Jerry Springer:
PTP Land Part 7 - The Perfect Little Saleswoman (Mg,inc,anal,BDSM)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Jerry Springer was very enthusiastic about the show. Why shouldn't he be?
Every single time that he had any guests from PtP Land he ended up with
deliriously good ratings. People couldn't get enough of the place which is
why he had some more guests from PtP Land on the show. It was good for

"...So tell me Mr. Erickson, are memberships expensive?" Jerry asked his
guest on stage.

"Very, but we sell a lot of them anyways. We have very good sales tactics,
you might say." Erickson explained.

"Please explain." Jerry said.

- - -

Larry Rogers entered the castle and presented his guest pass to the hostess.
This woman directed him to the office. On his way he passed many adults and
several pre-teen girls. He could hardly believe his eyes. The place was
really real! He had the chance to fulfill his fantasies once and for all. He
couldn't believe that he was still debating the whole thing. Larry wanted to
be a club member at PtP Land in the worst way but he was concerned about the
money. Membership was fairly expensive. He didn't know if he could afford it.

In the main hall on the way to Mr. Erickson's office their was a small crowd
gathered. Larry squeezed in to get a look. There was a circle surrounding a
large wooden square frame. In the frames center there was a blonde girl,
about ten, she seemed to be of Indian descent. Her skin was dark and her hair
was very long and black. Her wrists and her ankles were tied to each corner
of the frame. Except for white socks and white panties, and a blindfold the
girl was totally naked. A girl dressed like a security guard was letting
people approach her one at a time to spank and pinch her or stick their hand
down her panties to finger her! Larry immediately got in line but once he
reached the front he was very disappointed when the security girl told him
that the girls were for members only. Larry sighed deeply and headed back in
the direction of the office.

Larry arrived at Erickson's office where Mr. Erickson was waiting with two
girls. One girl was 10 and was very slim and blonde; the second was 12 and
had black hair. The first wore a pink shirt and khaki pants the other white
shorts and a blue shirt.

"Hello Mr. Rogers how are you today?" Asked Mr. Erickson.

"Great just great." Said Larry.

"Glad to here it. So I understand you are here to inquire about club
membership?" Mr. Erickson said.

"Well, actually I don't know if I really want one..." Larry said

"Oh I understand completely." Mr. Erickson said.

"You do?" Asked Larry.

"Of course, any good business man would want to see what he'd be getting for
his money." Mr. Erickson said. "That is why I'm going to have Crystal here
show you around, the entertainers always make the best tour guides I find."

Erickson pointed at the dark haired girl. Well Larry had figured on taking
the tour even if he didn't actually buy himself a membership.

"Yeah that sounds great." Said Larry.

"Good, good. Alright then, Crystal make sure he gets a full tour but remember
no physical interactions unless you are a member.

"Yes sir." Said Crystal with a cheeky salute.

Mr. Erickson smiled. He had faith the girl could sell him a membership.

‘Before you start exploring the castle I think young Miss Briana here can
demonstrate some of our castles services. A platinum club member can demand
just about anything from most any of the girls at anytime." Explained Mr.
Erickson. "For example, Briana would you be so kind as to strip for us?"

"No problem." She said.

Larry watched, completely transfixed, as the tiny blonde removed her top and
then her pants. She finished by slipping off her panties.

"Now come here sweetie, I want to give you a good hard spanking to show Mr.
Rogers here how much fun he can have."

"Awww does it have to be a spanking?" she asked with a pout.

"No whining just get over here and take it like a big girl." Erickson
ordered. "Sorry about that. I hate it when my daughter whines."

Larry blinked, he was quite shocked by that little revelation but he decided
to stay cool and just keep watching. Larry just stared intently as he watched
the little blonde girl drape herself over Erickson's knees. She bit her lower
lip as she anticipated the coming pain. Erickson raised his hand and soon the
sounds of his hand violently striking the sweet, soft flesh of her ass could
be heard all through the room.


