The Jersey: The Bat-Around Inning - Part 1


by [email protected]

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It felt like a typical June day in California. The dry summer heat, though
offset today by an occassional, pleasant breeze, all but ate up the sweat
pouring through thirteen-year-old Morgan Hudson's skin. On these days, even
to an active teenager like Morgan who was used to working herself into a
fountain of her own perspiration, the reprieve was a welcome one.

A flash of white came hurtling towards Morgan. She reached out with her
glove and snatched the baseball out of the air, blinking as the white leather
reflected a ray of sunlight into her eyes. Adjusting her cap, the teenage
girl then dug the ball out of her glove and threw it back to her cousin Nick
Lighter, who stood afar on the grass near the edge of the makeshift diamond
they had built some months ago.

"When are they going to get here?" Morgan whined, referring to their friends
Elliot Ripkin and Coleman Galloway, both of whom had participated in the
construction of this playing field. She plopped down on the weed-ridden
outfield grass and ignored the return toss from her cousin.

Not looking too pleased himself, Nick trodded over lethargically and sat down
next to Morgan. "They must've forgotten," he said, shrugging.

"I knew I should've called them," Morgan muttered, taking a long, cold swig
from her Gatorade bottle. Licking his lips and waiting for his turn at the
bottle, Nick turned to watch as his cousin's head tilted backwards, her
auburn pigtails bouncing against her neck. His eyes followed a trickle of
Gatorade that had escaped her puckered lips, tracking the flow as it dribbled
down her pulsating throat, finally coming to a stop at her collarbone. Nick
felt a stirring in his groin before he caught himself. What am I doing? He
thought. That's my cousin I'm looking at! Shaking his head, he stamped the
thought out of his mind and chalked it up to a mild case of heatstroke.

"Hey Nick, look over there." Morgan's voice snapped Nick out of his
temporarily trance. She was pointing at a distant group of strangers heading
their way. Squinting under the shade of his hand, Nick counted twelve men
in total, all of whom carried an assortment of baseball equipment amongst
themselves. They were mostly black, with a handful of whites and hispanics,
and when they got close enough Nick could see that they were actually
teenagers, none of them younger than sixteen and the oldest at perhaps
twenty. Whether it was their gangbanger demeanor, the menacing tattoos all
over their bodies, or their intimidating size (they were all over six feet
tall, Nick noted), something about the strangers made him feel uneasy. It
didn't help that the lead boy, a tough-looking kid exhibiting loads of
gleaming muscles as black as coal, was slapping the end of his bat in his
other palm as he approached.

The lead boy stopped several feet in front of the cousins, bringing the
entire gang behind him to a halt. "'Sup y'all," he chirped, glancing back
and forth between the two of them, "You guys usin' the field?"

"We -- we're waiting for some people to get here," replied Nick hesitantly.

"How many?" the lead boy asked, grinning. "We can make teams and have a


"Tell ya what," the lead boy interrupted, "let's have a game while we wait
for yo' friends. That cool?"

"Oh, why not!" Morgan threw up her hands before standing up. She grabbed
Nick by the arm and pulled him to his feet. "Come on, Nick, it's not like
Elliot and Coleman are going to show up." Turning towards the boy, she said,
"I'm Morgan, and this is my cousin Nick."

"I'm Eddie," the boy replied, "and this is my man Jay, T-dawg, Jerome..."
One by one he introduced his friends to the cousins, gesturing briefly to
each person as he spoke their name. Despite their appearance, the new kids
now seem pleasant enough to Nick as they returned his greeting warmly.

The game had begun within a few minutes. With Morgan insisting again on
playing her favorite position, shortstop (or in this case second base, since
there were not enough players to fill the five and the eight positions), Nick
decided he would pitch against her team. Let's see how you feel with a
Golden Sombrero, thought Nick, who was determined to strike out his cousin
four times.

Nick managed to get Morgan to ground out on her first at-bat. When the time
came for Nick's team to bat against Morgan's, one of the bigger boys named
Chuck lined a pitch into center field, dropping on the ground between the two
outfielders. He rounded first base at full speed just as the ball was being
fired back into second base, where Morgan was waiting. As soon as she
received the ball, she swung around and tagged Chuck before he could reach
the bag. Thinking that she had managed the put-out, she turned and lobbed
the ball back to the pitcher, only to see Chuck standing nonchalantly on
second base as she moved back into position.

"You're out," she said matter-of-factly.

