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Jerry Springer: PTP Land Part 2 - Jessica's Tale (Mg,voy,spank)
by Hamster ([email protected])


The crowd had in the previous segment been completely enthralled by the tale
of a secret Isalnd resort that catered to extremely perverted fantasies
involving pre-teens. They were now being whipped into a ferver.

Jerry knew how to get ratings and this tale had to be told to the fullest.
There was really only one way to do that.

"Welcome, in our last segment we spoke to both the owner and a member of
Pre-teen Prostitute Land: An amusemnt park for pervs. Our next guest is one
of the employees there." Jerry said. "Please meet Jessica, she is one of the
entertainers at the Castle which is the heart and the soul of PTP land."

Jessica, a pretty latina girl, waved from her seat.

"Jessica could you tell us all what it was like when you first arrived at the
Castle?" Asked Jerry.

"Sure." The girl said enthusiatically.

* * *

Jessica Lopez, 10, enetred the strange and hallowed halls of the PTP Land's
Catle. The little latina had just arrived and was being escorted by a tall
woman in a crisp white blouse and tright black leather pants.

"Welcome to the castle my dear, I'm sure everything has been explained to you
but I want to make sure that everything is perfectly clear. You are going to
get fucked. Repeatedly, frequently and in all manner and forms. You are going
to do everything in your power to please our guests. No matter what they
want, you will do it. In exchange you will recieve a salary that will be help
for you and paid all at once at the end of your employment here. You have
been assigned a room and you can go there when you are of duty to rlax but
before you do that was like to get ther girls here working right away so that
they get used to things quickly. By the way, my name is Ms. Stern and I'm
sort of the den mother here. My job is to make sure that all the girls are
doing there jobs and are where they are supposed to be at all times. Mr.
Erickson is the boss here but he is usually busy with the guests, so I'm
essentially a den-mother/manager/and, if need be, disciplainarian. You ready
to get started dear?" Asked Ms. Stern.
"Yes ma'am." Said Jessica shyly.

Jessica was incredibly nervous, she'd never had sex before. But she sensed
that the woman talking her didn't have much patience.

"All right my dear, please go insidethis room and put on the outfit inside in
a timely manner." Said Ms. Stern.

Jessica walked into a plain room with a mirror, chair and table. Jessica was
very surprized to find that the outfit she was supposed to wear was something
she might have worn to school. It was a simple red t-shirt and a somewhat
short and tight jean skirt. The shoes were another story. They wear boots
with high-heels that were nearly form fitting and reached her calves. There
was a rather large number of gold necklaces as well.

When she stepped out of the room Ms. Stern looked her over appreciatively.
The girl had a pretty face, long black hair and absolutely deliscious legs.

"Follow me please." Said "Keep in mind that our gusts work 80-90 hour weeks
and slave for thier respective companies. It is our sacred duty to help
them fullfill their every fantasy. Step through this door and follow all of
Kerri's directions."

Jessica stepped through the door and suddenly found herself standing on a
large stage with a spot light on her. There were dozens of tables filled with
men and even a few women. Young girls were running around serving guests. The
crowd's eyes were glued on Jessica now. Sharing the stage was a girl in her
early 20's. This girl had short black hair and huge tits. She was cute a
extremely energetic. She was Kerri, she served as the host for the floor

Kerri stepped out from behind her and spoke. "Good afternoon Gentlemen and
ladies. Today we have a special floor show. Virgin Bingo!"

There was enthusiastic applause.

"Our lucky Bingo winner will relieve Young Jessica here of her virginity in
the manner of his or her choosing right here on stage. So, I hate wasting
time so let's get to it. Jessica pleas remain right there in the center of
the stage. I want everyone to see what they are playing for. If everyone has
their bingo cards i will begin calling the numbers." Kerri said.

As Kerri began calling out numbers, B2-C4-G8, as she did so Jessica looked
out at the crowd. The people gathered there were all frantically stamping
their bingo cards. Jessica couldn't believe how desperately all these people
wanted the chance to have sex with her! They were all frantic to win one just
one prize, her. She stood and looked on and began to grow tired because of
the fact that she was wearing high-heeled boots and was standing in one place
for so long. Kerri seemed to notice the girl's discomfort. She stopped the
Bingo calling for a momment.

"I think you should all see what your playing for don't you?" Asked Kerri.

Loud applause greeted this idea.

"Well then let me just strip the cutie down!" Kerri said.

