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Jessie: Part 1 - The Interview
by Tricksterson

Christina looked at the young woman fidgeting in the seat in front of her with a look of reserved approval and put down the papers she had been reading. She looked up and down before speaking, taking in her sage colored top, clinging to her full breasts and the black yoga pants that clung just as tightly to her shapely legs.

"Tell me Miss Prescott, where are you living now?"

"Um...the Budget Brooklyn," Jessie said, her Texas twang pronounced, as it tended to get when she was nervous or excited.

"Hmm, not much better than a homeless shelter. I can assure you your room here will be much better."

"So I have the job?"

Christina pursed her thin, aristocratic lips. "There's one more thing Mister Ross and I want you to do. "


"Come with me." Christina stood up, went around the desk and took the younger woman by the hand, pulling her up.

Jessie followed her, confused until they reached a closed door. As she did her eyes were drawn to the older woman's swaying, still attractive figure sheathed in a lavender dress that ended just above the knees.. She didn't consider herself "really" bi but she had kissed a couple of girls and liked it.

"Is this my room?" the young redhead asked.

"No, ours, " Christina answered as she opened the door. Inside, sitting up in the center of a king sized bed was Mr. Ross, an attractive man in his mid-forties, a few years older than his wife, wearing only a pair of black silk boxers. She felt herself being gently pulled into the room by Mrs. Ross who then went behind her.

"I don't know what you're expecting but I'm not that kind of a girl." It was of course all a lie. It was pretty damn obvious what they were expecting and as for the second part....

Mrs. Ross summed it up. "You most certainly are," she said crisply. "We had you investigated. You were, what's the term? The 'town bike'." As she said this her hands reached out from behind and started rubbing Jessie's tits over her top.

Jessie sighed in combination of resignation and anticipation. "Okay," she said as she relaxed and leaned back against the older woman, her breath already becoming both shallower and rapider. "What do you want me to do?" It had always been like this for her. Reluctance on top, barely covering a desperate urge to be fucked.

Morgan Ross grinned and said, "First of all, get those clothes off." His wife was already helping with that, tugging Jessie's top out of her yoga pants and over her head, revealing a scarlet bra and a taut belly. Jessie then kicked off the heels she'd worn for the interview and skinned out of her pants showing off a pair of bikini cut panties whose color matched the bra.


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