Note for those who don't know--The jersey works by allowing Nick and his
cousin Morgan to leap into the bodies of athletes. Also--Coleman is also
known as Slaw.

Jersey: Morgan's Trip To The 2002 Men's Final Four (MMMf,reluc,inc?)
by Storytrade

Morgan couldn't believe it, she won a radio contest. All she had to do was
answer a question on college basketball. Didn't everyone know that UCLA had
more Men's Titles then any other school. Now she won the contest and on
Wednesday her and a guest were going to fly to Atlanta for the 2002 Men's
final four and even get to attend the player interviews during the week.
Morgan couldn't wait to tell Nick, Elliot and Coleman about it. Morgan loved
basketball and even made the H.S. team as a freshman. Now she was going to
get to watch the final four and even meet some of the players. Morgan
preferred watching men's basketball to women's because she found several
of the players quite cute.

When Morgan got to her cousin Nick's house she knocked on the door, but no
one answered, so she let herself in. She heard Nick, Elliot and Coleman
making noise upstairs.

So Morgan went up the stairs to join in the fun, but when she got to Nick's
room, she noticed that the guys were watching a porno on TV. The woman on
the screen was being fucked by 3 guys at the same time. This caused Morgan
to get very angry, she barged into Nick's room. She couldn't believe it,
her best friends were sitting around watching woman being humiliated and
enjoying it. She screamed at them, "What is wrong with you guys, don't you
realize that these type of videos are bad for women. They show women being
abused and treated like pieces of meat. You never see guys treated this

Nick quickly responded by saying, "Well yeah, cause guys would love to be
treated like this besides if a girl is a slut, what's the big deal. Only
sluts would let three guys fuck her at the same time."

Morgan was even more pissed by this and said to them. "Well, I just wanted
to let you know that I just won tickets to the Men's Final Four in Atlanta
and I was going to invite one of you to join me, but forget that, you guys
suck. I will see if maybe Hillary would like to go." With that Morgan
slammed the door and left.

After she left, Nick, Elliot and Coleman (Slaw) went back to watching the

Slaw then said, "Man look at that bitch, she is taking it up the ass. That
looks so hot, I would love to be fucking her."

Nick then said, "Yeah, I know what you mean, I am rock hard just looking at
her. Can you believe that sluts like her would really take 3 guys at the same

Elliot then said, "Yeah, especially the guys who are so hung, they are like
double my size." Sadly it was true, Elliot was not quite 4 inches when
completely hard.

Nick and Slaw couldn't believe Elliot just said that. While it was true that
the guys on the screen were big -- atleast 8 inches a piece, if they were
double Elliot's size, that meant that he was only 4 inches, how pathetic.
Nick and Coleman didn't know what to say to that, cause guys just didn't
talk aobut stuff like this. There was an awkward silence before Nick finally

Nick then said, "Yeah, well they are probably fake, guys dont really get
that big. Average guy is like 5 inches." Atleast that is what Nick hoped,
since he was just under 5 inches long.

However Coleman responded by saying, "Speak for yourself Nick." While Coleman
was no huge stud, he did have a nice 6.5 inch dick.

The guys continued to watch the video for a few more minutes, before Elliot
and Coleman decided to leave. They both made up excuses for why they had to
go, but the truth was that they both just needed to jerk off. Once they both
left, Nick continued to watch the video, but this time, he locked his door
and took off his pants, revealing his nearly 5 inch, rock hard cock. Nick
began to stroke his member for several minutes, watching the girl on the
screen get gangbanged by 3 men, but right before he came, Nick imagined that
the girl getting gangbanged was his cousin Morgan. At that moment, Nick had
the hardest orgasm of his entire life. Nick had never cum so hard or so much
in his entire life. It was at that moment that Nick realized he had to have
his cousin Morgan, he just didn't know how yet.

The next day Morgan was still mad at the guys and refused to hang out with

Nick still couldn't get over the fact that he wanted to fuck Morgan. He told
Slaw and Elliot what happened and how he wanted to fuck Morgan. Slaw said
"Dude, its not like she is going to have sex with you, first of all she is
mad at all of us now, second she is your cousin and third she isn't a slut."

Elliot then said, "Yeah man, I mean the only way you could fuck Morgan is if
you were some hot athlete. Those are the only guys she is interested in. She
barely even looks at most of the jocks at our school. If you were some famous
basketball player, then you might have a shot, otherwise you might as well
just keep dreaming."

Nick sat there for a minute looking upset, then all the sudden an evil grin
came across his face. He goes, "Elliot you are genius."