More louder applause. The woman pulled the girls skirt down and off and then
did the same to her panties. Last A eager to pleas Jessica removed her own
shirt. With all the people staring at her, she felt very nervous and
self-conscious. The the boots stayed. This annoyed Jessica because they were
so uncomfortable.

"Let's have some music." Kerri said. Some music began to play. Kerri leaned
over and whispered into Jessica's ear. "I want you to dance, as sexy as you
can please, while i call the numbers."

Jessica nodded and began shaking her hips and dancing like a the girls in
music videos. The crowd was now nearly rabid as the got to stare at the girls
naked gyrating body.

She felt a strange mix of relief and anxiety when somebody finally cried

"BINGO!!!" Cried out a somewhat heavyset man in a blue buisiness suit.

"It seems we have a winner." Said Kerri amidst a murmer of disappointment
from the other guests.

The man who was holding the winning BINGO card was on his feet and waving it
wildly. He rose to his feet and ran to the stage like one of those over-eager
contestants on 'The price is right'. Of course he was excited, he was going
to pop some pretty sweet looking Cherry. Rest of the guests began to applaud
him. Kerri handed him a mic.

"What is your name sir?" Asked Kerri.

"Bob, Bob Irven."

"Well Bob, how would you like to do young Miss Jessica?" Asked Kerri.

"Uhh can we do 'Ride 'em Cowgirl'?" Asked the now very excited man.

"Of course you can." Said Kerri.

A pair of stage hands brought out a recliner that had no hand rests, the man
sat down and leaned back. Next Kerri walked over to Jessica. Jessica was
very nervous at this point. Kerri didn't really help matters when she tied
Jessica's hands behind her back with some rope.

"HEY!" She protested.

"Sush dear, it's all part of the game." Said Kerri.

She was taken over to the recliner where Bob's pants were now off and his
cock was standing at full attention. The girl was lifted up on to the
recliner and was made to straddle Bob's thighs. Bob was very quick to put
his hands on her her lovely, shapely and tanned legs. He felt the smooth
and firm legs and Jessica gave him a meek smile. To her complete and total
surprize Kerri placed a cowboy hat on her hand.

"Here are the rules." Said Kerri. "In this game Jessica is going to ride
Bob's cock like a cowgirl. She needs to keep the hat on at all times though.
If the hat falls off of her head then Bob gets to give her a public spanking.
Give me a big YEEE HAWW."


Jessica really didn't want a public spanking. And that was on top of the
nerves that she was feeling about having her first time in such a public
manner and with a complete stranger. But it was well past too late to
reconsider and anyways Bob had quickly grabbed Jessica's hips and guided
her virgin cunt to his cock. Without ceremony he impated her little pussy
onto his man meat. He pushed her down hard until his cock met her virginity
and at this point he slammed into her with ataurity. There was temporary
pain but Jessica kept her whits about her. Making sure her head was not
rocking, she began to slide herself up and then down on the sex-meat. Bob
was both surprised and pleased and kept a grip on her and helped her move
up and down on his cock. She was now being fucked and she was starting to
get into it. She was beginning to really beginning to enjoy herself as she
felt the big cock invade and fill her over and over.

"YES OH YES! I LOVE IT! YESSSS!!!" She cried to a chorus of Yee-haws.

She was practically thrashing on his cock and was frequently scene arching
her back and screaming at the top of her lungs. Pictures were being taken,
of course, for the PTP Land web-site. Finally The girl rode Bob to an orgasm
and he began to cum into her and filled her pussy with sperm. The exhausted
panting girl slumped against him but then she jerked back up when she
realized her hat was missing. It must have fallen off, she realized, when
she was riding cock. This was terrible. She'd messed up on her first day!
Little did the poor girl realize that there was not a single person in
attendance that didn't actually prefer to watch her get punished. Kerri
picked up the fallen hat.

"Oops poor widdle Jessica dwopped her widdle hat. You know what that means
right?" Asked Kerri.


Kerri untied the girl's wrists and ordered her to bend over and grab her
ankles. Once she was in position Bob was presented with a simple woodedn
paddle. Jessica bit her lip with anticipation as the man lifted the paddle
and then to a mighty cheer from the collected fellow club members brought
the paddle crashing against the girl's ass cheeks.


Her cries were nearly drowned out by the thunderous applause of the very
appreciative audience.

* * *

"That sounds like one hell of a first day." Said Jerry.

"It wasn't over then." Jessica said. "That night I was requested and
netrtained a member who fucked me three times that night."

"Wow." Said Jerry. "Ever get tired?"

"Heck no. I love my job." She said.


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