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Johnny Bravo: A Wolf In Chick's Clothing (MF,werewolf)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

"Get away creep!"



"Ugh! Gross!"

The day's rejections played through Johnny Bravo's head as he watched four
buxom babes play topless volleyball on cable tv.

"Oh Mama, I need to get me one of those!" Johnny said with new resolve as he
got up and went outside. "Now where to?"

Johnny thought for a bit before spotting a hot red-haired girl walking down
the sidewalk in front of his house. Johnny rushed down his walkway and took
his place beside the girl.

"Hey baby, the name's Johnny Bravo. Want to go out with me tonight?"

"Yes, Johnny I would, but there's something I need to tell you."

"No time honey, I've got some people to go make jealous now. What's your

"My name's Fluffy, but I've really got to tell you--"

"Well, Fluffy give me your address and I'll pick you up at eight tonight."

"Well, ok," Fluffy said as she was interrupted before she could tell Johnny
what she wanted to. She pulled a piece of paper from her purse, wrote her
address down on it, and gave it to Johnny.

"Good baby good. See you tonight," Johnny said before taking off down the

"Quite a hunky guy, but he'll be disappointed," Fluffy said to herself as she
started back down the sidewalk.

Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned to hours and Johnny Bravo found
himself standing at Fluffy's door at eight o'clock. The girls he intended to
make jealous only laughed, so things didn't go as smoothly as Johnny would
have liked. No matter though, he had a date with a hot chick tonight and
he'd be getting some. He was sure of it.

After ringing the doorbell, Johnny was shocked to see what answered the door.

"Johnny I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't let me finish. I'd understand
if you wanted to leave," a furry Fluffy said as she saw the look on Johnny's

"You're- you're a werewolf?"

"Yeah I am. It only happens at night, which is why I looked normal this
afternoon. Like I said I'd understand if you wanted to leave.

Johnny thought for a moment and the idea of leaving crossed his mind, but he
digressed. He had to deal with a number of rejections himself, but he was
no werewolf like Fluffy was. She had even fewer dates then he did Johnny

"No no. I still want to go out with you. Let's go."

With the reassurance, Fluffy left with Johnny and they drove to a nearby
restaurant. As they waited inside the restaurant manager spoke with them.

"I'm sorry Mr. Bravo but we have a 'No Dog' policy here unless you're blind
and you're not blind."

"What're you talking about? She's human. See?"

"Hi... I'm Fluffy."

"As impressive as it is for her to talk, she's still a werewolf. Get rid of
her or go elsewhere."

"Fine see if I ever eat here again," Johnny said as he turned and headed for
the door. Johnny then stopped and turned back towards the restaurant and
it's patrons. "The fish here is dead cat!"

Johnny and Fluffy then ran for the door and outside. They were standing at
Johnny's car when a young boy screamed out.

"Ah! Mommy! A werewolf!" the boy shouted before running away.

"Look Johnny," Fluffy said as the two of them got into his car. "It's nice of
you to do this, but let's call it a night. Nobody's going to let us in to

"Normally I might agree with you, but I know someone who owes me a favor."

* * *

"No, no absolutely not Johnny!" the manager of Bubble Lobster restaurant

"But you owe me a favor and I want it now."

"Yes I know, but she'll scare the other customers away!"

"Johnny let's just go," Fluffy pleaded tugging on his sleeve.

"Let us in or I'll sell those pictures on eBay."

"Shh! Keep it down! We agreed never to talk about that again!"

"And we won't if you'll let us in."

"Ok fine, but this is your favor. No more!"

"What pictures are you talking about?" Fluffy asked as they were seated at
their table.

"I don't know. I made them up so he wouldn't argue with me."

"Well thank you Johnny Bravo. It's been awhile since I've been out on a

"No problem sweet mama, I know how it can feel."

"What do you mean? You're a good looking blond guy. It should be easy for
you to get a date."

"Yes I am, but things aren't always as easy you'd think. Good here comes our

"Our food? But we haven't ordered yet."

"I did before we were seated. I know just what to order."

A waiter sat a large T-bone steak in front of Johnny and a small plate of
pasta in front of Fluffy.

"Uh Johnny what's this?"

"It's pasta, I know how you women are always trying to watch your weight."

Johnny Bravo started to cut into his steak when he heard lip smacking and
looked up. Fluffy was licking her lips with drool dribbling out as she
stared intently at the steak.

"Uh Fluffy?"

Fluffy leapt onto the table on all fours and chowed into Johnny's steak.
Within seconds there was nothing left but a bare bone that Fluffy was gnawing
on. As quickly as Fluffy pounced on the steak, she leapt off the table and
ran outside. When Johnny caught up to her Fluffy was sitting on the ground
leaning against his car crying.

"Hey Fluffy, let's go back in and finish eating."

"Just take me home. I'm a werewolf Johnny, a werewolf. It's great of you
to go out with me, but it'll never work. I'll just embarrass you more.
Please just take me home."

"You sure?"

"Yes, please."

"Alright," Johnny agreed before getting in his car and driving Fluffy home.
After they reached her house, Johnny walked Fluffy to her front door.

"Thanks Johnny, you've been sweet," Fluffy said as she kissed or rather
licked Johnny on the check.

"Hmm... Other than the excessive fur and the wolf head, this chick is still
pretty hot," Johnny thought to himself.

"You mind if I come in?"