Elliot then said, "I know, but why?"

Nick then goes, "The jersey, thats it, I can leap into a famous athlete, go
see Morgan and seduce her. You were right, the only way anyone is getting
into her panties is if they are a hot athlete, so I will use the jersey and
become a hot athlete."

Coleman then said, "Well, that would be a good idea, except that Morgan is
only into Football and Basketball players right now and St. Louis doesn't
have a basketball team and the Rams are still in the offseason, so I guess
that means you will have to wait until the fall before you can try it out."

Elliot then said, "Yeah, if Morgan weren't mad at you, then maybe you could
have tried it out on her in Atlanta during the final four."

Nick then goes, "That's perfect, of course, I can leap into one of the
college players during that interview she is going to and try and talk to
her there. If all goes well, I will be fucking her by the end of the week."

Coleman then said, "Are you really going to do this man, just leap into some
college basketball player in order to fuck your own cousin, man. That's so
dirty and yet, so hot, can I come along?"

Elliot then goes, "Yeah me too, count me in."

Nick goes, "Sure Slaw, you and Elliot can join me. Maybe we can even turn
Morgan into a little slut like the chick in that video."

The guys then began to discuss the details of their plan. They would all
meet at Nick's house on Thursday. The press conference and interviews began
at 3:00 pm, if all went well they would leap into the bodies of Steve Blake,
Kirk Heinrich and Lonny Baxter.

Nick would then approach Morgan and talk to her a little bit. He would invite
her back to his hotel room, and from their the boys would have their way with
her. Now they just had to wait for Thursday to come around.

Morgan left town Wednesday night and she convinced Nick's sister, Hillary to
join her in Atlanta. Morgan convinced Hillary that several of the basketball
players were really cute and they would get to meet them.

Finally, Thursday came around and the guys raced home from school, ran up the
stairs and locked the door to Nick's room. Nick left a note for his parents
telling them that he wouldn't be home until really late. The guys turned on
the television just before the conference began. Coleman then asked Nick if
he was sure he wanted to go through with this and Nick said, "Hell yeah,
can't wait to fuck that little cunt cousin of mine, I am calling her cherry

Coleman then said, "I got her ass, and I call her pussy second."

Elliot then said, "What does that leave me with?"

Nick then says, "You dumbass, you get her mouth, what else would you get,

Elliot then said, "Cool, I get to cum in her mouth, awesome."

Both Coleman and Nick laughed at that, then Nick said, "Okay guys get ready,
we are going to have some fun tonight."

With that Nick told Elliot that he had to wear the jersey, cause he would
have to get completely naked if he was going to fuck Morgan. Elliot agreed,
so Elliot put on the jersey while touching Coleman and Nick and just like
that the 3 guys leaped into the NCAA 2002 Men's Final Four. Nick leaped in
the junior point guard for Maryland, Steve Blake Elliot leaped into the
shooting guard for Kansas, Kirk Heinrich and Coleman leaped into Maryland
Center, Lonny Baxter.

They were currently interviewing the players on Maryland and Kansas about
the game.

The guys couldn't believe it, it actually worked and there was Morgan. It
was Morgan's turn to ask a question.

Morgan was so excited, she was given the opportunity to ask 1 question and
she decided to ask the MD point guard whether he felt like they were under
a lot of pressure to win.

Nick, who was in the body of the point guard responded by saying, "Yeah,
but we have been under pressure all year, and tonight, we are all going to
try and relax and get set for the game on Saturday night. With that the
press conference was over with. Nick found Coleman and Elliot and told
them to meet him at his hotel room. Nick found out which room it was Elliot
and Coleman went there and waited for Nick to bring Morgan there. Now Nick
could try and put his plan into action. And Nick began walking over to

Morgan couldn't believe it, Steve Blake, the cute 6'3 inch point guard was
walking over to her. Morgan found all athletes very attractive and couldn't
believe that he was walking over to her. Morgan said hello to him and asked
him how he was doing.

Nick, who was inside of Blake said that he was doing okay, and asked what
her name was. When she told him it was Morgan, he responded by saying it was
a pleasure to meet her.

Morgan explained how she won a radio contest and how she came to Atlanta
with her cousin, but that her cousin Hillary was currently shopping downtown
and that she was alone for the rest of the day.

When Nick heard this he asked Morgan if she would like to join him for a
game of horse.

Morgan immediately said, "Yes!" Here this hot 20 yr old college junior
college basketball player and he was asking her to play basketball with him.
Little did she know that it was really her own cousin Nick.

