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Jessie: One Big Happy Family (Mg,MF,Ff,Mf,MFf,mf,mg,orgy,oral,anal,pedo,nc,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

The Ross's were a very wealthy professional couple home-based in New York City. They had one daughter of their own and had adopted three other children over the years. Since they were always extremely busy traveling around the world, they hired a nanny to take care of the kids, as well as a butler who took care of their penthouse. The kids were rude, obnoxious and total brats. The nanny, Jessie, did everything she could to keep them out of trouble but most of the time, she failed. The butler, Bertram, was no help. He was fat and lazy and hated the kids but, he was well paid so he put up with them the best he could.

The oldest, Emma, was a strikingly beautiful 16 year old blonde. She was the only naturally born child of the Ross's and hated the other kids. She could never understand why her parents adopted them. There was Luke, an obnoxious 14 year old and Ravi, a brilliant but načve 13 year old from India. The youngest was Zuri, a 10 year old black brat bitch from Africa that thought the world revolved around her.

Jessie did her best to keep them from killing each other as well as trying to keep Luke's libido at bay. The ugly, freckled faced teen was constantly hitting on the nanny and she was sick and tired of it. Emma, on the other hand, often sought out Jessie for advice on boys but since Jessie was a total failure when it came to love, Emma usually did the exact opposite and that proved to work out just fine for her. Ravi was a loner and spent most of his time with his illegal monitor lizard and his schoolwork but Zuri, Zuri was total pain in the ass and if she wasn't careful, Bertram was going to kill her one day. Jessie did her best to keep the little bitch away from him but she was constantly underfoot and Bertram was reaching the end of his rope with her.

One afternoon, Jessie came home from shopping to find the kids in their rooms, avoiding each other, as usual. The only kid she couldn't find was Zuri. When she asked the others if she was home, they told her they didn't know and didn't care. She was just about to go look for her when she heard noises coming from Bertram's room. She put her ear up against the door and heard moaning and crying. She cracked the door open just enough to peek in and saw Bertram sodomized the little girl on his bed. He had her on her hands and knees shoving his cock into her gaped and bleeding asshole. She had her panties stuffed into her mouth and was crying while the fat man brutalized her.

Jessie watched for a few minutes and then quietly shut the door. She knew she should have stopped it but the little bitch was getting what she deserved. Jessie went into her own room and closed the door.

Several minutes later, she heard Zuri run out of Bertram's room, slamming the door in the process. She was going to go and see if she ok but changed her mind and went into Bertram's room instead. She closed the door behind her and saw Bertram lying on the bed naked. Jessie looked at him and said, "So, you finally had enough, eh?"

Bertram looked over at the beautiful redhead and started stroking his 10 inch cock. He said, "That little cunt had it coming. I'm tired of her and those other bastards treating me like shit."

Jessie couldn't take her eyes off of his cock and licked her lips. "You know, you really have a tasty looking cock there Bertram. Mind if I get a closer look?" she asked.

Bertram nodded and soon Jessie was licking the head and slurping it down her throat. She sucked off the butler's fat cock for the better part of ten minutes and then took his load all over her face. He tossed her Zuri's underwear and she wiped her face off with them.

Jessie smiled and said, "I might just have to let you stuff this thing in my pussy later but right now we've got to get those little assholes some dinner. Come on big guy." She left the room while Bertram got dressed and went downstairs.

Everyone but Zuri came down to eat and when Emma asked where she was, Jessie told her she was being punished and was in her room grounded for the rest of night.

Later, after the kids went to bed, Jessie looked in on Zuri only to find her hiding in her closet. She refused to say anything so Jessie just left her there and snuck into Bertram's room. He was waiting for her and within minutes, she was on top of him, riding his cock. Jessie had several orgasms and then let him cum in her pussy. She loved the feeling of his hot load inside of her and scooped it up with her fingers, swallowing it all down.

She made her way back to her room and found Luke waiting for her. He was stroking his little 4 inch dick and said, "You and Bertram? Really? What's that fat pig got that I don't have?"

Jessie laughed and said, "Well, he's got a real cock for starters. How about you get the fuck out of here before I beat your ass senseless."

Luke started walking towards her so Jessie punched him in the face and then kicked him in the stomach. When the little creep fell to the floor, Jessie kicked him again.

