This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. As far as I know the
USA women's soccer team haven't been involved in an orgy before. And as far
as I know this isn't true to live on their sexual practices. Remember, this
is only fantasy. You must be 18 to read this, so children leave now. This
story contains (M/F, F/F, M/F/F, CONS, ORAL, ANAL HUMIL)

(For those of you who don't know, "the jersey" is an old football jersey
that was left to Nick Lichter by his grandpa. He found out, that when
watching a game on TV or at an athletic event in person, that by putting the
jersey on, he could leap into the bodies of famous athletes.)

Jersey: USA Soccer Women VS Nick
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Fifteen year old Nick Lichter couldn't be happier, he had gotten tickets to
an exhibition women's soccer game between USA and China. His dad was going
to the game with him. Since he only got two tickets, though, his friends
from the M.N.F.C. (Monday Night Football Club) Coleman, Elliot, and Morgan,
weren't gonna be able to go. That was probably for the better though,
considering they wouldn't approve of what he had in mind to do with the
jersey. He decided he would put on the jersey, when the USA soccer women
were in the locker room and get a good view of all of them in the buff.

There were so many sexy women on the USA team. Everyone knew who Brandi
Chastain was after her famous shirt stripping and showing the world her black
sports bra. She was already a sex symbol before then, by her posing in a
magazine wearing only her Nike tennis shoes and a soccer ball. Her shirtless
striptease only magnified her sex appeal to men, and even some women in the

Then of course there was the best female goal scorer in soccer history Mia
Hamm. Certainly she wasn't the California girl blonde type Brandi was. She
did however, have a sexy figure and long dark hair, not to mention possibly
the best legs on the team.

Then there was Julie Foudy, maybe not as pretty in the face as Mia and
Brandi, but in Nick's mind and in many peoples minds, Julie had earned the
reputation at having the hottest ass in soccer. Julie had even longer dark
hair than Mia. She had the same sexy girl-jock figure as the other two women,
but her ass! She was as fit and as in shape as all of the women on the team,
but she had that sexy round bubblebutt to go along with her toned body, that
set her apart.

Also a hottie in her own right was Cindy Parlow. Cindy Parlow stood a tall
5ft 11. She had strawberry blonde hair and undoubtedly she was the woman on
the team whose chest stood out the most. Women soccer players haven't been
known to be well endowed in the chest, but Cindy had the honor, in Nick's
mind of having the biggest tits around, in the world of women's soccer.

Certainly there were other hotties on the team like Shannon Mcmillian another
girl with a cute bubblebutt and shorter dark hair. Not to mention Christy
Pierce a sexy blonde who some compare to a young Brandi Chastain as far as
her good looks and body go at least.

Nick persuaded his dad to pick him up after football practice and drive
straight to the game and get there early. This was important because it
meant that he could have a bag with him to carry the jersey with. When
they arrived early Nick couldn't help but think about all those sexy
women getting dressed. He was tempted to put on the jersey now, but knew
after the game would be best when he might catch them when they were
showering and undressing.

He was disappointed to see them in their red jerseys and blue shorts when
they came out, after all they looked better in their white uniforms.
Especially when they got all sweaty and soaked through them. Nick and his
dad watched the game, it turned out to be fairly high scoring as far as
soccer games go. Mia Hamm scored the game winner in the 89th minute to give
USA the win at 4-3.

Nick told his dad he was gonna go get autographs, his dad smiled and nodded
his head. He knew that his son would do anything to meet these sexy women
athletes. What he didn't know was how far Nick would really go. Nick got as
close to the locker room as he could then pulled out the jersey. "OK, here we
go," he said.

He put on the jersey and was soon warped into the locker room. He realized
he was wearing a white sportsbra and blue USA shorts. He noticed the #10 in
white on the shorts and realized "I'm Shannon Milbrett!" Nick immediately
took a look around the locker room. He saw the naked backside of sexy
Shannon Mcmillian and Christy Pierce as they walked into the shower. Their
firm butts wiggling as they disappeared in the shower. "Wow, I could get
used to this!" He thought to himself.

