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The Jersey: The Orgy (m+/f,f/f,dp,mast)
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected])

Morgan Hudson is a pretty 15 year old girl with dark auburn hair, a thin
body, but a very sexy ass. Morgan being a girljock had a abundance of guy
friends. After all she could hold her own against the guys when she played
them in sports. Some of the guys who got beat by her or almost got beat by
her would avoid her afterwards. After all no guy wants to introduce his
friends to his girlfriend Morgan who beats him at sports!

On this night she was playing basketball with Coleman her good friend. She
snuck out at midnight, she felt like a bad girl sneaking out 'after all
Morgan Hudson can't always be a good girl,' she thought. Morgan was a star
player on her freshman high school team so she knew she had a shot at beating
him. After all most of the black guys she knew were good at basketball.
Coleman who was black was no acception. Morgan was wearing tight spandex
shorts her white st louis rams tshirt, while Coleman wore his Bulls jersey
and matching loose red shorts.

They started of with a friendly game of "horse." Morgan took an early lead.
Coleman caught up, but Morgan shooting 3 point shots (which isnt Coleman's
best spot to shoot) ultimately won. Naturally he wanted a rematch this didn't
surprise Morgan. "Ok Coleman you can shoot first this time."

Coleman knew he couldn't shoot outside like Morgan, and he also seen Morgan
shoot at the free throw line in her games. Her free throw shooting was
definetly her weakest, so he exploited it. Morgan made her first three free
throws, but that was all she made! She missed her next five while Coleman
made his giving him the win.

Morgan hated losing not matter what the situation was. She walked over to get
a drink from her cooler to catch her breath and think about what they'll play
next. Certainly not horse! If she missed one shot then Coleman would just go
back to the free throw line. Coleman watched Morgan walk to her cooler in her
tight spandex shorts, they were sweaty and clinging to her ass cheeks.

'Damn Morgan's got a nice ass for a white girl!' he thought. He walked over
to get a drink slowly, enjoying the view as Morgan bent down looking for her
favorite drink in the cooler. He was sure Morgan caught him eyeing her butt
as she turned around, so Coleman tryed to act innocent. "So are we done for
the day?"

Morgan smiled, she saw what he was doing they may be only friends but Morgan
had caught his eyes before, trying to see down one of her loose fitting
shirts. It happened one day Morgan was out late the night before. She knew it
would be hard for her to get up in time to meet Nick Elliot and Coleman for
a football game at the park that morning. So she wore her football outfit to
bed, a big white jersey with her favorite player #13 in blue and blue shorts.

Naturally like most girls though, she didnt wear a bra to bed. So when she
slept through her alarm she just jumped out of bed knowing she was late and
she didnt realize til she arrived that she was braless. Her breasts had been
developing nicely and all three guys noticed her bounce as she ran. When
Morgan was playing center and snapping the ball to Elliott she was bent over
and unknowingly gave Coleman a view of her bare breasts down her shirt. It
wasn't til she saw her own cousin Nick looking down her shirt later on that
she realized she was giving her friends a view every time she snapped the
ball. She never saw her cousin the same after that 'my own cousin checking
out my breasts, what a perv!' she thought back then.

She was definitely wearing a bra today, her shirt being so sweaty Coleman
could see her white sports bra through her tshirt. "Were not done playing
yet" said Morgan. She guzzled her Gatorade and started walking back to the

After a while Coleman joined her, not wanting to lose to a girl he decided
to see if she'd play his game next. "How bout a little one on one this time

Morgan almost said no but she suddenly realized this was her chance to see
how good she really was! Sure she had beaten Elliot and Nick before, but this
was Coleman he was probably the best player of all of them. "Ok I'll tell ya
what we'll play one on one but we have to play by twos and there ARE three
point shots too!!"

Coleman usually played by ones, playing to 10 points. Morgan however gave
him an offer he couldnt refuse. This was his game and few guys could beat
him, and he wasn't about to let some white girl do it either. So they went
at it. Morgan made her first two shots, both three pointers taking a 6-0
lead. Her next shot Coleman guarded her close and she missed it, it hit the
back board (no rim) so Coleman shot and made it 6-2.

This became the start of a run of points by Coleman, Morgan was good but
Coleman was just too fast. He took a 14-6 lead, and Morgan called time out
and got a drink.

"My god he's good, what am I gonna do I can't stop him". Then an idea hit
her, she dropped the lid to her drink and bent over to get it to see if it
got his attention, it did and he started eyeing her ass. "hmmm, maybe a girl
can use her sexuality to her advantage in this situation."

