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Jersey: Morgan Takes It For The Team Part 2 (M/f,MMMMM/f,ws)
by MaiIsDaBomb


Morgan woke up to her alarm clock that was set for 8 AM. Morgan would hit
the snooze button a couple more times before she finally got out of bed.
She had slept like a rock last night, her body was so exhausted when she
got home. Morgan showered quickly then got dressed in a white sports bra
and white lacey panties. She put on her sexy short light blue shorts and
her white T-shirt with "Girl Power" written in black on the front. Morgan
fixed her hair into a braid in the back. She gave a big yawn as she walked
out the front door and went over to the car wash.

The girls that were there on the team seemed a bit more optimistic today.
Morgan figured it was because Saturday was a good day to do a car wash,
after all they had all day, as opposed to a few hours after school like
yesterday. Morgan worked hard to get people to come to the car wash, and
things were going much better today. One guy, a rich guy from school
offered a huge bonus to whoever took off her top as they washed his red
BMW. The girls refused of course, but Morgan offered him the next best

"Tell you what I'll take off my bra as I wash your car if you'll be generous
with your donation."

The guy called Morgan's bluff, "OK take off your bra then."

Morgan reached under her shirt and unhooked her sports bra then pulled it
off. Her teammates couldn't believe what they were seeing as Morgan sprayed
the front of her top wetting her breasts through the shirt and making her
nipples erect with the cold water. Then she washed the car, Morgan smiled
seeing his eyes fixated on her breasts. Especially when they pressed against
the window as she washed the top of his car. He was quite generous as he
gave her $50 for the wash. The other girls seeing how this worked threw their
bra's aside and saw the donations go up. At the end of the day they had $650.
Morgan informed them about her other donations (of course not saying where
they really came from) and where they stood as of Saturday was at about

"Well, I still think we'll end up short of the money we need," said one of
the girls.

"Don't worry, I'll find a way to get more money," responded Morgan.

Morgan went shopping at the mall, she decided to use a little bit of the
money to shop for some clothes that she would need. She bought a pink push-up
bra and matching panties, figuring she'd get noticed more if she could do
something to make her cleavage look bigger. She bought a couple more sexy
tops and skimpy miniskirts too. Then she passed a Fredrick's store and found
that crotchless panties were on sale, so she bought a couple more pairs of
those too. Naturally she bought a couple matching bra's too. Then she decided
she needed sluttier high heels so she got them in Fredrick's too.

Morgan then went home and took a little nap, after the all day car wash and
shopping she knew she needed to rest up for tonight. She counted the money
before she left, after she went shopping she had about $1500 left.

She again took the bus then removed her trench-coat and hid her trench-coat.
Leaving her in her outfit for the night. On this night she wore a pink top
with a pink pushup-bra. This made her cleavage look sexy. She also wore a
white miniskirt with pink crotchless panties underneath. Finishing her outfit
off was a pair of 4 inch stiletto high heels. Her make up was done up nicely
accenting Morgan's cute face. She decided she should put a little bit of curl
in her too. She looked like a combination of innocent and slutty both. Which
was exactly what she was shooting for.

Morgan walked over to her spot where she worked the previous night. She was
hoping to encounter Judy right away, after all the lesbian experience she had
with Judy was so incredible, that she could see herself swearing off boys if
Judy was looking for a girlfriend. Alas Judy was nowhere in sight. Plus there
were a few other girls working the street corner too so Morgan knew it was
gonna be more difficult on this night to get customers.

A few of the hookers got customers and left in the car with them. This left
about three of them on the corner, counting Morgan. Then a red Pontiac pulled
up, in the car was a guy who was about 30 Morgan guessed. He was attractive
though he had a goatee and thinning brown hair. "Hey, what's going on there
sexy?" He asked Morgan.

Morgan doing a sexy strut over to the car bent down causing her cleavage to
really hang out from her top (thanks to the push-up bra of course). "So you
looking for some fun?" Inquired Morgan.

"Sure am, can I afford a sexy thing like you?"

"Well, that depends, what did you have in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking of hot sex of course, how much would that run me?"

This was something new for Morgan, she had given oral sex but never sexual
intercourse before. Morgan thought for a moment then responded "Well its $150
for straight sex, anything um... unusual or kinky is $200."

"OK, that sounds fair get in."

This time Morgan was taken to a motel. It was fairly nice too it wasn't a
dump like she expected when she heard the word "motel." After he checked them
in, they walked inside the room. The man grabbed her hand and immediately
pulled her into a wet kiss. Morgan felt he had a wedding ring on, "my God I'm
doing it with a married man" She thought.

