JULIA: A Thorough Checkup

By Uncle Mike

As Julia walked into the examining room, the man on the
table was taking off what looked to be a very expensive,
well-tailored white shirt. As he pulled it free he revealed a
broad, well-muscled and well-tanned chest. Dr. Chegley had
to call her name twice before she appeared to come out of a
daze and notice him.

"Yes, Doctor?"

"Nurse, please take his blood pressure. And be quick about
it. We've got to get all these physicals finished by Friday, and
there are at least a dozen left." As usual, he didn't waste
time with politeness.

Julia unrolled the blood pressure cuff and slipped it
around a bulging bicep. As she did, her slim, dark hand rested
on the man's arm several seconds longer than seemed entirely
necessary. And while she pumped away at the cuff, she kept
one hand on his shoulder. Then it slipped down and roamed
across his back.

Dr. Chegley stood on the other side of the patient, his head
bent as he listened to the heartbeat. He frowned as it began
to race a bit.

As he picked his head up, he noticed the cuff still wrapped
around the man's arm. "Unless you think he needs a tourniquet,
I think you can stop now," he observed acidly. Julia quickly
unwrapped the cuff and put it away. As she did, the doctor put
his stethoscope on the man's chest again.

"That's funny," he said. "I could have sworn your pulse was
racing a few seconds ago. Have you had any heart problems?
No? Nurse, get Mr. Thompson's file for me."

Julia left quickly, with a last lingering look back. Instead
of going straight to the files, however, she ducked into a
corner of the hallway. Glancing around quickly, she lifted the
hem of her short white uniform skirt and slipped a well-
manicured finger under her panties. Her head fell back and her
dark lips parted as she rubbed the finger over her cunt lips. A
soft moan escaped as her juices began to flow, lubricating
her hole and allowing her to slip the finger inside.

The nurse's eyes were closed and her head was lolling back
and forth when a curt shout broke through: "Nurse! The file!"

Abruptly Julia pulled her hand away. Rushing to the file
cabinets, she swept up a paper towel and dried off her finger.

When she opened the door of the examining room again, Dr.
Chegley turned swiftly and yanked the file from her hands.
She stood stock still. On the table, the patient was lying
down, his pants and briefs crumpled around his knees. His
partially erect, six-inch cock was in clear view. But even as
she stared, the doctor turned back to the man, cutting off her
view. The doctor's hands moved down as he checked for a
hernia. "That's all, nurse," he called over his shoulder.

Julia returned to the front desk. It was almost noon, and a
half-day at the clinic. The others had all taken the day off or
left early. Julia slipped into the receptionist's chair, sliding
it up to the desk. The only one in the waiting room was a
young man, almost a boy. He had on the starched uniform shirt
of one of Astrospace's messengers, and he was fiddling
nervously with a magazine, flipping the pages too fast to be
reading anything.

He glanced up when Julia sat down, then went back to his
magazine. Julia furtively slipped both hands beneath the desk
top and again lifted her skirt over the tops of her nylons and
the white elastic garter straps. She fluttered her hands over
her thighs before slipping them under the soft white cotton
panties, already wet from her secretions. Gently she spread
the slick labia and put two fingers into her cunt. Her
breathing grew short and ragged as she fingered herself,
letting one finger slide over her sensitive clit. After a few
minutes she pulled one hand out and rummaged through her
purse, finally pulling out a picture of her boyfriend, Paul, who
was out of town for two weeks. She laid the picture on the
desk before her and put her hand back down.

As she caressed herself, her long, shapely legs spread
apart, pressing into the sides of the desk. She leaned back,
the chair's wheels sliding a little on the carpet. Her eyes
began to flutter and close.

Then the squeak of the examining room door opening
surprised her. Quickly she pulled her hands out and began to
smooth out her skirt as the patient walked past, Dr. Chegley
close behind.

"Who's next?" he demanded in a bark.

"I am," the messenger said at once, and then repeated it in
a lower tone.

"Well, get in here, I haven't got all day," the doctor
snarled. As the boy moved past, Dr. Chegley turned to Julia. "I
should've been at the hospital 15 minutes ago. Blasted annual
physicals. I'll do the once-over on this kid; here, you finish up
the paperwork on Thompson and then come in and finish up --
hey, kid, what's your name?"

"Barnes -- Peter Barnes," the messenger said as he slipped
into the room.

Julia rushed through the examination forms, checking off
all the boxes and making a couple of copies for personnel and
their own files. Just as she finished, Dr. Chegley came flying
past her, slipping on his coat and heading for the door. "Just
check his pressure and send him back to work," the doctor
said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

When Julia opened the door of the examining room, the
messenger was just buttoning up his shirt. He looked up and
perhaps he stared a little. Even the starch of her nurse's
whites couldn't conceal the lush curves of Julia Baker's body,
and the pure brightness of her uniform drew even more
attention to the perfection of her cafe au lait complexion. As
she stepped toward him, his eyes moved to her lithe legs,
encased in the usual white stockings; the heels of her white
shoes emphasized the turn of her slender calves.

"Hello, Peter," she said, unhooking the blood pressure cuff.
"Take your shirt off, please."

The boy looked at her, confused. "But ... but the doctor just
told me to put it back on."

"Now, Peter, I have to take your blood pressure. Let's go."

