Jerry Springer: Post-Op (mmf,ff,trans,ncon,rape,viol)
by Hamster


The crowd was chanting as Jerry Springer, their god, stepped onto the stage.
He basked in their adulation for several minutes until the chants of his name
died down.

"Hello and welcome." Jerry said. "Today I'd like for you to meet our very
special guests Anna and Misty."

Sitting on the chairs on stage were two women. One had short dark hair and
somewhat muscular arms and legs with a sexy six pack stomach. She wore a
leather skirt a black top with exposed midriff and boots. Next to her was
a slim girl with long auburn hair. Both women were sporting some fairly
spectacular breasts and very pretty faces. The crowd hooted and hollered

"Both very lovely women." Said Jerry. "But Anna has a secret. She used to be
Alan. Anna can you tell us how this happened?"

"Sure Jerry." Said Anna, who did not remotely look like she was ever a man.
"It all started when some jealous losers got wasted..."


Alan was an All-State wrestler at Frank Miller High. He was very popular
with the ladies, and had the respect and the friendship of most of the other
players. His girlfriend, Misty, was a cheerleader and very popular also. They
could also be arrogant sometimes, but this was quite common with star jocks
and head cheerleaders. Most of the other students accepted them anyway. All
except Chip and his friends. Chip always thought he should be the team's
star wrestler, and that Alan totally overrated and used his over-inflated
reputation to get the girls, and scholarships, and the many other things that
came with being All-State. He also hated Chip's girlfriend Misty. He had
asked her out repeatedly in high school and when they both attended Bob Kane
Junior High. But the stuck-up bitch refused to so much as talk to him. When
she hooked up with Alan it pretty much put his hatred over the top. His
resentment was causing him to think of a way to get rid of them without
hurting them; after all, you can't be a star wrestler at a major Big-10
school from behind bars or in the electric chair. But he couldn't think of
a way to do it with out getting caught. Being the living stereotype of a jock
he wasn't too bright while normally this didn't hinder him too badly, after
all you don't need too much brains to chug a beer or to high-five a buddy,
which was how Chip spent 75% of his time. The other 35% by his reckoning
(remember jocks always give 110%) he only needed his brain half the time,
which came to...he invariably gave himself a headache when he attempted to do
the math on this.

While sitting around one Saturday night, Chip and his buddies decided to
watch some porn videos they had. They had all been a little disappointed
when Leb had stopped making films so they where paying tribute to him with
a Kegger/Movie Marathon. One of them called "Broken"*** showed women going
thru sex changes. Suddenly despite the incomprehensible handicap of his
questionable intelligence and the large amounts of alcohol he had consumed
that night an idea formed in his mind. He decided to share his idea and
stopped the tape.

"Listen so like we all, you know, like hate that dick Alan and his bitch
girlfriend, and we like all want them totally out of the way and stuff,
right?" Chip paused and waited for their response. They all nodded their
heads dumbly. "Well like, I totally have the perfect idea. Doug, your
brother like is working for that genetics guy, Dr. Seager isn't he? He
and his buddies would like help us out, won't they? Billy Bob, you like
totally know your way around the clubs downtown, you can get us some help
there, can't you?"

"For sure", they both said. "Like what do you need done?"

"We are totally going to grab Alan and Misty, take what we have just seen,
and turn them into our little bitches." Chip said.

"Like what if we get caught, what if they come looking for them?" Billy Bob
asked as he pounded down a brewski.

"Like look where for who? All we got to do is change their names and
appearance, there won't be no Alan; we'll call him Anna. No one will believe
they are who they say they are if your genetics guy can really do the job"

They all smiled, and shook in agreement at the ill-conceived and vengeful
plan then high-fived each other.

"Revenge SO rules!" They said in unison.


Alan was out on a date with Misty. Their dates always ended at her front
porch. She was a girl who was very proper and insisted that she remain a
virgin until she married. Alan never had sex; he was a Momma's boy and his
mom had told him not to have sex until he was an adult and married to a
girl she approved of. They respected each other for not giving to their
throbbing teenaged hormones. They had just seen a movie, and Alan was
walking her home. He took her up to her front steps, gave her a kiss
goodnight, and walked back towards his home.

As he turned the corner of the park near his home, he heard a familiar voice
yell, "Like get him, now!"

He turned just in time for three of his wrestling teammates to tackle him to
the ground and force a rag over his mouth and nose something in the rag made
him very dizzy and light headed, he passed out on the ground.

"Let's totally get him in the van, we can be in Los Angeles in two hours."
Chip said as he popped open a beer. "Dude I've totally had the least beer so
like I'll drive."

They picked Alan up, and placed him in the back of Billy Bob's explorer,
started up, and pulled away.


Alan woke up slightly, but was very foggy and weak. He did not have any idea
where he was, and could not move. He was tied down. A man came over wearing a
doctor's coat, and looked him over.

"You are coming out better than we expected, it will be interesting to see
what you are going to look like after your done. Oh my name is Doctor Seager.
As for now, time for you to go back to sleep."

Alan was given an injection and passed out.

