The Jetsons: Jane Saves George's Job (M/F,reluc,bmail)
by Wilcox

The Jetsons were a typical space-age family with two children and a dog.
They were constantly worried about making ends meet now that their growing
family was causing an increased demand on George's paycheck. They desperately
needed George to maintaining employment at Spacely Sprockets because of the
tight job market and their mounting bills. It wasn't easy because his boss,
Mr. Spacely, was a penny-pinching tightwad that used his power to control his
employee's lives. Little did they know that at that very moment Mr. Spacely
was initiating a plan to satisfy his lust for George's lovely wife Jane?

Walking down the hallway to the Human Resources department, Mr. Spacely
looked over the brief wording for the ad to be placed for a computer
specialist that could make presentations to clients and serve as their
contact for any computer problems they ran into. He chuckled to himself
as he read George Jetson's job description. Entering the department, Mr.
Spacely thought about George and his family, especially the two women.
George's beautiful 16 year old daughter Judy was really hot, but it was
her lovely mother Jane that made his cock twitch whenever he thought about

She had soft brown hair and big full tits that she flaunted with low-cut
outfits. Below her narrow waist, a slightly rounded belly gave her a
voluptuous look. She had lovely legs that she showed off by wearing short
skirts, though she would occasionally wear pants suits, which were always
very tight across her full firm high riding buns. She had an ass that caused
men to turn and stare as she passed. An ass that Mr. Spacely was determined
to claim as his own.

He walked up to an elderly assistant's desk in that department and handed her
the paper. As the assistant looked over the information and began telling him
of her suggestions, Mr. Spacely's mind was totally focused on the lovely Mrs.
Jane Jetson. "I just know that this is the way to spread those long luscious
legs of hers and show her what a 'man' really feels like!' he thought to

Then the assistant told him, "There were several applicants on file with
computer backgrounds but ... isn't this George Jetson's job?" Mr. Spacely
advised the assistant that she should pull the applicants for computer
jobs anyway, "Yes, as a matter of fact it is?" he added. "I want to find
a replacement who's more capable."

Back in his office Mr. Spacely smiled to himself as he wondered how long it
would take for the company grapevine to circulate the news about him looking
to replace George Jetson. It wasn't long before his secretary buzzed him and
said that George Jetson wanted to talk to him. "Send him in," he said with a
big smile.

George came in and after the usual greetings said, "Mr. Spacely, what's going
on with this ad your placing for my job?"

Mr. Spacely sat back and told him that the sales figures in his department
had been down for the past consecutive months, and he was asking for his
resignation. "Your just not aggressive enough George," he told him. "I need
someone willing to do anything for the company ... and for me."

George was devastated. Not only were his family's expenses hanging over his
head, but also the fact that he had climbed the ranks to his position in
Spacely Sprockets. He lacked the paper qualifications employers were looking
for and he would find it hard to get a new job with a similar salary.

After George cooled down a bit he tried to compromise with Mr. Spacely. Mr.
Spacely sat back in his big chair and after a few minutes of thought, he told
George that there might be a way out. "It's up to you and how badly you want
to stay on at Spacely Sprockets," he said.

Knowing that George was in a weak position and desperate, Mr. Spacely told
him that he could go home and talk with his lovely wife, and maybe come up
with a way to "satisfy" him so that he could retain the job.

George couldn't quite follow what Mr. Spacely initially told him, but after
awhile Mr. Spacely said with a vicious smile, "After all Jetson, you do have
a very attractive wife. I know how desperately you need the money and the
job; maybe you could talk her into finding a way to helping you out. To be
blunt Jetson. If you want to keep your position with me, your beautiful
little wife has to try a few positions with me as well."

When George realized what Mr. Spacely wanted. He sprang up to his feet with
his fists clenched but was stopped from taking action when Mr. Spacely said,
"I wouldn't do that if I were you Jetson. Not only would I fire you, but I
can also have you put away for assault". Totally humiliated, George left Mr.
Spacely's office and thought over his boss's offer for the rest of the day
before he went home.

Jane met him at the door with a kiss, "How was your day dear"? She asked with
her cute smile. George just kissed her back and went to take a shower.

Later that night in bed George finally found the courage to tell her what had
happened that day. Jane was furious at Mr. Spacely, but she also knew the
situation that they would be in if George lost his job, "I know how much your
job means to us dear, but what are we to do?"