"EEK! OUCH EEE! THAT HURTS!!!" Brianna squealed.

Larry's hard-on was threatening to break through his pants by the time
Erickson had completed his punishment of Briana's bottom.

"Now that your butt's been properly tenderized, I think I'm ready to fuck
it." Erickson announced.

Erickson stood and bent Briana back over his chair. He unzipped his pants and
pulled out his cock. Without delay he rammed it between her soft cheeks.

"Mmmmm arrrr," The small blonde whimpered as the large, hard cock drove its
way into her ass.

Larry pushed his cock in and out rhythmically while the girl grunted and

"Well let's go take our tour." Said Crystal, forcing Larry to tear his eyes
away from the father/daughter action.

"Err sure." Larry said.

While he wanted to see the completion of the seen, he was certain that there
was a whole lot more to see and do at the castle. Crystal led him out into
the hall where they passed entertainers and club members. The entertainers
were all nubile young girls. The club members were both men and women from
different ages and backgrounds. He passed ay number of entertainers that he'd
love to fuck senseless but Mr. Erickson had made it very clear that without a
membership that he couldn't touch any of the girls. Larry and Crystal came to
a large room with a mechanical bull. There were several table were people
were drinking and the girls were all wearing jean skirts, cowboy boots and
cowboy hats.

"Lil' cowgirl bar." Crystal explained. "Best place in the castle for a beer
and a show."

There was one adult woman whom, Larry assumed, was the supervisor who took a

"All right everybody, our next cowgirl to take the stage is Caitlin,
everybody please give her a big yee-haw."


One of the girls made her way the mechanical bull. Larry noticed that in the
very center of the horse sprouted a dildo.

"That thing vibrates when the horse is on." Crystal explained. "This used
to be a popular floor show. Everyone loved it so much that we made it a
specialty room. Lots of rooms have special 'acts' tat get put on in a timely

"Can she take that thing? It's pretty big." Larry said.

"Hope so." Said Crystal.

"You all know the rules. Miss Caitlin here must stay on that bull the whole
time or I give her good paddling." Announced the supervisor. She turned to
the girl. "Ready Caitlin?"

Caitlin nodded. The supervisor helped her up and onto the bull where she
gasped as she was pulled down onto the dildo. She was still wearing her jean
skirt but it was bunched up a bit and you could tell she was panty-less. The
bull started and the girl was being rocked up and down and, and back and
forth while the dildo vibrated deep inside of her. Caitlin was squealing and
hollering while the crowd cheered her own wildly. Poor Caitlin struggled to
stay on the bull even as she was being over stimulated by its thrashing and
its vibrating dong.


"Se's really good at that." Commented Crystal. "Doesn't watching her fly
around on that thing make you want to fuck her."

"Sure but I think I'd rather have you."

Larry watched her swing about wildly and nearly fall off a couple of times
until she finally flopped off and fell off of the thing in a heap. The whole
bar erupted in exuberant celebration. Larry's cock was painfully swollen from
his excitement at watching this somewhat amazing scene unfold. The supervisor
helped Caitlin to get to her feet.

"Well everyone she gave it her very best, let's give her a round of applause
before we get to the paddling." The woman announced.

There was a round of applause indeed, which was immediately followed by
Caitlin being led to a chair and being forced to bend over. The supervisor
grabbed a wooden paddle and proceeded to beat the girl's nicely rounded ass
with it while the rest of the bar hooted and hollered.

"Come on Mr. Rogers, we should continue our tour..." Began Crystal.

"Forget it I've seen enough. Shit I gotta get in on this. You, your perfectly
hot, I have gotta fuck you right now." Said Larry.

"I'm sorry but you need a membership for that." Crystal said with a shrug as
she tossed her shiny black hair back."

"Fuck, I just have to have you but I can't afford the price." Larry said.

"Well Platinum and Gold memberships are pricy but have you considered a
Bronze membership?" Asked Crystal.