"It is time for you to wake up little girl, the boys are waiting!" It was
that Seager guy's voice again. As his vision cleared, he saw the face of some
of his wrestling buddies.

"Where am I, what the hell is happening, why am I tied down, what's going
on!" he yelled.

"You are like totally getting what you deserve." Chip said.

"Dude, you totally gave us all like a hard time, we SO decided to give it
back to you." Billy Bob said.

Alan looked at him, still confused.

"Dude what the fuck are you talking about?"

Chip smiled as he walked over to the table where Alan was strapped down. He
pulled the sheet away, exposing his new body. Alan looked down, and let out
a loud scream. His well-toned physique was retailored to give him a small
waist and round hips. He had strong legs; they were reshaped to give them a
more feminine appearance. All of his facial hair was gone, and his hair was
cut in a short but pleasing style. Alan's penis and testicles were gone.
They had been replaced with the pussy that he now had. It was big, and very
sensitive to the touch. And he now had two big and beautiful breasts. He
began screaming like crazy. Chip slapped him across the face to quiet him

"What's a matter dude, something missing!" Doug said. "You SO are a hottie,
you'll totally be the favorite of all of the dudes."

Alan couldn't look down at himself any longer. He began to scream and cry and
struggle in earnest. Seager came in, and pulled the sheet over him and gave
him a sedative. He slipped into a deep sleep.

"That's enough guys, we have to work on his voice and his mind, then you can
take him home." Seager said.

"Sure Doc." Chip said.

They all gave each other a high five, and walked out of the room.

"Now", Chip said as they walked away. "Like it's totally time to turn the
socialite bitch into a slut."


Several weeks had passed since Alan disappeared, and there was a lot of talk
around the school about him and what might have happened. Chip had taken his
place, and the whole team, even Chip and his friends, were or pretended to be
upset and concerned over his absence.

Misty was especially distraught, and was unable to give a great deal of
enthusiasm when cheering at the games. Most times, she sat on the sideline
and watched. This delighted Chip and crew to no end. It was time to make the
move on her next. They had their plan, they made arrangements thru Dr. Seager
to do some work on her once they had her. It would take place tonight. There
was a victory party for the game later that night. She was not happy about
it, but Misty decided to go anyway. Her parents were out, so she was home
alone getting ready. She put on a white sweater, plaid skirt, tan pantyhose,
and flats.

"Just another night out", she thought to herself. She picked up her purse,
and walked out of the house.

The party was down by the mini van along the river. She always liked to walk
there with Alan, and it was a place she always felt comfortable at. Before
going to the party, she decided to stop there for a while and think. She sat
on the railing along the side and thought about Alan. There were tears in her
eyes. She did not see or hear the boys coming from behind. She was grabbed,
her mouth covered. The rag was soaked in choloroform. She tried to struggle
and scream, but passed out. Chip took her purse and shoes and left it by the
side of the rail. When it is found, Chip figured it would be assumed she
jumped in and drowned herself. The dimwits had failed to take into account
that the river was only about two feet deep, three feet at its deepest and
nobody was going to believe she drowned in it.

They put her in the back of the SUV, and drove off to the party. All night
while her friends partied and had a good time, she lay on the floor of the
SUV, covered with a blanket. With the party breaking up, Chip and his buddies
went back to the SUV. They all piled in, and pulled away, driving towards the
downtown area. Doug was rubbing Misty's legs as they drove. He ran his hand
up her skirt, and toyed with her thighs.

"Dude like this babe is SO hot, do we gotta get rid of her without doing
anything", he said while continuing to stroke her.

"Like if you want to you know fuck her then go ahead!" Chip replied.

Doug and Billy Bob high-fived each other. Billybob pulled her yellow panties
off then fumbled with his own zipper. Doug also was pulling his pants down.

"Wait dude, like I'm going first." Said Billybob.

"No way dude, I'm totally going first." Said Doug.

"Fuck it dude, let's just DP her." Billy bob said.

Doug nodded. "Cool"

Billybob selected the unconscious girl's ass while Doug took her cunt. Then
the two morons tried to figure out some way to position her so that they
could actually have sex with her. Eventually they had her laying down on her
side and each of them drove their cock's in their hole of choice. The pair
each thrust deep and hard fucking her limp form until she began to stir. They
reapplied the chloroform rag and fucked her some more soon they were each
cumming and filing her pussy and ass with fresh semen.

They pulled the van up to a warehouse on a dead end street in a not to nice
section of downtown. Misty was carried out, and brought inside. There waiting
was Dr. Seager. They dumped Misty on the table and once she was lying flat on
an exam table, the surgeon looked over to see what was to be done.

"She is already attractive but I can do something with the breasts, make them
bigger, and puff up the lips. I'll alter her features a bit so she will have
a perky nose." Seager explained. "She will be smoking hot when I am done."

"Doc, it‘s like SO totally up to you, this science shit makes my fucking
head hurt. Let us know when she is ready and stuff." Chip said. "We will be
scooping out Anna next week, like she's a real Hottie now!"

"Yes", Seager replied smiling. "She is hot, we did our best work there, I do
not think he will be remotely recognizable when we are complete."