"Bullshit," spat Chuck. "You missed me."

"Did not!" Always the argumentative one, Morgan put her hands on her hips
and held herself defiantly in Chuck's face. Jerking a thumb towards the
bench, she said, "Why don't you be a good loser and get back over there?"

"Who the fuck are you calling a loser, bitch!" Chuck growled as he gave
Morgan a shove. She stumbled backwards but managed to stay on her feet.

Uh-oh, Nick thought as he witnessed the scene transpiring before him, this is
not good. Jumping off the bench and dashing onto the field, he arrived at
second base just in time to see Morgan planting her arms on the six-foot-two
young man's chest, trying to shove him back. Chuck only laughed at her
feeble attempt at pushing him, grabbing her wrists with his massive hands.

"Hey, leave her alone!" Nick yelled as he tried to separate them. Suddenly,
he realized that the rest of the gang had closed in on them. A pair of hands
grabbed him by the sleeves and dragged him aside.

"Get -- your -- filthy -- hands -- off -- me!" Morgan screeched as she
struggled to free her arms, drawing a chorus of jeers from the boys.

Someone in the crowd stuck out his hand and grabbed Morgan's ass through her
spandex shorts. It was one of the outfielders, a portly teenager known as
Marcus. "This bitch is real tight," he exclaimed, "she gave me a boner out
there everytime she bent over and stuck her whore ass in my face." Other
hands began to grope freely at Morgan's body.

"Ow, stop it! Nick, help!" Morgan cried as she looked pleadingly at her
restrained cousin, who was also kicking and screaming to no avail.

"Stop it you assholes!" screamed Nick as loud as he could, desperately hoping
to draw the attention of any passerbys.

Eddie pushed his way through the crowd and held Morgan's face towards
himself. "Were you dissin' my man Chuck here?" he demanded in a stern tone.

Morgan could barely work her jaw against the pressure of Eddie's grip. Her
words were near unintelligible as she spoke through clenched teeth, but the
fear in her eyes betrayed the regret she felt in her heart. Only with every
ounce of effort she could muster did she manage the semblance of an apology.

Eddie's glare swept up and down Morgan's trembling body. "Not so tough are
we now, huh bitch?" he said, licking his chops. "She's one hot little bitch,
ain't she? Whatchy'all think, should we do her, right here?" His sordid
suggestion was met with a roar of approval from his fellow gang members.
Realizing what was about to happen, Morgan's usual haughtiness was nowhere to
be found, leaving the vulnerable, thirteen-year-old girl behind to blubber in
the face of danger. Nick's protests were drowned out by the rude laughter
coming from the gang members, and to his horror, they began to remove their
shorts before his eyes, revealing hardened erections of exceptional sizes.

"" Morgan sobbed as she felt their touch through her clothing.
There was a sharp tug on the front her baseball jersey, sending loose buttons
flying in all directions. Rough hands darted inside the remnants of her
jersey and grabbed at her modest, teenage breasts, tearing off her sports bra
to get at her nipples.

It was Eddie who made the first aggressive move. He tugged viciously at one
of Morgan's pigtails, ignoring her cries of pain as he yanked her to her
knees. She came face to face with the thick, 9-inch cock jutting out from
between the young man's legs, which he slapped in a depraved manner against
her blushing cheeks.

"Put your whore mouth on my cock and suck it, bitch," Eddie hissed, "And
don't you think about using no teeth, or my brothas'll cut up your 'cuz
real." He forced Morgan to look at Nick, who now had a switchblade knife
held close to his throat. She knew she had no choice but to obey Eddie's
commands. Lips quivering, the young girl opened her mouth and placed it
gingerly upon the engorged head of her rapist's organ. A wave of nausea
washed over her as her mind registered the humiliating nature of her act --
forced to suck a stranger's cock on an open field.

