Jerry Springer: PTP Land Part 3 - The Wedding Of Miaki And Miuki
by Hamster ([email protected])


The crowd was chanting in the name of their beloved host as the show returned
from commercial. They were still talking about the amusement park for pervs
known as PTP LAND but this time their were two knew guests on stage. They
were a pair of young pre-teen girls , twin sisters of Asian descent. They
were both holding hands.

"Hello and welcom back we are now talking to Miaki and Miuki. Now girls can
you tell us what is your relation ship with each other?" Jerry asked

"We are twin sisters..." Said Miaki.

"Lesbian lovers..." Added Miuki.

"And we married each other at the Castle." Said Miaki.

The horny men in the crowd began to once again start the Jerry chant. As they
did miaki and Miuki turned to each other and began to make out.

After a few minutes Jerry stopped them.

"So you two are married to each other?" Asked Jerry.

They both nodded.

"We are totally in love." Said Miaki

"And we fuck each other constantly." Said Miuki.

"Well how did this all come about?" Asked Jerry.

* * *

It was the biggest floor show of the year. Kerri, Ms. Stern and Mr. Erickson
had been working on this event all week. It was considered the island's
highest priority. The stage was prepared. There would be an outdoor wedding
in the Castle's front courtyard. Mr. Erickson had arranged for an array of
live web-cams throughout the courtyard, the cost would be nominal to watch
the ceremony but Erickson was fairly confident that there would be a
significant number of people watching. He was hoping to turn a profit despite
the high copst of this particular wedding. He had hired high-paid wedding
planners as well as paying for necessarily custom made dresses for the girls.
The wedding guests included only platinum club members of the island, much to
the disappointment of the Gold and the Bronze members. Aside formm the lucky
Plat clubbers, there were also most of the girls who worked as 'entertainers'
at the Castle and some of the staff.

The wedding was being held for Miaki and Miuki, 11, identical twin sisters.
The two pretty young girls were both of mixed Japanese and American descent
and they were considered a massive bargain when the castle got them. Since
their arrival the pair had worked as a pair almost constantly. So many
members wanted to fuck twins that Erickson had to reserve the poor overworked
girls for the platinum members! The girls were inseprable and shared a room
where they indulged in their insatiable lust for each other. It was rumored
that they had twice as much sex with each other as they did with club
members, a rumor that seemed highly improbable at the very least. Still it
was pretty hot to think of the two girls just wanting to fuck each other all
the time. That is when Erickson got the idea. He'd bond them in matrimony and
their stock would rise significantly.When he presented the idea to the girls
they were very enthusiastic. He left the entire thing in Kerri's capable
hands. Kerri had worked hard and enthusiatically to make the whole thing
happen. She had arranged for ther music, catering and several surprizes. Just
prior to the wedding Kerri visited Ms. Stern.

"So are the girls ready?" Asked Kerri.

"I'd say." Ms. Stern replied. "I've seperated them for the last two weeks and
kept them off the stage and away from Club members. I do believe they are
desperate to get their hands on each other."

"Good job." Said Kerri.

"You're teasing me. My job is easy. As far as these two are conscerned the
thing is legit and binding and they are all for it. How are things on your
end?" Ms. Stern asked.

"I have some great entertainment for the reception." Kerri replied.

Ms. Stern just rolled her eyes. "Why bother? The whole danme thing is just
doing to degenerate into a fucking orgy at the end, why the hell not just get
it over with and skip straight to the sex?"

"For the same reason we are doing the wedding in the first place. Because
it's not ALL about the sex. It's about fantasies and wish fullfillment."
Replied Kerri.

"Whatever." Stern replied.

"I'll catch up with you later." Kerri said as she went to go check on some of
the other things she needed to check on.

By noon everyone was seated for the ceremony. All the guests were dressed
their very best, and they were all eagerly awaiting the begginning of the
ceremony. Mr. Erickson himself was officiating. 'Here comes the Bride'
began to play and Miaki was the first to appear from the castle and make
her way down the aisle followed by three bridesmaides in peach dresses
(they were three of her fellow entertainers). Miaki was led down the aisle
by non other than Ms. Stern. The music ceased playing and the first of the
two brides stopped in front of Mr. Erickso and then turned to face the
crowd. She was wearing a very beautiful White dress which was slit up each
side to her hip. She also wore white leather gloves and white high-heeled
boots. She wore a diamond necklace.There was also a viel. The wedding march
played again and it was Miuki's turn, she being escorted down the aisle by
Kerri. She was dressed Identically to her twin sister. Both girls held
hands and gazed lovingly at each other.

"Dear friends and honored guests. We are gathered here today to witness the
wedding of Miaki and Miuki. May the union of these two beautiful young ladies
forever inspire us to greater and greater hieghts of lust. Do you Miaki and
Miumi take each other to have and to hold, to love forver and cherish, so
long as you both shall live?" Asked Mr. Erickson.

"I do." Both girls said at once.

"Rings please." Said Mr. Erickson.

Stern handed a ring to Miaki and then Kerri supplied one for Miuki.

"Repeat after me please: With this ring I thee wed." Said Mr. Erickson

"With this ring I thee wed." Said the twins at once.

"Then I now pronounce you wives. You may now kiss the Bride." Said Erickson.

