This story is fictional no similaritys between the people in this story and
the people in real life is intended or should be inferred.

Jersey: Lindsay Davenport
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected])

Morgan was a pretty 15 year old girl with a cute face long dark hair with
just a hint of auburn color in it. Her breasts were small but her ass was
very sexy on her skinny body. Morgan and her friends, her cousin Nick his
best friends Coleman and Elliot, had a magic jersey it warped them into the
bodies of famous athletes, this usually occured during a game. Morgan at
times even warped in the bodies of male athletes, this was a unique
perspective, unfortunately she usually warped back to her own body shortly
after the game. She never had a serious boyfriend before, mostly just guy
friends, being a girl jock she felt guys might be intimidated by her, after
all she could beat a lot of guys in certain sports.

Morgan Hudson, was watching tv sitting around the house in just a long
white shirt no bra and pink panties. She was flipping through the channels
when she saw women's tennis, she decided to watch that for a while. Lindsay
Davenport was playing Jelena Dokic, Lindsay was winning quite easily already
having one the first set 6-3 and was leading 5-1 in the second. She couldn't
help but notice Lindsays breast's, they were huge, especially compared to
hers. Lindsay was one of the few women who didn't wear a sports bra, as
evident through her sweaty white tennis shirt. Morgan looked down at her
chest wishing she had breasts like Lindsay's instead of her modest A cup.

Lindsay wasn't the prettiest girl on the tennis tour she had short dark
auburn hair and her face was only decent looking. Her body on the other hand
was incredible!!! She was 6' 2" with very long tan legs and her breasts were
easily a C-cup maybe bigger.

Many people thought that Lindsay had a real butch look to her, there were
rumors that she was a lesbian, but there was always talk like that for female
athletes. Especially tennis players since Martina Navertilova admitted her

Morgan admired Lindsay for her tennis playing, but surprisingly she was
finding herself watching Lindsay run after the ball her breasts bouncing as
she ran. "Man if I had breasts like that guys would have no choice but to
look at me!" Morgan had heard all the nicknames people had for her around
school "No mammaries Morgan," "Chestless Hudson," "Jock-dyke." Women sports
had come a long way but there were still those who gave girls a hard time.

Morgan watched the match as she got dressed, she took off her shirt seeing
her small breasts in the wall mirror she squeezed them pinching on the small
dark nipples she closed her eyes. She imagined her favorite sports star as a
hand slide down to her panties and slid under the lacey elastic to her young
pussy. She slid a hand past her dark pubic hair to her virgin cunt. She slid
a burgandy painted fingernail past her young lips and began slowly sliding it
in and out, as her other hand squeezed her breast and pinched her pointed

She stood there in the living room fingering herself as her hips swayed back
and forth in rhythm with her fingers. She imagined a sexy sports star biting
on her hard nipple as she pinched it. She slid her tongue out as a moan
escaped her lips. Before long she couldn't hold back, she fell back on the
couch and fingered herself faster and faster! Then her young body was rocked
by a monster orgasm. "AAAAhhhhhhhhhh YYYeeeesssssss."

Morgan caught her breath and brushed her dark hair out of her eyes, this
wasn't the first Saturday that Morgan's only date was with her fingers. Now
she was sticky and definally needed a shower, she grabbed her shirt and threw
it over her. This shirt was old and fuzzy though.

Suddenly she realized this was THE JERSEY!!!!!!!! Before she could do
anything else her body warped a she was somewhere else. She looked around
and realized she was on a tennis court.

Looking at her cross court was a pretty blonde girl, she recognized her right
away it was Jelena Dokic. Morgan looked down at herself, she gasped her
breasts were huge and her nipples were hard and visible though her white
tennis shirt, she had long legs and a short light blue tennis-skirt. Suddenly
she heard the public address announcer saying "Miss Davenport serving for the
match." Then it hit her "I'm Lindsay Davenport."

Morgan reached out and squeezed her huge breasts, this caused the crowd to
stir and chatter. Suddenly Morgan realized she was touching herself (or
Lindsay's self) on national tv. So she stopped, her face bright red with
embaressment, and she decided to do what Lindsay does best so she tossed the
ball up in the air and served a rocket. Dokic returned it surprisingly.
Morgan took off running and bent down to get to the ball and returned it for
a winner, thats when one of her big boobs hit her in the face, obviously
she's not used to this body, she wondered how Lindsay ran without her boobs
slowing her down, or bouncing up to hit her in the face. She smiled as she
went to the net and shaked hands with Jelena Dokic, then with the chair
umpire like all players do after winning a match.