She was still laughing when she said, "Get the fuck out of here Luke and don't ever do anything like this again or I'll kill you, understand?"

Luke got up and left, holding his stomach. Jessie smiled and went to bed.

The next day, Zuri was the first one to leave for school. She didn't eat any breakfast but she did say good morning to Bertram and was overly polite to him. Bertram had a smirk on his face and looked over at Jessie and winked. When she came home after school, she went right up to her room and started doing her homework. Luke did the same thing. Ravi came home with another A+ on his math test which no one paid attention too and Emma was busy texting on her phone.

After dinner, Jessie went up to Emma's room and knocked. She knocked a few more times and then walked in. She found the pretty teen lying on her bed with her headphones on fucking herself with a 12 inch dildo. Her eyes were closed and she started to moan louder and louder until she came. She pulled the toy out of her pussy and started to suck on it when she opened her eyes and saw Jessie standing there. "Jessie! What the fuck? Don't you knock?" she screamed.

Jessie closed the door and said, "I did knock you little bitch and don't get snippy with me."

Emma pulled her panties up and shoved the dildo under her pillow. She looked at Jessie and said, "I'm sorry Jessie. You surprised me, that's all."

Jessie pulled up her skirt and took off her panties. She sat down next to Emma and kissed her. "How about we play with that toy together?"

Emma smiled and kissed her back and said, "I never thought you'd ask. I was thinking about you when I came. I always do. I want you Jessie. I want you so much."

Jessie pulled the toy out and started sucking on it. Emma laid back and took off her panties. She spread her legs, showing Jessie her pink wet pussy. Jessie went down on the pretty blonde and licked her with her tongue. She nibbled at the teen's clit and then slipped the dildo into her hole. She fucked Emma while she rubbed the girl's clit making her cum several times. Emma returned the favor and had Jessie squirting all over her face.

By the time Jessie left, Emma was exhausted. Jessie looked back at the gorgeous teen with her legs spread and the dildo still in her pussy and smiled. "See you tomorrow baby. Sweet dreams."

Emma was already dozing off but she managed a smile.

Jessie turned off the light and then closed the door. She was still horny as hell so she went and woke up Bertram and rode his cock again before she finally went to bed by herself.

Jessie and Emma hooked up every evening and afterwards, Jessie would go into Bertram's room and let him fuck her senseless. She was in heaven, getting everything she needed to satiate her sexual desires. Luke made it a point to avoid her at all costs and Zuri spent all of her time alone in her room talking and playing with her stuffed animals. Life in the apartment was finally calm and quiet and both Jessie and Bertram were never happier.

Jessie went to one of the local sex shops and bought a strap-on to use on Emma. She loved getting behind the gorgeous blonde, fucking her with her "cock" and turning the young teen into her bitch. Emma loved it and even asked Jessie to fuck her in the ass. This turned Jessie on so much that after the first time she sodomized Emma, she went into Bertram's room and let him fuck her in the ass too. She'd only ever let one boyfriend do her in the ass but when the butler shoved his big cock into her, she came immediately and was screaming for more. She got so loud, Bertram had to stuff his cock in her mouth to shut her up.

After an hour or so of fucking Bertram, Jessie found Emma waiting for her in her room. She asked Jessie what it felt like to have a real cock in her ass. Jessie was slightly embarrassed at the thought that Emma knew what she and Bertram were doing but that ended when Emma asked her if she would let Bertram fuck her in ass. Jessie looked at Emma and smiled. She said, "I'm sure that can be arranged. I don't see how Bertram would ever turn down the opportunity to fuck your cute little butt baby."

The next day, all the kids left for school except Emma. She didn't have any classes that day since the high school teachers were off for an administrative day. She helped Emma get ready. She dressed her one of her cutest schoolgirl outfits and then went into Bertram's room. Bertram was already naked and waiting for them. His cock got hard as a rock as soon as he saw Emma. She stared at his monster cock and then dropped to her knees, sucking him into her mouth. Jessie sat on the edge of the bed and played with herself.

After a few minutes, Bertram had Emma get on her hands and knees and pulled her panties down. After fucking her tight little pussy, he slowly pushed his cock into her ass making Emma wince at the pain. It soon turned into pleasure as she felt him push more and more of his cock into her ass. When he was all the way in, he started to fuck the blonde beauty slowly. He picked up the pace and started fucking her harder and deeper. His cock was slamming in and out of Emma and she screamed and begged for more.

