell you to, you will both get to watch your
respective twin get her ass paddled sore. Now let me make think very fucking
clear. DO NOT FUCK WITH ME!!!!!" Jenna said as she grabbed a paddle.

Summer and Autumn quickly turned and faced each other and closed their eyes.
The two girls leaned forward and touched lips softly. Summer slipped her
tongue into her sister's mouth. The two girls tongue wrestled and kept on
tongue wrestling, fearing to stop lest their new owner become upset.

"Finger each other." Jenna ordered.

Summer and Autumn both placed hands on each other's cunts. The two girls
slipped their fingers into each other. The twins continued kissing as they
finger fucked one another. Jenna smiled, their training was progressing
nicely. Jenna watched as the two girls began to cum. Jenna was already
planning to make the sisters fuck each other that way every morning.

Jenna turned her attention to a box in the corner. She walked over to the box
and extracted from it a bunch of collars. It was at this point that her
French maid, Genevieve, made her way down the stairs. The 18-year-old black-
haired French girl was wearing the traditional outfit in addition to black
heels. Genevieve's outfit was low cut and showed a great deal of cleavage.

"Miss ze kennels zis ready." Genevieve announced.

"Outstanding." Jenna said.

Jenna approached the last cage and opened. The pale little red-haired Rachel
stepped out. She had watched everything that had transpired and was very

"Help me collar the pets, Genevieve." Jenna ordered.

"Oui miss." Genevieve grabbed a couple of collars and the two of them put
them around each of the girls necks.

The collars all had a small tag and a box attached to the back. The tags had
the girl's name on it and 'property of Jenna Malloy' on the back. There was a
loud click when the collars were attached.

"You should all know that the boxes that are attached to your collars part of
a security system. If you approach the outside of the house it will begin to
vibrate. If you actually leave the house your collar will shock you, knocking
you out cold. We really don't want you getting lost and you really don't want
to get shocked so try to stay where you belong. Take Summer, Autumn, Ayanna
and Maya to the kennels please." Jenna ordered.

"Oui miss. And miss Rachel?" Genevieve asked.

"I have plans for her." Said Jenna.

Rachel did not like the sound of that.

Genevieve attached leashes to each of the girl's collars and led them up
stairs to the kennels. The kennels were a large upstairs room with a whole
wall removed and replaced with a chain fence wall. Thanks to their electronic
collars a cage was not actually necessary but it did reinforce the idea that
they were now Jenna's pets. There were cots for each girl as well as bowls
filled with water and food.

Jenna attached a leash to Rachel's collar and led her up the stairs as well
but took a detour and led Rachel back to the master bedroom. Jenna removed
the leash then set it aside.

"OK darling take off your bikini." Jenna ordered.

Rachel brushed crimson all over her body a she began stripping of her bikini.
She knew she couldn't disobey but she was still pretty scared and her
reluctance showed all over her face. As far as Jenna's lust was concerned,
that was like throwing gasoline on a fire. Rachel stripped off her two piece
bikini reluctantly. Jenna licked her lips and smiled. She got behind the girl
and cuffed Rachel's wrists behind her.

"Get on the bed and spread your legs." Jenna ordered.

Rachel sat on the edge of the bed. Jenna put her hand on Rachel's forehead
and gently pushed on her back, then she grabbed Rachel's knees and forced
them wide open. Jenna knelt in front of her and dove in, loudly licking and
sucking at Rachel's pussy. The young girl's body shuddered with pleasure.
Rachel's fears melted away as Jenna's tongue thrashed inside her cunt. Rachel
gasped as the pleasure became too much for her to take and she had her very
first orgasm. Jenna got up and laid on the bed next to her. She gently
caressed the girl's cheek.

"Now it's your turn to eat my pussy." Jenna said.

Rachel shuddered, she was a bit grossed out by the idea.

"No please, can't I just finger you?" Rachel asked.

"If you argue with me I will make you very sorry." Jenna said with an angry

Rachel knew better than to argue. With, great difficulty due to her hands
being bound, she made her way down the bed to her owner's cunt. Jenna closed
her eyes and enjoyed the gentle lapping in her pussy. Jenna stroked Rachel's
hair and moaned encouragingly to her.

"That's it, good girl nice girl." Jenna purred.

Slowly the pleasure built up within her until Jenna shuddered and started to
cum. Rachel wrinkled her nose as she licked the woman's juices but offered no
protests. When Jenna was done panting, she pulled Rachel up beside her and
snuggled up with her.

"I can already tell you are going to be my favorite." Jenna said.

Rachel wasn't so sure that was a good thing.

- - -


The horny crowd chanter in appreciation.

"Thank you for being with us ladies. And as always fuck yourselves and each
other." Jerry said.


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