Looking behind him he saw Cindy Parlow undressing, she had on a sexy light
blue sportsbra that unhooked in the front. He saw only her backside though
as her shorts came down leaving her in matching light blue bra and panties.
He stood in awe as she unhooked her bra from the front and turned to the
side giving Nick a view of one of her big white breasts with pointed pink
nipples. Nick wanted to reach out and grab it, "Best tits in soccer no doubt
about it!" he thought to himself. Cindy slid down her panties to reveal a
pussy that was completely bald of pubic hair. No telling what her natural
color was. Nick found it so sexy as her pink lips were clearly visible with
her snatch shaven. She wrapped the towel around herself and walked toward
the shower, so Nick looked elsewhere.

He saw that to his right was Julie Foudy already topless her breasts
somewhere in the B-cup range with big dark nipples, what really got his
attention though was when Julie slid down her shorts. Julie was in soaked
white lady's Hanes panties, so her succulent ass and ass crack was clearly
visible. It got better though, cause Julie slide her panties down and off
giving Nick a view of her dark hairy black forrest in the front and... you
guessed it a big round sexy ass that was no doubt the best of all the soccer
women. Nick could stare endlessly at that ass of the sexy Mrs. Foudy but
then to his right he saw someone else.

It was Mia Hamm the best female goal scorer in the world and at this moment
naked as the day she was born. Mia was naked in front of her locker and
combing her long hair. It was apparent that Mia wasn't just the quickest on
the field, but in the locker room too, since she had already showered. Nick
eyed her perfect body, slender tan legs, nicely trimmed dark pubic hair over
her gorgeous pussy. Her sexy ass would put to shame any girl in his freshman
class in high school. Then there was her flat washboard stomach and higher
up were her breasts, small, but very firm with little dark nipples. Suddenly
Nick felt a bulge in his shorts, this seemed strange.

He looked down to realize he had a boner, how could this be, he had warped
into Shannon Milbrett? Then looking at his bra he realized, he had no
breasts, he saw a mirror in Shannon's locker and looked and saw himself!!!
Something had gone wrong, he wasn't Shannon, he was Nick, and worst of all
he was in the middle of a women's locker room wearing shorts and a bra of
all things! Nick realized he was lucky no one had noticed him yet, that was
a miracle in itself! He decided he better get out quick, he quickly walked
to the front door but bumped into someone, it was Brandi Chastain.

Brandi was in her famous black sports bra and sexy low cut black panties.
Brandi just looked at him with wide eyes. Nick couldn't speak he didn't know
what to say. He had always hoped to meet Brandi Chastain, but not like this!

"Well, well ladies look what we have here!" she announced. All the women
stopped and stared.

"Seems we have a little pervert in our midst, I mean he's wearing Shannon's
bra," Brandi unhooks the bra in the front and takes it off Nick, "but he
doesn't seem to have tits." Some of the women laughed. "He also has Shannon's
shorts," Brandi reaches into Nick's shorts and finds his stiff cock which she
pulls out in her hand, "but Shannon doesn't have one of these!"

Nick is embarrassed beyond belief! Brandi had just exposed his cock to all
the women. He dreamed of being with all these women naked before but the
dream never consisted of them laughing at him. Brandi held him by his cock
and led him to the center of the room.

Shannon McMillian grabbed Nick's shorts and yanked them down to reveal he had
on Shannon Milbrett's panties as well, lacey waistband, and pink in color.
Nick now turned 8 shades of red he had never been more humiliated in all of
his life.

"Well, don't we look cute in women's pink panties," giggled Julie Foudy. The
rest of the women joined in the laughter.

"So what should we do with him, any ideas?" Brandi inquired.

"Toss his ass outside dressed just like that," hollered Christy Pierce.

Nick knew he had to come clean and tell them the whole story, including the
magic of the jersey. After all he had nothing to lose, even though the
jersey secret was never to be revealed to anyone, that was a pact he Morgan,
Elliott, and Coleman had made. He knew that it was his only way out of this
mess. So he told the women everything, how the jersey worked and how it
didn't work this time, and all the athletes he had jumped into before. Even
telling Julie how Morgan had jumped into her at one time.

When he finished, the story had mixed thoughts from the women.

"Sounds like a load of B.S. to me," shouted Christy Pierce.

"Talk about spinning a tall tale!" added Shannon McMillian.

"Wait a minute ladies, it would explain a lot, like how he got in here past
security, and why he's in Shannon's clothes ya know," pointed out Julie

This actually did make some sense to them. "Besides, I haven't seen my
husband in months, and I need a cock, which is exactly what he happens to
have in your hand Brandi!" smiled Julie with a new look of lust in her eyes.
Brandi looked down at Nick's hard cock in her hand.