Morgan got the ball and put her plan into motion instead of facing Coleman
and shooting she turned her back to him bent down and dribbled back at him.
Her ass pressed against his cock, suddenly Coleman became entranced by the
ass pushing against his crotch. Morgan's panties were visible in this postion
through her spandex shorts. He could tell they were white with flowers on
them. Coleman was finding it hard to run as Morgan seemingly grinded her ass
back at him.

Then out of no where Morgan went to the basket with a burst of speed and put
in a lay up making the score closer. Playing make it take it, Morgan knew
Coleman would be mad at her for doing that so she started phase two of her
plan. Before dribbling she said, "Hold on a sec." Off came Morgan's shirt
leaving her in just her sports bra on top. Her young breasts had all off the
curves visible to Coleman, especially her nipples that were poking right

Again Coleman was entranced even the dark color of the nipples were visible
her bra being so wet. Morgan seeing him checking her out again shot a 3
pointer, making it. Coleman couldn't believe Morgan was going to these
measures to win. He stole the ball from her this time and started to go in
for a shot when Morgan grabbed his cock outside his shorts!

"Oops that was a foul I guess,"she giggled.

Coleman's face was in amazement at her grabbing him there. Morgan was very
glad she did it though, she felt a huge cock in Coleman's shorts. He couldn't
help but give her a look as he shot his free throws. Morgan looked at him and
give him a sweet smile. He missed his first one, he got the ball back for his
second free throw, right before he shot it Morgan lifted her bra up flashing
her tits, causing him to miss.

Morgan went and got the ball, Coleman got right behind her guarding her
extremly close. Morgan felt his cock against her ass again 'god he's so big
and hard." thought Morgan wanting to close her eyes.

Coleman reach forward and grabbed Morgan's tits then stole the ball.

"Hey!" she yelled. She almost yelled foul but Coleman for once missed
completely, allowing Morgan to get the ball for a three pointer tying the
game at 14.

Coleman looked at her, "Ok Morgan whats going on here?"

Morgan shrugged her shoulders, "Just a game of b-ball between friends that's
all," she smiled.

They were suddenly joined by Nick and Elliott, "Hey, guys what's going on

Elliot and Nick's jaws dropped as they saw Morgan's body glistening with
sweat and also her nipples poking through the fabric of her white sports bra.
Morgan and Elliot started chatting, Elliot always had a big crush on Morgan
and was very intrested in getting a closer look at her chest. Coleman
whispered to Nick what Morgan had been doing.

"No way!" said a surprised Nick.

"I'm for real," he responded.

"Hmmm, I have an idea, Morgan come here I wanna make a little bet with you."

"Ok Nick whats up?"

Nick said, "Well I was thinking me and Coleman could take you and Elliot in
a little two on two if we finished the game you were playing with Coleman."

"Are you kidding I'm hitting three pointers left and right I'll crush you

"I bet we'll beat you and if you lose you have to," whispering to her, "do a
striptease for us."

"Hmmm, intresting" she liked the idea that they were all checking out her
body it turned her on. "What if I win? What's in it for me?"

"Well, what do you want, Morgan?" asked Nick.

Morgan smiled and whispered back to Nick wanting to keep Elliott out of the
loop knowing he'd lose on purpose if he knew what it meant. "I always had
this fantasy of watching a guy masterbate how bout you all three do that if
OR when I win I should say."

"Ok deal," they shake hands.

"Kewl lets go!"

Elliott was just told to do whatever it took to win by Morgan as he wouldn't
know til later about the bet. Morgan hit a 3 pointer to take a 17-14 lead.
Nick shot over Elliot with a 3 pointer of his own tying it at 17-17. Then
Elliott made a steal and went to the hoop for a layup making it 19-17. Morgan
gave him a big hug which immediaetly got his attention, it was apparent
Morgan really wanted to win.

Morgan got the ball and put up a shot for the win but missed, again Nick
shot a 3 but he missed this time. Morgan was fouled and just needed one free
throw to win. She missed the first one, the second one rolled around the
rim...........................then came out.

Coleman got the rebound and passed back to a wide open Nick who hit a 3
pointer to win the game 20-19! The two jumped up and down giving each other
high fives, and hugging. Elliot didnt know why they were so excited but he
would know very soon.

Morgan looked at both of them hoping to find sympathy and that they would
change their minds about her striptease. Looking in their eyes she found no
sympathy and she knew that she would have to go through it. Morgan slid down
her spandex shorts to her ankles and off. They all got a view of her white
panties with black flowers. She took a look around making sure no one else
was there besides the three of them. It was 1 am in the morning and luckily
they were all alone.

