Trance TV: The Jersey
by Tranceman

This deserves some explanation. I've noticed that among the usual MC
celebrity writers (which are too few in my opinon) there are some lines we
all don't cross, incest and pedophile high among them, which is why you'll
never see me doing anything like the Olson Twins. Anyway, I know I'm skirting
the latter issue here but the idea just stuck in my head and wouldn't go
away. So, I assure you this is the closest I'll get to that issue and hope
you like it.

The teenage years were always awkward for girls, who suddenly found
themselves developing breasts, voices changing and growing in ways they could
never had imagined. For Morgan, the changes were a bit different. Because she
knew what it was like to be in an adult body. And not always a female body at

Morgan and her friends had a secret: An old jersey, worn by one of her
friend's grandfather, a jersey that, when put on, would often be able through
some magic means, to place the person wearing it (and, on occasion, someone
else) inside the body of a pro athlete. As far as the world was aware, they
were watching a big name star acting in an odd manner, maybe even not
understanding how to play the game. In reality, the teens were stuck in the
star's bodies for a while and, with no seeming rhyme or reason, yanked out
and thrown back to wherever they had been when the jersey had taken effect,
the star apparently having no memory of what had happened in that time.

Morgan had used the Jersey herself, jumping not only into female
athletes but male ones as well, giving her a rather unique perspective on
growing up. Despite the needling of her friends, she'd never been able to
enjoy a little "exploration" of the male bodies she was in, often on the
field for some reason during the swap and yanked right out once it was over.

Morgan was trying to ignore all the worries about the Jersey and
concentrate on something else. She'd just been asked out for the dance and
was worried about making a good impression. She glanced at herself in the
mirror and saw a nice-looking 15 year old girl with shoulder length dark hair
and a body that was just starting to develop. She was still nervous, though,
nervous about looking her best and nervous about being with guys.

Sure, she had guy friends, but not boyfriends and was unsure what they
wanted. Sure, it'd be easier if she had a great body like the women in those
magazines she often found her friends looking at when they thought she wasn't
looking. She looked at her small breasts and sighed. "Man, why can't I have
something bigger? Why can't I look a beautiful woman?"

Morgan sighed, taking off her shirt and throwing it down on her bed.
She sat and ran her hands through her hair, looking down at her bra-covered
breasts. She was still a bit thrown by some jokes the guys had been making
about her possible date and how Morgan might take it a bit far.

Morgan had gotten the whole "birds and the bees talk" from her mom, who
had been more than happy to know Morgan was not at all interested in trying
any of that out anytime soon. So, she knew the mechanics but doubted that
she'd be able to do any of it. It was just that sex just seemed way too big
a deal for her to handle right now. And she rather doubted she'd be able to
enjoy it with anyone in the future, even when she was old enough. She just
didn't think she'd ever be desirable.

Sighing, Morgan reached over, her hands finding a shirt, which she
pulled over her head. She glanced at herself in the mirror, her eyes widening
as she saw that instead of her simple sweater, she now wore a ratted jersey.
THE jersey. "Oh, shi-------" she got out before the tingling came over her
and it felt like she was going flying through the air, leaving her bedroom
_ _ _

In talking, Morgan and her friends had concluded that putting on the
Jersey must have been what Sam Beckett felt in every episode of "Quantum
Leap." One minute, they were in their homes, the next they were somewhere
else, quite often in the middle of the action. There was a brief moment as
if the whole world was moving in slow motion, then a slamming as she felt
herself become solid inside a body.

Morgan automatically glanced about, trying to get her bearings. She saw
she was on a beach, a huge crowd nearby. She saw she was on a court of some
sort on the sand, various athletic women in tight but simple outfits around
her. "Heads up!" someone yelled and Morgan looked up to see a ball sail over
a net before her and smack her right in the face.

"Ow!" Morgan yelled as she fell down on the sand, feeling her butt slide
along the ground. She shook her head to clear it, aware for the first time of
the long dark hair that flowed around her face. She looked down to see her
body was clad in a two-piece outfit that showed off a pair of long legs and
then down to show off a sizeable chest that Morgan wished she had herself.

"Hey, Gab, you okay?" Morgan looked up to see one of the players looking
down on her. "You need five?"

"Um, yeah, I think I do," Morgan said, getting to her feet. She was
definitely in a woman's body but the voice wasn't a clue. As always, she
always sounded like herself to herself even though to other people she
sounded like who she looked like. She walked off the sand, rubbing at her
head as she looked at her golden skin. A sudden thought hit her and she moved
until she was near a reflective surface near some TV cameras and got a look
at "herself."

"Holy shit," Morgan whispered, watching a mouth that wasn't hers mouth
her words. "I'm Gabrielle Reece!"