Morgan exchanged saliva with him for a while as their tongues went to work
in each others mouths. Then his hands slid under Morgan's top and he began
feeling her breasts, a moan escaped Morgan's lips as he gently pinched a
nipple through her bra. Morgan kissed him more intensely as she felt his hard
erection pressing against the front of her miniskirt. Morgan pulled off his
shirt exposing his tan chest. Morgan bent her head down and caused him to
twitch as she tongued his nipple. He then lifted her top off and stuck his
tongue into her cleavage that was spilling out of her bra.

Morgan moaned in pleasure at his lustful enthusiasm as she went down his
pants ripping open the button-flys and pulling out his big cock that was
already poking out of his underwear. Morgan started stroking him immediately,
she had been with black guys the previous night and she wondered if only
black guys were mega huge. However, stroking this white guy off it was
apparent the white guys had a lot to offer in the size department too!

He unhooked her bra and soon his saliva bath continued on to Morgan's hard
nipples. Morgan couldn't believe how long this guy was, he was well over 9
inches maybe even 10! Morgan started wondering if this guy would hurt her
if he tried to slid inside her pussy. Especially since she had only let one
other guy stick his cock there, and he was nearly as big as this guy.

For now though Morgan slid down to her knees, she started licking this guy's
shaft up and down. She was still amazed at his size, as she licked the head
of his shaft all the way to his balls which she took in her horny mouth. She
kept this up until he asked her to slid it inside her mouth. She had no
problem with that, and she started to slid his cock in and out of her mouth.
She made sure to use her tongue on the underside of his cock, giving him as
much pleasure as she could.

Morgan slid a hand to her crotchless panties and found it easy to slide a
finger inside her already wet box. Morgan rapidly fingered herself as she
sucked off this older man's huge member. He gently pulled and pinched on her
hard nipples caused her make muffled moaning sounds as her mouth was full of
his cock. The man loved the picture of this teen hottie smiling below him and
giving him one of the best blowjobs he ever had. He knew he would last much
longer like this, so he reluctantly pulled her off his stiff cock and laid
her on the bed.

After so more intense kissing he rolled over so she was on top of him. She
knew what he wanted and she slowly hiked up her skirt. Then open up the
crotch of her panties she pressed her cunt onto his dick. Even as wet as
Morgan was, it was still a tight fit. Morgan slowly took in the first two
inches, then started riding him up and down taking a little bit more each
time. Morgan felt her pussy stretched to its maximum when only half of him
was in her. He was so big there was almost more pain than pleasure.

Then he grabbed her hips and thrust more of his thick long rod into her, it
hurt but as he continued to thrust the pain started to disappear and Morgan
was soon riding a roller coaster of pure sexual pleasure as his thick pole
filled her hot cunt. Morgan started riding him up and down, faster and
faster. Seeing Morgan's tits bounce he couldn't resist sucking on the dark
red bud as she rode him like no tomorrow. Morgan felt her young body tensing
up she knew it wouldn't be long now before she exploded all over him.

Then he pulled out of Morgan and asked her to turn around. Morgan got on all
fours and again felt his hard cock inside her young tender pussy. This time
he reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair as he began ramming her teen
cunt hard. She felt his hand slap on her ass which only excited her more.
Morgan couldn't believe this man's stamina her only other time with a guy
doing her had cum long before Morgan was even close.

Morgan reached back and played with her clit just a little as she felt the
guys pounding beginning to pick up speed. Morgan was having the biggest build
up of an orgasm of her young life. The pounding she was getting from this
doggy-style position plus her diddling with her clit finally gave her the
release she longed for and Morgan began to orgasm.

"Ohhh I yessss don't stop ohhhhhhh God I'm cummmminngggg!"

Morgan's moaning helped the guy who was already on the edge of his orgasm to
shot his load and he did he shot load after load into Morgan. Morgan moaned
even more feeling the warmth of his cum inside her. The two then laid on the
bed both spent after the sexual release that had just occurred. Morgan
wondered, "Why does this guy need to pay for sex, my God if I was his wife I
wouldn't ever neglect him for sex!"

Morgan started to get scared though, she been giving blowjobs all this time
but now a man had cum inside her what if she got pregnant? She never took
precaution for this before, but she realized that she should have. "My God
imagine me having to tell my Mom I'm pregnant and I don't even know the
father's name."

The man gave Morgan $150 and she was driven back to the corner. He kissed her
good-bye softly. Morgan blushed, she couldn't help it he was cute and the
best lover she had ever had.

Morgan decided from now on she was only gonna have sex with protection. The
street corner had several hookers now, in the next couple of hours all Morgan
got was a couple of blowjobs bringing her money to $350.