"I guess so, but why?"

"I'm curious to see what a werewolf's house looks like, besides I'm out of

"Sure," Fluffy said as she closed the door behind Johnny Bravo.

As Fluffy walked towards the kitchen her tail swung from side to side and
Johnny noticed how her dress hung tight on her butt.

"Sweet momma that's nice," Johnny commented out loud.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, you're looking rather cute tonight."

"You serious?" Fluffy asked as she poured coffee for the both of them.

"You're a werewolf, but you're still a hot chick underneath all that fur."

"Thanks Johnny you're a sweetheart. I need to use the potty I'll be right

As Fluffy was in the bathroom Johnny started to think to himself.

"She's prolly an easy girl to get into bed, but that's because she's a
werewolf. She still has tits, an ass, and pussy though. Hehe, werewolf...

Johnny turned as Fluffy shut the bathroom door behind her.

"You're still here Johnny?" Fluffy asked a bit surprised.

"Why would I leave? I'm not done with my coffee, and I haven't had any cake
yet. You have cake right?"

"No I don't, but thanks for staying. It's been nice having someone to spend
time with finally," Fluffy said smiling as she licked Johnny on the lips.

"Oh lordy," Johnny thought as he felt himself pop a boner.

"No problem," he replied as he tried to cover his erection with his hands.

Fluffy went to the fridge opened it, then bent over to look around in it. As
Fluffy was bent over, Johnny stared at her butt as it swayed from side to

"I don't have cake but I found pudding," Fluffy called from the refrigerator.

Johnny didn't hear her, and only continued to stare.

"This is too much!" Johnny said as he raced from his chair to Fluffy's side
and slapped her on the butt.

"Hey foxy wolf lady, let's say we go dance the horizontal tango."

At the suggestion of sex, Fluffy stood straight up and turned to face Johnny.


"You heard me. How about you come ride the bologna pony?"

"Johnny I'm a werewolf. I haven't' had sex in years. I wouldn't know what
to do."

"It feels like years for me too, but don't worry I know what to do."

"Oh ok I guess," Fluffy agreed.

Fluffy hadn't even finished her sentence before Johnny grabbed her hand and
led her to her bedroom. Fluffy was still in her bra and panties when she
turned around and saw Johnny was completely naked.

"Come on baby hurry up. I need this."

Fluffy removed the last of her clothing and sat down on the edge of the bed.
Fluffy in a nude state would turn most people off. She had hair covering her
entire body, including her breasts, though it was sparse there. As for her
pubic hair the only way to tell when it ended and the wolf hair began was by
the red spot of hair.

"You sure you want to do this with me?"

"Shh... Baby..." Johnny said getting on his knees and burying his face
between Fluffy's hairy legs.

"Lot of hair here," Johnny thought to himself as he ran his hands down her
legs and to her crotch. "But it's surprisingly nice and smooth for a

Johnny took his two index fingers and opened up Fluffy's pussy and darted his
tongue inside. "You like that Fluffy?" Johnny asked between licks as he
buried his nose in her fur and his tongue continued to tickle her insides.

"Feels nice..." Fluffy replied as she squeezed and massaged her breasts with
her paws. She then ran one hand down her body, stopped between her legs, and
started rubbing her clit.

"Damn girl, watch those nails," Johnny commented as he pulled his face back
and slid two fingers into Fluffy's vagina instead.

"Oh Johnny that's feels great..." Fluffy moaned as she felt the fingers
penetrate her.

As Johnny continued to slam his fingers in and out of Fluffy's box he felt
her juices start to flow and cover his fingers.

"Oh baby!" Johnny moaned as his cock ached with pleasure as he felt and
smelled Fluffy's fluids on his fingers. Johnny pulled his fingers out and
wiped them on his cock.

"Come on Johnny stick it in me!" Fluffy begged as she feverishly continued
to rub her clit.

Not needing anymore encouragement Johnny stood up, grabbed the werewolf by
the hips, and stuffed his cock inside of her.

"Oh sweet baby," Johnny grunted as he started to thrust his member in and out
of Fluffy.

"Oh yes! Harder Johnny harder!"

Johnny continually pierced into Fluffy's cunt as she moaned and groaned out
loud. Fluffy's paws grabbed hold of the bed sheets and tore through them
with their nails.

"You like that baby? You like that?" Johnny teased as dick grew larger.

"Come for me Johnny! Please!"

Johnny continued to pump into Fluffy relentless pussy and soon she could no
longer hold herself back.

"Oh god I'm gonna come!" Fluffy screamed as her pussy lips clamped down hard
on his cock as her body started to shake with orgasm and her fluids gushed

With Fluffy now clamped down on his dick, Johnny found the pleasure
increasing as he pumped in and out. Fluffy's body spasmed with ecstasy and
it soon worked its way down to her crotch.

"Here I come mama!" Johnny groaned as he dove deep into Fluffy one last time
before his dick gave way and he started to shoot his load all inside Fluffy's

"Oh Johnny!" Fluffy yelled again as his orgasm caused her to have a second

When they both finished Johnny pulled out and fell onto the bed next to
Fluffy. After a few minutes of silence Fluffy spoke.

"Hey Johnny I know it was weird for you to screw a werewolf, but thanks.
This has been one of the best nights of my life."

Johnny Bravo didn't respond at all.


Fluffy leaned over to check on him. Johnny was sound asleep.


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