Jurassic Park 3: EricDiscovers His Mom... And Much More (bF, bF-zoo,inc,creampie,anal,fist,bukkake,first)
by Dr. Demented 666

Within a day on the island the Kirby's found their 12 year old son, Eric, alive and well and in that same amount of time Eric and his mother, Amanda, got split from the team due to a raptor attack. Eric and his mother ran through thickets of woods and deep streams, getting soaked in the process, and Eric led his mother to his secret hideaway in an old steel bunker. There the two huddled in the soft light of his solar lanterns and shivering from their cold soaked clothes.

"We need to get out of these clothes and get warm...You got any blankets in here?" His Mom asked of her son.

"Just this one." Eric replied.

"That'll work...We need to take these wet clothes off and get in it." His Mom again reiterated.

Eric watched as his Mom took off her clothes, not just her outerwear but her bra and panties as well. He never seen his Mom naked before but as she stood there in her naked beauty he realized how succulent his Mom really was with her small breasts and solid nipples standing on end and her smooth legs leading up to her groomed blond muff. Her skin glistened in the soft light and goosebumps shivered over her stomach, legs and arms; making her arm hairs stand up as her pretty face smiled and her short blond hairstyle rounded out her body perfectly...

"Well, c'mon Eric...Take your clothes off, we need to get warm." His Mom stated.

Eric rushed and removed his clothes, exposing his innocent youth to his Mom for the first time in many years. His hairless frame and semi-prepubescent sac with a slight erection taunted his Mom with his boyish good looks as he approached her while she sat with the blanket draped over her shoulders and her legs spread for him to sit between them.

Eric got on the floor and sat between his Mom's legs with his back against her stomach. He could feel her soft pubes tickle his ass cheeks as she reached around and began to rub his skin rapidly to heat him up from the cold. He watched as his Mom began to rub his hairless chest and stomach and then his legs...

"Wow...So smooth...Just like mine..." His Mom stated as she glided her hands down the insides of them, noticing her son's growing penis before her eyes. She didn't think of him in a sexual way before this but the sudden 6" erection got her attention and rapidly made her horny as she knew she was the cause of it.

Amanda slowly cupped her son's sac and caressed it, leading her index finger's tip down the line at the center of his peach fuzzed sac and than tickling it with all for tips o her fingers before gliding her hand up over his cock and grasping it.

Eric was shocked at what was happening but also pleasantly surprised at the feeling his own Mom was providing him...

"Ever do this to yourself and make it hard like that before?" Amanda asked of her son.

"Uhhh....Na....Na....No." He replied with a high -pitched stuttered voice as his Mom stroked his cock and pleasured him in a way he's never experienced.

Eric shut his eyes and rested the back of his head against his Mom's shoulder and took in the feeling she was providing him. He found himself becoming dizzy and a lightning storm went off under his eyelids as he raised his hips and began a humping action with his lower half off the floor. In an instant, hot cum shot from his dick and he opened his eyes to watch the explosion of gooey white sperm shooting onto his stomach and rolling over his Mom's fingers as she jerked him off.

As his orgasm subsided his lower half sunk back down to the floor and his stomach panted heavily as his Mom slowly flicked her tongue at the corner of his mouth. Eric turned his head slightly and his lips parted, allowing his Mom to give him his first ever French kiss. Their tongues flirted about inside each others mouths as Amanda worked her son's cum into his skin, making it glisten in the soft glow of the lanterns light...

"Did you like that feeling?" His Mom asked of her son.

He nodded an emphatic 'Yes' with a boyish giggle...

"Good...Make me feel good, now. Lick me right here..." His Mom asked of her son as she reached down and opened her vaginal lips, exposing her pink interior and its juicy walls.

Eric spun around and laid on his stomach, planting his face in his Mom's pubes and feeling their wet and tickly nature against his cheeks as he worked his tongue into her pussy; tasting her berry-like flavor and fresh scent as she moaned with delight and quickly slammed her legs shut against the sides of his head...

"That's it, just like that, honey...Put a finger in me and work it...Eat my pussy and finger me, Eric!" His Mom demanded in a heated fashion.

Eric worked a finger into his Mom's pussy and worked it back and forth as his tongue flicked over her white clit protruding from its sheathe. She was in ecstasy and showed it as her hips sprang up and she emitted a long, forceful, squirt onto her son. Eric tried to pull away but his Mom hooked her legs around his shoulders and kept him down on her as she filled his mouth with her vaginal fluids and screaming in orgasmic delight as she did so.