Morgan and Steve Blake (really Nick) started shooting around for a little
while, then Nick decided to make things interesting. He said that they should
make a bet, loser would have to take off their top. Nick decided he would
purposely lose the first game to give Morgan some confidence. After he lost,
he removed his shirt.

Morgan liked what she saw, Steve had a nice body, she could tell he was a
lean athlete. He had almost no chest hair, and looked even hotter to her.

Meanwhile, Nick was also impressed by the body. Blake's body was much better
built then Nick's own body. After losing the first game, Nick easily beat
Morgan in the second game, causing her to play in her bra. After Nick (Steve)
lost the third game on purpose, he stripped down to his boxers. Nick had
trouble convincing himself not to get hard. Luckily Morgan lost the 4th game.
Morgan was very apprehensive about actually removing her bra.

Luckily, Steve was really nice about it and told her they could play 1 more
game, winner take all. Whoever lost would have to strip in front of the
other. Steve also told Morgan that they could do it, in his hotel room, that
way no one would see. Morgan agreed, but unfortunately for Morgan, she
quickly lost the game. So Steve and Morgan headed back to the hotel room
after putting their clothes back on. Morgan was a little worried about being
naked in front of Steve, but she thought he was really cute and maybe he
would even kiss her. Morgan had only kissed 1 other guy before so this was
a real turn on for her.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Coleman and Elliot were awaiting the arrival of
Morgan and Nick. They were fooling around decided to order room service.
After drinking too much soda, Elliot had to go to the bathroom. While Elliot
was taking his piss, he realized that Kirt Heinrich's dick was much bigger
than his own. Elliot could feel the difference as he held it, it was about
double the size of his own and while he went to the bathroom it got to its
fullest length about 8 inches. When Elliot came out of the bathroom, he told
Coleman about his experience. Coleman then decided to check out how big a
dick the guy who he leaped into had. Coleman noticed that it was about the
same as his own.

As Nick and Morgan approached, Nick started talking loudly to let Coleman
and Elliott know that he was on his way, that way the two of them could hide
in the closet.

Nick realized that Morgan would not be comfortable with Kirk Heinrick and
Lonny Baxter in the room, so his plan was to fuck her once and then he would
invite the two guys into the room.

When Morgan entered the room with Steve, she told him how nice the room was.
She also told him that she was very nervous since no guy had ever seen her
naked. Nick couldn't believe his luck, he would not only get her cherry, but
he was also going to be the first guy to see her naked. Morgan then said,
"Steve, promise not to laugh, I know I am not as pretty as most of the girls
you are probably with."

Steve (Nick) then said, "Don't worry you look very hot to me and after you
take off your clothes, I will take off mine as well."

That made Morgan feel a lot more confortable, and she slowly removed her
shirt and bra, unknowingly revealing her breasts to her own cousin Nick.
Steve (Nick) then told Morgan that her breasts were beautiful, causing
Morgan to blush and cover her breasts. Nick realizing that Morgan was
unconformatable removed his own shirt and told Morgan that she could touch
him if he wanted. Morgan slowly walked over to Steve (Nick) and touched his
smooth, well built chest. Then it happened, Morgan was being kissed by a
hot, sweaty basketball player, little did she know it was really Nick
kissing her. While they were kissing, Nick slid his hand down and began
fondling Morgan's breasts. Ever time he touched her tits, she let out a
moan. Nick pinched them, ever so slightly. Morgan had never been touched
there by anyone else and she was loving it.

While pinching her tits with one hand, Nick slid his other hand down to
Morgan's shorts and slowly pushed them down below her knees and slowly
worked her panties off. Morgan was so into it, she barely realized that
she was now completely naked in front of Steve.

Nick was surprised to see that she wasn't as hairy as the women he had seen
in the porno's and Playboys he had seen. Nick then decided to see how far he
could push Morgan. He then told her, "Man, you have the hottest cunt baby,
I think we should do the horizontal tango."

Morgan responded by saying, "Sure Steve, whatever you say."

Then Nick (Steve) said to her, "Baby, why don't you help me remove my
shorts." Nick was harded then he had ever been before.

Morgan slowly removed Steve's shorts and boxers, revealing his rather large,
9.5 inch cock.

Morgan then said to him, "Wow, you are so big, I didn't even know they could
get that big."

Nick then asked her, "Well have you ever seen a guy's cock before?"

Surprisingly, Morgan answered, "Yes, 1 time."

Nick was intrigued and decided to ask her who she had seen.

