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Jersey: Morgan Takes It For The Team Part 3 (M/f,Ff,FFFFf,inter)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Morgan woke up to her alarm but on this day it took her much longer to get
out of bed. Morgan finally crawled out of bed and made her way to the shower.
Last night was the worst night of her life. Not only did she get forced to
lose her anal virginity by the football players afterwards they used her as
their toilet and urinated all over her.

Morgan got dressed for the last day of the car wash. She put on her yellow
tweety bird panties and a yellow sports bra. She slid on her black biker
shorts then a dark blue T-shirt. Morgan counted up her money and got a shock.
It was apparent that not only had the football players giving her the shaft
up her ass, they had given her the shaft with the money too! Morgan was in
such a hurry to leave last night that she didn't even bother to count the
money. If she would have been paid the $1,000 that they had agreed to Morgan
would have $2,800. As she ended up she had only $2,300. Morgan sank to her
knees for a moment, they hadn't made $700 at the car wash in one day before.
This meant there was a good possibility that she would have to earn the money
on the streets again. Morgan couldn't help but sob at the idea of doing it
again, as the thoughts of her rape came back to her mind.

After a while she composed herself and went to the car wash. Morgan was
prepared to work hard to earn the money she needed. Unfortunately no matter
how hard she worked Sunday was just not a good day for a car wash. At the
end of the day they had only $300. Morgan was $400 short of her goal. Morgan
called up everyone she knew hoping to get a donation to get to the money.
She ended up getting another $100 but that was it. Morgan looked at the clock
it was 6 PM, she knew what this meant she was gonna need to sell herself
again. She decided to take a nap she was awoke a couple of hours later by
the phone. "Um hello?"

"Hi honey, (she recognized the voice on the other end as her Mom) I'm flying
back tonight instead of tomorrow, I should be in around 3 am."

'Oh, great,' Morgan thought. "OK Mom, I'll see ya then, bye."

Morgan hung up the phone, and realized that she had to earn the money before
her Mom got home. Morgan got dressed, she put on a lot of make-up she wore
dark lipstick and purple eyeshadow, silver dang ling earrings and her long
dark hair she combed down. She put on a black half-shirt with "hottie"
written in gold on the front. A short black miniskirt, with black stockings
and black heels.

Once again Morgan was on a street corner. Morgan walked up and down the
street, she was hoping it would be a busy night and she could maybe give
three blowjobs and be done with this. Even she knew that that was wishful
thinking. Morgan looked at her watch it had been nearly an hour and no
luck yet. She was about to go get something to drink when a limo pulled
up. Inside the car was a black man, he was in his late 20's or early 30's,
he was wearing a black shirt with lots of gold chains around his neck and
black slacks. He was wearing a black hat too. "Hey baby I want some hot
kinky sex you up for it?"

Morgan took a deep breath, "Yeah honey, what's ya have in mind? I cos $150
for straight sex and $200 for sometin' kinky." Morgan couldn't believe
herself, she not only looked like a street whore, she was beginning to talk
like one too.

"I'd like to have you suck my dick, than I would fuck that little white pussy
of yours, then after I make you cum maybe even slid my cock up your sexy
fucking little girl ass, that shakes pretty nice when I saw you walking."

This hit Morgan hard, anal sex?! It would get her halfway to her goal, but it
had been a nightmare the previous night. Reluctantly she gave in. "Sure I can
do that."

"Well, then step inside baby!"

Morgan got inside and the limo took off, it was very spacious inside it was
almost like a small room. The man pull out 2 $100's and gave it to Morgan.

"OK girl, time to earn yo money," he then unzipped his pants and pulled out
a huge cock, it was the biggest Morgan had ever seen. He had to be more than
a foot long and almost as thick as her wrist.

Morgan got on her knees in the limo and started licking his black horse-sized
cock. First she used her tongue to teasingly lick the peehole on the head.
Then she licked the thick cockhead making slurping sounds as she started
sucking it. He slid his hands under her short top and started playing with
her little tits. Morgan wasn't wearing a bra so he had easy access. Morgan
then took him down her throat, swallowing half of his shaft as her tongue
lapped up and down his shaft.

"Oh yeah that's it baby, nothin I like better than a white bitch that can
suck a cock." He took a hold of her hair and began forcing more of him down
her throat. Morgan was having trouble breathing with her mouth being so full
of his cock. Morgan tried her best to regulate her breathing so she didn't
pass out. This was difficult cause she was being forced to deep throat him.
Her mouth went back and forth on his huge cock stretching her mouth for all
it was worth.