Morgan thought seriously about calling it a night, since it was apparent she
was gonna have a tough time getting any customers with so many people working
this corner. Instead though Morgan got on the bus and went to another corner.
This one was more a higher society prostitute corner, so Morgan though she
could maybe find a rich man offering lots of money.

Morgan was later approached by a car with 5 guys in it they looked to be
college football players from the local college. they invited Morgan to have an orgy
with them at their hotel. Morgan was uneasy about this, her being so badly
outnumbered by all these guys, but when they offered her $1000 dollars she
had to agree.

Once back at the hotel the guys asked Morgan to strip for them. So doing her
best stripper impersonation Morgan slowly undressed taking off her top, then
her skirt. She teasingly pulled down her bra then came her panties, which
caused whistles and hollers from the guys. Seconds later a guy was all over
her squeezing her tits roughly and shoving fingers in her tight box. Morgan
softly whispered "ouch" to him hoping he's quit being so rough, but it only
seemed to encourage him more.

Morgan was then forced to her knees as one guy shoved his cock down her
throat. This guy grabbed Morgan's hair and rammed his meat into her mouth,
but luckily this guy wasn't as huge so Morgan was able to handle him.
Another guy slid underneath her and stuck his cock inside her.

"Oh wait you need to have protection," (SLAP)! Morgan was quickly cut off
as the guy under her backhanded her letting her know that she was in no
position to make demands.

Morgan went back to sucking off the guy in front of her as the guy below
stuck his cock inside her. Morgan did her best hoping to make the guys cum
soon so she could be done with them. The guy inside her came quickly and
pulled out, allowing another guy to enter inside her. This time from behind.
Morgan felt the guy in her mouth cum, and when he did he thrust it all down
Morgan's throat leaving her no choice but to swallow it. He was quickly
replaced by another man who grabbed her hair and forced his much larger cock
down her throat. So now Morgan was seesawing back and forth on a cock at
each end. The guys were hooting and hollering calling Morgan a whore and a
slut and a cunt. Then the fifth guy got behind her and Morgan felt fingers
slid up her tight anal opening. However she wasn't prepared as the guy stuck
his cock there, she struggled but that was to unveil they were all stronger
than her plus there were three of them.

Now Morgan was getting a cock in each one of her holes, they were mercilessly
pumping away especially the man who was the first to ever violate her ass.
He was slapping her ass and calling her a whore ass he violated her most
sacred region. After what seemed forever to Morgan they all began to cum,
the guy in her ass came first, unable to stand the tightness of Morgan's
no-longer-virgin ass. So he came shooting his sperm deep into her bowels.
Morgan sobbed and screamed in humiliation through the cock in her mouth as
she felt the cum leaking out of her ass. The other two guys kept pumping her
mouth and her pussy as the name calling continued. If having her ass violated
wasn't bad enough, she felt degraded by their named calling, and she started
to believe what they were saying. "I am a whore" she thought "I'm selling
myself for money, they're right about me." Then both men came and Morgan's
own body betrayed her and sent her to an orgasm too. She laid there on the
floor as they pulled out of her. Morgan then saw them still standing over her
"What are they doing?" She wondered.

"Hey ho how bout a golden shower?"

"They wouldn't dare!" She thought.

They did though and soon they were urinating all over Morgan's body. Morgan
was disgusted as she was showered in their pee, she was sobbing in a fetal
position as they finished.

Then they tossed her the money. Morgan still sat there sobbing at being
totally humiliated by these guys actions. The guys soon got tired of her
crying and they grabbed her panties and kept them as a souvenir and threw
her out of the room. They didn't even let her shower to get the urine off
of her.

Morgan took some of the money and got a room at another hotel and washed
herself clean. She looked at herself in the mirror and asked herself "What
are you doing?"

After she was clean she went to the bus stop and waited for the bus. There
was no way she was gonna do anymore selling herself tonight or possibly ever
again for that matter.

After she got her trenchcoat back Morgan went back home. She immediately got
off her sexy clothes and threw on her regular pink Powerpuff Girls PJ's,
trying to get back to the real person she was, not the whore that she had
been called constantly. Morgan held on to the thought of the one guy at the
hotel that treated her with respect, it was too bad he was a married man, he
seemed so good to her. She had to hold on to that one great moment of the
night, as opposed to her anal rape by the 5 football players.

Morgan closed her eyes wishing she was in the arms of that man, this allowed
her to relax. Morgan knew she nearly had enough money and after tomorrow's
car wash she could easily have enough to save the team and put these bad
memories behind her. Morgan imagined the beautiful Judy and the man at the
hotel who was so nice to her there with her comforting her and touching her
softly. Morgan touched herself under her P.P. girls pajamas and fell asleep
with her hands under her panties.


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