She was surprised that the jersey hadn't warped her back like it usually did
after the game was over. So she walked back to the locker room she figured
lifting off the shirt would warped her back to herself. After all, usually
when she warped, if someone tugged on the shirt she'd go back. So she lifted
her shirt to her neck, nothing happened. She did however see Lindsay's
inceredible breasts being held by a skimpy white bra.

"Wow look at these" she thought to herself, as she squeezed Lindsay's breasts
gently pinching on the nipples. She reach back and unhooked her bra freeing
the big breasts. She was surprised at how firm they were, they were big and
round with dark red nipples about the size of half-dollar coins. She cupped
them in her hands and started rubbing them, Morgan loved having such big
breasts, and was enjoying every moment of this. She was so into touching her
breasts, that she never heard someone else entering the locker room.

As she squeezed her giant boobs and moaned softly she suddenly felt another
set of hands on her breasts, she saw that they were black hands! She looked
behind her to find a big black man with a shaved head, his name was Maurice,
Lindsay's bodygaurd. "So you gonna give me some of that good white pussy like
you always do when you win a tournament?"

Morgan was stunned, Lindsay Davenport was into interracial sex? She stood
there frozen for a moment as his black hands caressed her creamy white
breasts. Then Morgan remembered her good friend Coleman he was a black guy
and she always wondered about sex with him. So maybe this guy could satisfiy
Morgans secret taboo fantasy.

Morgan took one of his hands and slid it between her legs under her tennis
skirt. Morgan could feel his cock bulging from his pants pressing against her
ass, she softly sighed.

"Ok bitch you know what I want first, get on your knees and suck me off
cunt!"he said.

"What did you just call me?" asked Morgan.

"I called you a cunt Lindsay, that's what you are a little white cunt with
big titties, so you either suck my black cock or I'll find another tennis ho
to do it, maybe I'll grab a prettier one that isn't as butch and dyke-looking
as you!!"

Morgan never heard anyone talk to her this way, (even though he was actually
talking to Lindsay) but Morgan wanted his cock so she got on her knees and
unzipped him. She pulled out a cock that was the biggest she had ever seen,
it was hard and at least 11 inches, maybe even a foot long.

Morgan knew if she was in her own body that cock would tear her little pussy
up, but Lindsay's body was much bigger. Lindsay was 6 foot 2 inches tall and
wasn't as skinny as Morgan was. Morgan grabbed his big black balls and took
his cock in her mouth, she swallowed as much as she could which was only
about half of it. She sucked and licked his black shaft as his hands roughly
pinched her hard nipples as he tried to force more of his cock down the
tennis stars mouth. Morgan couldnt believe that Lindsay got this big cock
everytime she won a tournament, "How did Lindsay get him all into her mouth?"
she wondered.

Maurice grabbed her and forced all of his shaft in her mouth, Morgan wasn't
Lindsay so she wasn't used to this and she almost passed out unable to
breath. Luckily though before Morgan passed out he shot his load in Lindsay's

Morgan swallowed as much as she could, despite all the private talk she had
with her girlfriends she didn't mind the taste at all. "Maybe its cause he's
black that it tastes so good," she wondered. It also reminded her of one time
when Coleman came on to her and told her "the darker the berry the sweeter
the juice!" She was definetly believing it on this day! Morgan smiled at him,
he looked at her and pushed her on her back on the locker room.

"Ok bitch time to get me hard again so I can fuck that pussy, so play with
yourself ho." Morgan normally had no trouble with doing that, but she never
did it in front of anyone before. Seeing her hesitance he got mad. "Listen
you little cunt start playing with your fucking pussy or I'll start
considering the offers from the tabloids about your sexual escapades!!
Wouldn't they like to know that Miss Davenport opens her legs for any black
dick she can find, or that off the court she ain't just playing tennis with
other girls! You want everyone to know that you've been carpet munching on
most of the womens in tennis for the last year? You dont wanna be Lindsay
the butch dyke-jock do you?"