"Sorry Jewels (Julies nickname) I'm not giving his cock up, I got him first,
and I haven't been laid for a while either, so wait your turn bitch."

Brandi pulled off her sportsbra revealing two firm breasts, white because of
her bikini tanlines and dropped to her knees and started sucking on Nick's
cock. Nick couldn't believe his luck. Sure he was still standing in front of
a room of women wearing pink panties, but more importantly sexy Brandi
Chastain was giving him his first blowjob! He was nervous at first, having
sex in front of an audience, but he concentrated on Brandi and was able to
drowned out everyone else in the room for the moment. He moaned in pleasure
as the blonde hottie wrapped her mouth tight around his 7 inch member.

Brandi grabbed his tool and squeezed it between her cleavage, she pushed his
peehole against her hard nipples on each breast causing Nick to get even
harder. Nick was in pure heaven, he'd be happy if he just went home and
whacked off at this point. One of the biggest female sex symbols in the world
was working his cock over on her knees. Brandi had other ideas for Nick
though. Brandi stood up and pressed her ass against his cock, then bending
over slid her black panties down. Now Nick was skin to skin with Brandi, his
cock pressed against her smooth and sweaty posterior. Looking at the pubic
hair on her pussy Nick was glad to see she was indeed a natural blonde.
Brandi stood up and wrapped her arms around Nick's neck. Nick finally got
aggressive and reached around to her breasts and started squeezing them in
his hands.

Brandi moaned as she grinded her ass into his cock. Then Brandi led Nick's
cock to her wet pussy he slid in without much resistance as Brandi bent over
for him. Nick's head was spinning. "My God I'm fucking Brandi Chastain
doggystyle!!" as the reality of the situation was going through his head.

"Give it to me, baby ram that dick in me you fucking stud!" ordered Brandi.

Nick was glad to help the lady out, so he got a hold of her sexy hips and
began pumping his meat into her pussy. Brandi kept tossing her blonde hair
back, as she bent over as far as she could, getting herself in the best
position. Nick looked in the room and noticed some of the women were
masturbating as they watched the two of them fuck. Over in the corner he
couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Shannon McMillian and Christy Pearce on
the locker room floor together. The two sexy women were in a 69 and were
lapping away at each others fresh out of the shower pussies with their
tongues. He had no idea any of the women on the team were lesbians, but
apparently these two were, it was a hot thing to see to say the least!

The slapping sounds of him driving his dick in sexy Brandi plus Brandi's
sexy moans proved to me too much for Nick, and he felt himself coming. He
told Brandi he was cumming and she had him pull out, and she got on her
knees. She started stroking him off with both hands as he shot his load all
in Brandi's gorgeous face. He stayed hard too seeing Brandi's face covered
in his cum, and the look of pleasure on the older woman's face.

From behind his pink panties were pulled off as he felt another girl grab
him from behind. This woman drew him into a big wet french kiss, she sucked
his tongue into her mouth and stroked his cum covered cock with her hand.
When the kiss finally broke he saw it was Julie Foudy.

"Wow I ...I have to tell you, you have the sexiest ass in all of soccer
that's a fact!"

Julie took Nick to one of the benches and bent over in front of him.

"I'm glad you think so. Why don't you stick that cock in my ass. I haven't
had a good ass fuck in a long time!"

Nick's jaw dropped at her request, he just fucked sexy Brandi, now here was
the girl with the hottest ass around asking him for anal! He certainly didn't
argue with her. He positioned his cock towards her ass, and Julie helped him
out by spreading her big butt cheeks. Nick went very slowly as instructed by
Julie, after all she had no lubrication. Luckily Nick's cock had enough
lubrication through his last sex session with Brandi to get it inside her. It
was a tight fit but Nick slowly worked it in and out as Julie played with her
clit. Nick kept sliding in more and more of his rod up Julie's ass as she
pinched her small breasts and buried her face in the bench.

Soon Nick had all 7 inches up her sexy ass. Julie was moaning and screaming
in pleasure as she begged Nick for more.

"OH baby, yeah ohhh God that's it, fuck my ass, ohhhh God yes, yes, more ohh
it ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes ohhhh fuck yes hump my ass, ohhh I love it!!"

Brandi got in front of Julie and reached down to pull on Julie's hard
nipples, and kissed her teammate. Julie licked the cum off of Brandi's face
like a starving woman, as Nick's anal assault went on. Julie kept playing
with her clit as she felt more pleasure than she had in ages. Before long
the way Julie's ass looked with his cock up it made Nick shoot his load. So
his cum shot up Julie's ass causing Julie to orgasm as well.