"Aw yeah, this bitch gotsa sweet mouth," Eddie sighed as he nudged Morgan's
face closer to his crotch. When Morgan would not allow the head of Eddie's
cock to slip past her teeth, he pried her lower jaw open and shoved as much
of his penis into her mouth as he could. "C'mon bitch, stop fucking around
and give me a real blowjob." Morgan, who had never had so much as a boy's
tongue past her lips, was anything but ready to take such a enormous amount
of man-meat into her oral cavity. She began to gag almost immediately,
heaving and retching as Eddie ruthlessly ploughed his way into her throat,
using her ponytails as handlebars as he fucked her mouth. The others had
managed to yank her shorts down to her knees. After a few impatient grabs
at her silky thighs and firm buttocks, they tore away her white cotton
panties, then proceeded to molest her shy, teenage mound in earnest. Morgan
clamped her thighs together tight as she could, but the sensation of foreign
hands brushing against the peach fuzz on her pussy dealt a serious blow to
her will. Her previously untouched vagina was about to be violated, and as
tears of shame and hurt flowed freely down her burning cheeks, Morgan Hudson
began to accept the fact that she was being gang-raped, something she thought
would never happen to her in a million years.

Morgan kept her eyes closed, but she could sense the body heat emitted by
the excited cocks in close proximity to her face. The men were thrusting
themselves at her face, poking and slapping her cheeks with their cocks,
leaving trails of precum all over her skin. They grabbed her arms and forced
her to hold their massive cocks in each hand, closing their own hands over
her fingers and masturbated themselves in her smooth palms. One of them even
went as far as to wrap one of her long, auburn pigtails around his cock. She
wanted those sweaty shafts of meat in her bare hands as much as she wanted to
hold cactuses, but there was little she could do as they guided her tiring
arms in a quick, rhythmic manner along the length of their cocks.

Just as Morgan thought she couldn't endure any more degradation and
humiliation, Eddie showed her otherwise. Grunting heavily, he yanked his
cock out of her mouth with a loud pop, drawing strings of saliva along with
it. He jerked his cock furiously as Morgan, who had become so disoriented
due to lack of air that she was completely oblivious to her fate, coughed
and gasped desperately for breath. Suddenly, a hot splash of fluid struck
her square between the eyes, and she recoiled instinctively. Her beautiful,
tear-streaked face wrinkled in disgust as she realized that the cock in front of her was gushing
semen. Wincing and struggling to turn away, but denied by the firm grasp of
Eddie's fingers, she kept her eyelids shut as tight as possible, trying to
keep Eddie's cum out of her eyes. Unfortunately for the thirteen-year-old
girl, the human nose had no such protection, and soon Eddie's
thickly-spurting semen had completely blocked her nostrils. Morgan held her
breath as long as she could, hoping she would black out from the lack of
oxygen, but the physical demands of her lungs seemed far stronger than that
of her mind. She was forced to concede her mouth to the liquid assault,
opening her jaws wide and allowing both hot air and hotter semen to enter her
throat. For a split second the abhorrence of what she had done, allowing a
stranger's semen to lay thick and salty on her tongue, temporarily clouded
her judgment, and suddenly she was attempting to breathe air through her nose
again. Her sinuses were instantly filled with thick cum, causing her to
choke and gag as her body tried to expell the foreign substance.

The sight of such a pretty young girl, asphyxiating on Eddie's semen and
having her gorgeous, ivory face showered by it, sent the boys beside her
over the edge. They too began to orgasm in Morgan's jerking hands, their
cocks spewing streamers of cum over her creamy features in a depraved parody
of a fireworks show. Her gleaming red hair, among her perky nose and
normally bumptiously-curled lips, was a favorite target for these heavily
ejaculating men, as they aimed to squirt their cum above her brow, passing
her long pigtails around so that another could mat those silky strands with
his own semen.

"Betcha never had your hair done this good, bitch!" Eddie remarked with a
laugh as he shovelled cum into her lips with his softening penis. Despite
his best efforts, long unbroken strands of seminal mucus still dangled from
her cheeks and chin. Feeling the bile rise from the pit of her stomach,
Morgan tried to spit out the semen in her mouth, but no sooner had she
regurgitated a drool-diluted stream of cum over her lips did Eddie jolt her
with a smack to the face. Wincing, she heard an angry Eddie curse at her,
"Ungrateful fucking bitch, don't you dare spit that shit out again! Now be
a good girl and swallow it, or I'll smash your fucking face in!" Not
wanting to be disfigured for the rest of her life, Morgan was forced into a
nasty display of whorish behavior as she gulped down a mouthful of hot cum.
Hooting disparagingly, the boys whipped their cocks against her face and
spooned more semen into her mouth, which she swallowed obediently. This
sordid display of a thirteen-year-old girl, drinking their cum even as she
was occasionally overtaken by fits of sobbing, was enough to arouse the men
who had already orgasmed once more. The ones awaiting their turn were ready
to continue the "bat-around inning".

to be continued...


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