Jurassic Park: Jurassic Prick (Mb/g, inc, pedo)
by Mitchell St. John ([email protected])
edited in 2002 by Tawnosus ([email protected])

Dr. Alan Grant and John Hammond's grandchildren, 9-year-old Tim Murphy and
12-year-old Lexie Murphy, sat together in the upper branches of a tree,
sweaty and exhausted from their narrow escape from the T-Rex. Dr. Grant was
tired from the physical and mental exertion of facing the T-Rex and rescuing
Timmy from the jeep, but he felt warm inside as the two kids cuddled against
him. He was kind of surprised by the feeling, as he'd never been much for
kids, and wasn't used to have them around him, let alone touching him. But
it felt nice.

Lexie had been attracted to Dr. Grant from the second she saw him; a typical
schoolgirl crush that deepened after he rescued her and her brother from the
T-Rex. She hugged him close and then looked up and gave him a kiss on the

"What was that for?" he asked, and Lex said, "Thanks, Dr. Grant." Then she
stretched up and gave him another kiss right on the lips. Dr. Grant was a
little surprised by this, especially when she slipped her tongue into his
mouth! She didn't think it was any big deal -- she'd done it with other boys
before, even thought about doing it with Timmy sometimes, when he wasn't
being a pain in the butt.

Timmy watched as his sister french-kissed Dr. Grant and wondered, not for
the first time, what it felt like to kiss a girl. He'd seen Lex kiss other
boys before. Sometimes she kissed him on the cheek, but it wasn't a mouth
kiss like this. Right now all he knew was that he didn't want to be left
out, so after Lex finished he jumped right up and got a kiss from Lex too.

Alan was really startled as she frenched the young boy. This was all new and
seemed terribly improper but he was tingling with a strange, almost
intoxicating sensation that felt too good to fight. He felt his erection
swell in his pants as Lex hugged him and Tim did a quite admirable job of
mouth-kissing her for the first time.

Then both kids nestled beside him. In the distance Dr. Grant could hear the
call of brachiosaurs and apatosaurs as they courted each other and foraged
for a midnight snack. He could also hear the river close by, and it struck
him that they'd all like to wash up after getting so dirty from their
harrowing escape. "Let's go down to the river," he suggested, and started
climbing down. The kids followed and they hiked a half-mile to the

"Oh, skinny-dipping," Timmy said, shucking his dirty clothes. Lexie began to
follow suit. They'd been skinny-dipping before so it was no big deal to
them, but Dr. Grant felt somewhat self-conscious as he began to undress. But
Tim and Lex splashed out into the water buck naked so Dr. Grant slipped his
boxer shorts off and joined them. The water was refreshingly cool and it
felt good to wash off the dirt and stink. Timmy and Lex were splashing each
other playfully with the fresh river water and horsing around.

Then Lex came up behind Dr. Grant and jumped up on his back. Lex felt a
strange excitement rush through her naked body as she clung to the older
male and her little pussy stiffened and pressed against Grant's broad back.
Timmy bobbed over and playfully tugged at her brother's legs. For a moment
Lex's arm touched Dr. Grant and brushed against his erection. Then she
dunked Timmy into the water and dived on top of him, and they broke the
surface laughing and cavorting.

Timmy climbed up onto the bank and ran along it for awhile. He stopped
suddenly and peered ahead. "Hey guys," he said, "there's some kind of
building up ahead. I'm gonna check it out." A couple minutes later he
returned. The clouds had parted somewhat and moonlight shined on his bare
pre-pubescent body. He was a handsome boy, with deep dark eyes, dark brown
hair, and a slender but sturdy frame. "There's a place we can sleep over
there," he called out.

"Great," Lexie said, sloshing out of the water. She was tomboyish but quite
pretty, with long blonde hair tied in a braid and milky white skin that
positively glowed in the moonlight. She had blue eyes and was somewhat
taller than her brother, with a slender frame and tits that were just
beginning to sprout.

"I think we should wash these dirty clothes, then, and hang them out," Dr.
Grant said, as he joined them on the riverbank. They agreed that was a good
idea and spent a couple minutes scrubbing the dirt out of their clothes.
Then they gathered them up in bundles for the short walk to the building.
Along the way Lex rubbed Dr. Grant's ass with a brush of her hand, something
that made the paleontologist's cock swell.

They got to the building, a maintenance shed, and went inside. Part of it
was obviously designed to be field living quarters for the brachiosaur and
apatosaur handlers. There was a bathroom and shower and a bedroom with one
bed in it. They hung their clothes out to dry. "Only one bed," Lexie said.
"Guess we're all sleeping together."

"I'm not sleeping next to you!" Timmy snapped. "I wanna sleep by Dr. Grant."

"We can both sleep by Dr. Grant," Lexie said. "Me on one side and you on the

Dr. Grant wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but he was too tired to argue.
He climbed into the welcoming warmth of the covers and the two still naked
children snuggled in next to him, one on each side.