George kissed her on the cheek, then looked her in the eyes. "Would you do it
for us sweetheart?" he asked.

Jane was silent for a long time. She looked shocked. At the same time George
started to get an erection. She looked at him with a mischievous look in her
eye, she didn't say anything but started to stroke him. "Ohhh honey, I wish
there was some other way out of this. I can't stand the old goat now that I
know what he's really like, let alone go to bed with him." Jane started to
sob. George took her in his arms, kissed her passionately and they made love.

The next morning when George went out to the breakfast table, Jane was in her
bathrobe; she acted as if nothing wrong had happened the previous night.
Their son Elroy was also having breakfast. Jane sent him to the living room
to watch T.V, then looked at her husband and said softly, "OK ... I'll do it.
I know the job means a lot to us. We need the money desperately." George
jumped up and kissed her. "Honey, you don't have to do it if you don't want
to," he told her.

"George, we don't have much of a choice," she said. "I know how hard it'll be
for you to start from scratch again. No, I'll do it".

George gave his boss a call in the afternoon and told him, "She'll do it Mr.
Spacely." George could hear the satisfaction in Mr. Spacely's voice. "Good
for you George. You've made the right choice; I'll be there at 8". Mr.
Spacely hung up and opened his desk drawer. He pulled out a bottle of pills
and chuckled to himself as looked at the label.

"Oh yes, I'll be there Jetson. Primed and ready, my dick fortified with these
little beauties." The pills in the bottle were the latest variation on the
twentieth century drug Viagra that he'd obtained from a friend in the Drug
Industry. They would give him a hard-on that would swell to maximum size and
be maintained for hours as he fucked George's sexy wife's brains out.

When George came home after work, his wife had an uncertain look about her.
She didn't talk to him very much that evening as she prepared an early dinner
and had the children finish they're homework. By 7:30 Elroy and Judy were
sound asleep in bed.

"I love you George," she told her husband and then she kissed him. He saw
tears form in her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away and smiled. Jane went
into the bathroom to get herself ready for her husband's boss's arrival and
their ultimate coupling. She lay soaking in a hot bath while she removed any
signs of stubble from her pretty legs. The loving wife carefully trimmed her
pubic area, forming a neatly manicured V shape in her dark curls. She had
convinced herself that this wouldn't be so bad. After all, how bad could he

Jane dressed in a silk nightgown. The pink material clung to her full firm
breasts. A tingling in her nipples made them stick out and press against the
soft material. The hemline came just bellow her matching silk panties, which
from time to time became visible, as she walked around her bedroom. Jane
checked herself in the mirror. Yes, she was ready to go ahead with this and
prove her love for her husband and family.

Mr. Spacely was there on time and George noticed that he had a slight bulge
in his pants as he opened the door. Jane greeted him at the door and gave
him a little peck on the cheek. He was carrying a bunch of flowers, which he
handed to Jane. "Flowers, for a flower," he smiled at her. While she went
into the kitchen to put them into a vase Mr. Spacely made himself comfortable
in the living room. He sat in the big chair across from George but said
nothing to him.

He sat there in high anticipation. His employee's wife was the best looking
woman he had ever known. He couldn't believe his good fortune at having his
plan work out so well. He'd soon be fucking her and right on her marital bed
in front of her husband too! This was going to be some night! He had a hard
on already.

Jane entered the room, put the vase on the coffee table and stood in front of
Mr. Spacely. "I'm ready, I guess" she told him.

Mr. Spacely looked up at the angelic creature before him. He smiled, his
gaze pulling at her nightgown in mocking lust. Jane was a little taken aback
with his visual intrusion but did nothing to thwart his leering. It somehow
seemed to make her breasts swell and her nipples stick out further. Mr.
Spacely reached over and placed his hand on George's wife's soft thigh, just
above her knee. She shuddered a little but didn't pull back. Her husband
stared silently, very much in despair.

"Nice. Very nice." He said as his hand slid all the way up to her firm little
buns and gave them a squeeze. "You've got the sexist little ass I've ever
seen honey," he said, then moved back down to her inner thigh. Mr. Spacely
was really enjoying the smoothness of Jane's thigh. As he slid up and down he
moved his hand higher, purposely brushing it against the softness where her
legs came together. A soft sigh escaped Jane's lips.

His searching fingers moved along the narrowing of her panties. He tugged the
material to one side and plundered her opening with one of his fingers. Jane
trembled a little at the unexpected intrusion.