The two girls lifted each other's viels and began to kiss passionately. The
guests stood and applauded. The two Brides turned and walked hand in hand to
the huge outdoor dining area followed by the gathered guests. In the center
of the courtyard was a very large bed that had a rubber matress and whose
purpose there was mystery. At the reception area there were six large
circular tables. Each tablehad a girl strapped to it. Each of these girls
was bound spread-eagle to the table and was naked. They each were gagged
with and apple held in place with twine and had their tits and tummies
smeared with various salad dressings. surrounding them on the tables were
various attractive veggie platters. It took very little time for guests to
begin enjoying these salad girls and fucking them with carrot and celery
sticks. One man took a pair of cucmber slice and placed them over a
salad-girl's eyes, effectively blind-folding her, then he took butter-knife
and stuck the handle in a glass of ice-water he stirred it around a few
times until it was nice and cold and then removed it. He took the cold hand
and thrust it into the girls pussy. The cute little blonde squealed into her
apple-gag and writhed as he twisted and pumped the cold metal handle inside
of her. Until she came. Several people who had come to over to watch this
cheered him and his efforts.

On a stage there was a band. At each corner of the stage was a tall pole.
There were also four naked girls pole-dancing. They swung their hips and
gyrated with the skill of any adult. In their enthusiasm for the events
taking place they were even gring their succulent young pussies against
the poles. Allowing for tradition, the two brides were the first to begin
the dance. The band started with something slow and romantic and the girls
did their best slow dancing. Soon guests and entertainers began to pair
off and dance as well. Erickson was dancing with his adoptive daughter/wife,
Kerri was dancing with Savannah (the most popular entertainer at the castle),
Ms. Stern simply watched the proceeding with very mild interest. After a
couple dances Miaki and Miuki performed a very sexy cha-cha that Kerri had
taught them. The girls danced and made out with friends and club members
until it was time for the wedding cake. The girls cut a slice for each other
and smashed each other in the face.

After cake all of the entertainers lined up for the bouguette toss. All the
girls were ready for this and they were instructed not to hold back. Miaki
was to do the honor. She turned her back to the crowd and flung the flowers
to the crowd behind her. There wazs mass chaos. The massive sea of young
girl flesh surged forward and the girls began to claw and bite and pull each
others hair as well as tear at each other's cloths. The club members in
attendance were all enthralled by this mass catfight. Finally, clinging to
a slightly tattered bouquette, a slightly thin and tall brunette broke free
and emerged from the pack. She held it high as she kicked away a smaller
girl making a last desperate lunge. Kerri however quickly stepped in and
lifted the girls arm to declare her the winner.

"Allright everyone it seems Mallory here has caught the bouquette now if all
of the guys will just get together Miuki will be tossing her garter." Said

Miaki knelt in front of her twin sister and slid her ahnd up the other girl's
leg she lid the garter down and pulled it off. Miaki handed it to miuki who
tossed it back to the awaiting crowd. The man who caught it waved it in the
air happily.

"OK Castle rules: You get to fuck the catcher of the bouquette!" Said Kerri.

After some applause Mallory was led to a bench. The girl eemoved her dress
and stood in front of the gathered crowd in all of her naked glory. The
garter catcher quickly made his way to her. He leaned forward and kissed her
as he grabbed her round little ass and reached up to pinch a nipple. He broke
the kiss and unzipped his pants. He bent Mallory over the bench and stopped
to look her over, as if trying to make a decision. He then unzipped his pants
and took out his cock. It was ready to go. He spread te girl's buttcheeks and
guided his dick to the entrance of her ass. Malloery bit her lip. She wasn't
really all that into anal, she wasn't partial to it at all. But the rules
were the rules and club members got what they wanted. He grabbed her by the
hips in one hand and by the hair whith the other. He surged forward and began
fucking her as she bucked and grunted like a wild animal. Each time his cock
drove in he pullled back her hair and she thrust her ass back to meet each

"YES YES FUCK ME!" She cried to the man who needed nothing in the way of

In no time at all he was cumming in her ass and the pain of her anal invasion
was at an end. The man pulled out slowly but then replaced his cock with his
finger. He swirled it around in her ass a bit then pulled it out and held it
to Mallory's mouth. She sucked it like a baby with a pacifier.

It was after this was done that the Kerri stepped on stage and then took the
mic to make a little announcement.

"Is everybody having a good time?" She asked. There was a chorus of YEAHs.
"AWSOME! Every single wedding I have ever been to has failed to yield me the
right to see the one thing i have really wanted to see, the consumation.
Which exactly why we have that bed there."

There was, once again, mass applause.

"Now I'd like the brides to undress and hop on the bed..." Kerri ordered.
The two young brides did as they were instructed immediately removing their
wedding dresses and hopping up and onto the bed where the pair began to kiss
right away. "Excellant I want all the guys out here to crowd around the bed
and do what we all know comes naturally."

Miaki and Miuki were rubbing their hot little cunts together while they
kissed each other. It wasn't long before their hands found each others
pussies and they were frantically fingers fucking each other as they
rolled around on the mattress.

"Yes, YES, fuck me sis, oh shit I love you so much!!!" Cried Miaki

"YES, oh yeah fuck me, yes harder, god I love you too." Cried Miuki

All around them the men in attendance had their cocks out and in their hands
and were stroking off like crazy. Even the woman were pleasuring themselved
at the sight. Kerri was fucking Savanah with a carrot while fondling the
girl's tits and Erickson was getting a blowjob from his daughter/wife.

"Hey girls I have a special wedding present for you!" Kerri announced as she
tossed something onto the bed.

The girls paused in their frantic hand fucking and looked glassy eyed at what
had fallen onto their marraige bed. It was a strap-on! Miuki was the first to
reach for it. She grabbed it and strapped it into place. Her twin/wife got
into the doggy-style position and soon was screaming for sister to make her
cum. This was more than the men watching could. Like any storm it started
with a trickle as one by one th men began shooting their loads on the bed and
on the girls. It soon turned into a torrntial downpour as the bed and the
girls were being splattered with cum. The two cum soaked brides just
continued their relentless fucking of each other as reception did in fact
degenrate into a full-blown orgy!


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