Indeed, Morgan was looking at herself in Gabrielle's amazing body, the
tall and well built volleyball player having made headlines with a recent
"Playboy" spread that Morgan's brother and friends often looked at. Morgan
shook her head at the irony. Only a few minutes before, she'd been worrying
about not being attractive enough for guys, now she was in the body of one
of the most beautiful athletes in the world. The Jersey always seemed to know
where to send them at the right time.

"Gabrielle?" It took Morgan a minute to remember that she had to answer
to that name, turning to see a tall man with a coach's cap on, looking at her
in concern. "You okay? That blow was kind of nasty. Maybe you should take a

"Oh, um, sure," Morgan nodded, having learned more than once that it
wasn't fair to make the athlete she was in look like a fool, particularly
since volleyball wasn't really one of her high points.

"Maybe you should hide out in your trailer," the coach said, giving
Morgan a chance she willingly grabbed at. "Oh, sure, I'll go there now, give
me a few minutes and I'll be okay." She walked off.

"Um, Gabrielle?" Morgan turned to face the coach. "Your trailer's that
way?" He pointed towards a large one set near the back of the playing area.

"Oh, oh, right," Morgan nodded. "Thanks a lot." She walked off, the
coach looking at her and shaking his head. Maybe that blow rattled Gabrielle
a bit more than she let on. Shrugging, he went back to the game.

Morgan sighed as she walked into the trailer, running hands through her
(or rather, Gabrielle's) hair. Man, this was a lot to take in. Changes were
something she had to deal with every time they did a swap but this was a bit
much. She sighed, rubbing at her face and trying to figure out what to do,
hoping she could keep a low profile for once before she was returned to her
own body. She glanced down at the body she was currently occupying, an idea
coming to her.

The next thing she knew, Morgan was standing in front of the large
mirror inside the trailer. Carefully, she undid the top of Gabrielle's shirt,
pulling it over her head and exposing her breasts. Slowly, Morgan moved her
hands up to Gabrielle's breasts, pushing them together, pinching the nipples
as she beheld the round globes that were so much bigger than her own. She
cupped them in her hands, trying to imagine if she'd ever get that big.

"Nice show." Morgan yelped, covering her chest as she spun about,
staring at the man who had been hiding in the trailer. He was a nice,
handsome man in his twenties who openly leered at her. Despite the
circumstances, Morgan did feel a little thrill at a guy ogling her, even
though she knew it wasn't her body the guy was staring at.

Morgan snapped back to reality as she realized she was half-naked in
front of a stranger. "Who the hell are you?" she barked. "Get out of here!"

"Don't be upset, Gabrielle," the man said, stepping forward. "My name's
Gary. I'm not here to hurt you, I just want to show you something."

"I don't know what " Morgan's voice cut off as the man held up a small
crystal attached to a chain, swinging it before her eyes. "Um, okay, that's
nice and all, but I don't.....I don't think shouldn't be......"
Morgan felt her voice trail off as she watched the crystal swing before her.

"Just watch the crystal," the man intoned. "Just watch it swing,
Gabrielle, watch it swing, back and forth, back and forth, just keep watching
it swing, Gabrielle, keep watching it swing, back and forth, back and forth.
Just watch it swing and feel yourself becoming relaxed, feel yourself
relaxing as you watch it swing back and forth, back and forth, feel yourself
relaxing and becoming sleepy, feel yourself become very, very sleepy as you
watch it swing, back and forth, back and forth, just relax more and more,
just relax more and more, feel yourself grow very tired, grow very, very

Morgan's eyes were fluttering, a wave of fatigue coming over her as she
stared at the swinging crystal, Gary's voice floating into her mind and
causing her to continue to relax deeper and deeper with every swing. Her body
began to go limp, her arms falling away to reveal Gabrielle's impressive
chest which Gary took as a sign to keep right on going.

"You're so sleepy now, Gabrielle, so very, very sleepy, you feel so
very sleepy, Gabrielle, so very sleepy. You want to close your eyes now,
Gabrielle, you want to close your eyes and sleep, you want to close your eyes
and go into a deep, deep sleep, a deep, deep sleep. Sleep. Sleep!"

Morgan's eyes and mind both closed and she swayed in place, under Gary's
hypnotic spell. The man himself lowered the gem, smiling as he took in what
appeared to be a gorgeous mature woman, unaware he had actually ensnared a
teenager's mind. "Go deeper and deeper into this sleep with every word I say,
Gabrielle. Now, take off your shorts."

