This story is pure fantasy, it is NOT a true representation of the way the
characters on the TV show are. Also its an adult story and is not to be read
by anyone under 18 so if your under 18 then get out now.

Jersey: Morgan Takes It For The Team Part 1 (MM/f,F/f,M/f,oral,inter,spank)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Morgan Hudson was an attractive 15 year old girl with dark auburn hair a nice
athletic body. Her teenage breasts were just starting to develop and her ass
was very sexy (as the guys who watched her play soccer in her tight blue
shorts could attest to). Morgan was a sophomore in high school this year and
was very excited about playing soccer this year. She was at practice with the
team, kicking the soccer ball around, when their coach called them all in

"Sorry girls, but I'm afraid the soccer season has been canceled, its not in
the school's budget."

"What do you mean not in the budget, a few balls and a couple nets, it not
that expensive is it?" Morgan asked.

"Well, Morgan its not that simple there's also field maintenance, insurance,
all together its about 3,000 dollars."

"I'm sorry girls, but the administration has already decided, the football
team gets new equipment so were out of luck."

The girls all started to walk away, Morgan just stood there shocked. She
couldn't believe it! Morgan wasn't gonna give up she was gonna fight this.
She looked forward to the soccer season too much to give up now. Morgan
started a petition, she got signatures from everyone from students to parents
to teachers, she brought this to the school board. Her Soccer coach caught up
with Morgan and the rest of the team for the news at what the board thought
about the petition.

"Well, good news girls, thanks to Morgan and her hard work the board
unanimously voted to reinstate the soccer team."

"Yeah all right!!!" The girls cheered.

"We'll be able to play next season" the coach added.

"Wait a minute, next season? What about this season?" Morgan asked.

"Sorry Morgan the school budget for this year is already approved, its
finalized on Monday."

"Well, what if we were able to raise the $3,000 on our own?"

"Well, then we could play the season, but $3,000 in a weekend? That's not
very realistic Morgan."

"I'll find a way, believe me I will." Insisted Morgan.

Morgan came up with an idea, "We could have a car wash for three days."

That afternoon after school Morgan and members of the team had a "Save the
team" car wash, unfortunately a lot of people in her city of St. Louis were
at a swim meet with USA Olympian's. So because of this the car wash was going
along slowly, it seemed as though 3,000 dollars was impossible.

Morgan came up with a desperation idea, to use the jersey to warp into a USA
swimmer and talk about the car wash, after all they're more likely to listen
to someone famous. When she got over to her cousin Nick's house to get the
jersey though he was putting it on, he was wanting to warp into a football
player to brush up on his quarterbacking skills so he could make the football
team. Nick disappeared in a glow of bright light. "Damn it!" she thought,
"Well I better get back to the car wash if we have any hope of raising the
money that's the only way."

Morgan got back to find that most of the girls had left and it was as slow if
not slower than when she left. They got a few cars and a few dollars but that
was about it. Morgan called it a day around 8 PM when it was getting dark.
Morgan counted the money $305 was all they had. Plus they only had that much
because a couple rich guys coming through were generous.

Morgan flipped on the TV, she started to realize the inevitable, the soccer
season was lost. She laid back and watched TV. She found the movie "Pretty
Woman" on TV. The movie was at the scene where Julia Roberts was asked how
much she makes being a hooker. She responded "$100 for an hour's worth." This
time a crazy idea went through Morgan's head. This movie's like 11 years
old if it was $100 back then for sex, I bet its about that much for just a
blowjob today. Morgan wondered, "Could I do that? I definitely know the
streets where those women hang out."

She thought it over and decided, "Hmmm... Well, I really don't seem to have a
choice." Morgan knew her Mom would be gone for the weekend and was trusting
her to be home alone, her uncle Larry who lived down the street was told to
check on Morgan every once in a while. So, Morgan left her uncle a note that
she was "baby-sitting."

Morgan went to her closet trying to find the skimpiest clothes she could
figuring the skimpiest the more offer's she'll get. Morgan had this voice
inside her saying "What are you doing? This is wrong. It will never work.
What if you get caught?" She responded to her voice by saying "Yes, but what
if it works!"