Mr. Spacely found the spot he was looking for and started applying practiced
pressure. Jane felt herself getting wet and knew that there was no way to
hide it. Her teeth nibbled on her lower lip as she strained in anticipation
of his every stroke. In spite of her disgust she stood there letting him
molest her right in front of her own loving husband. He kept stroking her
fertile pussy while he looked over at he husband. Jane had never been touched
in such a way. His strokes were getting her aroused and she could feel her
own self-control leaving her.

"Take off your top" Mr. Spacely suddenly commanded.

Jane looked over to her husband for some show of support.

George lowered his gaze to the floor and said nothing.

Jane grabbed the hem of her nightgown and pulled it over her head in one
fluid motion. She dropped it on the floor and stood there naked and
humiliated save for her panties. Her unprotected breasts were now lewdly
on display in front of her husband's lecherous boss. Her panties were
pulled to one side, her pink and moist pussy lips protruding shamefully.

Sensing his upper hand, Mr. Spacely took her by the arm and pulled her onto
his lap. He fondled her soft white breasts with his large hands, pausing now
and again to pinch and pull on her pink puffy nipples.

"Yes nice! Very, very nice! I always knew you had nice tits my dear." Mr.
Spacely complimented "George my boy, your wife is one fine piece of ass."
George looked up long enough to take in the picture, and lowered his eyes
quickly back to the floor.

Mr. Spacely took one of the milky white globes in his hand and lowered his
mouth to suck on the nipple. His day old beard felt prickly against the soft
flesh. He held her down in his strong grip, one hand caressing her sexy
little ass as he feasted on her ripe succulent breasts until finally Jane
was able to escape and rose from his lap.

Jane took Mr. Spacely by the hand and led him to the master bedroom. She sat
down on the edge of the bed facing him and started to unbuckle his belt. Mr.
Spacely, anxious to seize the moment, was quickly unbuttoning his shirt, and
kicking off his shoes. Jane lowered his pants to the floor and out bobbed an
incredibly huge cock.

It was over ten inches long and was as thick as her wrist. She stared at it
mesmerized as it pointing right at her face. She was amazed at the size. The
only other cock Jane had ever seen was her husband's. Mr. Spacely's was close
to twice the size of her husband George's cock. She was more than a little
afraid of what she had gotten herself into.

She seemed mesmerized by it. She didn't make a move. "Touch me," he
commanded. Jane put her hand on his cock and started massaging it. "MMMM,
that feels good. Put your other hand on my balls and massage them," he said.
She did as she was told and Jane began to inspect his big cock while stroking

She seemed to become more comfortable with jerking him off. She kept stroking
him, in an up and down motion. "You've got a very nice cock Mr. Spacely". She
said looking up at him.

"Yes my dear, and your going to like what I'm going to do to you with it," he
assured her. "Suck on it." He told her in a domineering tone.

Without thinking Jane looked at the huge cock in her hand. Her fingers barely
circled the girth. She had never put a cock into her mouth before, but she
obediently leaned forward and curled her lips over the big pink head as she
took him into her mouth and began to suck him off. He let her lick and slurp
the wide head then started to pick up his pace, fucking her mouth deeper and
deeper until he was forcing it down her throat to the hilt.

This little exchange had drawn George over to the open doorway. He peered
into his own master bedroom to see his beautiful wife moving her head over
his boss's huge dick. He was amazed as he watched his sweet innocent wife
deepthroat his boss's ten-inch horsecock.

Jane was keeping her hands on his buttocks as he buried his long thick dick
repeatedly to his huge sperm filled balls. Mr. Spacely face fucked Jane for
a good ten minutes before George saw him shoot what seemed to be a huge load
into her mouth and throat. She had to keep swallowing as Mr. Spacely kept his
cock buried deep in her mouth.

She coughed a couple of times and looked up at him with a cold look in her
eyes, which Mr. Spacely seemed to like. But despite her muffling, and
struggling, he kept pushing his cock in and out of her throat until it
finally became soft. He took it out of her mouth and tapped the finally few
drops on her cheek.

She wiped her face with the sheets. They rested in bed for a while and then
both of them went to take a shower as George returned to the living room.