"They usually just have me roll up my cuff," he said, as he
started to show her. She stopped him by putting her hand on
his; it was warm and seemed to give off a faint, musky smell.

"I'm the nurse, here," she said softly. "Come on."

With a shrug, Peter began to unbutton. Julia undid the last
couple and held the shirt as he slipped out.

In the cool air of the examining room, he shivered slightly
and tiny goose bumps appeared on his pale, hairless flesh.
They grew a little bigger when Julia brushed against his arm
as she put the cuff in place and pumped it up. In a few
seconds she had her readings and recorded them on the boy's

"Now take off your pants," she said, looking him in the eye.

His jaw dropped. "But ... what? The doctor didn't say
anything about ..."

"Don't be shy, I'm a nurse. I've seen lots of men," Julia said
with a smile. "I'll help."

Reaching down, she began to undo the buckle on his belt.
Peter fumbled her hands away. "I can do it," he said with a
tremor in his voice. "It's just ... just ..." He ducked his head as
the buckle came loose and he slipped down his zipper.

"You don't have to be embarrassed," Julia said. "Look, I'll
make it easier for you. I'll take my clothes off, too, so you
won't be the only one."

Peter's head came up with a snap.

Stepping back, Julia slowly unbuttoned her blouse. The V
of the neck widened as the buttons came loose, revealing the
rises of her full breasts confined by a lacy white bra. She let
the blouse fall to the floor and unzipped the zipper on her
skirt, stepping out of it.

Julia's pink tongue poked out between her full lips and slid
back and forth. Peter's eyes raced up and down her body; his
young cock poked stiffly against his baggy boxer shorts and a
small, dark stain began to form.

Reaching behind her, Julia undid the clasp of her bra and
pulled it away. Her breasts hung free, ripe brown mounds
capped by dark circles and thick, stiff black nipples. She
cupped them in her hands a moment before bending down to
slide her panties off, leaving the stockings and garter belt in

Moving closer to the examining table, the nurse tugged at
the young man's shorts, pulling them free. His cock sprung to
attention, drops of pre-cum glistening.

"Hmmm, that's some swelling you've got there," the nurse
said with a smile. "I think I'll have to examine that more

Julia lowered her head and pressed her lips to the rod,
letting her hot breath wash over it. Then her lips parted and
she swooped down, engulfing his shaft in one swift move.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" The boy gasped and arched his back. "Ohhhhhh
that's good," he managed to sigh as Julia's head bobbed up and
down, her lips sliding over his cock while her tongue tickled
the head and its sensitive sides. Peter reached out and
grasped her breasts in both hands, caressing them.

In just a few minutes his breath began to come in quick,
sharp gulps. "Ohhhhh, I'm gonna cummmmmm!" he shouted as a
burst of sticky white goo shot into Julia's mouth. She
swallowed it
all and kept his cock in her mouth as it deflated.

Giving him a minute to recover, she began to suck his
shaft again. At first it was too sensitive and he tried to push
her away, but she kept up a gentle motion and soon the rod
grew long and stiff again.

Then Julia pushed him back on the table and slid him
around so he was on it full-length. As Peter watched, the
nurse clambered up on the table herself and squatted over his

He could see her cunt now, wide open underneath a patch
of curly black hair. She had spread apart the dark brown,
almost black pussy lips, revealing the deep pink folds inside.

"Let the nice nurse give you a good physical," Julia said as
she lowered herself onto his erect cock. It slid easily into her
hot, wet cunt, but Julia took it slow, allowing only a little
bit in a time even though Peter began to buck up at her, trying
to stuff it all in.

But at last she settled down, the young man's shaft buried
to the hilt in her tunnel.

"Mmmm, everything seems to be in working order," Julia
whispered. "But I think we need to run a few more tests."
Peter could feel her cunt muscles squeezing his cock as she
began to move on him, rising and falling, sinking his cock into
her velvety folds.

"Let's test your reflexes now," she said, bending her face
down to his and slipping her tongue into his mouth. Peter
kissed her back, their tongues tangling, and she rode him like
that for awhile.

Then she sat back up again. "Very good. I think you're going
to pass this physical with flying colors. But I need to check
your muscles." She lifted his arms up to her chest, bringing
his hands to her bouncing tits. Getting the idea, Peter again
grabbed them and massaged the mounds, sliding his fingertips
over the nipples.

"Yes, yes, that's it," Julia began to moan as she increased
the pace of her bucking. "Rub my tits. Fuck my hot pussy. Show
me what you've got!"

Peter bucked frantically up at her sopping wet crotch,
mashing his cock into her as sweat and juices covered the
table and stained its white sheet. He caressed her tits, her
smooth legs, her stomach. Their shouts of ecstasy began to
bounce off the examining room's tile walls as the tempo of
their rutting increased.

Finally Julia could hold it in no longer. With an incoherent
screech she stiffened all at once, then began to shake and
writhe in tremor after tremor. Her motions sent Peter over
the edge and he again shot his wad, this time jetting his cum
into Julia's eager cunt.

They lay on the table for several minutes before Julia
rolled off and slipped back into her uniform. Without a word,
Peter put on his own clothes. They left the clinic together;
Peter held the door for her. Just as she was about to step
outside, she turned abruptly and walked back to the
receptionist's desk.

Picking up Paul's picture, she smiled briefly and slipped it
into her purse.


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