Morgan grabbed her bra and pulled it off. Coleman had seen a glimpse earlier
but that was nothing compared to her removing her bra! Her breasts weren't
huge but they were very nice, fit and firm like you would expect from a 15
year old athletic girl. Morgan couldn't believe the way guys were looking at
her breasts licking their lips. She thought they only liked silicon breasted
women like they talked about in Playboy when they wern't aware that she was

Morgan again looked around then grabbed the elastic of her flowered panties
and slid them down. She had black pubic hair above her pussy, her virgin lips
were clearly visible to the three guys. There she stood Morgan Hudson
freshman honor student, star basketball player, and known to the town as a
"good girl" naked except for her Adidas tennis shoes and socks on a public
basketball court at 1 am. She posed for the guys, her hand behind her head
as the other went on her hip. The guys erections were visible through their

"Too bad I lost, I really wanted to see those cocks that you guys have at
attention," she said disappointed. Morgan grabbed her clothes and started to
get dressed.

"Wait, how bout you stay naked and we masterbate in front of you anyway,
after all it was a close game we played?"

Morgan looked at their cocks begging to be freed from their prison. "Sure,
take them out!"

Morgan watched as they all three pulled out three impressive cocks and
started jerking on them. Elliot was about 6 inches long but was very thick 2
and a half maybe three inches thick! Nick was about 7 inches, while Coleman
was a very impressive 8 or 9 inches. Morgan got down on her knees watching
their hands jerking off theyre stiff meat. Morgan couldnt help but reach
down and touch herself seeing them rub theyre cocks faster and faster.

Coleman decided to take a chance, he stepped forward towards Morgan, he
pushed his cock at her face. Morgan opened her mouth accepting his cock and
immedietly swallowing 5 inches of his black dick. Morgan had never give a
blowjob before but was a quick learner. She slid her mouth back and forth
on Coleman's black pole grapping his ass she took inch after inch down her
throat, til she was deep throating his large member. Elliott and Nick were
stroking faster just seeing innocent Morgan the "good girl" sucking off a
black guy like a whore in a porno they watched.

Morgan started tongueing his shaft up. Coleman moaned softly then grabbed
Morgan by her hair and pulled on it. If the picture of Morgan doing this
wasn't enough for Elliot and Nick, her making those loud slurping noises
really got them hot. Morgan smiles at them, her mouth full of cock and she
motioned them to join in.

Nick went between Morgan's legs giving her wet cunt a bath with his saliva.
Her legs wrapped around his head as he slid his tongue up and down her cunt
lips. Elliot took position by her head, Morgan stroked his cock, she could
barely fit her hand around it it was so thick. She pulled Coleman's cock out
as Elliot's thick cock was too good to pass up. She opened her mouth wide
and slid him inside. Elliot couldn't believe it here was his crush Morgan,
the girl who reffered to him as dork bobbing her head up and down on his

Nick's tongue work was causing Morgan to buck back and forth against his
face. She went back and forth sucking cocks and opening her tender lips for
Nick's tongue penetration. Morgan wasnt even looking to see if they were
alone anymore, she didnt care, she was in heaven. Who would have thought
she'd lose her virginity going to play basketball with her friends? Her
body was then rocked with an orgasm!

After a while Elliot came, Morgan's pretty young face was showered with his
semen, she stuck out her tongue and enjoyed what she tasted. Morgan decided
not to leave Nick out so she pushed him away from her wet cunt and started
giving him head standing up as she bent over.

Coleman looked as Morgan slobbered all over Nick's knob, her cute white ass
wiggling as she did it. He positioned behind her, 'God, I'm lucky I'm not
only her first blowjob, I'm gonna take her cherry, too!!' He slid his black
rod into her pink cunt lips from behind.

Morgan almost gagged on Nicks cock losing her concentration at Coleman's
penetration. Coleman had been with another girl before, but this was his
first white girl. 'God, are they all so fucking tight?' he thought.

Morgan felt her pussy being stretched and stretched, "ohhhhh... Coleman...
mmmm... that feels so good!!!"

He went deeper and deeper thrusting into her, til Morgan started bleeding
her cherry torn apart by his massive tool. Morgan's knees in this half bent
over position were hurting after all she wasn't gonna get on her knees on
the cement basketball court. The two went to the green grass off the court,
this time Coleman on his back had Morgan climb on top of him.

Morgan slowly rode him up and down faster, and faster! Nick slide his cock
back in her mouth as their good friend worked hard to please them both.
Elliott was finally getting hard again, seeing Morgan's ass slap up and down
on Coleman's tool. He decided to stick his cock in the only other hole

Getting in position behind her, he got some lube from her pussy, then lubed
her asshole. His cock pressed up against her ass, he slowly worked it in, he
was about to give up figuring he was too thick to enter when he finally
entered her ass. He and Coleman started a rhythm back and forth giving Morgan
her first DP (double penetration).

Nick soon couldn't take anymore and exploded all over Morgan a shot landing
in her eyes and mouth, some even in her hair.