Morgan responded by saying, "Well, a few weeks ago, I accidentally saw my
cousin Nick masturbating, but his penis was much smaller then yours, and he
is 15 years old and I thought that they were all that size, but yours is
like double the size of his little thing."

Nick felt really angry at Morgan for saying this, but he couldn't let on,
cause she thought he was Steve. So he responed by saying, "Well, he is young,
he could still grow some more."

Then Morgan said, "Probably not, he is a little wimp, and you are a real

When she said this, Nick accidentally squeezed Morgan's tits a little too
hard and she screamed. Nick apologized and asked her if she was ready to
take his cock? Morgan responded by saying, "Well, I was planning to wait
until I got married."

So Nick (Steve) responded by saying, "Well, I thought you were not a little
girl and you wanted to have some adult fun. If I was wrong you can leave now,
otherwise, lets have some fun."

Morgan was very torn, here was a very cute, athletic, older guy and he wanted
to have sex with her. But she was planning to wait until marriage, until she
was in love.

While she was thinking about it, Nick (Steve) got on his knees and began to
lick Morgan's cunt, gently hitting her clit. Then all the sudden, Nick

Morgan said, "Steve why did you stop."

And he responded by saying, "If I continue then I get to have my way with
you and do whatever I want, is that okay."

Morgan responded by saying, "Yes, whatever, just keep going, it felt so

So Nick continued to eat out Morgan for several more minutes, before bringing
Morgan to her first of several orgasms. Then Nick (Steve) said to Morgan,
"Okay now its time to pop that cherry cunt of yours." Morgan looked a little
scared and Nick said to her, "Now let me hear you beg for it baby."

Morgan goes, "Steve, please fuck me, take my cherry, fuck my cunt."

Nick didn't need to be told twice, he lowered Morgan onto the bed, and pushed
her legs apart allowing him entry into her virgin cunt. Then Nick got on top
of Morgan, held her arms down and slowly allowed his cock to enter into
Morgan's virgin cunt.

Morgan began to scream, "Ow, it hurts, its too big, please Steve take it

But Nick heard none of it, and slowly forced the first inch into Morgan,
then Nick felt her cherry. Nick heard her begging him to be careful, but then
remembered the comments about his small cock and decided to get her back, so
with one swift motion, Nick slammed the dick of Steve Blake into Morgan's
virgin pussy. Morgan screamed with pain, but Nick continued to force more and
more of the basketball player's 9+ inch cock inside of his own cousin. Nick
continued to trust in and out of Morgan for 15 more minutes causing Morgan to
orgasm at least 2 more times. Then Morgan screamed out, "I love you Steve!"
and Nick responded by saying, "I love fucking you baby."

While fucking her, Nick realized that Steve's body had better staying power
than his own. Nick couldn't even last 3 minutes when he jerked off. This
caused Nick to become a little envious, and he started slamming his cock into
Morgan even harder and faster, before finally shooting his load inside of his
own cousin. Nick collapsed on top of Morgan. After 10 minutes, Nick could
feel life coming back into his cock. This surprised Nick as well, since it
usually took him a good 45 minutes before he could get hard again. It was at
this point that Nick decided to put the second stage of his plan into action.

Morgan was lying on the bed in ecstasy. She had never orgasmed so much or so
powerfully in her life. Steve Blake had taken her virginity and she loved
every minute of it. Now she was just dreaming of what it would be like to
date and possible marry Steve.

But what Morgan didn't know was that while it was Steve Blake's body that she
had sex with it was her own cousin's mind and the worst part of it was that
Steve would have know memory of this, once Nick leaped.

Nick had gone to the bathroom to let Coleman and Elliot know that they were
about to get some action themselves. Nick then returned to the room and saw
Morgan lying on the bed looking beautiful. She was naked, spread eagle, and
her cunt lips were extremley puffy.

Nick then spoke to Morgan saying, "Morgan, we need to talk. Remember how you
said you would do whatever I asked? Well, I've got some friends who want to
meet you." Nick said.

Morgan was really scared and really angry. Her blood ran cold as she thought
about what Steve had just said to her. He was going to let his friends do
things to her and she told him that she loved him.

Steve then went to the door and Morgan saw him let two guys in, but she
couldn't see them very well yet. She looked so innocent lying there partially
covered by the top sheet, but just moments before, Morgan had undergone the
fucking of her life.

"Kirk, Lonny, this is Morgan," Steve said, "Morgan, I would like you to
meet Lonny and Kirk."