George heard both of them laugh in the shower and came back to look in. Both
of them came out naked, and got onto the bed. Jane was snuggling next to Mr.
Spacely who seemed to be getting hard again. Jane definitely seemed to be
more comfortable with him now. She saw him getting hard again and started to
lightly tickle and stroke his big cock. When he was fully erect she got on
top into a 69 position. Mr. Spacely started lapping at her cunt while she
started to give him another blowjob.

She licked at it slowly as if it were a lollypop. She gave a sudden gasp as
Mr. Spacely slid a finger into her tight little asshole. She let go of his
cock for a couple of seconds and looked as if she was adjusting to the
sensation of being finger fucked in the ass, then went back to sucking his
big dick. They kept this up for about 15 minutes before Jane lifted her head

"Fuck me Mr. Spacely" she said, "I want you in me." Mr. Spacely was smiling
to himself as he turned Jane over onto her back and slowly slid his thick
tool in. She looked as if she was in heaven. Initially she gave out a loud
cry as if she was in pain with his thick entry, but after a couple of strokes
she started to meet his trusts and wrapped her feet around his waist.

She kept moaning. Mr. Spacely started to increase his pace, "fuck me, fuck
me, don't stop.... ohhhh god............" Jane seemed to have multiple
organisms. Each time George saw her toes curl and with her screams he knew
that she was coming.

Mr. Spacely kept looking at her face while he fucked her and definitely
enjoyed his new conquest. He fucked Jane for several more minutes, then
pulled out and looked down at her. His huge cock stood straight out and
bobbed ominously. "Roll over and spread em." He commanded her. Jane
obediently rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs shamelessly.

She arched her back and raised her butt in the air to better receive her
husband's boss's penetration. Her husband George had never made to love to
her from behind and she trembled as Mr. Spacely moved up close behind her
upraised little ass. She was his for the taking and he intended to make the
most of his opportunity to fuck his employee's sexy wife.

He plopped his huge dick in the crack of her gorgeous little ass. He was
enjoying himself immensely, sliding it in between her firm cheeks as he drank
in the incredible sight of George Jetson's sexy little wife's perfect ass
caressing his big hard on. Mrs. Jane Jetson was offering her sweet pussy to
him. "What an ass," he said. "Jane girl, you're gonna know you've been fucked
tonight. Not with by limp dick like George, but by a real man with a long
thick cunt stretching dick."

He positioned his cock at the threshold to her opening and rubbed it against
her moist slit. He fit it in and buried it couple of inches. He toyed with
her by holding his thick cock just inside of her spasming pussy and watching
her sweet ass begin to wiggle and push back for more. She couldn't help
herself from wiggling back against him, wanting more of his oversized
intruder buried up deep inside of her. After a few minutes she let out a low
moan as he finally rammed his big cock home in one searing stroke, burying
his ten long thick inches to the hilt.

He began pumping vigorously in and out of Jane using long powerful strokes
that left just his big head inside of her, followed by a forward thrust that
buried his big cock to his heavy sperm filled balls. He was fucking her so
deep that his cock was ramming into and through her cervix on ever stroke.

"This is nice, very nice! You've got a nice tight pussy here Mrs. Jetson!"
Mr. Spacely exclaimed as he powered it to her hard and deep.

Jane felt trapped. Mr. Spacely had her hips locked in his strong hands and
was pounding his huge monster cock in and out of her like a conquering
barbarian. She was amazed at how big it felt inside her. He was fucking her
in virgin territory, much much deeper than her husband George could ever
hope to reach. She resigned herself to her fate, put her head and shoulders
down on the bed and let him use her to satisfy his lust.

After several minutes she managed to fall over on her side and his cock
slipped out. Mr. Spacely took up a new position by the pretty wife's side.
He raised her leg closest to him, stuck his big cock into her from the side
and resumed pumping while he fondled and suckled her full thrusting tits.

George was immediately aroused at the erotic sight. There was his pretty
wife, naked save for her wedding rings, getting fucked with this huge monster
cock. Sweat poured off the both of them as they wildly bucked their hips. It
looked like his wife was pounding back at his boss's cock with increasing
enthusiasm. It was a highly erotic sight to behold. Soon Mr. Spacely's body
tensed and he slowed down the pace. "Oh Baby I'm cumming, I'm cumming for you
Jane, oh yeah!"

Jane smiled a half smile half smirk as Mr. Spacely filled her with his seed.
The pumping slowed way down and eventually stopped. His long cock slipped out
as Mr. Spacely rolled over on his back still breathing heavily. Both Jane and
her husband's boss lay there for a moment in silence. George slipped away
silently, back to the living room and turned the TV sound up.