They all jumped up and high-fived each other stupidly. Getting in the van,
each of them reflected on what they had done. "FRANK MILLER HIGH BATS

"Dudes", Chip said looking around the van. "We totally got our revenge, now
we are going to have some fun and make a little money with them."

"We did it, we did it!" They drove away laughing after another group


Huddled on the edge of her bed, a beautiful blonde, covered with only a
sheet, cried. She was in a locked room, released only to go to the bathroom
and to be worked on. She heard voices coming to the door. The door opened,
and two doctors walked in. The girl looked up, curious as to what would
happen next. One of them came over and spoke.

"Now, is this anyway for a wrestler to behave, you have to be a big girl

This crying girl was none other than Alan, now Anna, converted and changed
into a woman. The men made her lay down on her bed, pulling the sheet
covering her. Flushed with embarrassment, she was being poked and probed by
these two men. They checked her breasts, nipples, inside her vagina, her
whole body. Alan would have made every attempt to get out some how, but he
was in no position to run or fight now. All he knew was what he was taught,
his name was Anna, and he was going to be used and exploited.

"Dude sniff this like SO totally like you know sucks." Anna sniffed.

Anna was now tied to the bed by her wrists and ankles and was completely
naked. The doctors exited the room and Chip strode in with a confident
swagger. Anna cringed but could not escape. Chip slapped one of Anna's big
tits. Anna screamed.

"Like if you want to scream your head off, I'm cool with it." Chip said.

Chip mounted her and slid his cock between her legs. He pushed the head into
her pussy and broke straight threw her hymen. The doc had made her a virgin
so that Chip could have the pleasure of popping her man-made cherry. Chip
pushed his cock in and out as Anna screamed and cried. Chip roughly mashed
her tits between his finger's while fucking her as hard as he could. He
thrust into her body over and over as she begged him to stop. He raised his
hand and slapped her hard across the face and then across her large breasts.
Soon he filled her pussy with hot sperm for the very first time.

"You like totally loved that bitch." He said.

Anna just continued to cry hysterically.


Anna was no longer bound but she was locked in a cell. After her rape stopped
crying and became very angry instead. The door to Anna's cell opened and
another girl was throne in with her. The girl had auburn hair and the body of
a porn star. It took a few minutes but Anna finally recognized her.

"Misty?" Anna said.

"Who are you." She asked tentatively.

"It's me Alan." Anna replied.

"Oh my god! It, it can't be." She said.

"Hey you two." Shouted the doctor. "Shut the fuck up. You will now fuck each
other for our amusement. Anna there is a strap on in the chest in your cell.
Wish you were still a man? Act like one. Soon we are going to sell you two
and you'll be entertaining some rich forieghners who are going to pay good
money to fuck hot white women."

"We have no choice Misty, they may hurt you if we don't comply." Anna said.

She nodded and got on Anna's cot. She had been fucked almost non-stop since
arriving in this hell, she may as well have sex with somebody she actually
liked. Anna went to the chest and retrieved the strap-on and fastened it
tight. Misty's tits were huge and firm with a very pleasing shape. On top of
that some improvements had already been made to her already very pretty face.
Her lips were fuller and her nose was perkier. Anna helped her to stand and
then they pressed close and kissed while their mammoth breats mashed
together. They kissed for several minutes while Anna's hands roamed all over
her girlfriend's body. She squeezed Misty's ass and her tits before breaking
apart to get down to the serious business at hand. Misty got on all fours on
top of the cot and then Anna got behind her. She once again squeezed the
cheeks of Misty's somewhat improved ass. Misty had a slim frame but she now
had J-Lo's booty and an awesome set of tits to go with it!!! Anna put the
head of the rubber cock to Misty's pussy then slowly pushed in. Misty thrust
back to meet the strap-on. Before their transformations Alan and Misty had
an almost prudish and conservative view of sex, but now they were ready and
willing to give in to their lust for each other. Anna grabbed Misty's hips
then drove the strap-on in. Misty bucked with every stroke and made her jugs
sway back and forth.

"Oh god yes, fuck me fuck me Baby!" She cried.

Anna was happy to obliged. She pounded the strap-on into her harder and
harder even as she clamped her pussy down around the rubber shaft. Misty
began to howl as she came to an orgasm but Anna didn't even slow down, if
anything he fucked her harder until she was cumming again. The two slumped
together on the cot.

Chip opened the cell door. He wanted to get in on the action. But as he
approached Anna quickly stood and delivered and opened palm punch to the
bridge of Chip's nose. Chip's nose broke and blood splattered in every

"No!" the doctor cried.

He entered the room with a syringe filled with sedative. He approached Anna
but the former wrestler grabbed the doctor's wrist and snapped it. He turned
and kicked Chip hard in the balls before picking up the syringe and jamming
it into the Doctor's eye. He held out a hand to his girlfriend.

"Let's get out of here." He said.


"So you escaped and called the cops?" Jerry asked.

"That's right." Said Anna. "And we've been together ever since, our
relationship now is stronger than ever before. I think because Misty was a
closet lesbian."

They pair turned and kissed each other which elicited chants of JERRY, JERRY.
_ _ _

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