Morgan honestly felt excited about the fact that she was gonna get it on with
a stranger. She tried on a skintight white T-shirt, she decided to cut it
down to a half-shirt. Morgan liked the way it looked, she debated on putting
on a push up bra to accent her chest that wasn't very big yet, but in the end
she decided to just go braless. This made the breasts that she had stick out
more in the tight shirt. Morgan then slid on a black leather miniskirt. She
had only wore the skirt one time before and her Mom though it was too short,
but her Mom wasn't here this time. Morgan then got her highest pair of heels
(black 4 inch heels). Morgan also slid on some black stockings with a black
garter belt to keep them up. She slid on a silky pair of black bikini panties

She decided to do her make up which she didn't do very often, but she figured
this was the time to look her best. She put on some cherry shade lipstick,
her long dark hair was down and she put on some silver hoop earrings. She
slid some mouthwash in her purse knowing what she was gonna be doing most of
the night. Morgan put on a long black coat to cover up the skimpiest of her
outfit, she caught the bus to the side of town she needed to go.

She felt a little uneasy and was starting to get seconds thoughts feeling
eyes of men all over her on the bus. "God what am I doing?" she thought. Then
at last she reached her stop, 6th Avenue was a popular spot for hookers so
Morgan got off there. After she got off the bus she saw several police cars
arresting hookers, at least 10 of them. Morgan was hit with the reality of
the situation she had put herself in imagine if her Mom had to get her out
of jail for prostitution! Morgan looked around the corner and after a while
all the cop cars left. Morgan thought this may be her big chance, after all
there were no other prostitutes to try and beat out for customers.

To compete with the other women would have been difficult considering
Morgan's inexperience. Morgan had only been with one guy in the 15 years of
her life but after tonight she knew she'd a lot more experienced to say the
least. So Morgan started walking up and down the street, for a Friday night
it seemed strangely quiet, her heels clicking against the sidewalk was about
the only sound heard echoing on the dark street. Then Morgan started to hear
music, loud hip-hop music. She looked back to see a black BMW coming towards

Morgan took a deep breath. "This is it, I have to do this, its for the team,"
she told herself. Morgan but on her sexiest smile and sexily strutted over to
the car. The car window came down and Morgan saw that the car had two black
men inside. "Hi guys you looking for some fun?" she asked.

"Yo you look a little young to be a ho, how old are ya?" One of the guy

"I'm 18!" Morgan lied.

"Well then baby how much?"

"A hundred, for oral sex," Morgan answered. "My God I can't believe I'm doing
this" she thought.

"A hundred dollars?! Damn ain't no ho can give head that good!" He looked
towards his friend and whispered something to him, then turned back towards

"Tell ya what you give us both head at the same time we'll give you $150."

Morgan thought it over, that's half of what she made in a whole day at the
car wash. "OK that's fair, where should we do this?" Morgan was doing her
best job of making this seem like no big deal, when in actuality her heart
was pounding.

"Get in the car we'll find a place to park."

Morgan got in, she figured both men looked like they were in their early
thirties. One of them was chunky about 260 lb. and bald the other guy was
thinner and had tattoos.

They parked the car in a alley and turned the car off. "OK, let's see those
little titties bitch."

Morgan lifted off her top, with it being a cool night Morgan's nipples were
very hard. The bigger guy that she was facing grabbed her breasts and started
squeezing them, he leaned forward and forced his tongue down Morgan's throat.
Morgan kissed him back as he put her small hand down his pants Morgan felt
his fat cock as her other hand was grabbed and forced down the other man's
pants. Morgan was now stroking off two guys at once, with one guy playing
with and pulling on her tits while the other guy was under her leather skirt
and rubbing her panty covered young pussy.

The bigger guy broke the kiss and said, "Enough with the foreplay ho, suck my

Morgan moved down and started licking up and down his pole, then she popped
him in her mouth and started swallowing him. Morgan felt the other black man
sliding his hand under her panties, Morgan slightly opened her legs letting
him slide a finger inside her vagina. Morgan bobbed her head up and down
taking him deeper down her throat. Morgan did her best work using her tongue
and getting him really hot really quick!

Then Morgan was suddenly pulled away by the other man, "Don't forget about me
bitch, you gotta suck my cock too if ya wanna earn yo money ho!"

Morgan went to work on him right away, he was much longer so it was quite a
chore to swallow him. He was also a lot rougher grabbing her head and forcing
almost all of his long shaft down her throat. Morgan did everything in her
power not to let her gag reflex kick in. She didn't wanna seem inexperienced.
Plus she knew she would get no sympathy from him if she choked to death on
his black prick.