Morgan played with his balls trying to push him towards his orgasm. Soon
she felt his balls tightening up, and Morgan felt him thrust his cock down
her throat as he let loose a humongous load down her throat. Morgan choked
and gagged on his cum as he seemed to let out an endless stream of his jism.
After Morgan is finally able to pull away from his monster black dick she
catches her breath. He wastes no time in grabbing Morgan by the hips and
going under her skirt to yank down her pink G-string. He motioned for her
to lift up her skirt which she did. He smiled at her young pussy with just
a little bit of dark pubic hair and immediately pulled her to his lap. He
wasted no time in shoving his cock inside her pussy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Morgan screamed as the thickest cock she had ever had inside her ripped
into her tender pussy.

Not only was he thick he was long too, and now he was forcing Morgan onto his
hard shaft as she rode his lap. She went up and down his burying more and
more into her. Morgan felt her pussy was full, but looking down she saw that
he had only 10 inches in her and still had another four. He stuck more and
more in her and Morgan despite the pain, pushed her ass back down, allowing
more to penetrate her. Now Morgan was riding up and down on all of his black

"Oh yeah, that's it ride that dick you like that big black dick don't you,
you little white street whore!"

"Oh yes, baby, fuck my pussy oh give me that big black rod!"

Morgan felt his mouth on her breasts. He sucked on her left nipple as his
thumb and forefinger pinched her right nipple. Now his thick cock had driven
her to an orgasm. Her already tight cunt gripped his pole and that sent him
over the edge as well. He bit on Morgan's hard nipples as they both orgasmed

Morgan was definitely worried now, as deep as this guy got inside of her it
was almost a for sure thing of her getting pregnant by him. She didn't have
much time to think about it though cause this time she was thrown on the limo
floor and he got behind her. Morgan was amazed at his stamina, having blown
his load twice and was ready to fuck her again! This time though Morgan's
eyes grew as big as saucers as she felt his cock at the entrance to her ass.
'My God as big as he is he's gonna shove that up my ass?'

Being well lubricate from Morgan's pussy juices he quickly got the head
inside Morgan causing her to let out a very loud "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" More
screams would follow as Morgan was in nothing but pure pain. Inch by inch
enter her tight ass, Morgan felt half of him inside her, and felt that
she was gonna die as he violated her ass. He went at it harder now not
caring so much if Morgan was in pain or not, her ass was constricting to
accommodate his width. His length was a different story though. The pain
seemed to intensify as he went deeper and deeper still up the young girls
ass. As Morgan felt his balls slap against her ass she would swear the
head of his cock was poking her ribs. Certainly just her imagination, but
Morgan felt otherwise at this moment.

Morgan took his cock in her ass for several minutes until slowly the pain
began to subside. Soon Morgan was pushing her ass back to him as she started
getting pleasure from anal sex for the first time. He grabbed a hold of her
hair and started to pull it, using her hair as reins. Morgan was really into
this now. She played with her clit wanting badly to orgasm again.

"Oh, oh, God, yes, oh baby, fuck me, fuck my ass with your big black cock, oh
yes, oh yes, oh God yes!!"

"Damn right, take my cock whore! You like it when nigga's fuck you in the ass
don't you ya little white slut!?"

"Oh yes, baby, cum in my ass, ah ohhh yeah oh cum in my ass!!!!!"

Before long he started really pumping Morgan. "Ohhhh, fuck yeah, oh, your so
fucking tight!!!"

He released his third load, this time his hot cum went deep in Morgan's
bowels. Morgan also came all over her hand. They stayed that way a while with
his cock buried in her ass as cum began leaking out of it. Morgan at last
felt him pull his cock out. They both got dressed and not saying a word to
her, he dropped her off at the same corner.

Morgan was only $200 away now, before she could go back to her normal life. A
short while later a familiar car drove up could it be? Indeed it was, Judy.
Morgan's favorite nurse was in her work clothes blue scrubs shirt and blue
jeans. Her gorgeous dark hair tied back and her beautiful smile that Morgan
would swear made her pink G-string wet with excitement.

"Hi sweetie, I'm sorry but I have to go to work soon, I just left early
hoping to see you, and get some hot oral from you, sorry but that's all I
have time for."