Then to Jane's great surprise, Mr. Spacely rolled up on top of her, lifted
and spread her long sexy legs wide apart. In a flash he had her legs up over
his shoulders and his still rock hard cock buried to the hilt in her cum
filled little cunt. He began to pound her wide-open pussy with long deep
strokes that had her begging him for more.

On and on, for close to twenty minutes he rode Jane through a long string of
super intense orgasms. George could hear it all from the living room, the
headboard slamming off the wall, the bedsprings squealing, his wife's juicy,
cock stuffed, pussy squishing loudly. It was almost more than he could take.

"Oh baby, your tight little pussy feels so good milking my big dick. Face
it Jane, deep down you're a cock hungry whore, it just took a man's dick to
start you up," Mr. Spacely told her. She knew he was right, she couldn't
stand him, but his long thick horsecock, now that was somehow different. She
screamed as she felt his big cock explode and pump her full of his potent

George not only felt tired, but also humiliated. He'd had enough and went to
bed in the guestroom. The master bedroom was right next to the guest bedroom.
So for another 2 hours he kept hearing the constant pounding and the squeals
and screams in the next room as his boss fucked his wife's brains out.

At one point he heard Jane crying and begging him to stop. She was loudly
moaning, "Don't ... stop ... don't ... stop ... don't ... stop, it's too

George was sure that Mr. Spacely was penetrating her anally and the image
gave him a raging hard on as he visualized Mr. Spacely's long thick horsecock
ravaging his wife's tight little virgin anus.

In his mind's eye George could see Mr. Spacely making his wife Jane get on
all fours before him and lifting her sexy little ass up high so he could
complete his mastery of her. Her big full tits shaking and flopping about
under her. Mr. Spacely parting Jane's perfect little ass, placing his
gigantic cock at the puckered entrance to her tight little asshole and
entering her rear passage. His cock slick and lubricated from fucking her
sweet cunt, him forcing it in deep, overcoming her overmatched spincter and
stretching her tight anal passage taunt around his big dick.

Jane, trapped on her hands and knees on her marital bed, her flairing hips
locked in place by a set of strong hands, trying to stop her husband's boss
from fucking her virgin asshole. Jane clenching her ass as tightly as she
could ... and then her overmatched anal muscles giving way and permitting
Mr. Spacely to enter her back door. Her grimacing as his huge cock split her
wide open. Jane screaming out in agony for him to stop his brutal assault
on her anus as his massive cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight
little asshole.

How she shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to get used to
being fucked in the ass. Her rectum forcibly stretched wide open. Mr. Spacely
shoving forward and burying his massive cock into her tightly clenching
asshole, all ten long thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes widening as his huge
cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with his heavy sperm laded balls
slapping loudly against her firm little buns.

Yes, it was all very clear to George, just as if he were lying there beside
them. Then, the sounds filtering through the bedroom wall changed and George
could tell that the pain had faded and that Jane had gotten used to the
sensation of having a cock in her asshole.

Mr. Spacely's massive cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and George
heard her voice change as she shouted at Mr. Spacely, "Ram your big cock up
my ass! I love it. Fuck my hot asshole you old goat! Don't stop, please,
don't stop, don't stop. Fuck my tight little asshole hard and deep, AHHHH
YEESSSSS!" Jane was now a willing participant to being sodomized by her
husband's big dicked boss.

George closed his eyes as he listened to her whimper and he could visualize
her writhing her buttocks erotically in his boss's crotch. She moaned and
George could see her rocking to and fro in front of Mr. Spacely like a bitch
in deep rut as she whimpered loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame the
old goat's passion. Her body rocking and jerking under his thrusts, her heavy
breasts jogging and bouncing as his horny boss kept his hands on her flairing
hips, pulling her glove tight anus up and down the length of his cock.

At about 3AM George heard his bedroom door open and Jane came in. She
snuggled in next to her husband and kissed him. "I love you George," she
said. "Mr. Spacely just left."

It's been nearly a year since the incident. Oh yes, George retained his job
and Jane learned more about her own body and how to add more pleasure to her
lovemaking with her husband. George learned to try new things and experiment
with fantasies and different positions. Mr. Spacely, well, he still comes
over on the weekend to relish the joy of fucking Jane's tight little asshole.


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