Morgan took him deeper and deeper as she stroked the other guy's thick cock
in her other hand. Morgan almost leaped out of the BMW's sunroof as the guy
behind her forced a finger up her tight ass. No one had every touched Morgan
there before, and Morgan wanted to scream from the intense pain. Her mouth
kept working on the horny guy in front of her as her friend hand stimulated
his balls. She used her tongue as best as she could wanting to get this over
with, but also wanting to pleasure the guy that she found kinda cute. Morgan
had never done anything with a black guy before. Not that Morgan was a racist
or anything, but her Mom had discouraged her from dating black guys. She told
Morgan that they see white girls as nothing more than a conquest, and that
she could get a bad reputation by dating a black guy. Certainly reputation
was the last thing on Morgan's mind now as the guy behind her slapped hard on
her ass repeatedly. Her tiny sexy butt was soon covered in red marks as her
ass was starting to sting.

This caused Morgan to suck harder, she wanted him to stop slapping her ass
it hurt, but that would only happen if she made the other guy cum. Her
enthusiastic oral efforts were soon rewarded as the guy was read to cum.

"Ohhh here it come bitch!! ohhhhh stick out your tongue little girl I'm gonna
paint your hot face with some icing!!!"

Morgan withdrew his cock from her mouth and stuck out her tongue was soon
given his sticky creamy treat all over tongue her chin and some even landed
in her eye. Morgan found the taste wasn't horrible like she assumed it would
be. She looked up with him a lusty smile as she licked all of his cum off her
face and scooped it up in her mouth.

Morgan then turned around to face the other man immediately Morgan started
sucking him off, she used her great oral skills on him too, she used two
hands on him since she wasn't regulated to stimulating both guys at the same
time now. Morgan again felt hands squeezing her ass and a finger sliding
inside her tight cunt. Morgan kept on working his cock making loud slurping
sounds as she licked and sucked on his fat black dick. Then he started
shooting his load, but he wouldn't let Morgan pull away. He pumped load after
load down Morgan's throat she had no choice but to swallow it all!

After this the guys gave her $200 instead of $150. "Here you are ho, any
bitch that can give head like that deserves at least this much."

Morgan smiled this guy was nice, her mind wondered what would have happened
if they had met in different circumstances. Unfortunately though she would
never know, after all he would only remember her as a street whore turning a

They dropped Morgan off and she went to the back street where she hid her
purse and coat, after all she wasn't gonna let anyone rob her after she
performed a sexual favor. Morgan started walking up and down the street
again. It had only took her an hour to get 200 dollars so she was excited at
how much she could get by the end of the night. Surprisingly though it was
kinda dead as far as cars went on a Friday night. Morgan figured it was
because the police were already here once, and everyone was cautious, but
still she figured she'd have more offers an hour and a half later.

Suddenly a nice black sports car pulled up next to her. Morgan was
disappointed to see a women inside, figuring she just wanted directions to
the highway or something. That wasn't the case though.

"Hi there cuttie, you need a girlfriend for the night?" The women in the car

Morgan didn't know what to say, she never imagined getting an offer from
another woman, so she stood there not sure what to say.

Seeing the young girls reluctance she said, "Tell you what, if you get in my
car and agree to be my sexual playtoy for an hour ill give you $300!"

Morgan thought it over, realizing her options seemed limited she got in the
car. The woman was certainly attractive early 20's long dark hair, a nice
complexion, you'd swear that she was Spanish. She introduced herself as Judy
a practicing nurse, she was still wearing blue slacks and an oversized white

She parked in an alley similar to the last one Morgan was in. Then she moved
towards Morgan. Her hand brushed Morgan's hair aside and she brushed her
cheek. Then she leaned in a lightly kissed Morgan on the cheek, then softly
on the mouth. Morgan closed her eyes as they kissed again. Morgan's mind was
reeling she couldn't believe she was doing this, she never even thought of
being sexual with another girl before. Now though, she was making out with a
girl she just met. Judy leaned back and pulled off her shirt, she was wearing
a lacey white bra with a cute little bow on the front. Then she slid out of
her slacks she had on coffee color thigh high stockings along with a plain
pair of white panties. Morgan wanted to leave she knew that having sex with
another girl could lead her down a dangerous road. She imagined walking into
her house holding hands with Judy saying, "Mom, this is my girlfriend, Judy."
Her mom would have a heart attack, or kill one of the two. She found herself
unable to leave though, looking at Judy she realized... she was attracted to

Judy slid her hands under Morgan's top feeling her teen breasts in both
hands, causing Morgan to breath deeply. Morgan looked her in the eyes, Judy's
chestnut eyes seemed to mesmerize her.

