Jerry Springer: Pre-Teen Prostitution Part 1 (mg,oral)
by Hamster

"JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" The crowd chanted as Jerry Springer stepped on
to the stage where he was a virtual god.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the show. We have a very special guest today
and her name is Amanda." Said Jerry. Amanda was a cute blonde, 13-year-old
girl. "Amanda is 13 years old and she has a secret. She is a prostitute."

The crowd murmered in shock.

"How long have you been doing this Amanda?" Asked Jerry.

"About one year." Replied the 13-year-old.

"Wow, that’s pretty you to start selling your body." Jerry commented.

"If you say so." Replied Amanda.

"Could you tell us about the first time?" asked Jerry.

"Sure. I was 11..."


Billy was the horniest kid in School. He was also the one with the very least
luck with girls. His school was in a small town and had every single grade
represented. That was how he heard about Amanda. Two little punk sixth
graders were talking about her in the bathroom. One was telling the other
that she'd let you take a peek at her panties for a dollar.

"What did you say?" demanded the imposing 17-year-old.

"Oh uh...nothing." The kid said.

"You better tell me or I'm going to pound you good and hard." Said Billy.

"OK, OK Amanda Smith, she'll let you see her pussy if you give her a dollar."
Replied the Kid.

"Thanks kid." Said Billy as he dashed off to find the girl.

After school Billy approached Amanda purposefully. She was with two of her
friends but that didn't stop him.

"Are you Amanda smith?" He asked.

"Yes." She said.

"I want to talk to you, privately." Said Billy.

Amanda had no clue what the older boy wanted but she shrugged.

"I'll see you guys later." Amanda told her friends

"I heard you let people look at your privates if they give you money." Said

"Yeah." Said Amanda nervously and quietly. It's true that she had been doing
that since a boy in her class asked if he could see her panties and her reply
had yes but only for a dollar.

"Well I want a look." Said Billy.

"Oh uhh OK, follow me." Amanda knew of an abandoned house on the way home.
She led Billy there and they snuck in through an open back window. The sun
shone in and gave them good light.

Billy watched impatiently as she lifted her skirt and then pulled down her
panties. He stared at her naked, hairless cunt for several minutes and his
cock grew good and hard.

"OK I want my dollar." She said.

"Wait I want to do something else." He said. "I want you to suck on my

"Eww gross. Just give me my money and get away from me." Amanda said.

"Well I have five bucks here." Billy said as he was holding out the cash.

Amanda stared at the money. Her mercenary streak kicked in.

"OK." She said.

She got on her knees in front of Billy. Billy unzipped his pants and whipped
his dick out. Amanda had never seen was in person and was mildly intimidated
by it. The cock stood straight out and Amanda's tongue slid gently over it
eliciting an excited grunting sort of sound from Billy. She opened her mouth
and began sucking the penis as hard as she could. Billy grabbed the back of
Amanda's head and shoved it towards him as he thrust his cock forward to fuck
the pretty blonde's face. Amanda gagged a bit then recovered as Billy thrust
in and out at a desperate pace. Billy was moaning louder and louder as he
came closer to orgasm. Finally Billy pulled out and splattered huge globs of
sperm all over Amanda's pretty face.

"EWWW GROSS." Amanda cried.

"Sorry." Said Billy. "Here."

He handed her his spank rag so she could wipe off.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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