"Have you ever had sex with Dr. Sattler?" Lexie asked. "She's really pretty."

"Well, yes," Dr. Grant mumbled, startled by such a direct question. "What
does a little girl like you know about sex?"

"I've heard about it. Some of the girls my age have done it, but I haven't
yet," Lexie answered. "But I've always wondered what it was like." She threw
the covers down and sat up. Alan had a raging hard-on and she took it into
her hands. "Gosh, it's really big," she said. "This is weird. I've never
really touched one before."

"You touched mine once," Timmy contradicted, "and I touched yours!"

"That didn't count. Yours wasn't big like this. Yours is tiny." Timmy looked
kind of hurt, and Dr. Grant said, "Don't worry, Timmy. You won't be 'tiny'
forever." The sweet boy looked up at him relieved.

Lex continued with her inspection and encircled it with both hands,
fascinated by its blood-gorged girth and impressive seven-inch size. She had
never seen one so large before and she played with it idly, stroking the
skin and pinching the head lightly. She'd done those things to Timmy and
knew it felt good.

Lexie leaned over to kiss Dr. Grant again as her brother watched. They kissed
hotly and Dr. Grant couldn't believe how sweet and hot her small young mouth
was. "Does Dr. Sattler like to be kissed?" Lexie asked.

"Yes, but this is what she really likes," Alan said. He scooped Lexie up
onto his chest so her pelvis was in his face and started licking her tight
young pussy, reaching deep into it with long strokes of his tongue.

Timmy watched this with interest. He knew some of his friends had talked
about being licked and sucked there and how good it would feel. Again, he
didn't want to be left out, so he leaned over and started licking Lex's ass.

Dr. Grant's mind slipped into a kind of hazy fog as he licked one child and
was joined in doing so by another. Here he'd hardly even been around children
and now both these kids were taking initiatives that were quite surprising...
and thoroughly enjoyable. He was buried totally in Lexie, his tongue flicking
her clit with sharp little strokes of his tongue, causing waves of sensation
to wash over her. She gasped and felt her heart pounding in her chest. She'd
never felt anything like this before!

Timmy had licked Lex's ass up, down, and all around, and now he gingerly
buried his tongue deep into his hot, sweet, young, sister's ass. He had
heard that you needed to be careful of the teeth so he kept his lips tight
against his teeth as he started sucking Lex's ass cheek. He was surprised by
how good it felt to have a big ass cheek filling his mouth. It was kind of
like sucking on a warm ham.

He drooled his warm mouth juices all around his sister's ass as his dick
bucked and swelled to new sizes. He then stood up and placed his dick at the
entrance to his sister's ass and prodeeded to press in. Lex was slightly
shocked by this foreign object in her butt, so she naturally clenched her
ass around the head of Timmy's rod. Timmy grunted in unexpected surprise and
pleasure, "Come on sis, spread your bum a bit." With some reluctance, Lex
reached back, spread her cheeks wide and said, "I'm ready Timmy". Timmy's
head pressed deeper and deeper into Lex until finally his whole length was
as deep as it could get in Lex's tight ass.

Timmy began to thrust in sync with Dr. Grant's sucking until he was impaling
the girls's ass fully on his five inches. Lex's eyes popped open wide as her
rectum filled with cock and she felt Dr. Grant's stiffening tongue press
against her hairless pussy. Dr. Grant then moved on to her smooth thighs with
long strokes of his warm wet tongue. He licked his way up and down her pale,
creamy legs and then sunk his tongue back into her hot vulva.

Lexie cried out, experiencing her first orgasms from the excellent mouthlove
Dr. Grant was giving her cunt. Timmy was ready too and started to cum with
his cock deep in Lex's anus. Lex was startled as Timmy's cock pulsed inside
her bum as it squirted its load of cum. Timmy's cock popped out of the
nine-year-old and shot more ropes of cum all over Lex's ass, back, and
thighs. Lex took Timmy's spurting cock in her hand as the last burst of semen
drizzled down it.

Dr. Grant looked up at the delicious young girl's angelic face. "Look at your
brother, Lex," he suggested gently. She turned around and laughed at Timmy's
cum-covered penis. Ropes of jizz hung from his cock and his mouth was hanging
open in slight-disbelief at what he had just done. "Give your brother a kiss,
Lex," Dr. Grant said, and Lexie took her brother into her arms and
french-kissed him for the second time. She sucked the tongue out of his mouth
and marveled at the smooth wetness of it. "Hey," he protested. "You missed a

"I'll get around to it soon enough," she said, and scooped up one of the
ropes on her ass cheek. She licked it off her finger, and then she licked
off the salty trail it had left on Timmy's cock. The youngster ate the cum
hungrily, almost ravenously. Lexie even licked it out of her own hair.

"That was great!" Timmy said. "I want some more!"

"Yeah, I do too!" Lexie chimed in.

"Don't worry," Dr. Grant said with a smile. "There will be more. Lots more."

