The sexual practices of the people in this story are not a representation of
them in the tv show or in real life, this is pure fiction. It also shouldn't
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Jersey: Morgan Vs The Rams (M+/F,inter,gangbang)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Morgan Hudson was an athletic 15 year old girl with fairly long dark auburn
hair and pretty face. Her breasts had just started to develop quite nicely
into a b-cup, while her ass was very sexy, as most of the guys in school had
certainly noticed. On this day she was quite excited as her Uncle Larry
Lichter had gotten tickets to the Rams big game against Green Bay. He was
taking Morgan and her cousin Nick to the game. Morgan got the opportunity to
go after Nick's sister Hillary turned down the chance to go (her not being
into sports).

An excited Morgan put on her favorite Rams #13 jersey and put on her short
light-blue jean shorts. She wore her hair in pigtails, she was used to
wearing it that way, her always being in sports. She admired her ass in the
tight shorts in the mirror, she was sure that these shorts could get the
attention of some cute guy. Morgan was a virgin and there would be a lot of
guys at the game to choose from. Although Morgan secretly wished #13 of the
Ram's would look her way. Since she happened to have a little bit of a crush
on him.

This gave Morgan an idea she brought the jersey with her maybe after the
game she could leap into the locker room. Usually the jersey only worked
during a game but there was a chance that this would work, the magic in the
jersey is stronger when they're actually at a sporting event in person.
Morgan wanted to get a peak at #13 of the Rams even though she knew that she
had to be a little perverse to even plan such a scheme. Nick may have been
Morgan's cousin but he was really giving his cousin the eye at the game.

Morgan was, after all, an attractive girl especially today in those short
shorts. He loved the way they hugged her tight curves as they slightly went
up her ass crack. He found himself sitting down while Morgan was on her feet
cheering during the game just so he could catch a glance at her hot ass.
At home the only other girl that Nick ever saw come over to the house was
Hillary's friend Willa, and Willa (in Nick's mind) had dyke written all over
her face. She had short brown hair muliple piercings and jewelry. She looked
more like a fortune teller than a high school girl to Nick. So Nick couldn't
help but have sexual thoughts of his hot cousin Morgan.

The game was awesome with the Rams winning in overtime. Morgan begged her
uncle to stay after the game so she could get autographs from the players.
Seeing his niece's sweet face beg him he couldn't say no and Morgan went
down to get autographs. However in actuality Morgan used this opportunity
to get the jersey out of her purse. She put the jersey on and immedietly
with a flash of light Morgan was wisked away and soon found herself in the
Ram's locker room.

Morgan looked down on herself and immedietly realized noticed something was
wrong. Sure she was wearing a white t-shirt and shoulder pads and a jock
strap like a football player would be wearing in the locker room but... she
still had breasts! Morgan looked in the locker room mirror and instead of
seeing a pro athlete like before when she used the jersey she saw herself!
Something had definetly gone wrong with the jersey. She realized the reality
of her situation as she saw several big football players walk out of the
shower wearing only a towel.

The football players looked over this little teenage girl in front of them,
they wondered how she got in their locker room and most of all why was she
dressed like that? They eyed her young breasts as the hard red nipples poked
through the thin white t-shirt. Some of the guys checked out the back view
of the sexy teen, her ass clearly visible as the jock-strap only covered her
pussy. Morgan felt uneasy but deep down a little excited surrounded by all
these almost naked big men. Morgan felt one of them slap her on the ass,
causing her to jump, almost off the floor. She looked back and saw it was a
cute black guy that she recognized as the team's running back. When Morgan
turned back around she saw that all the guys had dropped their towels.
Morgan's jaw dropped, she had never seen a cock in person before and now
there was several of them in diffrent sizes right in front of her.

One of the players spoke to her,"We showed you ours, show us yours girl!"

Morgan blushed a little then finally pulled the bottom off her t-shirt
exposing her perky breasts for all to see. Some of the guys whistled and
cheered as Morgan pulled down her jock to reveal her pussy with just a small
patch of dark pubic hair above her virgin vagina lips. Morgan saw the guys
move in, one shoved his tongue in her mouth, she gladly gave him her tongue
back. Morgan gave this big football player who she didn't recognize a big
french kiss. He sexily caressed her tongue with his tongue as Morgan
erotically sucked on his tongue. Morgan felt other hands caressing her ass,
and more hands caressing her already creamy wet mound. Morgan felt tongues
licking on her hard nipples making them erect, so erect they practically
ached. Morgan felt all of her body in ecstacy as hands fondled ever inch of
her young body. Morgan looked at the guy in front of her his black cock was
so hard and long that it stood straight up and covered his bellybutton.

Morgan bent over and took it in her hand, she started stroking it to find it
amazingly getting even bigger than before! 'My God he's huge!' she thought.
Morgan then opened her mouth and slid it over his black cock. Hands still
caresed her body as she gave her first blowjob right there in the Ram's
locker room. Morgan felt her hard dark red nipples being squeezed and pulled
on as she tried her best to swallow the player's long black meat-pole. The
guy started pulling on Morgan's hair as she slid her mouth up and down his
dick. He pushed her hands away telling her to suck him using her mouth only.
This presented a challege for her as she had no control while he forced her
to take more of his shaft in her mouth. Morgan felt two more cocks one on
each side of her a white cock and a black one both were impressive in size.
Morgan realized what they wanted and started to immediately stroke both of
their erections in her hands.

"Ohh yeah thats it baby suck it good ahhh you white bitches know how to give
good head!!!!"