Coleman reached up and caressed her nice breasts then started tonguing the
hard dark red nipples pinching them hard as he rammed mercilessly into her
no-longer-virgin hole. Morgan couldn't hold back she had another orgasm as
the feeling of two men in both her holes was electrifying!

Before long Coleman was cumming, he tried to pull out but Morgan wouldn't
let him she wanted to feel it inside her. So he shot his load deep inside
her. Elliot didn't last much longer he was slapping Morgan on the ass making
her moan, "Ohhh... yessss... ohhh Ell....Ellliot of fuck me fuck my ass baby,
yeah thats it ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ram it up my ass ohhhh fuck i love it oooooooooo
ahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm!" That moaning plus the incredible tightness of her ass
made Elliot cum, and his load was shot deep in Morgans Bowels. This caused
Morgan to orgasm yet again!!!

The four of them slowly recovered, and Morgan walked over slowly to get her
clothes, cum leaking out of her ass (formerly virgin-ass). She wondered if
she'd ever walked the same the way her friends seemingly fucked her brains
out. Getting dressed and putting her watch back on she noticed the time.

"Ohhh shit, its 2:30 am." Looking back she saw her friends still recovering
"Hey guys playing football on friday right?"

"Um, yeah" they all said together.

'Man, I wonder what will happen after they tackle me now?' she thought. She
made her way home, luckily her mom was in bed. She went to the bathroom
and took a shower. She dried off her body and had her hair in a towel and
walked in to her bedroom.

There in her bed waiting for her was Hillary her good friend and Nick's
sister. Morgan may have been a virgin with guys before the night began but
she had been sleeping with her friend Hillary for over a year now. Ever
since Hillary seduced her at Thanksgiving dinner at her parents house,
Morgan had come to enjoy their sex escapades. Morgan heard all the name
calling around school, people joking with her calling her a dyke cause she
was so good at sports. They didn't know the truth though, that she really
was into girls (or at least Hillary).

Hillary pulled away the covers showing that she was in a pink bra and
panties. Hillary was even thinner than Morgan was, she had red hair and
freckles, she had a little ass that Morgan thought was very cute. "Hey,
hon," said Hillary.

Morgan towel dryed her hair and sat on the bed greeting Hillary with a kiss,
"Hi, Hill!"

"Why are you so late?"

"You wouldn't believe it, baby!" She sat down and explained everything that

"Wow, so you finally had a cock, or three acctually. ha ha, I'm glad for ya,

"So I guess your not in the mood for any fun, huh?"

She touched Hillary's breasts, "Guess again, hon!"

The two 15 year old girls started kissing their tounges intertwining. Morgan
had never kissed a guy who held a candle to Hillary's kissing that's why she
never tired of being with her. Morgan unhooked Hillary's bra and started
sucking on her perky pink nipples as her hands caressed her body. Hillary
removed Morgan's towel and cupped Morgan's breast with one hand and her other
hand stroked her dark auburn hair.

Morgan pushed her on her back and kept kissing and licking her breasts. Then
Morgan went lower making Hillary giggle by licking her bellybutton. Morgan
went still lower sliding down her pink panties already with a damp spot. She
slid them past her thin legs and spread Hillary's pink cunt lips, finding her
clit she tongued it over and over.

Hillary was moaning, "Ohhhh Morgan yeah, that feels nice, ohhh hon mmmmmm
your sooooo good Morgan!!!!!!"

"Shhhh, don't wake my mom," whispered Morgan.

Morgan wondered which would be worse, her mom finding about her orgy with
Elliott, Coleman and Nick, or finding her going down on her best friend
Hillary in her bedroom. "Well she said no boys in my room she didn't say
anything about girls," she laughed to herself.

After a while of licking and softly nibbling on Hillary's clit Hillary was
cumming in Morgan's face. Morgan licked it all up, the taste was a bit
sweeter than the taste she would get from a guy, and as far as Morgan was
concerned there was no sweeter taste. Hillary had Morgan lay back and she
kissed Morgan's breasts her nipples were pointed and Hillary sucked and
gently bit on them causing her to moan, and Hillary to remind her to keep
her voice down.

Not long after her breasts were given attention her pussy was next. Hillary
slid her tongue down to Morgan's dark mound. She spread her lover's legs and
gave her clean pussy another bath. Hillary was a little rougher knowing that
was how Morgan liked it. Her fingers went inside her as she ate Morgan like
she had so many times before. Hillary was biting on her clit as two fingers
were jammed in and out of her at a incredible speed. Morgan finally came and
the two embraced and kissed once more.

"Well, I better go before they notice I'm gone."

"Ok, Hill," responded Morgan, "See you tomorrow!"

Hillary left and Morgan layed in bed her head full of all the things that
had happened. She finally fell asleep exhausted.

The End


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