This story is a sequel to the Lindsey Davenport story. It in no way
represents the real sexual practices of those in the story. Not to be read
by anyone under 18 , this is a work of fiction bah bah yadda yadda yadda.
Contains (FFF, FF, magic, cons, celeb)

Jersey: Part 2 - Julie Foudy
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Morgan leaned back on the couch, she was watching the USA women's soccer team
play in China on TV. Morgan had recently just used "the jersey" and found out
that something was wrong with it. Usually the jersey would warp people into
another athlete's body, like on TV or if they were at a sporting event. It
had done that moments ago, but when Morgan was warped into tennis player
Lindsay Davenport she got undressed as Lindsay Davenport and stayed where she
was. Usually a tug of the shirt and she got warped back into herself, but
that time it didn't happen.

As a result Morgan found out that Lindsay has sex with her black bodyguard,
and that Lindsay and Anna Kournikova are lesbian lovers. Since Morgan was
in Lindsay's body at the time she got to experience those things. Which was
quite an experience for a 15 year old virgin girl. This had also awaken
Morgan to lesbianism, maybe she was always deep down into sex with other
girls, but either way she loved what she had done with Anna.

Now Morgan was watching Julie Foudy, the gorgeous member of the USA women's
soccer team. Julie Foudy had long beautiful dark hair an athletic body and
the sexiest bubblebutt. Morgan smiled as she watched Julie running back and
forth down the field. She looked down at the jersey. Normally warping into
the jersey wasn't a big deal, but with it not working right, she kind of
hesitated. After all, what if she got stuck for good in someone's body? She
debated for a while, but looking at the sexy Miss. Foudy bending over and
showing the curves of her incredible ass, she decided it was to good to pass

She put the jersey on and with a bright shiny light she disappeared. She
realized she was in the body of Aly Wagoner, the newest member of the team a
22 year old blonde girl with a thin athletic body. The game was near the end,
Aly/Morgan stole a pass and dribbled down the field. She beat three players
for China, and scored a goal in the 90th minute, icing the game and making
the final score 4-2, USA winning. She was hugged by the other players. It was
great getting a hug by all these women who were her rolemodels to her, not to
mention sexy. As she was hugging one of the girls she felt someone pinch her
on the ass. She looked behind her to see Julie Foudy smiling and giving her
a wink.

'Oh my God, did Julie Foudy just hit on me?' She wondered. With the game
ending the players made there way back to the locker room. Aly was asked to
do an interview for ESPN, so she stayed on the field a little longer. When
it was over she was disappointed to see that the sexy Julie was no where in
sight. Making her way back to the locker room she heard giggles. She looked
around the corner in the locker room and was shocked at what she saw. She
saw the backside of a girl that appeared to be Christy Pearce, wearing only
white panties. The other girl in front of her was Kate Sobero, wearing a
white sportsbra and her blue USA soccer shorts. Christy's hand was down the
front of Kate's shorts, undoubtedly giving her pussy a good fingering.

Kate's pierced tongue was licking on Christy's hard nipples, causing the
sandy blonde to coo. Morgan watched intently as Kate's hands slid down
Christy's white cotton panties exposing her fit ass. Kate kept on sucking
hard on Christy's small tits and sliding her fingers all along Christy's
crevices. The two soccer women's mouth's met in a hot French kiss as they
embraced each other tightly enjoying each others bodies. Christy slid to
her knees and pulled down Kate's blue shorts along with her pink panties.
Christy got back up and kissed Kate some more. Their tongues battling in
each others mouths. Then Kate broke the kiss and got on her knees in front
of Christy. Christy felt her knees buckle in pleasure as Kate's tongue ring
slid across her clit.

"Oh Kate, yeah, that's it baby, oh God, that feels so good. Oh God, yes,
that's the spot, ohhh, your so good!"

Christy reached her hands down to squeeze Kate's tits. She pinched on the
nipples through her sportsbra, as her pussy got a tongue lashing from sexy
Kate. Christy pulled up Kate's sportsbra and her tan breasts bounced free.
She licked her lips at the sight of the big dark hard aureola's sticking
out. Kate made Christy squirm as her tongue licked her belly button and her
hard nipples rubbed against Christy's clit. Christy was going nuts with
pleasure as her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Kate dove back into
Christy's pussy and licked it up and down. Christy, played with her own pink
nipples as Kate ate her out without mercy. Christy finally laid back on the
bench unable to stand with the pleasure Kate was giving her standing up.
Kate grabbed both of Christy's athletic legs and spread them wide as she
gave her oral pleasure that she would never forget!