Judy spoke softly, "Would you unhook my bra honey?"

Morgan gave her a small smile she noticed that her bra unhooked in the front.
She nervously unclasped Judy's bra, freeing her nice breasts they were easily
a C-cup Morgan was guessing. The nipples were dark and the size of half
dollars. Judy pushed Morgan into her chest, Morgan knew what to do and
started kissing between her breasts. Morgan kissed and licked between the
older girl's breasts making her globes wet with Morgan's saliva. Morgan
reached up and squeezed Judy's breasts and started playing with Judy's erect
dark nipples.

Judy lifted off Morgan's top and started fondling Morgan's breasts again as
Morgan's tongue bath on Judy's cleavage continued. Judy slid her hand under
the elastic of Morgan's black panties and slid them off her. Morgan felt a
fingernail tip opening up her cunt lips as she continued licking and sucking
even more passionately on Judy's breasts. Judy slid her finger inside of
Morgan. Morgan, not surprisingly was already damp as Judy's finger slid
inside her young pussy. Judy found Morgan's clitoris and started to excite
it with her fingernail. Morgan's young body gyrated to the fingering from
this beautiful nurse.

"Ohh yeah, that's it suck my tits ohhhh that feels good, you like this, you
like getting fingered by another girl Morgan?"

Morgan could only nod in approval as Judy had her more excited than she had
probably ever been. Judy seemed to know Morgan's own clit even better than

Soon Morgan's teen body was convulsing into an orgasm all over Judy's hand.

"Oh that's it sweetie cum for me give me that sweet pussy juice ohh cum you
sexy bitch!"

Morgan was catching her breath as she watched Judy lick Morgan's cum all of
her hand. She was amazed that this young woman found her cum so good. Morgan
herself had no idea how good a girl's pussy tasted, but that was about to
change! Judy pulled Morgan into a big wet kiss, this time mouths opened and
they engaged in a hot french kiss. Then Judy pulled away and pushed Morgan
down, "Your turn," she smiled.

Morgan wasn't about to disappoint this hot girl who brought her to the
biggest orgasm of her young life. So she went down on another girl for the
first time. Morgan pulled apart Judy's dark vagina lips and started sucking
on them. Her tongue easily found her clit and started exciting it. Morgan
slid a finger inside Judy and started to finger her as her tongue did it's
magic on her clit. Judy pulled on Morgan's hair as her pussy was aroused by
the teen girl's tongue.

"Ohh that's it ohh Morgan ohhh your gonna make me cum ohh eat my cunt you
little slut ohh yesss. I'm cummimg ohhhhh I'm cummmmminnnngggggg!"

Morgan sent Judy over the edge into a orgasm. Morgan licked up every bit of
her sweet nectar as her legs wrapped around her. The two finally got dressed
and Morgan was again dropped off after receiving $300 dollars from Judy. Judy
asked Morgan if she'd be here again tomorrow which Morgan responded "I'm not
sure, but I'm eager to do that again for you!" she said with a smile.

Morgan was again walking the street, when an older man pulled up probably in
his 60's offering Morgan $125, to go along with a fantasy of him calling her
by the name Kelly. Morgan took him to a back alley and sucked him off til he
came quickly all over her face. This guy was kinky he wanted her to call him
grandpa as she blew him. Morgan wondered if he was pretending she was a
granddaughter. It was tough for her blowing him realizing this guy was likely
lusting for one of his grandchildren. "What a sicko" she thought.

Morgan took a couple more guys to an alley for $100 but now she was tired
and ready to go home, it was late well after 2 am. She stood at the bus stop,
luckily she didn't have long to wait and before she knew it she was home.

When she got there she took a long hot shower. She felt really ashamed that
she had lowered herself to prostitution to get this money, but in her mind
"there was no other way." After she showered she added up her cash $1130.
She was more than a third of the way there and still had two more nights
left to raise the money. She was glad that tonight was over she went to bed
knowing that tomorrow was Saturday and that they would be having the car
wash again tomorrow. All the nights happenings passed through her head, she
thought she'd never get to sleep, but ultimately her tired body gave in and
she was asleep in a short while.

End Of Part 1

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