Judging Amy: Bruce Needs To Vent (mf, inter, cream pie)
by Hornyindian_101

Amy is in her office at the courthouse when her court clerk walks in. Bruce
is an African American whom has been working with Amy for awhile. They both
have a close personal relationship, but havent been able to accomplish
anything outside of the courtroom. This is about to change.

Amy: You look awful. Whats the matter?

Bruce: Geez thanks.

Amy: Sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Bruce: No, you didn't say anything. I just had a long day. I'm also a little

Amy: Oh, is there anything I can do?

Bruce: I don't want to ask.

Amy: what?

Bruce: Well, its just that I have been stressed and frustrated lately, and I
need to find a way to vent my frustration and stress.

Amy: Oh, well I understand, but what can I do?

Bruce: Well, can I do a quickie with you?

Amy (laughing): Oh my!

Bruce: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked.

Amy: No, no, its okay Bruce. Its not like I get asked that question a lot.

Bruce: Really, that surprises me.

Amy: Yeah, me too. Sure, I will be glad to take a load off of you. How would
you like to fuck me?

Bruce: Well, how about on your desk?

Amy: Sounds good to me. Let me take off my robe.

Bruce: No, if its alright with you, I would like you to keep it on.

Amy: umm...sure. You can do anything you want with me.

Bruce: Thanks. Why don't you stand and turn around on your desk.

Amy: Okay.

Bruce then moves in behind Amy and pulls down her panties. He pulls down his
pants and then slowly inserts his black dick into Amy's pussy.

Amy: Ohhh...

Bruce slowly pushes his cock until his whole shaft is inside of Amys pussy.
He then withdraws halfway and slams forward.

Amy: OH FUCK!!!!!

She grabs onto the desk to maintain her balance.

Bruce: Shit Amy, your pussy is tight!!! You really havn't been fucked in

Bruce continues to pound Amy doggie style.

Amy: OH GOD!!! Bruce, yes, hump me!!!

Bruce: Oh fuck, oh fuck

His pace is getting harder and harder.

Bruce: Oh fuck, I'm going to nut!!! Oh fuck!!!!

Bruce couldn't hold it any longer and grabs Amy hips and slams forward,
releasing a thick load of cum deep into her pussy. He continues to hump to
push his cum deeper into Amy.

Amy: Oh fuck, your cum is so thick!!!

Bruce (withdraws cock): Oh shit, I feel better now!

Amy: I'm glad to help out. Anytime you want just let me know. Fuck Bruce,
you sure dropped a big load. I can feel it in my belly.

All of a sudden, Adriana comes in.

Adriana: Umm...Judge Gray?

Amy (as she begins to pull up her panties): Yes

Adriana: We're ready for you.

Amy: Thanks, I will be there in a sec.

Bruce: Well, looks like back to work.


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