Christy couldn't stand it anymore, the pleasure that Kate's tongue ring
was having scraping across her clit sent her to an orgasm. Kate pinched on
Christy's nipples helping her orgasm along.

"Oh Kate yeah Kate yessss God Kate yessssssssss God fucking damn it
yesssss!!!!!!!!!!" Christy's body spasmed and coated Kate's face with her
girl cum. The met in another hot kiss followed by a 69 with that incredible
ass of Kate's now facing Aly/Morgan, and Kate on top.

Morgan/Aly found that she had her down her blue shorts and was fingering her
blonde pussy at the hot sight in front of her. Just when she thought it
couldn't get any hotter, in walked someone else in the picture. All Aly had
to see was the backside to figure out who it was. She was in skimpy red
shorts with USA in blue, that were giving her a wedgy practically on her
perfect ass cheeks. On the top half Julie was wearing a black bra. Aly was
shocked as she watched the brunette casual stroll over to the other two
women. She bent her sexy ass over in front of Aly and started licking Kate's
pussy. It was an incredible sight to see, three sexy soccer women in a hot

Aly couldn't take it anymore, she lifted off her shirt slowly, hoping that
it wouldn't warp her back into Morgan. Luckily it didn't, so she then removed
her shorts. She moved in behind Julie squeezing those incredible ass cheeks.
Julie looked up and smiled, she put her arms around Aly and kissed her
roughly. Aly reached around and unhooked Julie's black bra in the front
freeing Julie's small but firm breasts. Julie put Aly's hands on her tits.
Aly felt Julie up rolling her hard nipples between her thumbs and
forefingers. Julie somehow got her hands back to lift Aly's sportsbra up and
felt Aly's nice sized rack press against her back. Soon Aly had Julie pulled
away from Kate and Christy and they were on the floor having their own fun.

Julie sucked on each one of Aly's boobs as her hand kneaded the other breast,
that wasn't being sucked. The two women grinded their panty-covered crotches
together as they made out like they were a couple of virgin teenagers. Morgan
was now convinced that only another woman knew how to please a woman. Aly
started sucking on Julie's breasts as Julie kicked her head back enjoying the
tonguing and sucking of the young blonde. Aly raked her nails down Julie's
back causing her to squeal in pain.

Julie then slid off Aly's panties, leaving the blonde girl naked. Before
Julie could go down on Aly. She stopped her.

"No, Julie, I want you to sit on my face, I've had fantasies about that ass
of yours, sit on my face please!"

Julie grinned from ear to ear to hear that her teammate has fantasies about
her. (Even though it was really Morgan, and not Aly.) Julie stood over Aly
and slid her panties revealing her incredible ass, and a dark haired pussy.
Julie then squatted on Aly's face her scent already being taken in by Aly's
nose. Aly dived right in licking the older woman's pussy. She licked and
sucked on Julie's clit as Julie rode her face. Julie rested her hands on
Aly's boobs as she started to ride the younger girl's face. Aly loved the
look of Julie's ass so much she stopped licking her pussy. Her mouth went to
tongue Julie's asshole as she drove fingers in and out of Julie's hot cunt.
Julie jumped at the double penetration of Aly's tongue and fingers. Aly's
fingers were at a blinding speed as they fingered Julie's soaked pussy.

Julie couldn't resist bending down and getting a taste of the blonde's pussy.
So they both engaged in a 69 with Julie on top. Aly was shocked at how good
Julie was at oral. 'She's been with women before, that's the only way she
could be so good!' Aly thought. Not surprisingly Julie came first spraying
Aly with her cum.


Aly gladly licked up ever sweet drop loving the taste. Julie spread Aly's
legs as wide as they would go, making her practically do the splits. Julie
began licking her asshole and ramming three fingers into Aly's tight tight
pussy. Using this method, the same Aly used on her, got Aly off in record


The two kissed each other again, tasting there own juices but not caring as
they laid naked on the locker room floor.

"That was great, but we better get dressed, can't let Brandi know I have
another girlfriend." Julie said with a wink.

'Oh my God her and Brandi Chastain are lovers, God I can't wait to hear more
of this.' thought Morgan.

As she got dressed though, there was a blinding light and the jersey sent
Morgan back into her front room.

"Damn that was hot, I'm convinced Julie Foudy must be the hottest girl jock
there is!"

Morgan laid back and flipped through the channels and saw a WNBA game,
basketball was a passion of Morgan's, so she left the channel there. Then
it showed a close up of the Portland Fire's new player Jackie Stiles. An
incredibly hot girl with dirty blonde hair and braces.

"Woah, she's awesome!"

Morgan looked at the jersey on the couch and giggled to herself.

"Here we go again!"

to be continued


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