Jessie came and squirted her juices all over the two of them and then Bertram grunted and filled the beautiful girl's ass with cum. When he pulled out, she collapsed on the floor and felt his seed pour out of her gaping asshole. Jessie got down on her knees and licked his cock clean and then sucked all of his cum out of Emma's ass.

The three of them fucked and sucked each other for the rest of the day and by the time the other kids got home, Emma was completely exhausted. She passed on dinner and went straight to bed and slept the entire night.

Life in the apartment was never better. Bertram and Jessie fucked on a regular basis and usually included Emma. Emma was becoming quite the anal slut and the two adults had their hands full keeping her satisfied. She loved getting ass fucked by Jessie and her strap-on as well as Bertram and his big cock. She even let them DP her and she always went to bed totally satisfied.

One afternoon, Jessie found Emma riding Bertram's cock after school and even though she was a little jealous, she knew she'd be having her way with the teenager later on that evening and she always got fucked by Bertram before they went to bed.

Emma started bringing boys home with her and fucked them in her room. Jessie knew what she was doing was wrong but she didn't say anything. She was, after all, responsible for turning the pretty teen into a nasty cock loving whore, so she let it slide.

One time, she walked in on Emma and found her in bed with three of her classmates. The boys were fucking her in all her holes. She knew she should have stopped it but all she did was strip off her clothes and join in. The three boys fucked both of them until they couldn't get it up anymore. After they left, Emma went down on Jessie and made her cum over and over again. They eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

Several days after the orgy in Emma's room, Jessie caught Luke fucking Zuri in her bedroom. He was pounding away at the little girl when Jessie walked in. She was just about to pull him off of his sister when Zuri begged her not too. Jessie just shook her head and left. She figured as long as Luke had Zuri to play with, he'd leave her alone.

The only kid oblivious to what was going on in the apartment was Ravi. That all changed one afternoon when Emma came home and found the only other person in the apartment was Ravi. It didn't take much to seduce her brother and she soon had him between her legs, licking her slit. Ravi's tongue was magical and he made his stepsister cum so hard, she almost broke his neck with her thighs. She returned the favor and sucked his 4 inch cock and swallowed his cum. Ravi had never experienced such joy before and thanked Emma over and over again.

Everyone in the apartment spent their waking hours fucking each other. That all came to a screeching halt one evening when the Ross's came home to what appeared to be an empty apartment. They had wanted to surprise the children so they hadn't told them they were coming. They called out and when no one answered, they went upstairs to look for them.

The first door they opened was Emma's. They almost fainted at the sight of their 16 year old daughter sucking Ravi's cock while Bertram and Jessie DP'd her. Bertram was just about to cum in her ass when he saw his employers standing in the doorway. Ravi pulled his cock out of Emma's mouth and came on her face just as she came from getting fucked by Jessie.

They all froze when Mrs. Ross screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? JESSIE.....BERTRAM.....OH MY GOD!!!!!!"

The four of them quickly got off the bed and stood there, naked. Mrs. Ross went over to Zuri's room only to find her riding Luke's cock. The little girl was bouncing up and down on her stepbrother when her Mother grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. Mr. Ross stood in the hallway and hollered, "EVERYONE....GET YOUR ASSES DOWNSTAIRS. RIGHT NOW!"

After they got dressed, the six of them sat on the large couch and listened to the Ross's tirade about how what they were doing was wrong and also very illegal. The lecture went on for the next hour or so ending with both Jessie and Bertram getting fired. They packed up and left that night.

The next day, Emma was sent away to boarding school and the other kids were returned to the adoption agency. The Ross's sold their New York penthouse and moved to Paris. They spent a small fortune on legal fees absolving the adoptions.

Over the next few years, Emma was thrown out of three schools for violating the rules. The latest one involved several faculty members that traded grades for sex with the gorgeous student. The other kids were never heard from again.

Jessie returned to Texas where she joined Army and Bertram, well, Bertram got hired by the woman that lived below the Ross's, Mrs. Chesterfield, and he's never been happier. There are no kids and she lets him slide on the housework as long as he keeps her satisfied in bed. So much for one big happy family.

The End


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