"That's OK" smiled Morgan.

They went to the alley and Judy parked the car. Morgan kissed her lover that
she had really missed deeply, then, not wasting anytime unbuttoned Judy's
jeans. Judy's panties soon followed, and Morgan went down on her favorite
customer. Judy leaned back in her seat as Morgan reached up Judy's shirt and
caressed her breasts through her bra squeezing them firmly. Morgan licked her
clit up and down with her tongue as Judy reached under Morgan's top and felt
up her breasts. Her tongue did its magic work on her clit as Morgan licked
it like a snake. She pinched and pulled on Judy's breasts through her bra as
her tongue work excited her pussy. Morgan felt Judy's body spasming, than was
treated with Judy's sweet pussy juices, which she licked up graciously.

The two shared a hot lesbian French kiss before Judy had to leave for work,
she handed Morgan $100 and sped off.

Morgan was only $100 away from her goal! Part of her thought of just
leaving and seeing if $2,900 was enough for the school board to let the team
play tomorrow, of course, her Mom coming home played a part in that too.
Ultimately, she decided that she should be sure and get the last of the
money, better safe than sorry. She stood on the corner it was past midnight
and she was getting nervous. She was thinking of giving up when a woman in a
mustang pulled up. She had long blonde hair, was likely in her late 30's or
early 40's.

"Good evening sexy!" she said with a smile.

"Hi there, what can I do for you tonight?"

"Well, I have $100 what can I get with that?"

Morgan acted sexy, so playing her role for all it was worth, and wanting to
get this over with she answered in her sexiest voice, "Well, I give great
oral sex for $100, and believe me I'm worth every penny!"

"Sounds good, get in sweetie."

Morgan got in the car but was then greeted with a badge, this woman was a
police officer! Morgan had handcuffs slapped on her right away and the
officer began reading her her rights. Morgan was stunned, she never imagined
she would meet an undercover lady cop, maybe that was why, this woman caught
her. She took Morgan to a back alley where there was two police cars and
three other female officers. One of the women looked strangely familiar she
had was thin and had short brown hair and looked to be in her 30's. Seeing
her name badge that said "Officer Conklin" Morgan figured it out, this was
her cousin Hillary's best friend Willa's Mom.

They had met once before a year ago. Morgan was in tears, now everyone would
know about her whoring herself on street corners. Tears rolled down Morgan's
cheeks as she imagined having to go to school everyone staring at her
whispering behind her back that she was Morgan Hudson, the school whore. She
imagined never getting a normal date with a guy, for all of high school.
Willa's Mom and the other police officers were standing there in light blue
uniforms as she was let out of the car in handcuffs. Willa's Mom, Connie,
immediately recognized Morgan just as Morgan feared she would.

"Morgan, what are you doing out here?"

Morgan figured she should come clean, so she told her and the other officers
the whole story, even her forced anal rape from the previous night.

"You mean you did all this to keep your soccer team, and you ended up $100

"Yes, Miss Conklin," responded Morgan with her head down in shame.

"Well, ladies empty your pockets lets see what we have," ordered Connie.
They all pulled out their cash and came up with $100 which Connie handed to
Morgan. "There you go Morgan, your soccer team is saved, I take it we won't
see you prostituting anymore correct?"

"My God thank you, and no I won't be doing this anymore, I promise."

"That's good Morgan, of course, there is just one thing, we gave you $100
you'll have to earn that for us."

Morgan was puzzled, "I..I don't quite understand what your saying."

"Well, you see, I'm a lesbian Morgan and so are these other three officers,
and you are a beautiful young woman, so you wanna end your career as a
prostitute with a big bang, or a gang bang that it?"

Morgan knew that the other option might be her going to jail so she agreed
and nodded her head. Connie walked up to Morgan and began to kiss her, softly
at first, then more passionately. Connie was an older version of Willa,
looked very much like her daughter. Morgan saw two of the female officers
(the short haired blonde and long haired blonde) with their uniform shirts
unbuttoned and kissing.

Morgan felt a nightstick under her miniskirt and rubbing against her
G-string. It was a big chested red haired woman who was behind her doing it.
Morgan rubbed her pussy against the nightstick as she removed Connie's shirt,
then her bra. Much like Willa she wasn't big chested but her nipples were big
and brown and Morgan latched on to them with her eager mouth. Connie got
under Morgan's easy access half-shirt and felt up Morgan's breasts as hers
got lick and suck on by the sexy teenager.