Finally, after multiple spasms her body gave out and her legs collapsed to her son's sides. Eric got up to his knees to see his Mom passed out on the floor in front of him and realizing he did that to her. At first he thought she peed on him but figured out it wasn't due to the scent and taste, especially since he and his friends talked of such things back home.

Eric laid at his Mother's side and draped a leg over her stomach and fell asleep from her warmth. Hours later the two awoke and casually talked about what had happened as they got dressed and decided to head out and look for the rest of the group. They walked as far as the beach and ocean to find no one in sight, so that laid on their backs in a grassy clearing just before the beach front and talked.

"Mom...Can we do it again?" Eric asked.

"What? Make each other cum?" She replied with a curious look on her face.

"Yeah...It felt good for you, too, didn't it?" He asked.

"Of course, Eric...But lets try something new..." Amanda said as she took off her clothes and laid on her back, watching as her son quickly took his off and stood over her naked body. She motioned for him to straddle her face and as he did she took his cock and swiped it against her cheeks and lips, opening her mouth and putting it in and sucking it.

Eric was amazed at the feeling of what his Mom was doing to him as he stared down at her pretty face and her cheeks caving in from the suction being applied while she stared up at him with her pretty blue eyes. He could feel that intense sensation he had before becoming more apparent when suddenly...His hips jolted and his Mom's mouth filled with his cum, her eyes opened wide with delight as his cum trickled out the corners of her mouth and down the sides of her face. Eric popped out of her mouth and watched as with each throb his cock sprang upward and cum shot from it, landing on his Mom's face and in her hair.

Eric finished and his Mom pushed him down between her legs so he was atop her in a missionary position as she ground her pubes into his shaft as they gazed into each others eyes. Amanda reached down and took hold of her son's cock and guided him into her; upon his first insertion both their pupils dilated as his penetration sunk fully into her. Her mouth opened in a deep gasp and Eric sunk his tongue into it the same time he sunk his cock into her for his second thrust.

Amanda felt her son fucking her with passion and their desires grew with each thrust as she hooked her legs around her son and let him take her again and again as they swapped his cum he licked off her face. Eric shut his eyes in a squint-like nature as his moans were a soft high-pitched whine, caused by his intense orgasm inside his Mom. Amanda began to convulse and her groans were muffled from her lungs contracting and having no air to scream as tears rolled down the sides of her face.

Eric could feel his Mom's orgasm as her pussy clenched his cock and her wetness exploded onto him down below. As their orgasms became spent, so did Eric's thrusting and he pulled out of his Mom as he rose to his knees; looking down he could see his load begin to ooze from her pussy where he softly worked it into her pubes with his fingers in a playful way.

Suddenly the two heard a snort with a loud stomp and neigh...There standing off to the side was a large black stallion, his frame riddled with muscles and a huge baseball bat sized cock hanging down below its frame. They both couldn't believe what they were seeing...

"Looks like he liked what he saw, Mom..."

"Ya think...Look at how big it is...GOD! I kinda would like to...You know, try..." His Mom tried to express herself...

"What? With the horse? He's pretty big, Mom...I don't know..."

"Well, lets see if he's willing..." His Mom stated as she got to her feet and slowly approached the horse, reaching out and caressing its body as she sunk to her knees below it and took its massive cock in hand as the horse turned its head and looked at the human pleasuring it...

"Look, Eric...He likes it...C'mon, honey...Help me." His Mom asked of her son.

Eric went over and knelt next to his Mom and stroked the horse cock as she put it in her mouth and sucked it. Eric knew how good that felt for him so it must be the same for the horse, but he wouldn't find out just yet as she popped the beast out of her mouth and suggested to her son: "I wanna fuck it..."

"No way! How?" Eric asked with disbelief.

"Here, lay on your back and I'll get on top of you. That'll get me up just about where I need to be for this to happen."

Eric laid on his back and his Mom got on top of him in a modified position with her back against his stomach and her ass just over his face as his cock rested against the side of her face. The horse's massive cock rested against the inside of Amanda's leg and some onto her stomach. Eric reached up and took hold of it and lined it up to his Mom's pussy and the horse thrusted as soon as it felt her wet entrance at its tip.

Twelve inches immediately went into her and she screamed with delight from the massive length and softball sized cock head penetration. The horse thrusted a second time with a good 16" penetration and the following thrusts with nearly 20" of penetration each. Amanda's screams echoed over the beach front as the horse took her while Eric reached around his Mom's waist and cupped his hands over her stomach, feeling it bulge outward from the horses thrusting as he licked his Mom's asshole.