Morgan slightly smiled this was quite a compliment considering this was her
first blowjob. Morgan could see a guy sliding underneath her as her mouth
continued its rapid pace on the black dick in her mouth. The men slid Morgan
down to the floor as the guy under her aimed his 10 inch black schlong at
Morgan's cunt. Morgan was shocked and momentarily gagged on the cock she was
sucking on with the shock of another big cock being stuffed into her tight
pussy. The guy inside her quickly realized, with her being so tight, this
girl was no slut, she was in fact a virgin, but not for much longer now!
Morgan moaned through the cock in her mouth as the black guy began to pump
into Morgan. He went deeper and deeper poking on Morgan's hymen. With a big
deep thrust Morgan's virginity was no more and he started sliding in and
out of her with more ease.

The guy in her mouth couldn't take Morgan's amazing oral skills any longer
he pulled out and and covered her face with his white icing. Morgan stuck out
her tongue taking much of it and licking up what she could. Another guy
replaced him eager to get in this hot teen vixen's mouth. Morgan sucked hard
on him liking the taste of the last guy and eager to taste more cum. The guy
on the ground started gently biting on Morgan's nipples causing Morgan to
squirm in pleasure. She was in sexual heaven, a cock filling her tight cunt
another guy pumping her warm mouth, plus she felt the guys that she was
stroking start to cum. She felt them shooting their hot semen on her body.
The guy in her pussy didn't last long, her cunt felt so incredibly and
unbearably tight that he shot his load quickly inside Morgan. He was quickly
replaced as another man slid under Morgan, he was a 300 lbs black man with a
thick 11 inch cock.

Before today Morgan was a 15 year old virgin now here she was doing it with
a whole football team, the type of thing that the sluts she despised in
school would do. She couldn't help herself though she loved it and didn't
wanna stop! She felt another guy getting behind her and he started rubbing
his cock against her ass. He squeezed and roughly spread Morgan's ass cheeks.
Then he pushed his black cock against the entrance of her ass.

Morgan had not time to protest as he pushed his big cockhead up her tight
ass. Morgan felt the guy in her cunt and her ass get a stead motion going
and the two football players started pistoning in and out of her most sacred
places. Morgan loved the feeling as the double penetration made her hot and
wet. She could feel the two cocks separated only by a thin layer of skin
inside of her body. The guy in her mouth pulled and and shot a giant load
all over Morgan's pretty face.

Morgan started grinding down on the man under her as inch after inch
stretched her formerly virgin ass. Before long his entire 9 inch rod was all
the way inside Morgan. He grabbed both of her wrists and held them behind
her back and began hammering his cock up her ass. Faster and harder, harder
and faster. "Uhhhh yeah ohhhh take that black dick up your ass bitch ohhh God
you gots a tight fuckin ass oh you such a hot little white hoe!"

In no time he was unable to keep from cumming, so he came shooting hot
streams of warm jism deep up the teenage girl's bowels. This feeling caused
Morgan to cum as well and her cunt muscles tighten around the black man below
her. The guy withdrew from her ass exhausted and satisfied at the tightest
fuck he had ever had. Morgan saw two more cocks in front of her again and
took each one in her hands and went back and forth sucking both cocks. Morgan
licked one black shaft from top to bottom then the other one as the thrusting
in her pussy continued. Morgan got tired of going back and forth between the
cocks and opened her mouth wide and took both cocks in her mouth at the same

Morgan's mouth was stretched as it accomodated both shafts in and out of her
mouth using her tongue on the underside of each one. Morgan was determined
to get both of these guys off at once as her mouth started to become sore
with working so hard. The guy below her found the scene so hot, this 15 year
old school girl taking two men in her mouth at once. "Oh baby take this
black dick you little white slut." With the tightness of her box gripping
his rod, he finally began to empty his load deep inside Morgan. Morgan loved
the feeling of him cumming, he stayed inside her til he slowly went limp and
slid out. Morgan concentrated on the two cocks in her mouth now licking both
shafts sucking as deep as she could with both filling her horny mouth. Then
both men came, their orgasms were only seconds apart. Morgan decided this
time to swallow a load which she did, the first guy shot his load down her
throat. The second guy she pulled out of her mouth and stroked him til her
face was showered with his seed.

Morgan was pushed down on her back as another black guy climbed on top of
her straddling her chest, and started titty-fucking her. Morgan held her
tits against his rod as his cock disappeared in her cleavage and the tip
reappeared at the top of her chest. Another cock was waved in Morgan's face
which she glady took down her throat again. Her legs were spread again and
yet another cock entered her overworked young pussy. Morgan sucked and
tongued the shaft in her face as her cleavage was humped up and down by the
huge football player. Her cunt was on fire as the cock inside of her was
driving her body to yet another incredible orgasm. The guy humping Morgan's
chest finally pulled away and shot his cum all over Morgan's perky breasts.
Morgan rubbed the cum all over her breasts as she continued getting it from
both ends. Her face being on the floor, the black man was basically fucking
her face in this position, looking down at this teen girl's body covered in
cum made him so hot he released his semen down Morgan's throat. Morgan then
turned her attention to the last man, she wrapped her legs around him as he
pounded her cunt. Morgan tongued and bit on his ear as he rammed her faster
and faster. As all 11 inches rammed into her Morgan pinched her tender
breasts and begged for more. "Oh thats it ohh yesss ohh fill me up with that
black cock yes ohhh cum for me baby cum for me!!"

He felt himself coming so he pulled out of her and shoved his cock down her
throat releasing his sperm down the back of Morgan's throat. Morgan caught
her breath and was surprised to see all these football players on the floor
exhausted from the sex they just had with her. Morgan got dressed, she put
her shirt back on, then suddenly she was warped back to where she was
originally in the arena. She found her Uncle waiting for her in the parking
lot. He was mad for waiting so long for Morgan and her not having any

After Morgan got home she started to wonder what went wrong with the jersey?
One thing was for sure a girl never forgets her first time and Morgan's was
certainly not an acception in this case.


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