The red haired officer got Morgan's gesturing down and was now rubbing her
nightstick against Morgan's bare pussy. She licked Morgan's earlobe and asked
Morgan, "Would you unhook my bra sexy?"

Morgan turned around to face the sexy redhead reaching back she unhooked her
bra freeing her huge white breasts with pointed pink nipples. They looked too
good to pass up so Morgan gave each one of them a hard suck. Her fingers
pinched a nipple as she sucked the other. Dropping the redhead's pants Morgan
slid down her panties to find that the officer was in fact a natural redhead
by the hairy red pubic hair all over her cooch.

"Hey, Morgan finish what you started!"

Morgan turned around to see Connie lying on top of her squad car in just
cotton panties with her hand inside them. Morgan reluctantly pulled away from
the redhead and dove between Connie's legs. She pulled the crotch of her
panties aside and drove into the mess of brunette pubes to her pussy. Morgan
ate her out right there on the police car with her ass in the air. Morgan
felt the sexy redhead behind her again. Once again her nightstick was rubbing
against Morgan's cunt. Morgan squirmed in pleasure of the nightstick as she
licked and sucked on Connie's clit as two of her fingers pumped into Connie's

"Oh yes, oh, Morgan, oh, yes, good girl, oh, that feels good, oh, that feels
so good!"

The sexy redhead finally pushed her nightstick up Morgan's pussy and began
sliding it in and out of her. Morgan worked faster and faster on Connie's
vagina. Her pussy was used to the thickness of a nightstick after the man in
the limo. Connie was soon thrusting her pussy into Morgan's face as she
released her orgasm coating Morgan's face with her cum. Once again Morgan
turns around to face the redhead woman again. Morgan gives the redhead
officer a hot lesbian French kiss and then presses her against the wall and
starts darting her tongue into the redheads pretty pussy. She sucked and
licked and bit on the big breasted redhead's clit. Connie kissed the red head
as Morgan gave her the best oral she had ever known. Her mouth was all over
this sexy redhead's box. She totally loved her sexual happenings with other
women, it made her wonder if she really was a lesbian herself.

Morgan then felt the red-haired officers pussy release a sweet taste to
Morgan's tongue. The three girls then shared a three-way kiss. Then looking
over to the police car they saw the two blonde officers naked on the car
making out and rubbing their pussies together. They all walked over and the
officers told Morgan to bend over the car and give the two blondes the
cuntlicking that she gave them. Morgan smiled her seductive smile and put
her sexy ass in the air as she bent over and ran her tongue up and down both
girls clit's. Connie and the red-haired officer grabbed their nightsticks
and started rubbing them against Morgan's ass and pussy.

Morgan moaned and blew air on the two blondes clits as they both screamed in
passion with this teenagers magic tongue. The nightsticks made there way up
Morgan's pussy, and even her tight ass as Connie and the red-haired officer
spanked her. Morgan blew and tongue all over the two blondes as they pushed
their pussies back at Morgan's face, each one eager for their turn to feel
the teen's tongue. Morgan was working faster and faster her tongue doing warp
speed as the two nightsticks brought her over the edge and she had by far the
longest orgasm ever in her life. "Ahhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss" she screamed.

Then taking the nightsticks she shoved each one inside each of the blondes
pussy. Morgan really into this rammed the two blonde officers hard. They were
already turned on by her licking so it was only minutes until they also

After it had finally ended it was getting late and they gladly gave Morgan a
ride home. Morgan beat her Mom home by a matter of minutes and got into bed.

Then it was Monday morning, Morgan went before the school board and gave out
the $3000 needed to save the team. The coach couldn't believe she came up
with all that money in three days, the whole team saw Morgan as a heroine.
Morgan said hard work was all it took to get the money, unfortunately, she
couldn't be more specific than that.

On her way out to soccer practice she saw a very familiar red-haired woman in
a white tight T-shirt and blue shorts. "Hello Miss Hudson, I'm Dana, the new
assistant coach, maybe after practice I can give you some personal coaching,
not that you need it." She gave Morgan a wink.

Morgan couldn't believe it, it was the woman on the police force from last
night. Morgan gave her a smile then ran to the practice field. She glanced
back and sure enough, her new coach was admiring her ass as she ran. "My God
this is gonna be some soccer season," she thought.

The End


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