"Huh?" Asked Larry.

"A Bronze membership doesn't carry a heavy annual fee, you just pay for each
sexual act separately a-la cart. For example, if you just want to fuck me
right here and now, that will be 2 grand." She explained.

"Well I can manage that. Where do I sign up, I wanna get cracking." He said.

Crystal led him to a one of the computer terminals in the hall and talked him
through the application sign up. Once that was completed she gave him further

"OK now go to my page and click 'add to cart' perfect. I'm all your for the
next couple hours."

"Awesome! Where can we go to get it done? I really, really wanna fuck you."
Larry asked.

He wanted to proceed with fucking Crystal in all due haste.

"Follow me. We'll go to the closest available private room." Said Crystal.

It was mere coincidence that the nearest available room was filled with all
manner of tools for punishment and bondage. But it was a happy coincidence
for Larry.

"Can I use this stuff with you?" Asked Larry.

Crystal shrugged.

"You're the customer." She said.

"SWEET!" Larry snatched the girl up and kissed her.

He tasted her sweet mouth with his tongue as he squeezed her ass cheeks. He
dumped her on the bed, which had a rubber mattress and pulled off her belt
then her shorts. He grabbed her white panties and hurriedly removed them then
cast them aside. Larry touched Crystal's pussy and caressed it gently. It was
so damm soft and smooth. It was a dream come true for him just to touch the
delightful young cunt. He couldn't wait to get his cock in there! Larry got
undressed in record time before grabbing the girl's ankles and forcing her
legs as far apart as he could get them. A soft whimper escaped her lips as
his cock pushed its way inside her. Larry fucked Crystal with repeated
strokes savoring the smooth tight little cunt. She was without question the
best fuck he had ever had. He kept fucking her until he shot a load inside
of her. When he finished cumming he was not, however finished with her. He
looked all over the room.

"Shame to let all of this great stuff go to waste." He said.

Crystal was already tired AND she was not all that excited about be subjected
to the toys that Larry now had at his disposal. But she had a job to do and
she was determined to do it right. "You are the boss."

"Good, I like that attitude." He said.

The room had a small table with a hook hanging from the ceiling above it.
Larry escorted her over to it. He grabbed a blindfold and had her put it on.
Next he grabbed the girl and but he on top of the table. He then selected a
rope and bound the girl's wrists. He slung it over the loop above Crystal's
head and then pulled so that she was forced to stand on her tippy-toes. Larry
secured the rope and went looking for some more toys while Crystal waited
nervously. What he found was a nice shock stick. He approached her silently.
He thrust the stick forward and gave the girl a zap in the right nipple.

"EEEP!" She screamed.

Her head swiveled left to right as she awaited the next attack. She shrieked
again as he zapped her other nipple. He enjoyed himself very thoroughly by
randomly zapping the girl over and over while poor Crystal struggled in her
bonds. Larry then amused himself by whacking her butt with a riding crop. He
started taking a keen interest in the pleasant shape and curvature of her
sweet little ass. Each strike of the crop left a red mark across the nearly
perfect, softly curved bottom and made her cry out. These facts combined to
make Larry very horny for her ass.

"OK Crystal, now that you've had a decent punishment, I think it's time for
some plumbing." Larry said. Larry removed the rope from the hook but left her
wrists bound and her blindfold on. Larry picked her up and carried her to the
bed where he dumped her. "OK get on your hands and knees."

Crystal obeyed dutifully. She wiggled her butt a little in anticipation.
Larry sure didn't need the encouragement. He grabbed her butt and squeezed
it before slipping his cock between her cheeks and deep into her ass. She
groaned loudly with each and every painful thrust of his cock in her ass.
Larry couldn't hold out long and was soon cumming like mad.
_ _ _


The crowd was going absolutely rabidly mad over the description of the events
that they just heard.

"Sounds like you have really convincing sales people." Jerry commented.

"Without a doubt." Erickson agreed.


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