Morgan recognized these two other basketball players immediately. Morgan also
felt very self-conscious and tugged the sheet up under her chin as she stared
warily at the two boys. With a chuckle, Nick said, "Morgan was a little shy
at first but give her time, and she will be begging for it. She was so tight
guys, although I probably loosened her up a bit. Now Morgan why don't you get
rid of the sheet, so that Kirk and Lonny can see that hot little body of

But Morgan did not move, she was scared and she didn't want these two guys
seeing her naked. Steve was one thing, heck, she was falling in love with him
and she thought he liked her a lot too, but she couldn't show her body to
Lonny and Kirk, that would be a very slutty thing to do. However, Nick was
tired of waiting, and next thing Morgan knew, Steve was ripping away the
sheet, totally exposing the blushing girl.

"Steve!" Morgan screamed, while attempting to cover her naked teenage body.

"Stop your bitching, Morgan, Steve yelled, "Now lets show these guys your
beautiful titties and nicely fucked pussy."

Morgan was so embarassed that she couldn't even look at either of the two
guys who were sitting at the edge of her bed. Morgan simply lowered her head,
and asked Steve why he was doing this.

Steve responeded by saying, "Baby, you were a great fuck and I always share
great little cunt fucks with my friends."

Morgan tried to complain some more but Steve said, "No more talkin', baby.
Let's put that mouth of yours to some good use. Hey, Kirk why don't you come
over hear and give Morgan a try."

Elliot couldn't believe his good luck, he loved looking at Morgan since the
day she moved to St. Louis and now she was going to give him a blow job.
Elliot, moaned as Morgan slowly took his cock into her mouth. While Morgan
did think that Kirk Heinrich was cute, she couldn't believe that she was
giving him a blow job, that was such a dirty, slutty thing to do.

Then, Elliot looked over at Nick and Coleman and said, "Guys this chick has
got an awesome mouth."

While Morgan sucked on Kirk's cock, she didn't notice that Lonny, the big
6'8 260 lb black guy had moved and was now touching her pussy. When he hit
her clit she realized that someone was down there, at first she had hoped
it was Steve, but before she could say or do anything she heard Steve's
voice say, "Don't worry baby Lonny is going show you what its like to take
it on the other side. Lonny is just trying to get to know you better, right

Coleman responded by saying, "Hell yeah!"

She felt his hand begin to rub the soft skin of her small and round ass.
Morgan had never given a blow job before much less deep throated anyone, but
here she was with Kirk Morgan was on her hands and knees and began to choke
due to the dick in her mouth, but there was little she could do, and Elliot
slowly fed her more cock. She gagged as the final 2 inches went down her
throat. Then Elliot began to cum inside of Morgan's mouth, and she did her
best to swallow it, but the next thing she knew, Steve's cock was back in
her face the gangbang of Morgan was in full swing.

Nick chuckled as he thought back to Morgan's comment about a girl with three
guys being a slut and he realized that he had turned Morgan into a slut, and
it was rather easy.

Coleman began fucking Morgan's tight ass, which felt so dirty to Morgan,
first of all this big black guy was going to fuck her, second he was going
to do it in her ass, which was a dirty place, but Morgan was in no position
to object.

Eventually after fucking Morgan's ass for 15 minutes, Coleman came inside of
her. Morgan had been thoroughly fucked in all three of her holes, which were
all virgin just a couple hours earlier. After Coleman pulled out, Morgan was
still sucking Steve's (Nick's) cock. However Nick decided he needed to cum
one more time inside of Morgan's cunt. At this point Morgan was completely
exhausted and could barely move. Nick just continued to pound away at her
cunt. Morgan couldn't believe how much energy Steve had, as he continued to
make love to her. Eventually Morgan had another orgasm and passed out, while
Nick (Steve) continued at it, until Elliot complained and said they better
get back before someone notices. But Elliot was tired and couldn't wait any
more. He grabbed Coleman and Nick, who was still fucking Morgan and started
to remove the jersey, It was at this moment that Nick was about to cum. The
guys began to leap just as Nick was cumming.

Nick, Elliot and Coleman all returned to Nick's room, and as they landed
Nick finished his orgasm.

Meanwhile back in Atlanta, Steve Blake awoke cumming inside some young chick
he had never seen before.

He was next to his teamate Lonny and Kansas guard Kirk Heinrich. None of them
knew how they got there. They all decided they better leave before she wakes

The End

Any suggestions?

Also I am trying to figure out what other shows/movies to write about I have
narrowed it down to the following Zenon, So Weird, Lizzie McGuire, Even
Stevens, Malcolm in the Middle, Family Affair, Do Over, Alley Cats Strike,
and Bug Juice 3.


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