Amanda began to squirt as soon as she heard the horse neigh and stomp it front hoof, its hard cock throbbing deep inside her and filling her with its hit cum. This turned eric on so much he shot his load into his Mom's hair and onto the side of her face. He watched as the horse backed away and withdrew from his Mom's pussy, a gush of cum and vaginal fluids followed...

It looked like a gallon of milk was dumped onto Eric's face and hair as he shut his eyes and blew sperm bubbles as he struggled for air. Finally the gushing stopped and they got to their feet where they than had to go to the ocean to wash off. Amanda could barely walk from the deep fucking the horse just gave her, but she made it with the help of her son. As the two washed up and frolicked in the water, Amanda was dumbfounded by her son's suggestion...

"I wonder if I could...Maybe...Try to...Ummmm...Have him do me?"

"What? In your butt? Eric...You're only twelve and asses aren't made for something that big...A pussy is one thing, but jeez..." His Mom stated.

"I wanna try, Mom...We can stop it if it's too much for me...Pleeeeeeeease?....." Eric begged as he jumped for joy like a 2 year old.

Amanda took her son and led him to a series of sloped boulders and had him stand on the one that was angled, she then broke an aloe plant and used its sap to lube her hand with in order for her to prep her son. With her hand fully engulfed in aloe sap she began to work her fingers into her son's ass, one at a time until she was able to get her entire hand into his ass. Eric smiled and relished in the unique feeling of his mother knuckle raking against his inner anal walls as she turned her fist in a twisting fashion inside him and pumped her arm in a fucking nature. Mimicking what the horse would be like in him...

"Mom! YES! That's it! Just like that! I never knew! WOWWWWWW....JEEZ! It feels so good up my butt!" Eric squealed.

His Mom knew he was ready and popped her fist out of him and slapped his rump tenderly, attracting the horse to him as she rested the side of her face against the side of his leg and watched the stallion approach. The stallion got to Eric and jumped up, placing its front hooves onto the boulders above Eric as he stood on them in a squatted position as his Mom grasped the horses immense erection and took control of it.

Amanda propped the head of the cock against her sons asshole as it was still gaped from her fist and led it in him. As soon as the head pushed into his ass Eric squinted his eyes shut and squealed like a preteen girl, feeling the horse push itself into him nearly 12" the first try. Eric's whole body moved from the shafts force pushing into him and with each thrust his body rocked and he moaned and screamed with intense strain as the beast fucked him.

His Mom watched in dismay as the horse placed its front hooves onto a higher point of the boulder, thereby lifting her son up off the boulder and impaling him onto the horses cock; suspended in midair held up only by the beasts dick. Eric reached up and grasped at the tops of the horses front legs to keep himself from sliding down onto the long shaft any further and groaned loudly from each forceful thrust of the horse into his ass as his Mom sat under him and sucked his cock.

"He's taking me Mom! He's in me soooooo DEEP! My Butt! My ASSSSSSS! He's tearing it! MOMMMMMMMY!" Eric screamed like the little boy he truly was as he was anally fucked by the huge shaft, feeling the full 20" insertion his mother received not too long ago as the beast continued his onslaught as his Mom continued to give her son oral as he took an anal pounding.

The intense burning the horse was giving subsided as its huge load blew into Eric's ass, his eyes opened wide as he felt the hot cum lube and fill his anal interior; the feelimng of it spurting passed the horse cock with sounds of a pop bottle being opened after it was shaken. Eric immediately started to cum, blowing his load all over his Mom's face as the horse began to lower itself back down on the boulders and back off of Eric.

As its huge shaft pulled from Eric's ass it left it gaping and pulsing with cum pouring from the boy's anal cavity and running down the backs of his legs as his Mom caressed his ass cheeks and lapped up as much of the semen as she could while it flowed from his asshole. She couldn't believe her son was able to take it back there like that and still stay conscious, but he did...

Eric collapsed to the ground and couldn't walk for nearly an hour, but his Mom rested herself atop him and kissed him with heated desire as she let his body return to a functional state. Mother and son were complete in their meaning in life and would explore their feelings and desires for one another much more after being rescued from the island of dinosaurs and they even made sure to rescue the black stallion that provided them with much more during a horrific time on the island and made him their pet...And lover!





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