Brandi began erotically licking the cum out of Julie's ass, slapping her ass
here and there as she did. The feeling of Brandi's tongue going so deep, so
very deep in her ass sent Julie to another orgasm, which Brandi licked up
with her fingers. The two women then lip locked again in a hot kiss. After
that, Nick saw both women get on their knees and both took turns at cleaning
his cock off. Nick never knew these two women were so wonderfully nasty, and
he loved every second of watching them do this dirty deed.

When he turned around he was face to face with Mia Hamm. Mia wrapped her
arms around Nick's neck and began kissing him passionately. After a while
his hands found Mia's ass as her hands caressed his fairly muscular chest.
Mia certainly knew what she was doing, it was well know around the locker
room that Mia was a swinger. Her and her husband had attended orgies
together before. Mia had even been fucked by a guy as young as Nick before,
at an underground orgy event.

Mia laid back on the bench and spread her gorgeous legs for Nick. Nick was
quick to slid between the brunette's legs and enter her cunt. Mia dug her
nails into Nick's ass cheeks as he went pounding hard into Mia's horny hole.
Nick glanced over to the side and saw Brandi and Julie in a wet kiss as they
fingered each others pussies bringing each other off to orgasm after orgasm.
Nick went back to the task at hand for now. As inch after inch pounded Mia's
athletic body. Mia tighten her cunt muscles wanting to give Nick as much
pleasure back as she was receiving from him. Mia grabbed her ankles and
spread her legs as wide as they would go as Nick continued slamming his man
meat into her overheating oven.

Just when Nick thought it couldn't get any better he saw a big breast being
pushed in his face. He looked up and saw Cindy Parlow smiling at him. Nick
didn't need to be told what to do. He took her big tit in his mouth and
sucked it hard. It seemed an impossible chore to get all of her huge boob in
his mouth, but he was glad to give it a go. Mia began thrusting her pussy
back at Nick's cock, as the distraction of Cindy's big boobs had slowed Nick
down too much for Mia's preference. Mia didn't hold back as she thrust her
body up and down wildly at Nick's hard cock. Faster and faster, Mia panted
as her pussy practically squeezed the life out of Nick's cock. Her body was
unable to take anymore pleasure, and she was soon orgasming, covering Nick's
prick with her sweet cum.

Nick held back from his orgasm, he didn't think he could with the great
feeling of Mia's hot wet and silky smooth pussy but he did. After Mia's
orgasm supsided he pulled out and got on the floor with Cindy.

He stuck his hard rod between Cindy's big tits. Cindy pushed her double D
knockers together and smothered his cock with her tits. Cindy grinded her
pussy against Nick's leg as she seemed to enjoy the titty-fuck as much as
Nick. Nick squeezed on her huge titties playing with the big pink nipples
as he fucked her boobies like no tomorrow. Soon the sight of her bouncing
boobs was too much for Nick and he began to cum.

"Oh Cindy yeah ohhhh fuck I'm gonna cum ahhhh I'm gonna cum all over your
tits ohhh here it comes ahhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Load after load was shot at Cindy's awaiting tongue and her breasts. Cindy
erotically looked up at Nick as she licked her boobs off with her tongue.
Nick laid back spent by that last orgasm.

The ladies thanked Nick for helping them relieve some built up sexual

After they all talked it over they decided if Nick was to leap out of the
jersey and bring Shannon Milbrett back he would need to put Shannon's clothes
back on. So Nick put the pink panties back on. Some of the girls couldn't
suppress a giggle at him in pink underwear even now. Nick put the bra back
on then the shorts, finally followed by Shannon's jersey. Still nothing
happened, so Nick began to take Shannon's jersey off and that's what got the
jersey to shin its bright light and warp him back.

Nick found his dad and they began walking toward the car in the parking lot,
when they saw the USA women walking out of the locker room. They all gave
Nick a wave and a few of them gave him a sexy wink.

Nick met up with Morgan the next day since the two were going to plan
something with Elliott and Coleman. When Nick entered Morgan was on her

"Hey Nick I was reading on this message board that there are some people who
believe that there are members of the USA women's soccer team that are
lesbians. Can you believe that crap?"

Nick smiled to himself. "Yeah Morgan sounds far fetched to me."


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