Morgan realized this wasn't her reputation it was Lindsay's she was putting
on the line. She didn't care what Lindsay did, but having her private life
exposed wasnt fair. So Morgan slid her hands under Lindsay's skirt her hands
went to the waistband of her panties and slid them down. Lindsay had a hairy
pussy, very untrimmed. Morgan had never trimmed either but she never saw a
pussy so hairy. She slid her hand down and started touching herself as the
black man stroked his cock getting it hard again quickly. Her hands slid in
and out of her pussy. It was diffrent for Morgan, basically touching another
girls pussy, and knowing it was a celebrity like Lindsay Davenport's got her
really hot for some reason. Her pussy was very eager to be filled.

"Beg me for it you white whore. Beg me for this black cock!"

"Oh please give me that cock! Stuff that foot long cock in my pussy!!"

"Ok slut you asked for it!"

He rammed his black monster into Lindsay's hot pussy. Even in Lindsay's pussy
it was tight she felt her toes curl as he thrusted almost all the way in
immedietly, taking advantage at how wet she was. She felt her pussy walls
expanding like she never imagined. His massive tool was like a jackhammer
nailing her to the floor with hard thrust after hard thrust. Morgan grabbed
Lindsay's tits that were bouncing all over the place and licked each nipple.
Before long he was unable to hold back seeing her lick her tits. Her cunt
muscules tightened as she orgasmed, then he shot his load all over her face.

Afterwards he smiled and got dressed and became polite again, "I'll be
outside whenever your ready to leave Miss Davenport"

Morgan realized this must just be a game Lindsay plays with her bodygaurd,
all the dirty talking the "I'm gonna tell the tabloids" must have part of the
game. Lindsay wasnt really a lesbian, or was she?

Morgan got off the floor, that black man was so good she could hardly walk at
first. She grapped a towel and headed for the shower, the cold water really
got her attention as she turned it on, it felt so good though with her body
so hot and sweaty, and covered in cum too.

She rubbed soap all over her big breasts then on her long legs, Morgan really
wished that these were her legs. It just didn't make sense to Morgan that
Lindsay wasnt a bigger sex symbol. Her body was so amazing. Big breasts, long
legs and a nice fit athletically toned ass. She was busy soaping herself when
she noticed another player coming in the locker room. She had a perfect body,
a great tan, and a long blonde hair in a long braid behind her.

Morgan immediately recognized her as Anna Kournikova the biggest sex symbol
in tennis today. Morgan found herself watching Anna. Anna was undressing,
pulling her yellow t-shirt over her head revealing her famous white "Anna
bra." Then sliding out of her shorts Morgan saw only a blonde pussy, Anna
wasn't wearing panties. "What a little slut," Morgan said to herself with a
smile. Her bra then was unhooked showing her very firm 34B cup breasts, Anna
had no tanlines at all.

Morgan suddenly thought, "What I'm doing staring at her? I've never looked at
other girls sexually." She wondered if this was because of the fact that she
was in Lindsay's body that she had these feelings. That had to be it. Maybe
Lindsay was really bi.

Either way she watched as Anna grabbed a towel and strutted her hips as she
walked into the shower. She looked right at Lindsay and smiled, "Hi Lindsay,
good match out there today."

"Oh thanks Anna" she responded. Morgan trying getting back to her shower but
couldn't help but look back at the sexy woman behind.

Anna was cleaning herself off with a pink washcloth. Morgan wished more than
anything that she was a pink washcloth right now as Anna cleaned that pretty
pussy that had men all over the world young and old drooling at the mouth!

Morgan started washing her hair, she didnt need as much shampoo as she didnt
have as much hair since Lindsays was cut so short. She was rinsing it out
when she felt hands on her hips, turning around there was Anna gently rubbing
her breasts against Lindsay's back. Morgan moaned softly as Anna kissed the
back of her neck. That was always a sensitive spot and Lindsay's short hair
made it easy to get to, as opposed to Morgan's usual long hair where someone
would have to move out of the way. Anna slid her hands up to Lindsay's
amazing breasts cupping them in her hands.

"Ive missed you hon" Anna whispered in her ear.

Morgan was so turned on now she was completly helpless to even move. Anna got
her attention with a slap on the ass. "Hey" she shouted.

