Jerry Springer: PTP Land Part 5 - Christmas Party (Fg,Mg,BDSM)
by Hamster ([email protected])


The crowd chanted their favorite chant.

"Hello everybody." Said Jerry. "Christmas is a special occasion where we all
can expect to both give and receive. Some of us give and receive a little bit
more than the rest of us do. One such person is our next guest Holly. Now
Holly you had a something very special that you wanted for Christmas isn't
that right?" Asked Jerry.

"Yes I did." Said the short woman with the huge tits.

"And what is that?" Asked Jerry.

"A membership to Pre-Teen Prostitute Land." Said Holly.


Holly Johnson turned on her computer and saw that she had mail. Her heart
was pounding a hole in her chest. She was expecting a very important e-mail
she opened up her inbox and waited impatiently for the damm thing to load.
And there it was. E-mail from the PTP Land. The exclusive club provided
it's members with access to young girl-slaves to pleasure their members in
any way, shape or form. Holly had been made to undergo no less than four
interviews and was waiting for the club to offer her membership. Holly was
a 35-year-old business owner who owned a huge chain of floral shops. She
was an attractive woman in great shape; she had a very nice ass and large
beautiful breasts. Because of these traits she got a lot of attention from
lots of men. She had no interest at all in any of them. She was only
attracted to young girls. Joining the club and going to PTP Land was her

"Dear Miss Johnson we are pleased to inform you're membership to the PTP Land
Gold Club has been accepted and that you are invited to the annual PTP Land
Christmas Party to take place on the weekend prior to December 25th." The
e-mail began.

Holly was so excited that she actually squealed. She followed that by
covering her mouth in embarrassment. This was by far the greatest Christmas
present that she had ever received. She finished reading all of the relevant
information and then called her travel agent, it was time to take a trip. The
e-mail promised that the Christmas party would be spectacular event. Holly's
imagination raced. Stories of what went on there were legends and if even
half was true then she was guaranteed to fulfill all of her fantasies.

The limo took her from the luxury ship to the Castle. The castle was
decorated for Christmas and there were decorations and fake snow everywhere.
A red carpet was out and each of the limo's deposited a club member that
arrived board ship onto it. Holly stepped out of the limo and she began to
walk towards the entrance of the castle. She was wearing a stunning clack
dress for the occasion that showed plenty of cleavage. Mr. Erickson was
waiting for her at the door.

"Miss Johnson, I'm so glad that you can make it." Said Mr. Erickson.

"Iím happy to be here. And please call me Holly." She responded.

"Very well Holly. Please let me show you around." Said Mr. Erickson.

Holly followed him inside. The main lobby had a large pedestal in the center.
On that pedestal had the most erotic and exotic display Holly had ever seen.
There was Christmas tree. And it balanced on a unique tripod. The tri-pods
all ended in a dildo that was inserted into the ass of a girl. There was one
each 10, 11, and 12, representing the three age groups at the castle. These
dildos were held firmly in place by a string if Christmas lights. The girls'
mouths were kept shut by unusual ball-gags. The were red and semi-transparent
and inside were festive, blinking red lights. The girl's hands were tied
behind their backs with Christmas lights and this all forced them to rest on
their knees, chest and chin.

"This is spectacular." Said Holly in awe.

"Thank you we all worked very hard on the decorations here." Said Mr.

Holly looked into a side room in the long hall and saw a man dressed as
Santa Claus. Well except that his front zipper was undone and his cock was
standing tall and free. Santa was sitting on a chair similar to the kind
that you would find at any mall. There was a line of girls in front of the
chair and two elves beside it. But the girl who was with Santa at that moment
was definitely not on his lap. There was a girl of ten with long brown hair
tied into pigtails who was frantically riding his cock. His two 'elves' were
two blonde girls who were kissing and fingering each other underneath their
loose, short green skirts.

"That is old man Mc Gee playing Santa." Explained Mr. Erickson. "He has a
very unusual talent."

"What's that?" Asked an enthralled Holly.

"He can sustain an erection for up to eight hours at a time." Mr. Erickson
announced to a startled Holly.

"What? Are you serious?" She asked.