Dr. Grant reached out and tousled Lex's blonde hair. The girls's face was so
young and sweet looking. Lex eagerly moved up and kissed Alan on the mouth,
and the paleontologist french-kissed her, his tongue slipping into her mouth.
Lexie played with Alan's penis, which quickly got hard again, and decided she
was ready to try what she'd only heard about.

She stretched out next to Grant and guided his cock to her small cunt, which
was juicy and wet from the cungiligus he had given it. The knob of his dick
slipped into her sweet young vulva and Grant shivered as Lex continued to
kiss Timmy. The boy was returning the kisses with surprising passion for one
so young.

Lexie continued to guide Alan's cock into her vagina. The pressure was
intense, it felt like something was going to snap inside her, but she was
determined to do this, and she gasped, her long tongue fluttering as he
went fully into her. Lex reached down and found Timmy's stiff little dick,
masturbating it with her thumb and forefinger. Lexie was throwing herself on
Grant, impaling herself again and again on seven inches of thick, rock-solid
meat. It hurt at first but now it was starting to feel good and her cunt was
juicing up nicely, making it easier for Alan's dick to slide in and out.

Grant was definitely being over stimulated, with his cock buried deep into
the sweet twelve-year-old's steaming hot cunt, Lex kissing Timmy's with her
hand on Timmy's cock. The boy squirmed and shook in her hand. The boy's eyes
felt white hot and chills went down his back as he exploded with orgasm after
orgasm. Lexie was cumming too and she began to shriek, waves of potent
pleasure ripping through her young body as Alan screwed her mercilessly.

Alan shook and felt the detonation building in his loins. He pulled his cock
out at the last second and shot all over Lexie's white skin, covering her
hairless cunt, stomach, and legs with white strings of jizz. Timmy
immediately stopped kissing Lex and shot cum all over his sister's chest and
stomach. Timmy then went for something he wanted to taste for the longest
time, he layed down on his back and buried his face in his sis's cunt and
licked and sucked on it hungrily.

"Atta boy, Timmy," Grant encouraged, "make your sister feel good."

Grant was now tempted to try something new. He leaned over and pulled Lex's
raised ass towards him and started licking it. He slurped his tongue up and
down the perfectly formed, hairless asscheeks and down into the hot crack.
The tip of his tongue reached Lex's tender assflower and Grant licked all
around it and dug his tongue-tip into it, coaxing it to stretch it open.
Lex's ass was deliciously sweet. The girl shivered as Tim licked her cunt.
Tim reached down and started jacking himself off.

Lexie watched him beating off and decided she could do something better for
her brother. She moved his hand aside, and took his little prick into her
mouth. It was like a sweet little lollipop. Brother and sister were now
sixty-nining and Grant had forced his tongue deep into little Alexis' ass.
Tim lifted his head. "I wanna fuck you, Lex!"

"Okay," she agreed, while Timmy moved around. So brother and sister nestled
together and Lex helped Tim get his dick into her cunt. She was wide open
from being fucked by Grant but she was surprised how nice her brother's dick
felt in there; he wasn't as "tiny" as she thought!

Dr. Grant knelt above Lex and guided his erect cock to the girl's wriggling
butt. Lexxie's ass was wet and open from the ass-licking he'd given it and
Grant's cock was still lubed from fucking Lex's cunt. Grant slowly pushed
his rod into Lex, very gently at first, for even with all the lubrication,
this girl's ass was incredibly tight.

Lex gasped a bit as she was penetrated; it felt like a big poker was being
shoved up her ass. It hurt a bit, and tears filled her eyes as stars of pain
radiated from her anus. But then she relaxed, opening her sphincter, and
Grant sank deeper inside her. The three of them found a rhythm and Timmy
fucked Lex as his sister was fucked by Dr. Grant. Both kids were enjoying
this thoroughly but Lex was really getting off on it, getting it from both
sides. She found that she really liked having that big thing up her ass.

Dr. Grant couldn't believe how good the girl's butt made his cock feel; it
was so incredibly hot and tight, he'd never felt anything like it ever
before. The friction and stimulus was almost excruciating, it felt so good.
He was not going to last long this time, even though this would be his
second load.

Timmy's little dick was jumping in his sister's cunt and she yelped as
orgasm flooded her young, just ripening body. Dr. Grant shuddered and sighed
and shot his spunk up Lex's hot tight hole, filling the kid's butt with cum.
Lex squealed as she felt both of them cumming together, her anus swelling
with semen even as her pussy swam in the orgasmic juices of her brother.

Then Grant pulled out of Lex's ass, spent and exhausted. Lex winced as Dr.
Grant withdrew, she didn't want the older man to pull his cock out, it felt
so good to have it in there. "Let's get some sleep now," Dr. Grant said, and
he collapsed in the middle of the bed. Lexie stretched out on one side of
him, and Timmy on the other, and in no time at all, they were all fast



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