Anna giggled, "I know you liked that, you always do," she responded as she
then gave her other ass cheek a hard slap. Anna turned her around, and
started tongueing her big breasts sucking on the breasts like a newborn baby.
Then pinching them gently and sliding a finger to her hairy brown muff. Anna
felt Lindsay's gasp softly as her fingers fondled the tennis players clit.

Wanting to touch another girl for the first time, Morgan reached out to
Anna's breasts squeezing them hard. "Even anna has bigger breasts then I do
in my body," she thought.

Next she went down to Anna's pussy and slid a finger inside her. Her pussy
was already damp, and she had no problem getting a finger inside her tight
cunt. Anna started fingering her faster and faster two fingers in and out of
her at a fast pace. Morgan picked up speed on Anna's cunt too, she couldn't
believe she was fingering another girl in the shower.

The two gyrated against each other in the heat of lesbian lust, kissing each
other and pushing theyre breasts against each others. Looking at Anna and
feeling the sensation between her legs not to mention feeling just a little
naughty about what she was doing was more than she could take. Her orgasm
erupted all over Anna's hand, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god yessssssssssssssssssssss

She breathed heavily and looked down at Anna just in time to see Anna licking
Lindsay's sweet juices off her fingers. Then Anna turned around and bent over
and touched her ankles, Morgan could see her lips and tight asshole.

"Well you know what to do," said Anna giving her ass a little shake. Morgan
knew alright. She dropped to her knees and spread Anna's young ass cheeks,
and for the first time she went down on another girl.

"Oh well I guess if I'm going down on another girl it should be one of the
hottest girls alive!"

Her tongue entered Anna's pussy causing her athletic body to squirm. Morgan
showed no signs of being a first timer as she sucked hard on Anna's pink lips
and squeezed her ass.

"Oh yeah mmmmm thats it Lindsay ohhhhhhh, lick it ohh yeah suck my pussy hard
baby!!!" Anna squealed in ecstacy.

Morgan feeling kinda kinky and figuring she had nothing to lose, got her
finger wet with her saliva, then slid a finger into Anna's tight anal
passage. This almost caused Anna to stand up with this new sensation, but
Morgan held her down. Anna got used to it after a while, then even began to
enjoy it. Anna was loving Lindsay's sweet tongue inside her cunt, seemingly
going deeper with each tongue probing as her finger went deeper and deeper
into Annas puckered opening.

Anna had been with Lindsay in the shower many times before but unkown to
Anna was that Lindsay had been fucking a few of the girls on the tour. She
regularly spent the night at Monica Seles house for all night lesbian
lovemaking, with her giving Monica all she could handle with a strap-on.
Besides Monica there was sex on the beach with Martina Hingis and even a
couple passionate 69's with Mary Pierce in an underground club.

Morgan knew nothing of this unless you counted the tabloids which were
usually more fiction than fact. All she knew right now was the sexy tennis
diva bent over in front of her moaning in passion do to her tongue licking.
Anna started grinding her cunt into Lindsay's face as almost all of Lindsay's
finger was buried in her tight asshole. Anna's body started to tense up and
orgasm all over Morgan's face. Anna tasted like creamy sugar, there was no
other way to describe it. It was the sweetest taste she had ever known.

The two laid there holding each other in the shower kissing and caressing
each others bodies. They kissed over and over as Morgan caressed Anna's
perfect ass and Anna fondled Lindsay's big tits. They finally left and
started to get dressed. Suddenly Morgan feeled funny as she out her shirt
back on.

Suddenly she warped out of Lindsay's body and back to herself. She was back
in her house and looked at the tv. The commentator said "Well we were
expecting to talk with Lindsay about her win today but she still hasn't come
out, so were out of time now, thanks for watching Lindsay wins over Jelena
Dokic 6-3 6-2."

Morgan smiled, "gee i wonder why she didnt make it" Morgan giggled.

Morgan lean back and flipped through the channels and found women's soccer.
Julie Foudy of the USA Natinoal Team was bent over picking up a ball for a
throw in. The sight of her ass made Morgan lick her lips. She looked over on
the couch and saw the jersey lying there, she thought, "Hmmmmmmmmmmm should

The End?


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