This story is fictional, no similarities between this and the tv show. Its
only fantasy! A fantasy story not to be read by anyone under 18.

Jersey: Willa And Hillary (f/f)
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected])

Willa and Hillary were best friends since they were little girls. Hillary
was a thin girl with curly red hair, and was always well dressed with
whatever the style was. Hillary had a sexy ass and small breasts with pink
pointed nipples. Willa was a girl with short dark brown hair and multiple
ear piercings and wore lots of jewlery bracelets. Willa wasn't as skinny as
Hillary but her body was nice, (Hillary was just really skinny). Willa's
breasts were not huge, but still they were round and firm, a B-cup with big
dark nipples the size of half dollars.

The two were having they're usual conversations about boys at lunch when
Willa took the conversation in a diffrent direction. "You think you could
ever do it with another girl Hillary?"

Hillary spit out her milk unable to believe what she just heard. "Are you
serious Willa?"

"Yeah I mean I heard that other girls are better at... you know oral, it
makes sense to me considering they already know a womens body."

Hillary thought about that, "I guess that makes sense, but I dont think I
could ever find another girl to experiment that with."

Willa smiled at those words, Hillary didn't know it but her best friend was
a lesbian. Sure she played along with Hillary's talk about boys, but she was
only into girls and she had a big crush on Hillary.

The two talked for a while then met up again in gym class. Willa watched
Hillary undress after gym was over. Hillary pulled off her shirt displaying
a pink bra. Willa liked this bra it was lacey and the material was so thin
she could see her hard pink nipples in it since the bra was see-through.
Next came the shorts with a matching pink thong underneath. Willa watched as
her bra was tossed aside displaying Hillarys breasts then her thong.

Hillary's pussy was hairy it had light red pubic hair. Willa watched as
Hillary's ass swayed as she walked into the shower. Willa joined her in the
shower, Willa wanted to see if Hillary was thinking about their conversation
earlier, so she dropped the soap and bent over at the waist to see if Hillary
would look at her ass.

Hillary gave Willa's ass a long look, so round and sexy with a bikini
tanline, something about Willa got her attention. It made sense though
considering their earlier conversation that if she did do it with another
girl it would be someone that would be willing to experiment. Hillary had
acctually noticed Willa's eyes checking her out, she was a little timid and
uncomfortable but she was also very curious.

Hillary decided to try something she reached out and slapped Willa on the
ass. "Nice ass!" she said.

Willa was pleasantly surprised by this, "Thanks, but your ass is sexier," she
replied with a wink.

"This ass?" Hillary turned around to display her white ass to Willa.

Willa pressed her breasts against Hillary's back and her pussy against
Hillary's ass. Then her hands reached around from behind to caress Hillary's
small firm breasts. Then Willa ran her tongue along Hillary's neck. Hillary
moaned as another girl touched her for the first time. Willa turns Hillary
around and the two engage in a big kiss. Mouths open and tongues intertwine
as the two teen girls french kiss in the girls shower. Willa went lower
kissing Hillary's perky pink nipples, first one then the other, then going
back and forth between her breasts she sucked each hard nipple. Hillary
stroke Willa's hair as she moaned in pleasure. Willa went lower to her
friends sweet red bush. Willa gentle and ever so slowly rubbed Hillary's red
mound, as her fingers went lower to her pink cunt lips. Hillary thought her
knees would give out as Willa started licking her clit. Willa got right on
her sensitive spot and drove her new lover wild, as her fingers kept fucking
her pussy.

Hillary couldn't stand all this pleasure, she orgasmed all over Willa's face.
Willa grasiously excepted all of Hillary's love nectar, and swallowed all her
sweet juices. Then Hillary hugged and kissed her best friend and new
girlfriend. Hillary wanted to return the favor to Willa, so she had her turn
around and face the wall with her bent at the waist like when she
"accidently" dropped the soap. Hillary got down on her knees and started to
spread Willa's ass cheeks. She started to kiss between Willa crack, then out
came her tongue. She started tonguing her ass as her fingers went to Willa's
pussy and she slide fingers inside her. "Ahhh Hill ohhhhhhh yessss ohh thats
it ohhh do it baby yesss!"

Hillary went lower and lower, til at last she was going down on her best
friend. She spread Willa's pussy lips and started tonguing them. Willa
pushed her ass back at Hillary wanting Hillary's tongue to get as deep as
possible inside of her. She moaned as she felt Hillary's perky breasts
against her leg. Willa's legs finally collapsed as she was unable to stand
Hillary's cunt-licking and the two teens fell to the floor as Willa gave
Hillary a sweet taste of another girls pussy for the first time. The two
girls kissed and caressed each other looking deep in each others eyes. Then
they heard voices it was apparent that the girls from the next gym class
were arriving at their lockers.

They both walked out together undoubtably they were already late for their
next class. Some girls gave them a look it wasn't too hard to figure out
what they were doing. Especially since most of the people at school said
Willa had dyke written all over her. The two got dressed quickly then when
they were alone gave each other a big kiss, they would meet later after
school for some "homework." They couldn't wait to explore each other some
more and they soon would.



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