Jerry Springer: Pre-Teen Prostitution Part 2 (fg)
by Hamster


The excited crowd chanted as the listened to Amanda's tale of lust and greed.

As soon as the chanting slowed to a stop Jerry turned to Amanda. "So it began
with five dollar blow-jobs."

Amanda nodded. "Then I started to really rake in the money."

"I'm sure you were very popular with all of the boys in school." Said Jerry.

"Not just the boys." Replied Amanda.

She now had everyone's undivided attention.

Ridgedale, 3:43 pm Friday, last days of spring...

Amanda looked down both ends of Mitchel Road to make sure nobody was looking.
Then squeezed between the two loose wooden planks of the fence surrounding
the abandoned house she was meeting Danielle in. The old abandoned house had
helped Amanda make tons of extra money in the past and would help her do as
much in the future. Amanda who was a cute, pouty-lipped, blonde girl of 11
sat at on the edge of the long dried up swimming pool that dominated the
backyard of her little secret meeting place. Amanda gave a bored sigh as she
waited for Danielle to arrive. Ridgedale Public School was home to ALL of
Ridgedale's students from K-12. The elementary, middle and high school where
separate buildings on the same property. Usually all the students of the same
grade (generally 30-40 in all) shared a single classroom or where split into
two separate classes for boys and girls. Amanda was in middle school but her
extra curricular activities had not escaped the notice high school students
at the school. That's why 11 year old Amanda waiting for 16 year old

Amanda wasn't sure how Danielle had found out about her but she was nervous.
What was the sophomore going to do? Tell on her? Blackmail her? Make her
quit? None of those prospects where particularly exciting all though the last
two options where better than the first, each having its good and bad points.
Danielle finally arrived by the same means as Amanda. Danielle was wearing
cut-offs and a white t-shirt that was stretched tightly over her firm round
boobs; her brown hair was in two long pigtails. It was hot, very hot so the
school was fairly lenient with the dress code. Amanda was wearing white
shorts and a blue t-shirt.

"Hi Amanda." Danielle said quite cheerfully.

"What do you want, Danielle?" Amanda asked resentfully.

Danielle just smiled shyly. "Well I just heard you let people have a look and
a touch for a few bucks and..."

Amanda's eyes widened.

"But you're a girl!" she exclaimed.

"So a touch is a touch a buck is a buck right?" Danielle said hopefully.

Amanda thought about, well this could be worse.

"OK, just to look is a dollar but if you want to touch it will cost you five,
if you want me to do anything to you its ten." Amanda said.

Danielle grew excited. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a ten-dollar
bill and handed it to the younger girl.

Amanda gave Danielle a big smile as she pocketed the ten-dollar bill. Amanda
kicked off her shoes then unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off. Danielle
moistened her lips with her tongue as Amanda skinned off her white panties to
reveal her bare little pussy. Danielle slowly approached and knelt in front
of Amanda. Amanda was used to what boys wanted to do with her but this was
her first time with a girl. Danielle ran a finger over then into Amanda's
little hole. The girl's feathery soft sigh of pleasure made Danielle even
more excited than before. Using two fingers now, Danielle pistoned in and out
of the younger girl's cunt at a wicked pace.

"Ooo yes, oh I like that it f-feels so good." Amanda moaned as she swayed
back and forth. She had her hands on Danielle's shoulders to steady herself.

Amanda's body gave soft shudder and Danielle was rewarded with some fresh,
warm girl-cum. Danielle brought the sweet girl-cum to her lips and sucked her
fingers clean as Amanda gave a few quick gasps, recovering from her orgasm.

"That...was...really...mmm...good. Hey how does that taste?" Amanda asked

Danielle gave her a crooked smile. She thrust her fingers back into Amanda,
who gave a delighted little squeal, swirled them around and withdrew them.
Her fingers where now coated in glistening cum. She held them up to Amanda's
face. Amanda gave them a tentative lick. Finding the salty-sweet taste to
her liking she opened her mouth and sucked Danielle's fingers.

"Mmm that tastes really good." Amanda said.

"Yeah, you have a nice flavor." Danielle commented, Amanda beamed at the
compliment. "Say Amanda why don't you try some from the source, I did pay
for full service after all."

Amanda nodded. Danielle unbuttoned and removed her cut-offs and her panties
giving Amanda a view of her cleanly shaved cunt. She lay down spread eagle
and motioned for Amanda to join her. Amanda got on her hands and knees and
began to lick the outside of Danielle's pussy. Then with the other girl's
instructions began to bury her tongue as deep into the hole as she could.
Danielle writhed and moaned and begged for Amanda to strike deeper. If wasn't
too long before Danielle arched her back and was crying out in orgasm.

Amanda was rewarded with a stream of warm cum.

"Mmm tasty." Amanda said as she licked her lips.

"Thanks, you're pretty good at this. We definitely should do this again some
time." Danielle said.

"Yeah!" Amanda said enthusiastically.

Jerry's studio...


The crowd chanted appreciatively. Jerry knew the little slut was going to be
a massive ratings grabber. But little did he know that her tale was going to
get decidedly freakier.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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