"Yes I am." Said Erickson.

Sure enough the girl who was riding Santa's 'north pole' began to cum and
when she got off, Santa was still fully erect. Another girl, this one an
Asian girl replaced the first one and, after removing her cloths and hopping
onto Santa's dick, began to bounce up and down on it with her long black hair
whipping about.

He led Holly down the hall to her room. Holly's room was also decorated for
Christmas and she had a great view of the pool from her window. This was
good since there were always at least a half dozen girls in bikinis in that
pool at any given time. Her room was filled with boxes of varying sizes in
Christmas wrapping. The most important thing however was the girl sitting
on her bed. She was 12 with long brown hair and boobs that were starting to
come in. She had glasses and was wearing a white sweater and a khaki skirt.

"Her name is Mallory, according to your profile she is exactly your type.
There are some interesting things in the packages. Have a good time." Said
Mr. Erickson.

Erickson left Holly and Mallory to get acquainted.

"Merry Christmas." Said Mallory cheerfully.

"Getting merrier by the minute." Said Holly.

Holly sat next to Mallory on the bed and put a hand on her leg. She turned
and kissed the girl, savoring her sweet warm tongue while rubbing the girl's
smooth leg.

"Take your cloths off." ordered Holly.

Mallory stood in front of Holly, facing her. She took off her sweater and
then her shirt. Mallory finished off by taking off her skirt. She was wearing
underwear that were covered in pandas. Holly smiled.

"That's adorable." Said Holly. Mallory blushed. "Help me with my dress."

Mallory helped unfasten Holly dress and she let it fall to the floor. Holly
then took off her underwear. Mallory couldn't help but stare at Holly's
enormous knockers. Holly grabbed her by the hips and spun her right onto
the bed. They shared a hot, wet kiss before Holly grabbed the girl's panties
and pulled them off.

"There's cool stuff in the gifts. You should unwrap them." Said Mallory.

Holly smiled at her and went about unwrapping all of the gifts. After laying
out all the gifts she turned to Mallory.

"And you don't mind me using this stuff on you?" Asked Holly.

"That's what they're it's there for." Said Mallory.

One of the gifts was a pair of handcuffs, there was a ring attached to one of
the bedposts. Holly quickly handcuffed the girl to this bedpost by one wrist.

"Get in doggy-style." Holly ordered.

Mallory obeyed. Holly recovered an impressive looking paddle from her
collection of gifts. She approached Mallory from behind and rubbed the paddle
against her bare ass. Mallory was filled with nervous excitement. Holly took
the paddle and slid it between Mallory's legs. Holly rubbed the side of the
paddle hard against Mallory's pussy. Mallory moaned softly. Holly whipped the
paddle out from between the girl's legs and slapped it against her ass.

"YEOW!!!" Cried Mallory.


Mallory cried out with each strike of the paddle. Once her ass was red and
swollen Holly went back to her collection of gifts and got a good-sized
vibrator and a strap-on dildo. Holly squeezed the big vibrator into Mallory's
tight ass making the girl gasp. Holly flicked it on and watched Mallory
wiggle her ass. Holly strapped on the dildo and took the head to Mallory's
pussy. Holly grabbed Mallory's slender hips and began to pound her pussy
with it as hard as she could. Soon the girl was cumming once then twice.
Holly slipped out the dildo then pulled out the vibrator. Mallory, who was
exhausted at this point, just collapsed on the bed. Holly brushed the girl's
hair and kissed her cheek.

"You are amazing." Said Holly.

"Merry Christmas." Said Mallory before falling asleep.

Holly cuddled up next to her and fell asleep.


"Thank you for sharing your story Holly. Now you spent a whole week with
Mallory and you grew very fond of her didn't you?" Asked Jerry.

"That's right." Said Holly. "We email each other all the time now too."

"Well in the spirit of giving I have a surprise for you. We have flown
Mallory here to spend another week with you this time at your own house.
Everyone say hello to Mallory." Jerry said.

The crowd clapped for the girl who immediately ran to Holly. They began to
make out which of course led to another 'Jerry' chant. Jerry felt a tear come
to his eyes as he pictured his ratings going through the roof.


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