Morgan slowly peeled off the shorts and exposed Gabrielle's pussy,
swaying as she awaited new orders, the hypnotic spell deep despite the fact
that it wasn't her mind Gary had intended to control. "When I kiss you,
Gabrielle, you will feel a great arousal spread through you. One that you
will want to go along with and answer. When I kiss you, you will want to have
sex with me very, very badly."

Morgan soon felt Gary's lips pressed against hers and unconsciously felt
herself answer his passion. As always, traits of the bodies stayed with the
Jersey's users and one was the arousal flowing through the body of Gabrielle,
who hadn't had sex for a while. Lost in a trance, Morgan was unable to fight
the adult hormones raging within her, making her even easier prey for Gary
than the real Gabrielle would have been.

Gary pushed Gabrielle down onto the bed, moving onto her as they kissed.
"When you awaken, you will remember nothing," Gary said. "But while you
sleep, you will be my lover slave."

"Yes..." Morgan moaned, Gabrielle's voice coming out in a husky whisper
as Gary moved down to lick her tits as he pushed his cock to her. Morgan
gasped in surprise as she felt Gary's rod enter her and soon go to work.
"Ooooh......" she moaned as for the first time she felt a cock in her, the
fact that it wasn't really her body not taking away from the pleasure she
felt as she wrapped her thighs around Gary's rod and held him in as he went
at her, loving holding this Amazonian body in his hands..

"Oh, yeah, just like that," Gary grunted, happy that all those hypnotist
lessons had paid off, a gorgeous celebrity at his control and welcoming him
as he fucked her like mad. His cock slammed in and out of her pussy as he
pushed back down on her tits, mouth roaming over the nipples and tickling
them with his tongue. "Oh, yes....." Morgan moaned as he went at her.

"Yes, that's right, bitch," Gary grunted. "Take me in, slut, take me
in!" Morgan could do nothing else, welcoming his cock in her pussy as he
sucked on Gabrielle's tits, her entranced mind soon welcoming the passion
moving through her as Gary built his way towards release. "Here it
comes....." Gary muttered. "Here it comes.....Here it COMESSSS.......!" He
shot his wad into her and Morgan threw her head back and screamed. "AHHHH!"
she let out as the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, the last sensation just
before the familiar tingling came over her, Gary not able to see Morgan
thrown out of Gabrielle's body and back through the strange fold in space
that the Jersey created.

Gabrielle Reece snapped open her eyes to see a man over her, his cock in
her pussy and did the most natural thing she could. She screamed and threw
him off with all her strength. The man seemed taken aback by her resistance
and flew back, his cock exiting her pussy as he bounced back, his head
hitting a table and then him falling on the floor out cold.

Gabrielle sat on the bed, heaving with breath. What was this? The last
thing she remembered, she'd been waiting the serve on the court, now she was
in her trailer with some guy apparently fucking her. She didn't know how but
she knew he'd somehow done something to get her in this position. And she was
damn well going to make sure he didn't do it again. Throwing on a towel, she
moved to the door to yell for security.
_ _ _

Morgan's eyes snapped open and she realized she was still on the bed.
She swiftly pulled off the jersey, grateful that it hadn't seemed to work its
magic yet. Sometimes it took a while to do what it had to do and Morgan was
grateful she got it off in time.

She shook her head, trying to remember why she felt so odd and what the
mysterious, half-memory was in her head. Something about sex, she knew that.
A knocking on the door got her attention and she looked up to see her mother
enter. "Morgan, you okay? You've been up here a while."

"Just thinking about the dance, Mom," Morgan, replied, standing up and
surprised her body felt tired. That sometimes happened when the shirt sent
her into a body for some athletics but that hadn't happened here. Shrugging
it off, she moved to her mother, the two headed downstairs.

"Mom," Morgan said as a thought struck her. "This may sound weird, but
somehow, I just wanted to let you know that I don't think I'll be trying sex
until I know it's the right guy."

"That's good to hear, honey," her mom said. "I was worried, I'll admit.
But you're a good kid, you'll be able to make the right choice."

The two were passing by the living room, pausing to see the television
showing a man being led off a beach in handcuffs. "And in breaking news, a
man has just been arrested attempting to sexually assault volleyball star
Gabrielle Reece. There was no comment from Ms. Reece yet but sources say the
man managed to enter her trailer and somehow take advantage of her before she
could fight back."

"See, that's the sort of man I hope you can avoid," Morgan's mom said.

"Don't worry, mom," Morgan smiled. "I'll stay clear of him. Say, do you
feel up for a trip to the mall? I want to get some new jewelry."

"No problem," her mother nodded. "Anything in particular?"

"Well, it may be weird but....for some reason, something with a crystal
comes to mind," Morgan said, unaware of just how close the story she had just
seen truly impacted upon her decision to wait.


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